1. Doolittle Algorithm : LU Decomposition
  2. Online Algorithm
  3. Stable Selection Sort
  4. std::slice (Valarray slice selector)
  5. Python program to split and join a string
  6. Check if a number is power of k using base changing method
  7. Least Common Denominator (LCD)
  8. Number of Binary Trees for given Preorder Sequence length
  9. Cycles of length n in an undirected and connected graph
  10. Count of strings where adjacent characters are of difference one
  11. Newton Forward And Backward Interpolation
  12. Cholesky Decomposition : Matrix Decomposition
  13. Common characters in n strings
  14. Secretary Problem (A Optimal Stopping Problem)
  15. Lucas Primality Test
  16. Direction of a Point from a Line Segment
  17. partition_point in C++
  18. Bessel's Interpolation
  19. std::setbase, std::setw , std::setfill in C++
  20. std::gslice | Valarray generalized slice selector
  21. Double Base Palindrome
  22. Count all possible paths between two vertices
  23. Minimum cost to construct a string
  24. Minimum height of a triangle with given base and area
  25. Add 1 to number represented as array | Recursive Approach
  26. SQL general functions | NVL, NVL2, DECODE, COALESCE, NULLIF, LNNVL and NANVL
  27. Multiplication of Matrix using threads
  28. Binary Search using pthread
  29. Merge Sort using Multi-threading
  30. Self Organizing List : Move to Front Method
  31. Growable array based stack
  32. Self Organizing List : Count Method
  33. Implement Stack and Queue using Deque
  34. Banker's Algorithm in Operating System
  35. Sum of an array using pthreads
  36. <climits> (limits.h) in C/C++
  37. Self Organizing List : Transpose Method
  38. Level of Each node in a Tree from source node (using BFS)
  39. IPC using Message Queues
  40. fork() to execute processes from bottom to up using wait()
  41. IPC through shared memory
  42. Program to build DFA that starts and end with 'a' from input (a, b)
  43. isblank() in C/C++
  44. Consecutive sequenced numbers in a string
  45. Average of given numbers in Bash
  46. Check if binary string multiple of 3 using DFA
  47. Check if a number is sandwiched between primes
  48. Postfix to Prefix Conversion
  49. Sum of products of all combination taken (1 to n) at a time
  50. C++ program for hashing with chaining
  51. Prefix to Postfix Conversion
  52. Prefix to Infix Conversion
  53. Rotate the matrix right by K times
  54. Smallest expression to represent a number using single digit
  55. Double Hashing
  56. Minimum removal to make palindrome permutation
  57. Polybius Square Cipher
  58. Morse Code Implementation
  59. Time taken by Loop unrolling vs Normal loop
  60. Prime numbers after prime P with sum S
  61. Timer in C++ using system calls
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