1. Find Nth term of the series 1, 6, 18, 40, 75, ....
  2. Find Nth term of the series 1, 5, 32, 288 ...
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  1. Remove duplicates from a given string
  2. Program for n'th node from the end of a Linked List
  3. Write a function to get Nth node in a Linked List
  4. Write a function that counts the number of times a given int occurs in a Linked List
  5. Given only a pointer to a node to be deleted in a singly linked list, how do you delete it?
  6. Compute the minimum or maximum of two integers without branching
  7. Level Order Tree Traversal
  8. Maximum and minimum of an array using minimum number of comparisons
  9. Remove duplicates from a sorted linked list
  10. Split a Circular Linked List into two halves
  11. Delete a node in a Doubly Linked List
  12. Identical Linked Lists
  13. Foldable Binary Trees
  14. Find Union and Intersection of two unsorted arrays
  15. Find duplicates in O(n) time and O(1) extra space | Set 1
  16. Program for Fibonacci numbers
  17. Find the smallest window in a string containing all characters of another string
  18. Find the repeating and the missing | Added 3 new methods
  19. Naive algorithm for Pattern Searching
  20. Rabin-Karp Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  21. Segregate even and odd nodes in a Linked List
  22. Trie | (Insert and Search)
  23. Smallest of three integers without comparison operators
  24. Print all sequences of given length
  25. Analysis of Algorithms | Set 2 (Worst, Average and Best Cases)
  26. Populate Inorder Successor for all nodes
  27. AVL Tree | Set 1 (Insertion)
  28. AVL Tree | Set 2 (Deletion)
  29. m Coloring Problem | Backtracking-5
  30. Find a triplet that sum to a given value
  31. Boyer Moore Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  32. Find the smallest positive number missing from an unsorted array | Set 1
  33. Generate integer from 1 to 7 with equal probability
  34. Rotate a Linked List
  35. Check whether a given Binary Tree is Complete or not | Set 1 (Iterative Solution)
  36. Find the largest multiple of 3 | Set 1 (Using Queue)
  37. Find the element that appears once
  38. Count the number of possible triangles
  39. Lexicographic rank of a string
  40. Binary representation of a given number
  41. The Stock Span Problem
  42. Segment Tree | Set 1 (Sum of given range)
  43. Segment Tree | Set 2 (Range Minimum Query)
  44. Largest Independent Set Problem | DP-26
  45. Flatten a multilevel linked list
  46. Maximum sum rectangle in a 2D matrix | DP-27
  47. Reverse Level Order Traversal
  48. Counting Sort
  49. Construct Complete Binary Tree from its Linked List Representation
  50. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit
  51. Remove BST keys outside the given range
  52. Write your own atoi()
  53. Remove "b" and "ac" from a given string
  54. Articulation Points (or Cut Vertices) in a Graph
  55. Eulerian path and circuit for undirected graph
  56. Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm for Maximum Flow Problem
  57. Check for Identical BSTs without building the trees
  58. How to check if two given line segments intersect?
  59. Find minimum s-t cut in a flow network
  60. Fleury's Algorithm for printing Eulerian Path or Circuit
  61. Merge a linked list into another linked list at alternate positions
  62. Find depth of the deepest odd level leaf node
  63. Find maximum number of edge disjoint paths between two vertices
  64. Detect cycle in an undirected graph
  65. Pairwise swap elements of a given linked list by changing links
  66. Find if two rectangles overlap
  67. Given a linked list, reverse alternate nodes and append at the end
  68. Print a Binary Tree in Vertical Order | Set 1
  69. Remove minimum elements from either side such that 2*min becomes more than max
  70. Check if a given string is a rotation of a palindrome
  71. Boolean Parenthesization Problem | DP-37
  72. Mobile Numeric Keypad Problem
  73. Construct a Maximum Sum Linked List out of two Sorted Linked Lists having some Common nodes
  74. Binary Indexed Tree or Fenwick Tree
  75. Flood fill Algorithm - how to implement fill() in paint?
  76. Manacher's Algorithm - Linear Time Longest Palindromic Substring - Part 4
  77. Nuts & Bolts Problem (Lock & Key problem) | Set 1
  78. Given a binary string, count number of substrings that start and end with 1.
  79. Boggle (Find all possible words in a board of characters) | Set 1
  80. Find the element that appears once in an array where every other element appears twice
  81. Find maximum depth of nested parenthesis in a string
  82. Vertex Cover Problem | Set 2 (Dynamic Programming Solution for Tree)
  83. Find number of days between two given dates
  84. How to print maximum number of A's using given four keys
  85. Group multiple occurrence of array elements ordered by first occurrence
  86. Swap nodes in a linked list without swapping data
  87. Point to next higher value node in a linked list with an arbitrary pointer
  88. Compute n! under modulo p
  89. Converting Decimal Number lying between 1 to 3999 to Roman Numerals
  90. Find the nearest smaller numbers on left side in an array
  91. Remove spaces from a given string
  92. Find sum of all elements in a matrix except the elements in row and/or column of given cell?
  93. Collect maximum points in a grid using two traversals
  94. Validity of a given Tic-Tac-Toe board configuration
  95. Word Ladder (Length of shortest chain to reach a target word)
  96. Find the length of largest subarray with 0 sum
  97. Find the largest rectangle of 1's with swapping of columns allowed
  98. Find all possible outcomes of a given expression
  99. Given a string, print all possible palindromic partitions
  100. Given a Boolean Matrix, find k such that all elements in k'th row are 0 and k'th column are 1.
  101. Rearrange a given linked list in-place.
  102. How to check if a given array represents a Binary Heap?
  103. Find Minimum Depth of a Binary Tree
  104. Find shortest unique prefix for every word in a given list | Set 1 (Using Trie)
  105. Range Minimum Query (Square Root Decomposition and Sparse Table)
  106. Number of paths with exactly k coins
  107. Reverse a string without affecting special characters
  108. Reorder an array according to given indexes
  109. Combinatorial Game Theory | Set 3 (Grundy Numbers/Nimbers and Mex)
  110. Check if a given number is Fancy
  111. Count number of paths with at-most k turns
  112. Count number of ways to divide a number in 4 parts
  113. Orientation of 3 ordered points
  114. Print Concatenation of Zig-Zag String in 'n' Rows
  115. Lagrange's Interpolation
  116. Form minimum number from given sequence
  117. Number of Integral Points between Two Points
  118. Construct a Binary Search Tree from given postorder
  119. Detect Cycle in a directed graph using colors
  120. Count Negative Numbers in a Column-Wise and Row-Wise Sorted Matrix
  121. Iterative function to check if two trees are identical
  122. Querying maximum number of divisors that a number in a given range has
  123. Rearrange a linked list such that all even and odd positioned nodes are together
  124. Convert an array to reduced form | Set 1 (Simple and Hashing)
  125. Rearrange a Linked List in Zig-Zag fashion
  126. Add 1 to a number represented as linked list
  127. Point arbit pointer to greatest value right side node in a linked list
  128. Check if a linked list of strings forms a palindrome
  129. Convert a Binary Tree into Doubly Linked List in spiral fashion
  130. Caesar Cipher in Cryptography
  131. Combinatorial Game Theory | Set 4 (Sprague - Grundy Theorem)
  132. Combinations with repetitions
  133. Cartesian Tree
  134. Compute (a*b)%c such that (a%c) * (b%c) can be beyond range
  135. Shortest path in a Binary Maze
  136. Cuckoo Hashing - Worst case O(1) Lookup!
  137. Return previous element in an expanding matrix
  138. Minimax Algorithm in Game Theory | Set 3 (Tic-Tac-Toe AI - Finding optimal move)
  139. Absolute distinct count in a sorted array
  140. Printing Shortest Common Supersequence
  141. Find if string is K-Palindrome or not | Set 1
  142. Merge K sorted linked lists | Set 1
  143. Counting Triangles in a Rectangular space using BIT
  144. Smallest Subarray with given GCD
  145. Minimax Algorithm in Game Theory | Set 2 (Introduction to Evaluation Function)
  146. Longest Common Prefix using Character by Character Matching
  147. Maximum value K such that array has at-least K elements that are >= K
  148. Lower case to upper case - An interesting fact
  149. Longest Common Prefix using Binary Search
  150. Find the number of Islands | Set 2 (Using Disjoint Set)
  151. Remove duplicates from an array of small primes
  152. Find if string is K-Palindrome or not | Set 2
  153. Rearrange positive and negative numbers with constant extra space
  154. Flatten a multi-level linked list | Set 2 (Depth wise)
  155. Printing Maximum Sum Increasing Subsequence
  156. Printing Longest Bitonic Subsequence
  157. Add elements of given arrays with given constraints
  158. Jolly Jumper Sequence
  159. Calculate sum of all numbers present in a string
  160. Sub-string Divisibility by 3 Queries
  161. Find longest palindrome formed by removing or shuffling chars from string
  162. Check if string follows order of characters defined by a pattern or not | Set 1
  163. Longest Geometric Progression
  164. Rearrange a given list such that it consists of alternating minimum maximum elements
  165. Check if an array can be Arranged in Left or Right Positioned Array
  166. Reverse an array in groups of given size | Set 2 (Variations of Set 1 )
  167. A Space Optimized DP solution for 0-1 Knapsack Problem
  168. Count digit groupings of a number with given constraints
  169. Swap three variables without using temporary variable
  170. Program to check if an array is sorted or not (Iterative and Recursive)
  171. Count permutations that produce positive result
  172. Pairs of complete strings in two sets of strings
  173. Frequency Measuring Techniques for Competitive Programming
  174. Binary Indexed Tree : Range Updates and Point Queries
  175. Count and Toggle Queries on a Binary Array
  176. Vigenère Cipher
  177. Implement a Phone Directory
  178. Number of ways to make mobile lock pattern
  179. Traveling Salesman Problem using Branch And Bound
  180. Longest common subsequence with permutations allowed
  181. Arrays.fill() in Java with Examples
  182. Queries in a Matrix
  183. Minimum steps to reach end of array under constraints
  184. Check if a string has all characters with same frequency with one variation allowed
  185. Maximum mirrors which can transfer light from bottom to right
  186. Remove minimum number of characters so that two strings become anagram
  187. Smallest Palindrome after replacement
  188. Count all pairs with given XOR
  189. Sort a string according to the order defined by another string
  190. Aliquot Sequence
  191. Sum of maximum elements of all subsets
  192. Find next Smaller of next Greater in an array
  193. Minimum Product Spanning Tree
  194. Maximum distance between two occurrences of same element in array
  195. Maximum sum of nodes in Binary tree such that no two are adjacent
  196. Check if given sorted sub-sequence exists in binary search tree
  197. Print matrix in diagonal pattern
  198. Count pairs whose products exist in array
  199. Minimum characters to be added at front to make string palindrome
  200. Two Clique Problem (Check if Graph can be divided in two Cliques)
  201. Subarrays with distinct elements
  202. Minimum sum subsequence such that at least one of every four consecutive elements is picked
  203. Partitioning a linked list around a given value and keeping the original order
  204. Find all permuted rows of a given row in a matrix
  205. Find all distinct subset (or subsequence) sums of an array
  206. Sort even-placed elements in increasing and odd-placed in decreasing order
  207. Check if all rows of a matrix are circular rotations of each other
  208. Program to implement Collatz Conjecture
  209. LCA for general or n-ary trees (Sparse Matrix DP approach )
  210. Depth of the deepest odd level node in Binary Tree
  211. Find pair with greatest product in array
  212. K-th smallest element after removing some integers from natural numbers
  213. Find elements which are present in first array and not in second
  214. Sqrt (or Square Root) Decomposition Technique | Set 1 (Introduction)
  215. Break an array into maximum number of sub-arrays such that their averages are same
  216. Find three element from different three arrays such that a + b + c = sum
  217. Queries on substring palindrome formation
  218. Pairs of Amicable Numbers
  219. Primitive root of a prime number n modulo n
  220. Print all k-sum paths in a binary tree
  221. Check whether row or column swaps produce maximum size binary sub-matrix with all 1s
  222. Sparse Matrix and its representations | Set 1 (Using Arrays and Linked Lists)
  223. Make two sets disjoint by removing minimum elements
  224. Friends Pairing Problem
  225. Printing all solutions in N-Queen Problem
  226. Implementation of Affine Cipher
  227. Check if there exist two elements in an array whose sum is equal to the sum of rest of the array
  228. Find coordinates of the triangle given midpoint of each side
  229. Check if reversing a sub array make the array sorted
  230. Circular Singly Linked List | Insertion
  231. Minimum operations required to set all elements of binary matrix
  232. Print consecutive characters together in a line
  233. Print all valid words that are possible using Characters of Array
  234. Program for Goldbach’s Conjecture (Two Primes with given Sum)
  235. Program for FCFS CPU Scheduling | Set 2 (Processes with different arrival times)
  236. Count all pairs of an array which differ in K bits
  237. Check if two arrays are equal or not
  238. Sort an array of large numbers
  239. Find the missing number in a string of numbers with no separator
  240. Find longest sequence of 1's in binary representation with one flip
  241. Count substrings with same first and last characters
  242. Find the Deepest Node in a Binary Tree
  243. Point Clipping Algorithm in Computer Graphics
  244. Check whether K-th bit is set or not
  245. Find all pairs (a,b) and (c,d) in array which satisfy ab = cd
  246. Find sum of non-repeating (distinct) elements in an array
  247. Number of pair of positions in matrix which are not accessible
  248. Move all occurrences of an element to end in a linked list
  249. Number of substrings divisible by 6 in a string of integers
  250. Count half nodes in a Binary tree (Iterative and Recursive)
  251. Circular Matrix (Construct a matrix with numbers 1 to m*n in spiral way)
  252. Largest sum Zigzag sequence in a matrix
  253. Count the number of subarrays having a given XOR
  254. Find the next identical calendar year
  255. Nth Square free number
  256. Smallest length string with repeated replacement of two distinct adjacent
  257. Number of occurrences of 2 as a digit in numbers from 0 to n
  258. Reverse string without using any temporary variable
  259. Number of sink nodes in a graph
  260. Check if two arrays are permutations of each other
  261. Generate all binary permutations such that there are more or equal 1's than 0's before every point in all permutations
  262. Print All Distinct Elements of a given integer array
  263. Program to find remainder without using modulo or % operator
  264. How to check if given four points form a square
  265. Remove recurring digits in a given number
  266. Check if a sorted array can be divided in pairs whose sum is k
  267. Puzzle 29 | (Car Wheel Puzzle)
  268. Binary Tree | Set 1 (Introduction)
  269. Binary Search Tree | Set 2 (Delete)
  270. Print level order traversal line by line | Set 1
  271. Iterative Search for a key 'x' in Binary Tree
  272. Linked List | Set 1 (Introduction)
  273. Find Length of a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive)
  274. Search an element in a Linked List (Iterative and Recursive)
  275. Delete last occurrence of an item from linked list
  276. Stack | Set 3 (Reverse a string using stack)
  277. Stack Data Structure (Introduction and Program)
  278. Doolittle Algorithm : LU Decomposition
  279. Move spaces to front of string in single traversal
  280. Count full nodes in a Binary tree (Iterative and Recursive)
  281. Left Rotation and Right Rotation of a String
  282. Convert characters of a string to opposite case
  283. Reverse an array without using subtract sign ‘-‘ anywhere in the code
  284. Largest subset whose all elements are Fibonacci numbers
  285. K-th Element of Two Sorted Arrays
  286. Ropes Data Structure (Fast String Concatenation)
  287. Determine if a string has all Unique Characters
  288. Find index of an extra element present in one sorted array
  289. Delete leaf nodes with value as x
  290. Find the n-th number made of even digits only
  291. Biggest number by arranging numbers in certain order
  292. Remove every k-th node of the linked list
  293. Dynamic Connectivity | Set 1 (Incremental)
  294. Closest (or Next) smaller and greater numbers with same number of set bits
  295. Check for Symmetric Binary Tree (Iterative Approach)
  296. Maximum sum in a 2 x n grid such that no two elements are adjacent
  297. First negative integer in every window of size k
  298. Sum of product of all pairs of array elements
  299. Check whether the length of given linked list is Even or Odd
  300. Count of smaller or equal elements in sorted array
  301. Find Index of 0 to be replaced with 1 to get longest continuous sequence of 1s in a binary array | Set-2
  302. Find uncommon characters of the two strings
  303. Check if a king can move a valid move or not when N nights are there in a modified chessboard
  304. String containing first letter of every word in a given string with spaces
  305. Program to print all substrings of a given string
  306. Multiply two numbers represented by Linked Lists
  307. Encrypt a string into the Rovarspraket (The Robber Language)
  308. Modify contents of Linked List
  309. Reverse vowels in a given string
  310. Count subarrays having total distinct elements same as original array
  311. Boyer Moore Algorithm | Good Suffix heuristic
  312. Count pairs from two sorted arrays whose sum is equal to a given value x
  313. Arrange consonants and vowels nodes in a linked list
  314. Minimum Fibonacci terms with sum equal to K
  315. Find a pair of elements swapping which makes sum of two arrays same
  316. Find the sum of last n nodes of the given Linked List
  317. Subarray Inversions
  318. Count quadruples from four sorted arrays whose sum is equal to a given value x
  319. Keyword Cipher
  320. Lexicographically n-th permutation of a string
  321. Remove duplicates from an unsorted doubly linked list
  322. Sort the biotonic doubly linked list
  323. DFA for accepting the language L = { anbm | n+m=even }
  324. Maximum sum from a tree with adjacent levels not allowed
  325. Count of integers of length N and value less than K such that they contain digits only from the given set
  326. Find mirror image of a point in 2-D plane
  327. Convert all substrings of length 'k' from base 'b' to decimal
  328. Stack Permutations (Check if an array is stack permutation of other)
  329. Tracking current Maximum Element in a Stack
  330. Check if binary representation of a given number and its complement are anagram
  331. Maximum score after flipping a Binary Matrix atmost K times
  332. Count of Numbers in Range where the number does not contain more than K non zero digits
  333. Ways of transforming one string to other by removing 0 or more characters
  334. Largest even number possible by using one swap operation in given number
  335. Minimum Index Sum for Common Elements of Two Lists
  336. Counts Path in an Array
  337. Find maximum number that can be formed using digits of a given number
  338. Maximum possible sum of a window in an array such that elements of same window in other array are unique
  339. Compute average of two numbers without overflow
  340. Calculate number of nodes in all subtrees | Using DFS
  341. Construct a linked list from 2D matrix
  342. Counting the number of words in a Trie
  343. Print the longest common substring
  344. Find if an array contains a string with one mismatch
  345. Diameter of a tree using DFS
  346. Recursive program to print formula for GCD of n integers
  347. Construct the full k-ary tree from its preorder traversal
  348. Merge two sorted lists (in-place)
  349. Print all subsequences of a string
  350. Insert node into the middle of the linked list
  351. Check if stack elements are pairwise consecutive
  352. Find root of the tree where children id sum for every node is given
  353. Minimum time to burn a Tree starting from a Leaf node
  354. Find the n-th number whose binary representation is a palindrome
  355. Generating distinct subsequences of a given string in lexicographic order
  356. Count ways to build street under given constraints
  357. Concatenated string with uncommon characters of two strings
  358. Frequency of a string in an array of strings
  359. Balance pans using given weights that are powers of a number
  360. Remove duplicates from a sorted linked list using recursion
  361. Greatest divisor which divides all natural number in range [L, R]
  362. Binary array after M range toggle operations
  363. Remove all leaf nodes from the binary search tree
  364. Longest word in ternary search tree
  365. Sort a linked list of 0s, 1s and 2s by changing links
  366. Sort an array according to absolute difference with a given value "using constant extra space"
  367. Check if two unsorted arrays (with duplicates allowed) have same elements
  368. Binary representation of previous number
  369. Pattern Printing question asked in CGI Coding Round
  370. Lexicographically smallest permutation of {1, .. n} such that no. and position do not match
  371. Print all nodes less than a value x in a Min Heap.
  372. Insert a node after the n-th node from the end
  373. Number of substrings with count of each character as k
  374. Number of steps required to convert a binary number to one
  375. Exchange first and last nodes in Circular Linked List
  376. Maximum area rectangle by picking four sides from array
  377. Maximum number of edges to be added to a tree so that it stays a Bipartite graph
  378. Count unset bits of a number
  379. Smallest number k such that the product of digits of k is equal to n
  380. Lexicographically first alternate vowel and consonant string
  381. Difference between highest and least frequencies in an array
  382. Check if a number has bits in alternate pattern | Set-2 O(1) Approach
  383. Check if given Preorder, Inorder and Postorder traversals are of same tree
  384. Find winner of an election where votes are represented as candidate names
  385. Longest Increasing Path in Matrix
  386. Count single node isolated sub-graphs in a disconnected graph
  387. Construct Full Binary Tree using its Preorder traversal and Preorder traversal of its mirror tree
  388. Unique element in an array where all elements occur k times except one
  389. Inorder Successor of a node in Binary Tree
  390. Maximum Possible Product in Array after performing given Operations
  391. Count of alphabets having ASCII value less than and greater than k
  392. Longest Common Subsequence with at most k changes allowed
  393. Largest number with one swap allowed
  394. Aspiring Number
  395. Find smallest and largest elements in singly linked list
  396. Sudo Placement[1.4] | K Sum
  397. Generate all passwords from given character set
  398. Longest Repeated Subsequence
  399. Happy Numbers
  400. Sort a Rotated Sorted Array
  401. Next Larger element in n-ary tree
  402. Longest increasing sublist in a linked list
  403. Mean of range in array
  404. Distance of closest zero to every element
  405. Combinations in a String of Digits
  406. Cycles of length n in an undirected and connected graph
  407. Maximize value of (a[i]+i)*(a[j]+j) in an array
  408. k-th missing element in increasing sequence which is not present in a given sequence
  409. Counting inversions in all subarrays of given size
  410. Check if two BSTs contain same set of elements
  411. Print k numbers where all pairs are divisible by m
  412. Programming puzzle (Assign value without any control statement)
  413. Remove all consecutive duplicates from the string
  414. Cumulative frequency of count of each element in an unsorted array
  415. Count of strings that can be formed from another string using each character at-most once
  416. Maximum number of characters between any two same character in a string
  417. Program to sort string in descending order
  418. Recursive function to delete k-th node from linked list
  419. Modify a bit at a given position
  420. Counting cross lines in an array
  421. Replace a character c1 with c2 and c2 with c1 in a string S
  422. Remove all characters other than alphabets from string
  423. Longest Increasing subarray with one change allowed
  424. Largest smaller number possible using only one swap operation
  425. Divisors of n-square that are not divisors of n
  426. Distributing items when a person cannot take more than two items of same type
  427. Largest number less than or equal to N in BST (Iterative Approach)
  428. Dividing an array into two halves of same sum
  429. Make three non-empty sets with negative, positive and 0 products
  430. Find if there is a rectangle in binary matrix with corners as 1
  431. Sorting using trivial hash function
  432. Diameter of n-ary tree using BFS
  433. Differences between number of increasing subarrays and decreasing subarrays in k sized windows
  434. Count sub-arrays which have elements less than or equal to X
  435. Last seen array element (last appearance is earliest)
  436. Mirror of matrix across diagonal
  437. Frequency of a substring in a string
  438. Change string to a new character set
  439. Smallest number whose set bits are maximum in a given range
  440. Generate original array from an array that store the counts of greater elements on right
  441. Find minimum shift for longest common prefix
  442. Sparse Table
  443. Minimum jumps to reach last building in a matrix
  444. Program to find the minimum (or maximum) element of an array
  445. Split the string into substrings using delimiter
  446. Unset the last m bits
  447. Sum of first K even-length Palindrome numbers
  448. Find largest element from array without using conditional operator
  449. Largest divisible pairs subset
  450. DFS traversal of a tree using recursion
  451. Count of suffix increment/decrement operations to construct a given array
  452. Breaking a number such that first part is integral division of second by a power of 10
  453. Encrypt string with product of number of vowels and consonants in substring of size k
  454. Modify and Rearrange List
  455. Check if a string is Colindrome
  456. Sum of leaf nodes at minimum level
  457. Minimum number of points to be removed to get remaining points on one side of axis
  458. First common element in two linked lists
  459. Print reverse of a Linked List without extra space and modifications
  460. Smallest subarray with all occurrences of a most frequent element
  461. Program to print right and left arrow patterns
  462. Change the array into a permutation of numbers from 1 to n
  463. Union-Find Algorithm | (Union By Rank and Find by Optimized Path Compression)
  464. Count subarrays with equal number of 1's and 0's
  465. Program for triangular patterns of alphabets
  466. Value of k-th index of a series formed by append and insert MEX in middle
  467. Count Non-Leaf nodes in a Binary Tree
  468. Evaluation of Prefix Expressions
  469. Rearrange an array such that arr[i] = i
  470. Vertical width of Binary tree | Set 1
  471. Longest sub-array having sum k
  472. Distance between two closest minimum
  473. Check if an array is stack sortable
  474. Deepest right leaf node in a binary tree | Iterative approach
  475. Evaluation of Risk in Investments
  476. Banker's Algorithm in Operating System
  477. Merge 3 Sorted Arrays
  478. Check if an array has a majority element
  479. Delete a linked list using recursion
  480. Find a pair with given sum in BST
  481. Maximum rational number (or fraction) from an array
  482. Partitioning into two contiguous element subarrays with equal sums
  483. Find number of pairs in an array such that their XOR is 0
  484. Find the Number which contain the digit d
  485. Print all combinations of factors (Ways to factorize)
  486. Check if the given number K is enough to reach the end of an array
  487. Lexicographical concatenation of all substrings of a string
  488. Queries for frequencies of characters in substrings
  489. Maximum distinct lowercase alphabets between two uppercase
  490. Largest value in each level of Binary Tree
  491. Linked List Pair Sum
  492. Program to build DFA that starts and end with 'a' from input (a, b)
  493. Recursive approach for alternating split of Linked List
  494. Majority element in a linked list
  495. Largest value in each level of Binary Tree | Set-2 (Iterative Approach)
  496. Expression contains redundant bracket or not
  497. Count pairs from two sorted matrices with given sum
  498. Leaf nodes from Preorder of a Binary Search Tree (Using Recursion)
  499. N Queen in O(n) space
  500. Count number of trees in a forest
  501. HCF of array of fractions (or rational numbers)
  502. Move all zeros to the front of the linked list
  503. Non-Repeating Element
  504. Iterative approach for removing middle points in a linked list of line segements
  505. Compute the maximum power with a given condition
  506. Program to copy the contents of one array into another in the reverse order
  507. Prefix to Postfix Conversion
  508. Array Index with same count of even or odd numbers on both sides
  509. Top three elements in binary tree
  510. Find maximum number of elements such that their absolute difference is less than or equal to 1
  511. Find set of m-elements with difference of any two elements is divisible by k
  512. Check whether bits are in alternate pattern in the given range | Set-2
  513. Minimum steps to reach target by a Knight | Set 2
  514. Longest Path with Same Values in a Binary Tree
  515. Program to check if matrix is singular or not
  516. Sum of heights of all individual nodes in a binary tree
  517. Smallest value in each level of Binary Tree
  518. Convert String into Binary Sequence
  519. Dynamic Programming on Trees | Set-1
  520. Check given array of size n can represent BST of n levels or not
  521. Program to Change RGB color model to HSV color model
  522. Total area of two overlapping rectangles
  523. Find the only repetitive element between 1 to n-1
  524. Power Set in Lexicographic order
  525. Function to copy string (Iterative and Recursive)
  526. Check if any valid sequence is divisible by M
  527. Sort the linked list in the order of elements appearing in the array
  528. Append a digit in the end to make the number equal to the length of the remaining string
  529. Rank of an element in a stream
  530. Find one extra character in a string
  531. Delete array elements which are smaller than next or become smaller
  532. Largest subset with maximum difference as 1
  533. Maximum Product Subarray | Added negative product case
  534. Booth’s Multiplication Algorithm
  535. Construct binary palindrome by repeated appending and trimming
  536. Sum of nodes at maximum depth of a Binary Tree
  537. Rosser's Theorem
  538. Euclid Euler Theorem
  539. Count substrings with each character occurring at most k times
  540. Longest common suffix of two linked lists
  541. Double elements and append zeros in linked list
  542. DFA for Strings not ending with "THE"
  543. Check if it possible to partition in k subarrays with equal sum
  544. Array range queries for searching an element
  545. Balanced expression with replacement
  546. Fibonacci sum of a subset with all elements <= k
  547. Vertical width of Binary tree | Set 2
  548. Sum of all elements of N-ary Tree
  549. Count numbers formed by given two digit with sum having given digits
  550. Program to replace a word with asterisks in a sentence
  551. Two Dimensional Segment Tree | Sub-Matrix Sum
  552. Number of siblings of a given Node in n-ary Tree
  553. Program for Gauss-Jordan Elimination Method
  554. Maximum average sum partition of an array
  555. Maximize elements using another array
  556. Find all palindromic sub-strings of a given string | Set 2
  557. Palindrome by swapping only one character
  558. Find a permutation such that number of indices for which gcd(p[i], i) > 1 is exactly K
  559. Find Sum of all unique sub-array sum for a given array.
  560. Pairs whose concatenation contain all digits
  561. Convert Hexadecimal value String to ASCII value String
  562. Number of single cycle components in an undirected graph
  563. Print reverse string after removing vowels
  564. Longest substring of 0s in a string formed by k concatenations
  565. Maximum in an array that can make another array sorted
  566. Program to reverse a string (Iterative and Recursive)
  567. Find the value of N XOR'ed to itself K times
  568. Minimum bit changes in Binary Circular array to reach a index
  569. Construct array having X subsequences with maximum difference smaller than d
  570. Check if it is possible to make the given matrix increasing matrix or not
  571. Ways to choose three points with distance between the most distant points <= L
  572. Total nodes traversed in Euler Tour Tree
  573. Count pairs with set bits sum equal to K
  574. Preorder predecessor of a Node in Binary Tree
  575. Minimum swaps so that binary search can be applied
  576. System of Linear Equations in three variables using Cramer's Rule
  577. Maximum product quadruple (sub-sequence of size 4) in array
  578. Largest set with bitwise OR equal to n
  579. Find the largest Complete Subtree in a given Binary Tree
  580. Partition negative and positive without comparison with 0
  581. Check whether the number formed by concatenating two numbers is a perfect square or not
  582. Print all possible ways to convert one string into another string | Edit-Distance
  583. In-Place Algorithm
  584. Sum of k largest elements in BST
  585. Multiset Equivalence Problem
  586. Smallest number with given sum of digits and sum of square of digits
  587. Vieta's Formulas
  588. Check for balanced parenthesis without using stack
  589. First X vowels from a string
  590. Find the closest element in Binary Search Tree | Space Efficient Method
  591. Find the number of operations required to make all array elements Equal
  592. Recursive program to generate power set
  593. Check if a string can be formed from another string using given constraints
  594. Repeated Character Whose First Appearance is Leftmost
  595. Inorder predecessor and successor for a given key in BST | Iterative Approach
  596. Check if X can give change to every person in the Queue
  597. Check if a binary tree is sorted level-wise or not
  598. Find the probability of reaching all points after N moves from point N
  599. Minimum steps to reach end from start by performing multiplication and mod operations with array elements
  600. kth smallest/largest in a small range unsorted array
  601. Minimum number of adjacent swaps for arranging similar elements together
  602. Print all 3 digit repeating numbers in a very large number
  603. Sum of K largest elements in BST using O(1) Extra space
  604. Minimum inverting factor in an array
  605. Modify string by removing vowels in between two consonants
  606. Level order traversal with direction change after every two levels | Recursive Approach
  607. Minimum operations required to make all the elements distinct in an array
  608. Number of Larger Elements on right side in a string
  609. Previous greater element
  610. Count inversions of size k in a given array
  611. Sudo Placement | Beautiful Pairs
  612. Check if concatenation of two strings is balanced or not
  613. Count of elements of an array present in every row of NxM matrix
  614. Maximum parent children sum in Binary tree
  615. Sudo Placement[1.3] | Stack Design
  616. Sum of all even frequency elements in Matrix
  617. Construct a linked list from 2D matrix (Iterative Approach)
  618. Queries to find the left-most given type integer in a binary array
  619. Sudo Placement[1.3] | Playing with Stacks
  620. Sudo Placement[1.3] | Final Destination
  621. Check if two same sub-sequences exist in a string or not
  622. Delete all the even nodes from a Doubly Linked List
  623. Detect cycle in an undirected graph using BFS
  624. Longest Common Subsequence | DP using Memoization
  625. Array elements that appear more than once
  626. Find index of first occurrence when an unsorted array is sorted
  627. Find the root of the sub-tree whose weighted sum XOR with X is maximum
  628. Sum of elements in range L-R where first half and second half is filled with odd and even numbers
  629. Sudo Placement[1.5] | Wolfish
  630. Sum of cousin nodes of a given node in a BST
  631. Average of ASCII values of characters of a given string
  632. Maximum distinct lines passing through a single point
  633. Sort first half in ascending and second half in descending order | Set 2
  634. Dominant Set of a Graph
  635. Shortest distance between two nodes in an infinite binary tree
  636. Find indices of all occurrence of one string in other
  637. Longest subsequence whose average is less than K
  638. Insertion at Specific Position in a Circular Doubly Linked List
  639. Minimize the difference between minimum and maximum elements
  640. Possible number of Rectangle and Squares with the given set of elements
  641. Maximum value of XOR among all triplets of an array
  642. First element greater than or equal to X in prefix sum of N numbers using Binary Lifting
  643. Program to print Sine-Wave Pattern
  644. Delete array element in given index range [L - R]
  645. Number of integral solutions for equation x = b*(sumofdigits(x)^a)+c
  646. Program to Print Mirror Image of Sine-Wave Pattern
  647. Substring Sort
  648. Reduce a number to 1 by performing given operations
  649. Total sum except adjacent of a given node in BST
  650. N-th prime factor of a given number
  651. Next Smaller Element
  652. Counting frequencies of array elements
  653. Equally divide into two sets such that one set has maximum distinct elements
  654. Difference between fundamental data types and derived data types
  655. Find total number of distinct years from a string
  656. Find four factors of N with maximum product and sum equal to N | Set-2
  657. Number of divisors of product of N numbers
  658. Minimum multiplications with {2, 3, 7} to make two numbers equal
  659. Find N in the given matrix that follows a pattern
  660. Prim's Algorithm (Simple Implementation for Adjacency Matrix Representation)
  661. Kruskal's Algorithm (Simple Implementation for Adjacency Matrix)
  662. Find the largest area rectangular sub-matrix whose sum is equal to k
  663. Next smallest prime palindrome
  664. Balanced expressions such that given positions have opening brackets | Set 2
  665. Count pairs in a binary tree whose sum is equal to a given value x
  666. Sum of decimal equivalent of all possible pairs of Binary representation of a Number
  667. Check if the first and last digit of the smallest number forms a prime
  668. Number of prime pairs in an array
  669. Count number of primes in an array
  670. Count ways to reach a score using 1 and 2 with no consecutive 2s
  671. Sum of the nodes of a Singly Linked List
  672. Find count of common nodes in two Doubly Linked Lists
  673. Find the maximum sum of Plus shape pattern in a 2-D array
  674. Count elements that are divisible by at-least one element in another array
  675. Check if a line at 45 degree can divide the plane into two equal weight parts
  676. For each element in 1st array count elements less than or equal to it in 2nd array | Set 2
  677. Find four factors of N with maximum product and sum equal to N
  678. Balance a string after removing extra brackets
  679. Recursive program to print triangular patterns
  680. Maximum occurred integer in n ranges | Set-2
  681. Check if two given key sequences construct same BSTs
  682. Find minimum number of Log value needed to calculate Log upto N
  683. Minimum number greater than the maximum of array which cannot be formed using the numbers in the array
  684. Check if given string can be formed by two other strings or their permutations
  685. Minimize the length of string by removing occurrence of only one character
  686. Count numbers (smaller than or equal to N) with given digit sum
  687. Count all pairs of adjacent nodes whose XOR is an odd number
  688. Replace every character of a string by a different character
  689. Delete linked list nodes which have a greater value on left side
  690. Print the number of set bits in each node of a Binary Tree
  691. Count number of integers less than or equal to N which has exactly 9 divisors
  692. Sum of minimum elements of all subarrays
  693. Minimum and Maximum prime numbers in an array
  694. Program to check if all characters have even frequency
  695. Sum and Product of the nodes of a Singly Linked List which are divisible by K
  696. Generating numbers that are divisor of their right-rotations
  697. Find triplets in an array whose AND is maximum
  698. Delete all the nodes from the list which are divisible by any given number K
  699. Sort Linked List containing values from 1 to N
  700. Check if a Linked List is Pairwise Sorted
  701. Check if two Linked Lists are permutations of each other
  702. Check if the elements of stack are pairwise sorted
  703. Check whether the two Binary Search Trees are Identical or Not
  704. Delete linked list nodes which have a Lesser Value on Left Side
  705. Minimum changes required to make first string substring of second string
  706. Maximum element in min heap
  707. Traverse matrix in L shape
  708. Sum of the nodes of a Circular Linked List
  709. Check if there is any common character in two given strings
  710. How to access elements of a Square Matrix
  711. Find maximum in a stack in O(1) time and O(1) extra space
  712. Construct a BST from given postorder traversal using Stack
  713. Subset array sum by generating all the subsets
  714. Pair with maximum sum in a Matrix
  715. Check whether the given number is Euclid Number or not
  716. Count the number of pop operations on stack to get each element of the array
  717. Find the product of last N nodes of the given Linked List
  718. Arrange a binary string to get maximum value within a range of indices
  719. Program to print Spiral Pattern
  720. Check if a pair with given product exists in a Matrix
  721. Check if a pair with given absolute difference exists in a Matrix
  722. Sum of all odd frequency elements in an array
  723. Sum of squares of Fibonacci numbers
  724. Print all even nodes of Binary Search Tree
  725. Delete all Prime Nodes from a Circular Singly Linked List
  726. Sum of Fibonacci Numbers with alternate negatives
  727. Program to print Hut Star pattern
  728. Product of non-repeating (distinct) elements in an Array
  729. Product of all nodes in a Binary Tree
  730. Sum of all prime numbers in an Array
  731. Product of all prime numbers in an Array
  732. Minimum number of nodes in an AVL Tree with given height
  733. Optimal sequence for AVL tree insertion (without any rotations)
  734. Sum of the alternate nodes of linked list
  735. Sort only non-prime numbers of an array in increasing order
  736. Print nodes in the Top View of Binary Tree | Set 3
  737. Find the common nodes in two singly linked list
  738. Program to calculate area of inner circle which passes through center of outer circle and touches its circumference
  739. All vertex pairs connected with exactly k edges in a graph
  740. Check if the characters of a given string are in alphabetical order
  741. Sum of Fibonacci numbers at even indexes upto N terms
  742. Sub-strings having exactly k characters that have ASCII value greater than p
  743. Minimum and Maximum element of an array which is divisible by a given number k
  744. Sum and Product of minimum and maximum element of Binary Search Tree
  745. Find the node with maximum value in a Binary Search Tree
  746. Maximize the sum of array by multiplying prefix of array with -1
  747. Check whether two strings can be made equal by increasing prefixes
  748. Check if a number is a Trojan Number
  749. Maximum no. of contiguous Prime Numbers in an array
  750. Program to Convert Octal Number to Binary Number
  751. Replace repeating elements with greater that greatest values
  752. Remove characters that appear more than k times
  753. Replace all occurrences of pi with 3.14 in a given string
  754. Remove first node of the linked list
  755. Root to leaf path product equal to a given number
  756. How do Dynamic arrays work?
  757. Remove last node of the linked list
  758. Replace duplicates with greater than previous duplicate value
  759. Program to find count of numbers having odd number of divisors in given range
  760. Number of leading zeros in binary representation of a given number
  761. Find array elements with frequencies in range [l , r]
  762. Second Smallest Element in a Linked List
  763. Sorting array elements with set bits equal to K
  764. Convert all lowercase characters to uppercase whose ASCII value is co-prime with k
  765. Replace all consonants with nearest vowels in a string
  766. Maximum number of edges among all connected components of an undirected graph
  767. Find the second last node of a linked list in single traversal
  768. XOR of all Prime numbers in an Array
  769. Number of ways to partition a string into two balanced subsequences
  770. Minimum array elements to be changed to make it a Lucas Sequence
  771. Most frequent word in first String which is not present in second String
  772. Count elements such that there are exactly X elements with values greater than or equal to X
  773. Program to Print Alphabets from A to Z Using Loop
  774. Check whether all the rotations of a given number is greater than or equal to the given number or not
  775. Product of all the Composite Numbers in an array
  776. Replace each element by the difference of the total size of the array and frequency of that element
  777. Number of sub-arrays that have at least one duplicate
  778. Count pairs from two arrays having sum equal to K
  779. Smallest odd digits number not less than N
  780. Minimum number of elements to be removed so that pairwise consecutive elements are same
  781. Check if frequency of character in one string is a factor or multiple of frequency of same character in other string
  782. Find minimum and maximum elements in singly Circular Linked List
  783. Count the number of rectangles such that ratio of sides lies in the range [a,b]
  784. Find all good indices in the given Array
  785. Print each word in a sentence with their corresponding average of ASCII values
  786. Sort elements of array whose modulo with K yields P
  787. Count number of bits changed after adding 1 to given N
  788. Different possible marks for n questions and negative marking
  789. Sum and Product of the nodes of a Circular Singly Linked List which are divisible by K
  790. Paths with maximum number of 'a' from (1, 1) to (X, Y) vertically or horizontally
  791. Difference between a Static Queue and a Singly Linked List
  792. Maximum litres of water that can be bought with N Rupees
  793. Check if the array has an element which is equal to sum of all the remaining elements
  794. Check whether the frequencies of all the characters in a string are prime or not
  795. Count pairs of numbers from 1 to N with Product divisible by their Sum
  796. Count pairs from two arrays whose modulo operation yields K
  797. Program to find Area of Triangle inscribed in N-sided Regular Polygon
  798. XOR of path between any two nodes in a Binary Tree
  799. Check if the array has an element which is equal to product of remaining elements
  800. Maximum number of parallelograms that can be made using the given length of line segments
  801. Check if the given push and pop sequences of Stack is valid or not
  802. Sort perfect squares in an array at their relative positions
  803. Minimum cost to cover the given positions in a N*M grid
  804. Minimize the number of steps required to reach the end of the array
  805. Largest number in an array that is not a perfect cube
  806. Largest perfect cube number in an Array
  807. Closest greater or same value on left side for every element in array
  808. Longest rod that can be inserted within a right circular cylinder
  809. Volume of largest right circular cylinder within a Sphere
  810. Volume of biggest sphere within a right circular cylinder
  811. Count pairs with Bitwise XOR as EVEN number
  812. Number of pairs with Bitwise OR as Odd number
  813. Count pairs with Bitwise-AND as even number
  814. Program to convert the diagonal elements of the matrix to 0
  815. Find largest number smaller than N with same set of digits
  816. Count number of increasing sub-sequences : O(NlogN)
  817. Distance between two nodes of binary tree with node values from 1 to N
  818. Level Order Predecessor of a node in Binary Tree
  819. Frequency of each element of an array of small ranged values
  820. Coefficient of Range in a Binary Tree
  821. Print numbers with digits 0 and 1 only such that their sum is N
  822. Build a segment tree for N-ary rooted tree
  823. Print all odd nodes of Binary Search Tree
  824. Print numbers in descending order along with their frequencies
  825. Rearrange all elements of array which are multiples of x in decreasing order
  826. Sum of Bitwise-OR of all subarrays of a given Array | Set 2
  827. Number of sub-strings which are anagram of any sub-string of another string
  828. Check if a triplet with given sum exists in BST
  829. Digits of element wise sum of two arrays into a new array
  830. Move all special char to the end of the String
  831. Number of Binary Strings of length N with K adjacent Set Bits
  832. Fraction
  833. Find k-th character of decrypted string | Set - 2
  834. Concatenate suffixes of a String
  835. Count characters in a string whose ASCII values are prime
  836. Minimum Distance Between Words of a String
  837. Program to print the given H Pattern
  838. Subtraction in the Array
  839. How to concatenate two Integer values into one?
  840. Update adjacent nodes if the current node is zero in a Singly Linked List
  841. Sum of element whose prime factors are present in array
  842. Largest Square that can be inscribed within a hexagon
  843. Minimum number of operations required to sum to binary string S
  844. Distinct palindromic sub-strings of the given string using Dynamic Programming
  845. Check if all elements of the array are palindrome or not
  846. Recursive program to insert a star between pair of identical characters
  847. Convert a String into a square matrix grid of characters
  848. Find the sums for which an array can be divided into sub-arrays of equal sum
  849. Append odd position nodes in reverse at the end of even positioned nodes in a Linked List
  850. Count distinct substrings that contain some characters at most k times
  851. Generate all rotations of a number
  852. Find the n-th binary string in sorted order
  853. Minimum prime number operations to convert A to B
  854. Find the repeating and the missing number using two equations
  855. Generate permutation of 1 to N such that absolute difference of consecutive numbers give K distinct integers
  856. Probability that a N digit number is palindrome
  857. Number of subarrays have bitwise OR >= K
  858. Modify contents of Linked List - Recursive approach
  859. Possible cuts of a number such that maximum parts are divisible by 3
  860. Largest sub-set possible for an array satisfying the given condition
  861. Recursive program to print all numbers less than N which consist of digits 1 or 3 only
  862. Program to check if two strings are same or not
  863. Find the sum of the all amicable numbers up to N
  864. Check if a number can be expressed as sum two abundant numbers
  865. Number of ways to divide a Binary tree into two halves
  866. Count distinct elements in an array
  867. Finding Median in a Sorted Linked List
  868. Replace each node with its Surpasser Count in Linked List
  869. Sort even and odd placed elements in increasing order
  870. Program to check if a number is divisible by any of its digits
  871. Generate lexicographically smallest string of 0, 1 and 2 with adjacent swaps allowed
  872. Find the Side of the smallest Square that can contain given 4 Big Squares
  873. Water Game
  874. Check if it is possible to reach a number by making jumps of two given length
  875. Print numbers such that no two consecutive numbers are co-prime and every three consecutive numbers are co-prime
  876. Number of unique pairs in an array
  877. Program for Reversed String Pattern
  878. Minimum replacements such that the difference between the index of the same characters is divisible by 3
  879. Sum of nodes at maximum depth of a Binary Tree | Set 2
  880. Find the lexicographically largest palindromic Subsequence of a String
  881. Find the product of first k nodes of the given Linked List
  882. Modify the string by swapping continuous vowels or consonants
  883. Maximize the subarray sum after multiplying all elements of any subarray with X
  884. Maximum money that can be withdrawn in two steps
  885. Minimum steps to make the product of the array equal to 1
  886. Check if a word is present in a sentence
  887. Count the number of common divisors of the given strings
  888. Count of unique pairs (arr[i], arr[j]) such that i < j
  889. Find the number of points that have atleast 1 point above, below, left or right of it
  890. Pairwise swap adjacent nodes of a linked list by changing pointers | Set 2
  891. Number of strings that satisfy the given condition
  892. Program to implement Run Length Encoding using Linked Lists
  893. Reverse zigzag Traversal of a Binary Tree
  894. Generate a string consisting of characters 'a' and 'b' that satisfy the given conditions
  895. DFA for accepting the language L = {an bm | n+m=odd}
  896. Minimum replacements to make adjacent characters unequal in a ternary string | Set-2
  897. Generate a random permutation of elements from range [L, R] (Divide and Conquer)
  898. Pick maximum sum M elements such that contiguous repetitions do not exceed K
  899. Maximize the maximum among minimum of K consecutive sub-arrays
  900. Merge K sorted arrays | Set 3 ( Using Divide and Conquer Approach )
  901. Minimum number of groups of nodes such that no ancestor is present in the same group
  902. Delete nodes which have a greater value on right side using recursion
  903. Split an array into groups of 3 such that X3 is divisible by X2 and X2 is divisible by X1
  904. Queries for number of distinct integers in Suffix
  905. Print Stack Elements from Bottom to Top
  906. Check whether two strings are equivalent or not according to given condition
  907. Minimum number of elements that should be removed to make the array good
  908. Zig-Zag traversal of a Binary Tree using Recursion
  909. Maximum Bitwise AND pair from given range
  910. Count array elements that divide the sum of all other elements
  911. Find the number of distinct pairs of vertices which have a distance of exactly k in a tree
  912. DFA for strings not containing consecutive two a's and starting with 'a'
  913. Number of submatrices with OR value 1
  914. Number of submatrices with all 1s
  915. Reverse Level Order traversal in spiral form
  916. k-th missing element in an unsorted array
  917. Number of connected components in a 2-D matrix of strings
  918. Ways to Remove Edges from a Complete Graph to make Odd Edges
  919. Longest subsequence such that adjacent elements have at least one common digit
  920. Numbers in a Range with given Digital Root
  921. Count of all even numbers in the range [L, R] whose sum of digits is divisible by 3
  922. Sum of numbers from 1 to N which are in Lucas Sequence
  923. Minimum cost to make a string free of a subsequence
  924. Bitwise OR of N binary strings
  925. Chessboard Pawn-Pawn game
  926. Time until distance gets equal to X between two objects moving in opposite direction
  927. Print n numbers such that their sum is a perfect square
  928. Maximize the summation of numbers in a maximum of K moves in range [L, R]
  929. Print all the sum pairs which occur maximum number of times
  930. Find last five digits of a given five digit number raised to power five
  931. Print the last k nodes of the linked list in reverse order | Iterative Approaches
  932. Third last digit in 5^N for given N
  933. Find the K-th minimum element from an array concatenated M times
  934. Smallest integer > 1 which divides every element of the given array
  935. Maximum number that can be display on Seven Segment Display using N segments
  936. Program to calculate the value of nPr
  937. Character whose frequency is equal to the sum of frequencies of other characters of the given string
  938. Find sum of a[i]%a[j] for all valid pairs
  939. Check if the given string is K-periodic
  940. Clockwise Spiral Traversal of Binary Tree | Set - 2
  941. Program to Encrypt a String using ! and @
  942. Smallest and Largest Palindrome with N Digits
  943. Count how many times the given digital clock shows identical digits
  944. Minimum cuts required to convert a palindromic string to a different palindromic string
  945. Count maximum elements of an array whose absolute difference does not exceed K
  946. Generate array with minimum sum which can be deleted in P steps
  947. Check if matrix can be converted to another matrix by transposing square sub-matrices
  948. Minimum changes required such that the string satisfies the given condition
  949. Check if Matrix remains unchanged after row reversals
  950. Find if the given number is present in the infinite sequence or not
  951. Find the number of good permutations
  952. Count integers in a range which are divisible by their euler totient value
  953. Number of ways to make binary string of length N such that 0s always occur together in groups of size K
  954. Count sub-arrays whose product is divisible by k
  955. Correct the Random Pointer in Doubly Linked List
  956. Largest sub-tree having equal no of 1's and 0's
  957. Find the index of the element in an array which divides most elements before it
  958. Program to calculate Double Integration
  959. Programs for printing pyramid patterns using recursion
  960. Maximize the median of the given array after adding K elements to the same array
  961. Sum of Fibonacci Numbers in a range
  962. Program to find the kth character after decrypting a string
  963. Print all Semi-Prime Numbers less than or equal to N
  964. Total distinct pairs of ugly numbers from two arrays
  965. Number of ways in which the substring in range [L, R] can be formed using characters out of the range
  966. Maximum volume of cube for every person when edge of N cubes are given
  967. Compute maximum of the function efficiently over all sub-arrays
  968. Predict the winner in Coin Game
  969. Uniform Binary Search
  970. Sum of degrees of all nodes of a undirected graph
  971. Print last character of each word in a string
  972. Times required by Simple interest for the Principal to become Y times itself
  973. Maximum array sum that can be obtained after exactly k changes
  974. Replace the odd positioned elements with their cubes and even positioned elements with their squares
  975. Count the number of non-increasing subarrays
  976. Kth node in Diagonal Traversal of Binary Tree
  977. Program to unfold a folded linked list
  978. Recursive Program to Print extreme nodes of each level of Binary Tree in alternate order
  979. Pairs of strings which on concatenating contains each character of "string"
  980. Count number of ways to reach a given score in a Matrix
  981. Maximum points covered after removing an Interval
  982. LCA in a tree using Binary Lifting Technique
  983. Length of the longest substring that do not contain any palindrome
  984. Area of largest Circle inscribe in N-sided Regular polygon
  985. Find the final radiations of each Radiated Stations
  986. Count number of binary strings of length N having only 0's and 1's
  987. Find original numbers from gcd() every pair
  988. Maximum number of people that can be killed with strength P
  989. Length of the smallest number which is divisible by K and formed by using 1's only
  990. Increment odd positioned elements by 1 and decrement even positioned elements by 1 in an Array
  991. Find the number of binary strings of length N with at least 3 consecutive 1s
  992. Find the number of integers x in range (1,N) for which x and x+1 have same number of divisors
  993. Reduce the fraction to its lowest form
  994. Delete odd and even numbers at alternate step such that sum of remaining elements is minimized
  995. Lazy Propagation in Segment Tree | Set 2
  996. Shell-Metzner Sort
  997. Find the minimum number of operations required to make all array elements equal
  998. Convert the undirected graph into directed graph such that there is no path of length greater than 1
  999. Remove the first and last character of each word in a string
  1000. Capitalize the first and last character of each word in a string
  1001. Check if all the 1's in a binary string are equidistant or not
  1002. Check if two strings are same ignoring their cases
  1003. Find the sum of the number of divisors
  1004. Count pairs of non-overlapping palindromic sub-strings of the given string
  1005. Minimum length of the sub-string whose characters can be used to form a palindrome of length K
  1006. Check whether the given node is in the path between the nodes U and V
  1007. Find the nth term of the given series
  1008. Product of all Subsequences of size K except the minimum and maximum Elements
  1009. Equation of straight line passing through a given point which bisects it into two equal line segments
  1010. Count different numbers possible using all the digits their frequency times
  1011. Count arrays of length K whose product of elements is same as that of given array
  1012. Find the minimum of maximum length of a jump required to reach the last island in exactly k jumps
  1013. Print all numbers whose set of prime factors is a subset of the set of the prime factors of X
  1014. Sum of the series 1, 2, 4, 3, 5, 7, 9, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13.. till N-th term
  1015. Count of sub-strings that contain character X at least once
  1016. Distance between two parallel lines
  1017. Check if a directed graph is connected or not
  1018. Minimum cost to modify a string
  1019. Check if the frequency of any character is more than half the length of the string
  1020. Highest power of 2 that divides a number represented in binary
  1021. Find the minimum sum of distance to A and B from any integer point in a ring of size N
  1022. Number of ways to arrange K different objects taking N objects at a time
  1023. Minimum time required to transport all the boxes from source to the destination under the given constraints
  1024. Count of quadruplets with given Sum | Set 2
  1025. Determine the position of the third person on regular N sided polygon
  1026. Maximum sum of leaf nodes among all levels of the given binary tree
  1027. Count of strings whose prefix match with the given string to a given length k
  1028. Print steps to make a number in form of 2^X - 1
  1029. Length of the direct common tangent between two externally touching circles
  1030. Shortest distance from the centre of a circle to a chord
  1031. Radius of the circle when the width and height of an arc is given
  1032. Length of direct common tangent between the two non-intersecting Circles
  1033. Length of direct common tangent between two intersecting Circles
  1034. Shortest distance between a point and a circle
  1035. Print even positioned nodes of even levels in level order of the given binary tree
  1036. Minimizing array sum by applying XOR operation on all elements of the array
  1037. Maximize the given number by replacing a segment of digits with the alternate digits given
  1038. Queries to answer the X-th smallest sub-string lexicographically
  1039. Find element with the maximum set bits in an array
  1040. Minimum number of cubes whose sum equals to given number N
  1041. Difference between sums of odd position and even position nodes for each level of a Binary Tree
  1042. Find all the pairs with given sum in a BST | Set 2
  1043. Number of positions such that adding K to the element is greater than sum of all other elements
  1044. Count number of 1s in the array after N moves
  1045. Largest even number that can be formed by any number of swaps
  1046. Area of plot remaining at the end
  1047. Make lexicographically smallest palindrome by substituting missing characters
  1048. Minimum deletions required such that any number X will occur exactly X times
  1049. Count number of subsets whose median is also present in the same subset
  1050. Generate an array of size K which satisfies the given conditions
  1051. Find the occurrence of the given binary pattern in the binary representation of the array elements
  1052. Create linked list from a given array
  1053. Minimum number of sub-strings of a string such that all are power of 5
  1054. Bitwise AND of sub-array closest to K
  1055. Count index pairs which satisfy the given condition
  1056. Minimize the number of steps required to reach the end of the array | Set 2
  1057. Angle subtended by the chord when the angle subtended by another chord of same length is given
  1058. Find the last non repeating character in string
  1059. Find the root of the sub-tree whose weighted sum XOR with X is minimum
  1060. Queries for bitwise AND in the given matrix
  1061. Queries for bitwise OR in the given matrix
  1062. Remove elements to make array satisfy arr[ i+1] < arr[i] for each valid i
  1063. Create a linked list from two linked lists by choosing max element at each position
  1064. Sort an alphanumeric string such that the positions of alphabets and numbers remain unchanged
  1065. Divide the given linked list in two lists of size ratio p:q
  1066. Print an N x M matrix such that each row and column has all the vowels in it
  1067. Count the nodes in the given tree whose sum of digits of weight is odd
  1068. Find a triplet in an array whose sum is closest to a given number
  1069. Find the permutation p from the array q such that q[i] = p[i+1] - p[i]
  1070. Longest substring such that no three consecutive characters are same
  1071. Find max length odd parity substring
  1072. Fibonacci Power
  1073. Count number of ways to divide an array into two halves with same sum
  1074. Number of subsets with zero sum
  1075. Find whether an array is subset of another array using Map
  1076. Find maximum topics to prepare in order to pass the exam
  1077. Queries to check if string B exists as substring in string A
  1078. Print the degree of every node from the given Prufer sequence
  1079. Print combinations of distinct numbers which add up to give sum N
  1080. Queries for the difference between the count of composite and prime numbers in a given range
  1081. Maximise matrix sum by following the given Path
  1082. Length of the perpendicular bisector of the line joining the centers of two circles
  1083. Count the nodes of a tree whose weighted string does not contain any duplicate characters
  1084. Count the nodes of a tree whose weighted string is an anagram of the given string
  1085. Find maximum path sum in a 2D matrix when exactly two left moves are allowed
  1086. Check if the two given stacks are same
  1087. Count the number of digits of palindrome numbers in an array
  1088. Count the maximum number of elements that can be selected from the array
  1089. Sum of all palindrome numbers present in an Array
  1090. Print all the nodes except the leftmost node in every level of the given binary tree
  1091. Check if two numbers have same number of digits
  1092. Count pairs of characters in a string whose ASCII value difference is K
  1093. Count number of distinct substrings of a given length
  1094. Find row with maximum and minimum number of zeroes in given Matrix
  1095. Count pairs of elements such that number of set bits in their AND is B[i]
  1096. Number of ways to split a binary number such that every part is divisible by 2
  1097. Density of Binary Tree using Level Order Traversal
  1098. Longest prefix in a string with highest frequency
  1099. Number of ways to choose elements from the array such that their average is K
  1100. Length of longest sub-array with maximum arithmetic mean.
  1101. Print all the super diagonal elements of the given square matrix
  1102. Construct the Rooted tree by using start and finish time of its DFS traversal
  1103. Run Length Decoding in Linked List
  1104. Count of substrings which contains a given character K times
  1105. Count of characters in str1 such that after deleting anyone of them str1 becomes str2
  1106. Create a Sorted Array Using Binary Search
  1107. Print Lower Hessenberg matrix of order N
  1108. Find the node with maximum value in a Binary Search Tree using recursion
  1109. Order of indices which is lexicographically smallest and sum of elements is <= X
  1110. Count pairs of elements such that number of set bits in their OR is B[i]
  1111. Maximum sum of K consecutive nodes in the given Linked List
  1112. Minimum operations to make sum of neighbouring elements <= X
  1113. Find number of factors of N when location of its two factors whose product is N is given
  1114. Queries for number of distinct elements from a given index till last index in an array
  1115. Reverse the Sentence using Stack
  1116. Partition first N natural number into two sets such that their sum is not coprime
  1117. Find the radii of the circles which are lined in a row, and distance between the centers of first and last circle is given
  1118. Find the side of the squares which are lined in a row, and distance between the centers of first and last square is given
  1119. Find Nth smallest number that is divisible by 100 exactly K times
  1120. Compress the array into Ranges
  1121. Case-specific Sorting of Strings
  1122. Find a sequence of N prime numbers whose sum is a composite number
  1123. Find the Nth term divisible by a or b or c
  1124. Find XOR of numbers from the range [L, R]
  1125. Reverse individual words with O(1) extra space
  1126. Percentage increase in volume of the cube if a side of cube is increased by a given percentage
  1127. Window to Viewport Transformation in Computer Graphics with Implementation
  1128. Find a number containing N - 1 set bits at even positions from the right
  1129. Sentence Case of a given Camel cased string
  1130. Minimum number of adjacent swaps to convert a string into its given anagram
  1131. Count numbers in given range such that sum of even digits is greater than sum of odd digits
  1132. Smallest number greater or equals to N such that it has no odd positioned bit set
  1133. Program to calculate the area of Kite
  1134. Flip minimum signs of array elements to get minimum sum of positive elements possible
  1135. Flatten binary tree in order of post-order traversal
  1136. Pair with minimum absolute difference | BST
  1137. Add one to a number represented as linked list | Set 2
  1138. Maximum number formed from array with K number of adjacent swaps allowed
  1139. Find a partition point in array to maximize its xor sum
  1140. Check if the given n-ary tree is a binary tree
  1141. Check if it is possible to redistribute the Array
  1142. Programs to print Triangle and Diamond patterns using recursion
  1143. Sum of two numbers if the original ratio and new ratio obtained by adding a given number to each number is given
  1144. Count of pairs between two arrays such that the sums are distinct
  1145. Cost Based Tower of Hanoi
  1146. Remove Minimum coins such that absolute difference between any two piles is less than K
  1147. Find the color of given node in an infinite binary tree
  1148. Count pairs with given sum | Set 2
  1149. Sort the Queue using Recursion
  1150. Number of ways to arrange 2*N persons on the two sides of a table with X and Y persons on opposite sides
  1151. Find k ordered pairs in array with minimum difference d
  1152. Largest and smallest digit of a number
  1153. Map every character of one string to another such that all occurrences are mapped to the same character
  1154. Find the number of occurrences of a character upto preceding position
  1155. Longest sub string of 0's in a binary string which is repeated K times
  1156. Find area of the larger circle when radius of the smaller circle and difference in the area is given
  1157. Maximum sum contiguous nodes in the given linked list
  1158. Count of elements that can be deleted without disturbing the mean of the initial array
  1159. Find maximum xor of k elements in an array
  1160. All unique combinations whose sum equals to K
  1161. Find the prime P using given four integers
  1162. Maximum sum combination from two arrays
  1163. Count non-negative triplets with sum equal to N
  1164. Convert a String to an Integer using Recursion
  1165. Smallest element greater than X not present in the array
  1166. Minimum number of times A has to be repeated such that B is a substring of it
  1167. Find maximum and minimum element in binary tree without using recursion or stack or queue
  1168. Program to find the Speed of train as per speed of sound
  1169. Print Binary Search Tree in Min Max Fashion
  1170. Lexicographically largest permutation of the array such that a[i] = a[i-1] + gcd(a[i-1], a[i-2])
  1171. Square root of a number without using sqrt() function
  1172. Program for sum of cosh(x) series upto Nth term
  1173. Modular Exponentiation of Complex Numbers
  1174. Wedderburn–Etherington number
  1175. Gijswijt's Sequence
  1176. Check if the product of every contiguous subsequence is different or not in a number
  1177. Subtraction of the alternate nodes of Linked List
  1178. Find all combinations of two equal sum subsequences
  1179. Card Shuffle Problem | TCS Digital Advanced Coding Question
  1180. Sum of even elements of an Array using Recursion
  1181. Sum of N terms in the expansion of Arcsin(x)
  1182. Product of Primes of all Subsets
  1183. Maximum number of elements without overlapping in a Line
  1184. FCFS Disk Scheduling Algorithms
  1185. Bit manipulation | Swap Endianness of a number
  1186. Number of shortest paths to reach every cell from bottom-left cell in the grid
  1187. Calculate the IST : Indian Standard Time
  1188. How to learn Pattern printing easily?
  1189. Nearest greater number by interchanging the digits
  1190. Count number of permutation of an Array having no SubArray of size two or more from original Array
  1191. Find the maximum cost path from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner
  1192. Find minimum changes required in an array for it to contain k distinct elements
  1193. Find the maximum sum of digits of the product of two numbers
  1194. Find the Deepest Node in a Binary Tree Using Queue STL - SET 2
  1195. Equal Sum and XOR of three Numbers
  1196. Check if the first and last digit of number N is prime and their sum is less than K
  1197. Number of Subsequences with Even and Odd Sum
  1198. Minimize the cost of buying the Objects
  1199. Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze using BFS
  1200. Empty an Array by removing maximum of K value from it
  1201. Find the average of k digits from the beginning and l digits from the end of the given number
  1202. Find the remaining balance after the transaction
  1203. Sum of all natural numbers from L to R ( for large values of L and R )
  1204. Number of Subsequences with Even and Odd Sum | Set 2
  1205. Count all the permutation of an array
  1206. Count number of bits to be flipped to convert A to B | Set-2
  1207. Lexicographical ordering using Heap Sort
  1208. Find all numbers between range L to R such that sum of digit and sum of square of digit is prime
  1209. Check if a number is Flavius Number
  1210. Duplicate subtree in Binary Tree | SET 2
  1211. Swap Alternate Boundary Pairs
  1212. Check if expression contains redundant bracket or not | Set 2
  1213. Reverse even elements in a Linked List
  1214. Sum of elements till the smallest index such that there are no even numbers to its right
  1215. Minimize the sum of the array according the given condition
  1216. Find an N x N grid whose xor of every row and column is equal
  1217. Queries for rotation and Kth character of the given string in constant time
  1218. Find Kth element in an array containing odd elements first and then even elements
  1219. Nth Fibonacci number using Pell's equation
  1220. Check if a cycle of length 3 exists or not in a graph that satisfy a given condition
  1221. Find the first N integers such that the sum of their digits is equal to 10
  1222. Largest substring of str2 which is a prefix of str1
  1223. Count the values greater than X in the modified array
  1224. Find a Square Matrix such that sum of elements in every row and column is K
  1225. Sum of absolute differences of pairs from the given array that satisfy the given condition
  1226. Lexicographically smallest string of length N and sum K
  1227. Find the Nth element of the modified Fibonacci series
  1228. Program for Mobius Function | Set 2
  1229. Count occurrences of a prime number in the prime factorization of every element from the given range
  1230. Repeated sum of first N natural numbers
  1231. Find the longest sub-string which is prefix, suffix and also present inside the string | Set 2
  1232. Print characters having prime frequencies in order of occurrence
  1233. Replace elements with absolute difference of smallest element on left and largest element on right
  1234. Find the number on the card that remains in the end after performing the given operations
  1235. Find the number of pairs such that their gcd is equals to 1
  1236. Find number of subarrays with XOR value a power of 2
  1237. Find the minimum capacity of the train required to hold the passengers
  1238. Summation of floor of harmonic progression
  1239. Find the sum of all possible pairs in an array of N elements
  1240. Count of numbers in the range [L, R] which satisfy the given conditions
  1241. Maximum perimeter of a square in a 2D grid
  1242. Find the character made by adding all the characters of the given string
  1243. Count of triples (A, B, C) where A*C is greater than B*B
  1244. Check if the rows of a binary matrix can be made unique by removing a single column
  1245. Number of triplets in array having subarray xor equal
  1246. Absolute difference between the XOR of Non-Prime numbers and Prime numbers of an Array
  1247. Find the number of strings formed using distinct characters of a given string
  1248. Nth number in a set of multiples of A , B or C
  1249. Minimum characters that are to be inserted such that no three consecutive characters are same
  1250. Count all substrings having character K
  1251. Twisted Tower of Hanoi Problem
  1252. Find all even length binary sequences with same sum of first and second half bits | Iterative
  1253. Add the given digit to a number stored in a linked list using recursion
  1254. Find the sum of prime numbers in the Kth array
  1255. Bitwise XOR of elements having odd frequency
  1256. Count equal element pairs in the given array
  1257. Check duplicates in a stream of strings
  1258. Count number of Special Set
  1259. Largest sub-matrix with all equal elements
  1260. Print nodes having maximum and minimum degrees
  1261. Minimum halls required for class scheduling
  1262. Printing the Triangle Pattern using last term N
  1263. Minimum length String with Sum of the alphabetical values of the characters equal to N
  1264. Sorting objects using In-Place sorting algorithm
  1265. Skewed Binary Tree
  1266. Find maximum count of duplicate nodes in a Binary Search Tree
  1267. Queries to count integers in a range [L, R] such that their digit sum is prime and divisible by K
  1268. Count of elements on the left which are divisible by current element
  1269. Find the minimum value of X for an expression
  1270. Number of words that can be made using exactly P consonants and Q vowels from the given string
  1271. Queries to find the count of characters preceding the given location
  1272. Count non-adjacent subsets from numbers arranged in Circular fashion
  1273. Find the Kth position element of the given sequence
  1274. Calculate the Sum of GCD over all subarrays
  1275. Modify the string such that every character gets replaced with the next character in the keyboard
  1276. Number of index pairs such that s[i] and s[j] are anagrams
  1277. Find Range Value of the Expression
  1278. Represent (2 / N) as the sum of three distinct positive integers of the form (1 / m)
  1279. Create a binary tree from post order traversal and leaf node array
  1280. Generating all divisors of a number using its prime factorization
  1281. Maximum possible Bitwise OR of the two numbers from the range [L, R]
  1282. Check if the bracket sequence can be balanced with at most one change in the position of a bracket | Set 2
  1283. Clockwise rotation of Linked List
  1284. Program to clear K-th bit of a number N
  1285. Program to toggle K-th bit of a number N
  1286. Find the maximum element in the array other than Ai
  1287. Longest sub-sequence with maximum GCD
  1288. Longest sub-sequence with non-negative sum
  1289. Find the smallest subarray having atleast one duplicate
  1290. Integer part of the geometric mean of the divisors of N
  1291. Number of non-decreasing sub-arrays of length K
  1292. Longest sub-sequence with minimum LCM
  1293. Count integers in the range [A, B] that are not divisible by C and D
  1294. Number of K's such that the given array can be divided into two sets satisfying the given conditions
  1295. Count of elements which are second smallest among three consecutive elements
  1296. Number of non-decreasing sub-arrays of length greater than or equal to K
  1297. Longest subsequence with a given AND value | O(N)
  1298. Maximum prime moves to convert X to Y
  1299. Minimum number to be added to all digits of X to make X > Y
  1300. Reduce the string to minimum length with the given operation
  1301. Check if a number is Euler Pseudoprime
  1302. Longest subsequence with a given OR value : Dynamic Programming Approach
  1303. Program for nth Fuss–Catalan Number
  1304. Rearrange array elements such that Bitwise AND of first N - 1 elements is equal to last element
  1305. Number of ways to divide string in sub-strings such to make them in lexicographically increasing sequence
  1306. Number of subarrays with GCD = 1 | Segment tree
  1307. Diameter of a Binary Indexed Tree with N nodes
  1308. Find number of square of area Z which can be built in a matrix having blocked regions
  1309. Convert a String to a Singly Linked List
  1310. Remove an element to minimize the LCM of the given array
  1311. Check if two strings can be made equal by swapping one character among each other
  1312. Minimum number of coins that can generate all the values in the given range
  1313. Queries to find the count of vowels in the substrings of the given string
  1314. Find closest integer with the same weight
  1315. Maximum count of elements divisible on the left for any element
  1316. Construct an array from its pair-product
  1317. Minimum possible travel cost among N cities
  1318. Form a Spiral Matrix from the given Array
  1319. Find the minimum possible health of the winning player
  1320. Maximum Bitwise OR pair from a range
  1321. Minimum cost to reverse edges such that there is path between every pair of nodes
  1322. Maximize sum by choosing elements from different section of a matrix
  1323. Split the binary string into substrings with equal number of 0s and 1s
  1324. Find if a crest is present in the index range [L, R] of the given array
  1325. Find the last two missing digits of the given phone number
  1326. Count set bits in the Kth number after segregating even and odd from N natural numbers
  1327. Sum of all the prime numbers with the count of digits ≤ D
  1328. Number of subsequences of maximum length K containing no repeated elements
  1329. Maximum possible array sum after performing the given operation
  1330. Find the count of unvisited indices in an infinite array
  1331. Find the number of ways to reach Kth step in stair case
  1332. Minimum cost to build N blocks from one block
  1333. Check whether the exchange is possible or not
  1334. Find the coordinates of a triangle whose Area = (S / 2)
  1335. Sum of all the prime numbers with the maximum position of set bit ≤ D
  1336. Count of subarrays with sum at least K
  1337. Find if there exists multiple ways to draw line through (x, y) to cut rectangle in equal halfs
  1338. Maximize distance between any two consecutive 1's after flipping M 0's
  1339. Iterative Postorder Traversal of N-ary Tree
  1340. Find the subsequence with given sum in a superincreasing sequence
  1341. Remove all special characters from a singly Linked List
  1342. Maximum possible GCD after replacing at most one element in the given array
  1343. Count of indices in an array that satisfy the given condition
  1344. Find the centroid of a non-self-intersecting closed Polygon
  1345. Restore a permutation from the given helper array
  1346. Minimize the sum of digits of A and B such that A + B = N
  1347. Check whether the given string is Palindrome using Stack
  1348. Find the sum of the costs of all possible arrangements of the cells
  1349. Sum of all N digit palindrome numbers
  1350. Find the resultant String after replacing X with Y and removing Z
  1351. Print all palindrome dates between the given years
  1352. Goldbach's Weak Conjecture for Odd numbers
  1353. Find all the possible remainders when N is divided by all positive integers from 1 to N+1
  1354. Count of numbers from the range [L, R] which contains at least one digit that divides K
  1355. How to sort an array in a single loop?
  1356. Minimum steps to get 1 at the center of a binary matrix
  1357. Create a sorted linked list from the given Binary Tree
  1358. Find the maximum angle at which we can tilt the bottle without spilling any water
  1359. Remove all the prime numbers from the given array
  1360. Find whether X exists in Y after jumbling X
  1361. Largest number dividing maximum number of elements in the array
  1362. Find the integer points (x, y) with Manhattan distance atleast N
  1363. Minimum cost to merge all elements of List
  1364. Print left and right leaf nodes separately in Binary Tree
  1365. Expected number of moves to reach the end of a board | Matrix Exponentiation
  1366. Add and Remove vertex in Adjacency Matrix representation of Graph
  1367. Remove minimum numbers from the array to get minimum OR value
  1368. Invert the Kth most significant bit of N
  1369. Find the number obtained after concatenation of binary representation of M and N
  1370. Append the last M nodes to the beginning of the given linked list
  1371. Maximum XOR value of maximum and second maximum element among all possible subarrays
  1372. Count of 1's in any path in a Binary Tree
  1373. Radius of the inscribed circle within three tangent circles
  1374. Construct XOR tree by Given leaf nodes of Perfect Binary Tree
  1375. Count of non decreasing arrays of length N formed with values in range L to R
  1376. Move last m elements to the front of a given Linked List
  1377. Distribution of a Number in Array within a Range
  1378. Query to check if a range is made up of consecutive elements
  1379. Circular Convolution using Matrix Method
  1380. Sum of all the child nodes with even parent values in a Binary Tree
  1381. Count of pairs satisfying the given condition
  1382. Problem in comparing Floating point numbers and how to compare them correctly?
  1383. Maximum product of sum of two contiguous subarrays of an array
  1384. Array formed from difference of each element from the largest element in the given array
  1385. Jaro and Jaro-Winkler similarity
  1386. Smallest number greater than n that can be represented as a sum of distinct power of k
  1387. Count the subarray with sum strictly greater than the sum of remaining elements
  1388. Minimum integer that can be obtained by swapping adjacent digits of different parity
  1389. Check if one string can be converted to another
  1390. Maximum length of Strictly Increasing Sub-array after removing at most one element
  1391. Reduce a number to 1 by performing given operations | Set 2
  1392. Count number of ways to cover a distance | Set 2
  1393. Next Number with distinct digits
  1394. Print all possible combinations of words from Dictionary using Trie
  1395. Find intersection point of two Linked Lists without finding the length
  1396. Queries to check whether bitwise AND of a subarray is even or odd
  1397. Eggs dropping puzzle | Set 2
  1398. Maximal Clique Problem | Recursive Solution
  1399. Making three numbers equal with the given operations
  1400. Check if string remains palindrome after removing given number of characters
  1401. Maximum number of multiples in an array before any element
  1402. Find distinct integers for a triplet with given product
  1403. Longest equal substring with cost less than K
  1404. Count of Subsets of a given Set with element X present in it
  1405. Program to find the Product of diagonal elements of a matrix
  1406. Program to print the Diagonals of a Matrix in O(N) time
  1407. Length of Longest Subarray with same elements in atmost K increments
  1408. Add and Remove Edge in Adjacency List representation of a Graph
  1409. Minimum number of Circular obstacles required to obstruct the path in a Grid
  1410. Count positions such that all elements before it are greater
  1411. Least Common Ancestor of any number of nodes in Binary Tree
  1412. Find triplet with minimum sum
  1413. Print the Alphabets A to Z in Star Pattern