1. Merge Sort Tree for Range Order Statistics
  2. Check if any valid sequence is divisible by M
  3. Number of pairs with Pandigital Concatenation
  4. Maximizing Probability of one type from N containers
  5. Maximum Subarray Sum in a given Range
  6. Binary Search in PHP
  7. Readability Index in Python(NLP)
  8. Number of solutions to Modular Equations
  9. Finding a Non Transitive Coprime Triplet in a Range
  10. Maximum Subarray Sum Excluding Certain Elements
  11. Sum of special triplets having elements from 3 arrays
  12. Array range queries for elements with frequency same as value
  13. Comparisons involved in Modified Quicksort Using Merge Sort Tree
  14. Levelwise Alternating OR and XOR operations in Segment Tree
  15. Number of primes in a subarray (with updates)
  16. Fibonacci sum of a subset with all elements <= k
  17. Number of ordered points pair satisfying line equation
  18. Find the Largest Cube formed by Deleting minimum Digits from a number
  19. Ways to choose three points with distance between the most distant points <= L
  20. Queries for number of array elements in a range with Kth Bit Set
  21. Reorder the given string to form a K-concatenated string
  22. Number of rectangles in a circle of radius R
  23. Minimum positive integer required to split the array equally
  24. Modify string by removing vowels in between two consonants
  25. Number of ways to form an array with distinct adjacent elements
  26. Codenation Interview Experience (On Campus for Internship)
  27. Number of Binary Strings of length N with K adjacent Set Bits
  28. Find the Number of Maximum Product Quadruples
  29. Form N-copy string with add, remove and append operations
  30. Minimum number of operations required to sum to binary string S
  31. Check if the given graph represents a Bus Topology
  32. Number of array elements derivable from D after performing certain operations
  33. Minimum Operations to make value of all vertices of the tree Zero
  34. Queries for Composite numbers in subarray (With Point Updates)
  35. Check if the given graph represents a Ring Topology
  36. Check if the given graph represents a Star Topology
  37. Minimize the maximum minimum difference after one removal from array
  38. Pairs with same Manhattan and Euclidean distance
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