1. Different substrings in a string that start and end with given strings
  2. stringstream in C++ and its applications
  3. Python | String startswith()
  4. Minimum move to end operations to make all strings equal
  5. Maximum Possible Product in Array after performing given Operations
  6. Queries to count the number of unordered co-prime pairs from 1 to N
  7. Find if it is possible to make a binary string which contanins given number of "0", "1" , "01" and "10" as sub sequences
  8. Find single in an array of 2n+1 integer elements
  9. Check if a given array is pairwise sorted or not
  10. Lexicographically next string
  11. Sum of all the prime divisors of a number
  12. Modify a bit at a given position
  13. Smallest subarray with k distinct numbers
  14. std::next_permutation and prev_permutation in C++
  15. atanh() function in C++ STL
  16. Check if a large number is divisible by 13 or not
  17. Next word that does not contain a palindrome and has characters from first k
  18. Sparse Table
  19. Range sum query using Sparse Table
  20. boost::split in C++ library
  21. append() and extend() in Python
  22. Python String Title method
  23. issubset() in python
  24. set add() in python
  25. set clear() in python
  26. filter() in python
  27. Check whether given three numbers are adjacent primes
  28. Given 1's, 2's, 3's ......k's print them in zig zag way.
  29. string center() in python
  30. Python String | istitle()
  31. String endswith() in Python
  32. Python String | find()
  33. String partition() in Python
  34. Python String | split()
  35. Python String | zfill()
  36. Python map() function
  37. Python reversed() function
  38. String rjust() and ljust() in python()
  39. Python set symmetric_difference_update()
  40. String rindex() in python
  41. Python String | rsplit()
  42. Python String | rfind()
  43. Python Dictionary clear()
  44. Python Dictionary copy()
  45. Find the position of the last removed element from the array
  46. copysign() function in C++
  47. equalsIgnoreCase() in Java
  48. StringBuffer insert() in Java
  49. Perfect power (1, 4, 8, 9, 16, 25, 27, ...)
  50. Square pyramidal number (Sum of Squares)
  51. Squared triangular number (Sum of cubes)
  52. Number of integers with odd number of set bits
  53. std::bitset::to_ullong and std::bitset::to_ulong in C++ STL
  54. lrint() and llrint() in C++
  55. fabs() in C++
  56. remainder() in C++
  57. fdim() in C++
  58. Minimum digits to remove to make a number Perfect Square
  59. Possible two sets from first N natural numbers difference of sums as D
  60. Pairs involved in Balanced Parentheses
  61. Sum of range in a series of first odd then even natural numbers
  62. log1p() in C++
  63. remquo() in C++
  64. expm1() in C++
  65. ldexp() in C++
  66. frexp() in C++
  67. Program to find Nth term of series 1, 3, 12, 60, 360…
  68. atan2() function in C++ STL
  69. acosh() function in C++ STL
  70. acos() function in C++ STL
  71. sinh() function in C++ STL
  72. Number of squares of maximum area in a rectangle
  73. cosh() function in C++ STL
  74. tanh() function in C++ STL
  75. asinh() function in C++ STL
  76. Compute power of power k times % m
  77. Different ways to represent N as sum of K non-zero integers
  78. Make all numbers of an array equal
  79. Find three integers less than or equal to N such that their LCM is maximum
  80. Check if the large number formed is divisible by 41 or not
  81. Minimum number of single digit primes required whose sum is equal to N
  82. Number of ways to represent a number as sum of k fibonacci numbers
  83. Shortest distance between two nodes in an infinite binary tree
  84. Check if is possible to get given sum from a given set of elements
  85. Minimum cost path from source node to destination node via an intermediate node
  86. Sum of sum of all subsets of a set formed by first N natural numbers
  87. Longest common anagram subsequence from N strings
  88. First element greater than or equal to X in prefix sum of N numbers using Binary Lifting
  89. Number of paths from source to destination in a directed acyclic graph
  90. array at() function in C++ STL
  91. array get() function in C++ STL
  92. Intersecting rectangle when bottom-left and top-right corners of two rectangles are given
  93. Check if a point lies on or inside a rectangle | Set-2
  94. Find First element in AP which is multiple of given prime
  95. Minimum multiplications with {2, 3, 7} to make two numbers equal
  96. Count elements in the given range which have maximum number of divisors
  97. Numbers with sum of digits equal to the sum of digits of its all prime factor
  98. LongBuffer get() methods in Java
  99. LongBuffer slice() method in Java
  100. LongBuffer wrap() method in Java
  101. LongBuffer arrayOffset() method in Java
  102. LongBuffer hasArray() method in Java
  103. LongBuffer allocate() method in Java
  104. LongBuffer duplicate() method in Java
  105. LongBuffer put() methods in Java
  106. LongBuffer compact() method in Java
  107. LongBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer() method in Java
  108. LongBuffer equals() method in Java
  109. DoubleBuffer arrayOffset() method in Java With Examples
  110. DoubleBuffer compareTo() method in Java With Examples
  111. DoubleBuffer wrap() method in Java with Examples
  112. DoubleBuffer slice() method in Java with Examples
  113. DoubleBuffer asReadOnlyBuffer() method in Java with Examples
  114. DoubleBuffer equals() method in Java with Examples
  115. DoubleBuffer array() method in Java With Examples
  116. DoubleBuffer duplicate() method in Java with Examples
  117. DoubleBuffer allocate() method in Java With Examples
  118. DoubleBuffer compact() method in Java With Examples
  119. DoubleBuffer hasArray() method in Java with Examples
  120. DoubleBuffer put() methods in Java with Examples | Set 1
  121. Check whether a given point lies on or inside the rectangle | Set 3
  122. Sum of Factors of a Number using Prime Factorization
  123. Divide a number into two parts such that sum of digits is maximum
  124. Find four factors of N with maximum product and sum equal to N | Set 3
  125. Program to find N-th term of series 3, 5, 33, 35, 53....
  126. Find Nth number of the series 1, 6, 15, 28, 45, .....
  127. Program to find the N-th term of series 3, 5, 33, 35, 53…. | Set-2
  128. Find two distinct prime numbers with given product
  129. Program to find remainder when large number is divided by r
  130. Minimum changes required to make first string substring of second string
  131. Check n^2 - m^2 is prime or not
  132. Given a number x , find y such that x*y + 1 is not a prime
  133. Find count of Almost Prime numbers from 1 to N
  134. Find the largest good number in the divisors of given number N
  135. Sum of first N natural numbers by taking powers of 2 as negative number
  136. Check if it is possible to move from (a, 0) to (b, 0) with given jumps
  137. Check if it is possible to move from (0, 0) to (x, y) in N steps
  138. Program to find the Nth term of series 5, 12, 21, 32, 45......
  139. Program to find the Nth number of the series 2, 10, 24, 44, 70.....
  140. Program to find N-th term of series 1, 2, 11, 12, 21….
  141. Find N digits number which is divisible by D
  142. Number of solutions for x < y, where a <= x <= b and c <= y <= d and x, y are integers
  143. Find the number of rectangles of size 2*1 which can be placed inside a rectangle of size n*m
  144. Number of solutions for the equation x + y + z <= n
  145. Minimum increment operations to make the array in increasing order
  146. Check if a large number is divisible by 2, 3 and 5 or not
  147. Print values of 'a' in equation (a+b) <= n and a+b is divisible by x
  148. Number of squares of side length required to cover an N*M rectangle
  149. Maximum count of equal numbers in an array after performing given operations
  150. Find the sum of all multiples of 2 and 5 below N
  151. Convert given array to Arithmetic Progression by adding an element
  152. Find the sum of first N odd Fibonacci numbers
  153. Sum of all the multiples of 3 and 7 below N
  154. Minimum number of cuts required to make circle segments equal sized
  155. Find the number of primitive roots modulo prime
  156. Find the index of the left pointer after possible moves in the array
  157. Probability of getting more value in third dice throw
  158. Minimum number of moves required to reach the destination by the king in a chess board
  159. Sum of the digits of a number N written in all bases from 2 to N/2
  160. Check if N can be represented as sum of integers chosen from set {A, B}
  161. Check if N is divisible by a number which is composed of the digits from the set {A, B}
  162. Lexicographically smallest substring with maximum occurrences containing a's and b's only
  163. Maximum length substring with highest frequency in a string
  164. Find the maximum possible value of the minimum value of modified array
  165. Sub-strings that start and end with one character and have at least one other
  166. Find the non decreasing order array from given array
  167. Possible cuts of a number such that maximum parts are divisible by 3
  168. Find the sum of the all amicable numbers up to N
  169. Check if a number can be expressed as sum two abundant numbers
  170. Largest subset where absolute difference of any two element is a power of 2
  171. Shortest Path using Meet In The Middle
  172. Make Binary Search Tree
  173. Sub-string that contains all lowercase alphabets after performing the given operation
  174. Find the winner by adding Pairwise difference of elements in the array until Possible
  175. Maximum number of teams that can be formed with given persons
  176. Find the values of X and Y in the Given Equations
  177. Find maximum operations to reduce N to 1
  178. Source to destination in 2-D path with fixed sized jumps
  179. Given two binary strings perform operation until B > 0 and print the result
  180. Count primes that can be expressed as sum of two consecutive primes and 1
  181. Minimum number of given moves required to make N divisible by 25
  182. Minimum edges to be added in a directed graph so that any node can be reachable from a given node
  183. Minimum number of elements that should be removed to make the array good
  184. Minimum operations to make counts of remainders same in an array
  185. Make a tree with n vertices , d diameter and at most vertex degree k
  186. Find the number of distinct pairs of vertices which have a distance of exactly k in a tree
  187. Find the minimum number of preprocess moves required to make two strings equal
  188. Minimum number of given powers of 2 required to represent a number
  189. Greatest number less than equal to B that can be formed from the digits of A
  190. Number of ways to select a node from each connected component
  191. Count numbers which are divisible by all the numbers from 2 to 10
  192. Find last five digits of a given five digit number raised to power five
  193. Ways to place 4 items in n^2 positions such that no row/column contains more than one
  194. Find the shortest distance between any pair of two different good nodes
  195. Find the count of numbers that can be formed using digits 3, 4 only and having length at max N.
  196. Numbers that are not divisible by any number in the range [2, 10]
  197. Maximize profit when divisibility by two numbers have associated profits
  198. Find sum of a[i]%a[j] for all valid pairs
  199. Find the sum of all Truncatable primes below N
  200. Find if the given number is present in the infinite sequence or not
  201. Find the number of good permutations
  202. Find the weight of the minimum spanning tree
  203. Find the numbers of strings that can be formed after processing Q queries
  204. Find the number of ways to divide number into four parts such that a = c and b = d
  205. Minimize the cost to split a number
  206. Find the maximum number of composite summands of a number
  207. Given count of digits 1, 2, 3, 4, find the maximum sum possible
  208. Find the good permutation of first N natural numbers
  209. Find the number of different numbers in the array after applying the given operation q times
  210. Minimum steps to color the tree with given colors
  211. Find the number of integers from 1 to n which contains digits 0's and 1's only
  212. Find the number of jumps to reach X in the number line from zero
  213. Find the minimum number of steps to reach M from N
  214. Shortest path from source to destination such that edge weights along path are alternatively increasing and decreasing
  215. Check if a given number divides the sum of the factorials of its digits
  216. Find the number of integers x in range (1,N) for which x and x+1 have same number of divisors
  217. Length of the longest increasing subsequence such that no two adjacent elements are coprime
  218. Find n positive integers that satisfy the given equations
  219. Find the Kth node in the DFS traversal of a given subtree in a Tree
  220. Find (1^n + 2^n + 3^n + 4^n) mod 5 | Set 2
  221. Lazy Propagation in Segment Tree | Set 2
  222. Find the longest sub-string which is prefix, suffix and also present inside the string
  223. Find the minimum number of operations required to make all array elements equal
  224. Convert the undirected graph into directed graph such that there is no path of length greater than 1
  225. Minimum number of changes such that elements are first Negative and then Positive
  226. Find the sum of the number of divisors
  227. Find the number of sub arrays in the permutation of first N natural numbers such that their median is M
  228. Find the number of divisors of all numbers in the range [1, n]
  229. Find the minimum number of rectangles left after inserting one into another
  230. Check if a directed graph is connected or not
  231. Find permutation of first N natural numbers that satisfies the given condition
  232. Convert Directed Graph into a Tree
  233. Count of integers of the form (2^x * 3^y) in the range [L, R]
  234. Check if a string contains two non overlapping sub-strings "geek" and "keeg"
  235. Count of all possible values of X such that A % X = B
  236. Maximum possible sub-array sum after at most X swaps
  237. Find the largest possible k-multiple set
  238. Find the number of pair of Ideal nodes in a given tree
  239. Find the sum of the ascii values of characters which are present at prime positions
  240. Count pairs of characters in a string whose ASCII value difference is K
  241. Find a way to fill matrix with 1's and 0's in blank positions
  242. DoubleBuffer get() methods in Java with Examples
  243. Find the maximum number of elements divisible by 3
  244. Find the Nth term divisible by a or b or c
  245. Find K vertices in the graph which are connected to at least one of remaining vertices
  246. Check whether it is possible to convert A into B
  247. Check whether str1 can be converted to str2 with the given operations
  248. Find the minimum number of elements that should be removed to make an array good
  249. Find two vertices of an isosceles triangle in which there is rectangle with opposite corners (0, 0) and (X, Y)
  250. Rearrange the given string such that all prime multiple indexes have same character
  251. Find two disjoint good sets of vertices in a given graph
  252. Find the number of paths of length K in a directed graph
  253. Find minimum possible values of A, B and C when two of the (A + B), (A + C) and (B + C) are given
  254. Remove Minimum coins such that absolute difference between any two piles is less than K
  255. Print the lexicographically smallest array by swapping elements whose sum is odd
  256. Count pairs with given sum | Set 2
  257. Find array such that no subarray has xor zero or Y
  258. XOR in a range of a binary array
  259. Insert a Character in a Rotated String
  260. All unique combinations whose sum equals to K
  261. Find the difference of count of equal elements on the right and the left for each element
  262. Smallest element greater than X not present in the array
  263. Lexicographically largest permutation of the array such that a[i] = a[i-1] + gcd(a[i-1], a[i-2])
  264. Check if the product of every contiguous subsequence is different or not in a number
  265. Rearrange the characters of the string such that no two adjacent characters are consecutive English alphabets
  266. Find the number of cells in the table contains X
  267. Count smaller elements on right side and greater elements on left side using Binary Index Tree
  268. Number of Subsequences with Even and Odd Sum | Set 2
  269. Shortest cycle in an undirected unweighted graph
  270. Program for Mobius Function | Set 2
  271. Find the farthest smaller number in the right side
  272. Find the number of pairs such that their gcd is equals to 1
  273. Find the minimum number of moves to reach end of the array
  274. Find the maximum possible distance from origin using given points
  275. Find the permutation of first N natural numbers such that sum of i % Pi is maximum possible
  276. Maximum count of common divisors of A and B such that all are co-primes to one another
  277. Count number of rotated strings which have more number of vowels in the first half than second half
  278. Check if it is possible to make array increasing or decreasing by rotating the array
  279. Maximum height of the binary search tree created from the given array
  280. Make the array non-decreasing with the given operation
  281. Find the number of positive integers less than or equal to N that have an odd number of digits
  282. Number of index pairs such that s[i] and s[j] are anagrams
  283. Increasing permutation of first N natural numbers
  284. Find K such that |A - K| = |B - K|
  285. Count of integers obtained by replacing ? in the given string that give remainder 5 when divided by 13
  286. Find the maximum element in the array other than Ai
  287. Minimum possible value of (i * j) % 2019
  288. Minimum number of moves to reach N starting from (1, 1)
  289. Count integers in the range [A, B] that are not divisible by C and D
  290. Number of K's such that the given array can be divided into two sets satisfying the given conditions
  291. Count of elements which are second smallest among three consecutive elements
  292. Find ways to arrange K green balls among N balls such that exactly i moves is needed to collect all K green balls
  293. Number of ways to reach (X, Y) in a matrix starting from the origin
  294. Check if there exists a connected graph that satisfies the given conditions
  295. Maximum possible array sum after performing the given operation
  296. Find the number of ways to reach Kth step in stair case
  297. Find the equal pairs of subsequence of S and subsequence of T
  298. Count of subarrays with sum at least K
  299. Find if there exists multiple ways to draw line through (x, y) to cut rectangle in equal halfs
  300. Maximum possible GCD after replacing at most one element in the given array
  301. Maximum possible sum after M operations on N cards
  302. Minimum inversions required so that no two adjacent elements are same
  303. Find the sum of the costs of all possible arrangements of the cells
  304. Color tree with minimum colors such that colors of edges incident to a vertex are different
  305. Count subarrays such that remainder after dividing sum of elements by K gives count of elements
  306. Find the minimum difference path from (0, 0) to (N-1, M-1)
  307. Number of trailing zeros in N * (N - 2) * (N - 4)*....
  308. Size of the largest divisible subset in an Array
  309. Reduce a number to 1 by performing given operations | Set 2
  310. Count number of ways to cover a distance | Set 2
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