1. Program for array rotation
  2. Queue using Stacks
  3. Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1s
  4. Maximum sum of i*arr[i] among all rotations of a given array
  5. Print all substring of a number without any conversion
  6. Print triplets with sum less than or equal to k
  7. Minimum sum of differences with an element in an array
  8. Queries to count the number of unordered co-prime pairs from 1 to N
  9. Minimum characters to be replaced to remove the given substring
  10. Find unique elements in a matrix
  11. Ways to split string such that each partition starts with distinct character
  12. Check if it is possible to make the given matrix increasing matrix or not
  13. Queries for number of array elements in a range with Kth Bit Set
  14. Largest connected component on a grid
  15. Count substrings that starts with character X and ends with character Y
  16. Average of ASCII values of characters of a given string
  17. Minimum cost to reach the top of the floor by climbing stairs
  18. Number of elements smaller than root using preorder traversal of a BST
  19. Calculating n-th real root using binary search
  20. Maximum distinct lines passing through a single point
  21. Sum of XOR of sum of all pairs in an array
  22. Count ways to distribute m items among n people
  23. Cut all the rods with some length such that the sum of cut-off length is maximized
  24. Count strings with consonants and vowels at alternate position
  25. Program to print N minimum elements from list of integers
  26. Maximum possible intersection by moving centers of line segments
  27. Number of chocolates left after k iterations
  28. Program to find Nth term in the series 0, 0, 2, 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 8,...
  29. Program for incrementing/decrementing triangle pattern
  30. Maximum set bit sum in array without considering adjacent elements
  31. Longest subarray having average greater than or equal to x | Set-2
  32. Program to print Inverse Diamond pattern
  33. N-th term in the series 1, 11, 55, 239, 991,....
  34. Number of ways a convex polygon of n+2 sides can split into triangles by connecting vertices
  35. Number of ways to change the XOR of two numbers by swapping the bits
  36. Majority element in a circular array of 0's and 1's
  37. Value in a given range with maximum XOR
  38. Sum of bitwise OR of all subarrays
  39. Fascinating Number
  40. Numbers with sum of digits equal to the sum of digits of its all prime factor
  41. Program to print half diamond Number-Star pattern
  42. Check if Decimal representation of an Octal number is divisible by 7
  43. Median of two sorted arrays of different sizes | Set 1 (Linear)
  44. Count pairs in a sorted array whose product is less than k
  45. Sort first k values in ascending order and remaining n-k values in descending order
  46. Program to Find the Largest Number using Ternary Operator
  47. Final cell position in the matrix
  48. Minimum number of square tiles required to fill the rectangular floor
  49. Maximize the profit by selling at-most M products
  50. Program to check if an array is bitonic or not
  51. Find Nth term of series 1, 4, 15, 72, 420...
  52. Find the Next perfect square greater than a given number
  53. Program to invert bits of a number Efficiently
  54. Minimum operation require to make first and last character same
  55. Longest dividing subsequence
  56. Recursive program to print triangular patterns
  57. Rotations of a Binary String with Odd Value
  58. Sum of Digits in a^n till a single digit
  59. Find any pair with given GCD and LCM
  60. Find bitwise AND (&) of all possible sub-arrays
  61. Program to Calculate the Edge Cover of a Graph
  62. Largest trapezoid that can be inscribed in a semicircle
  63. Area of Largest rectangle that can be inscribed in an Ellipse
  64. Perfect cube greater than a given number
  65. Matrix Chain Multiplication (A O(N^2) Solution)
  66. Program to find the Volume of an irregular tetrahedron
  67. Divide a number into two parts such that sum of digits is maximum
  68. Program to convert KiloBytes to Bytes and Bits
  69. Set the rightmost off bit
  70. Generating numbers that are divisor of their right-rotations
  71. Program to find the Discount Percentage
  72. Sum of the first N terms of the series 2, 6, 12, 20, 30....
  73. Program to find the Nth term of the series 0, 5, 18, 39, 67, 105, 150, 203, ...
  74. Program to print the series 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 5, .... up to N terms
  75. Total number of different staircase that can made from N boxes
  76. Program to find the common ratio of three numbers
  77. Program to find remainder when large number is divided by r
  78. Number of different positions where a person can stand
  79. Sum of all Primes in a given range using Sieve of Eratosthenes
  80. Circumradius of the rectangle
  81. Maximum element in min heap
  82. Given a number x , find y such that x*y + 1 is not a prime
  83. Count characters with same neighbors
  84. Find pair with maximum difference in any column of a Matrix
  85. Traverse matrix in L shape
  86. Find N digits number which is divisible by D
  87. Number of ways to choose a pair containing an even and an odd number from 1 to N
  88. Check if it is possible to return to the starting position after moving in the given directions
  89. Print N lines of 4 numbers such that every pair among 4 numbers has a GCD K
  90. Minimum increment operations to make the array in increasing order
  91. Print all Prime Quadruplet of a number less than it
  92. Minimum sum falling path in a NxN grid
  93. Check if at least half array is reducible to zero by performing some operations
  94. Print values of 'a' in equation (a+b) <= n and a+b is divisible by x
  95. Number of groups of magnets formed from N magnets
  96. Minimum number of nodes in an AVL Tree with given height
  97. Ways of dividing a group into two halves such that two elements are in different groups
  98. Find Tangent at a given point on the curve
  99. Maximum difference elements that can added to a set
  100. Online Queries for GCD of array after divide operations
  101. Triplet pair (a, b, c) such that a+b, b+c and a+c are all divisible by K
  102. Find minimum speed to finish all Jobs
  103. Largest factor of a given number which is a perfect square
  104. Area of Reuleaux Triangle
  105. Diagonal of a Regular Hexagon
  106. Water Game
  107. Count of alphabets whose ASCII values can be formed with the digits of N
  108. Maximum number of teams that can be formed with given persons
  109. Maximum count of sub-strings of length K consisting of same characters