1. Number of triangles that can be formed
  2. Convert the ASCII value sentence to its equivalent string
  3. Position of a person diametrically opposite on a circle
  4. Count of all even numbers in the range [L, R] whose sum of digits is divisible by 3
  5. Print n numbers such that their sum is a perfect square
  6. Minimum number of replacements to make the binary string alternating | Set 2
  7. Sum of all odd factors of numbers in the range [l, r]
  8. Check if a number can be represented as sum of non zero powers of 2
  9. Find kth smallest number in range [1, n] when all the odd numbers are deleted
  10. Longest double string from a Palindrome
  11. Sum of the series (1*2) + (2*3) + (3*4) + ...... upto n terms
  12. Sum of the series 1^1 + 2^2 + 3^3 + ..... + n^n using recursion
  13. Menu Driven C++ Program for a Simple Calculator
  14. Sum of all i such that (2^i + 1) % 3 = 0 where i is in range [1, n]
  15. Sum of all even factors of numbers in the range [l, r]
  16. Minimum number of letters needed to make a total of n
  17. Count of numbers having only 1 set bit in the range [0, n]
  18. Count of all N digit numbers such that num + Rev(num) = 10^N - 1
  19. Maximum value of |arr[0] - arr[1]| + |arr[1] - arr[2]| + ... +|arr[n - 2] - arr[n - 1]| when elements are from 1 to n
  20. Sum of i * countDigits(i)^2 for all i in range [L, R]
  21. Find the modified array after performing k operations of given type
  22. Character whose frequency is equal to the sum of frequencies of other characters of the given string
  23. Distinct state codes that appear in a string as contiguous sub-strings
  24. Smallest and Largest N-digit perfect cubes
  25. Smallest odd number with N digits
  26. Smallest Even number with N digits
  27. Addition of two numbers without propagating Carry
  28. Last digit of Product of two Large or Small numbers (a * b)
  29. Largest Even and Odd N-digit numbers
  30. Number of digits before the decimal point in the division of two numbers
  31. Number of steps required to reach point (x,y) from (0,0) using zig-zag way
  32. Smallest and Largest Palindrome with N Digits
  33. Longest sub-array whose product is 0
  34. Count rotations of N which are Odd and Even
  35. Smallest and Largest N-digit perfect squares
  36. Count of buttons pressed in a keypad mobile
  37. Determine the number of squares of unit area that a given line will pass through.
  38. Smallest N digit number which is a multiple of 5
  39. Smallest and Largest sum of two n-digit numbers
  40. Roots of the quadratic equation when a + b + c = 0 without using Shridharacharya formula
  41. Maximum possible number with the given operation
  42. Minimum absolute difference between N and any power of 2
  43. Number of ways in which N can be represented as the sum of two positive integers
  44. Number of ways to erase exactly one element in the Binary Array to make XOR zero
  45. Sum of values of all possible non-empty subsets of the given array
  46. Printing the Triangle Pattern using last term N
  47. Find the count of natural Hexadecimal numbers of size N
  48. Minimum length String with Sum of the alphabetical values of the characters equal to N
  49. Maximum number of line intersections formed through intersection of N planes
  50. Program to find Nth odd Fibonacci Number
  51. Sum of all the numbers present at given level in Pascal's triangle
  52. Product of values of all possible non-empty subsets of given Array
  53. Sum of the count of number of adjacent squares in an M X N grid
  54. Count of N-bit binary numbers without leading zeros
  55. Find the next fibonacci number
  56. Find the minimum value of X for an expression
  57. Number of words that can be made using exactly P consonants and Q vowels from the given string
  58. Largest Even and Odd N-digit numbers in Octal Number System
  59. Number of coloured 0's in an N-level hexagon
  60. Angle subtended by an arc at the centre of a circle
  61. Maximum number of distinct positive integers that can be used to represent N
  62. Find the previous fibonacci number
  63. Smallest N digit number which is a perfect fourth power
  64. Nth term of a Custom Fibonacci series
  65. Count of 0s in an N-level hexagon
  66. Maximum of all the integers in the given level of Pascal triangle
  67. Sort the numbers according to their product of digits
  68. Count of N-digit numbers with all distinct digits
  69. Find the deleted value from the array when average of original elements is given
  70. Probability that a random pair chosen from an array (a[i], a[j]) has the maximum sum
  71. Count of matchsticks required to represent the given number
  72. Check whether the given integers a, b, c and d are in proportion
  73. Number of K length subsequences with minimum sum
  74. Number of ways to insert two pairs of parentheses into a string of N characters
  75. Choose two elements from the given array such that their sum is not present in any of the arrays
  76. Number of subsets whose mean is maximum
  77. Number of edges in a perfect binary tree with N levels
  78. Sum of all the numbers in the Nth parenthesis
  79. Maximum LCM among all pairs (i, j) of first N natural numbers
  80. Find the Kth position element of the given sequence
  81. Number of cells in the Nth order figure
  82. Count of N-digit Palindrome numbers
  83. Sum of all the numbers in the Nth row of the given triangle
  84. Check if a given number is factorial of any number
  85. Program to find the last digit of X in base Y
  86. Sum of all the numbers present at given level in Modified Pascal’s triangle
  87. Integer part of the geometric mean of the divisors of N
  88. Count of squares that can be drawn without lifting the pencil
  89. Program for nth Fuss–Catalan Number
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