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  1. Count digits in a factorial | Set 2
  2. Minimum insertions to sort an array
  3. A Program to check if strings are rotations of each other or not
  4. Number of ways to cut a stick of length N into K pieces
  5. Lucky Numbers
  6. Program to find parity
  7. Median of two sorted arrays of same size
  8. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent
  9. Babylonian method for square root
  10. Ceiling in a sorted array
  11. A Product Array Puzzle
  12. Write you own Power without using multiplication(*) and division(/) operators
  13. Longest Increasing Subsequence Size (N log N)
  14. Program to compute Log n
  15. Check if array elements are consecutive | Added Method 3
  16. KMP Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  17. Check if a number is multiple of 5 without using / and % operators
  18. Overlapping Subproblems Property in Dynamic Programming | DP-1
  19. Find whether an array is subset of another array | Added Method 3
  20. Optimized Naive Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  21. Find the maximum element in an array which is first increasing and then decreasing
  22. Longest Non-palindromic substring
  23. Sum of subset differences
  24. Longest Palindromic Subsequence | DP-12
  25. Find subarray with given sum | Set 1 (Nonnegative Numbers)
  26. Word Wrap Problem | DP-19
  27. Maximum Product Subarray
  28. Maximum Length Chain of Pairs | DP-20
  29. Detect if two integers have opposite signs
  30. Find four elements that sum to a given value | Set 1 (n^3 solution)
  31. Check divisibility by 7
  32. Lexicographic rank of a string
  33. Iterative Quick Sort
  34. Longest Palindromic Substring | Set 1
  35. Select a random number from stream, with O(1) space
  36. Construction of Longest Increasing Subsequence (N log N)
  37. Efficient program to calculate e^x
  38. Count numbers with same first and last digits
  39. Pancake sorting
  40. Unbounded Binary Search Example (Find the point where a monotonically increasing function becomes positive first time)
  41. Maximum Bipartite Matching
  42. Assembly Line Scheduling | DP-34
  43. Count all distinct pairs with difference equal to k
  44. Maximum length prefix of one string that occurs as subsequence in another
  45. Rearrange an array so that arr[i] becomes arr[arr[i]] with O(1) extra space
  46. Check if a number is multiple of 9 using bitwise operators
  47. Count all possible groups of size 2 or 3 that have sum as multiple of 3
  48. Find the number of zeroes
  49. Program for nth Catalan Number
  50. How to turn off a particular bit in a number?
  51. Horner's Method for Polynomial Evaluation
  52. Swap two nibbles in a byte
  53. Find the smallest number whose digits multiply to a given number n
  54. Find k closest elements to a given value
  55. Count number of binary strings without consecutive 1's
  56. Calculate the angle between hour hand and minute hand
  57. Count Possible Decodings of a given Digit Sequence
  58. Maximum Sum Path in Two Arrays
  59. Search in an almost sorted array
  60. Count all possible walks from a source to a destination with exactly k edges
  61. Count ways to reach the n'th stair
  62. Sort an array according to the order defined by another array
  63. Given an n x n square matrix, find sum of all sub-squares of size k x k
  64. Given two strings, find if first string is a subsequence of second
  65. Count Distinct Non-Negative Integer Pairs (x, y) that Satisfy the Inequality x*x + y*y < n
  66. Find the closest pair from two sorted arrays
  67. Minimum Number of Platforms Required for a Railway/Bus Station
  68. K'th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 1
  69. Find Index of 0 to be replaced with 1 to get longest continuous sequence of 1s in a binary array
  70. Birthday Paradox
  71. Longest Even Length Substring such that Sum of First and Second Half is same
  72. Print all possible strings that can be made by placing spaces
  73. Minimize Cash Flow among a given set of friends who have borrowed money from each other
  74. Find the element that appears once in an array where every other element appears twice
  75. Count number of ways to reach a given score in a game
  76. Find position of an element in a sorted array of infinite numbers
  77. Count number of islands where every island is row-wise and column-wise separated
  78. Maximum profit by buying and selling a share at most twice
  79. Count possible ways to construct buildings
  80. Program for Rank of Matrix
  81. Find the largest pair sum in an unsorted array
  82. Find the point where maximum intervals overlap
  83. Euler's Totient Function
  84. Check if a number can be expressed as x^y (x raised to power y)
  85. Modular multiplicative inverse
  86. Find minimum number of coins that make a given value
  87. Find a pair with maximum product in array of Integers
  88. Rotate Matrix Elements
  89. Find the element that appears once in a sorted array
  90. Search an element in an array where difference between adjacent elements is 1
  91. Minimum number of squares whose sum equals to given number n
  92. Find length of the longest consecutive path from a given starting character
  93. Find number of solutions of a linear equation of n variables
  94. Minimum Initial Points to Reach Destination
  95. Count of n digit numbers whose sum of digits equals to given sum
  96. Find maximum of minimum for every window size in a given array
  97. Longest Repeating Subsequence
  98. Count even length binary sequences with same sum of first and second half bits
  99. Print all non-increasing sequences of sum equal to a given number x
  100. Find zeroes to be flipped so that number of consecutive 1's is maximized
  101. Bell Numbers (Number of ways to Partition a Set)
  102. Multiplicative order
  103. Check if edit distance between two strings is one
  104. Sum of all elements between k1'th and k2'th smallest elements
  105. Sum of Bitwise And of all pairs in a given array
  106. Count Derangements (Permutation such that no element appears in its original position)
  107. Partition a set into two subsets such that the difference of subset sums is minimum
  108. Fibonacci Search
  109. Compute nCr % p | Set 1 (Introduction and Dynamic Programming Solution)
  110. Find the subarray with least average
  111. Given a set, find XOR of the XOR's of all subsets.
  112. Count minimum steps to get the given desired array
  113. Program for Newton Raphson Method
  114. Determinant of a Matrix
  115. Sieve of Sundaram to print all primes smaller than n
  116. Count Fibonacci numbers in given range in O(Log n) time and O(1) space
  117. Sieve of Atkin
  118. Duplicates in an array in O(n) and by using O(1) extra space | Set-2
  119. Find all divisors of a natural number | Set 1
  120. Gray to Binary and Binary to Gray conversion
  121. Number of perfect squares between two given numbers
  122. Count number of ways to fill a "n x 4" grid using "1 x 4" tiles
  123. Count 'd' digit positive integers with 0 as a digit
  124. Count positive integers with 0 as a digit and maximum 'd' digits
  125. Ways to arrange Balls such that adjacent balls are of different types
  126. Count pairs with given sum
  127. Find minimum difference between any two elements
  128. Program to find the Roots of Quadratic equation
  129. Pangram Checking
  130. Fifth root of a number
  131. Find minimum number of merge operations to make an array palindrome
  132. Find a specific pair in Matrix
  133. Check if a number is Bleak
  134. Maximum product of a triplet (subsequnece of size 3) in array
  135. Maximum profit by buying and selling a share at most k times
  136. Minimum time to finish tasks without skipping two consecutive
  137. A matrix probability question
  138. K'th Non-repeating Character
  139. Find smallest number with given number of digits and sum of digits
  140. Convert min Heap to max Heap
  141. Sum of Fibonacci Numbers
  142. Generate all binary strings from given pattern
  143. Longest Common Increasing Subsequence (LCS + LIS)
  144. LCM of given array elements
  145. Minimum sum of two numbers formed from digits of an array
  146. Print shortest path to print a string on screen
  147. No of Factors of n!
  148. Find cubic root of a number
  149. The Lazy Caterer's Problem
  150. Almost Prime Numbers
  151. Palindromic Primes
  152. Program for Armstrong Numbers
  153. Maximum sum of i*arr[i] among all rotations of a given array
  154. Print all n-digit numbers whose sum of digits equals to given sum
  155. Print all n-digit numbers with absolute difference between sum of even and odd digits is 1
  156. Find all even length binary sequences with same sum of first and second half bits
  157. Find if given matrix is Toeplitz or not
  158. Floor in a Sorted Array
  159. Maximum Product Subarray | Set 2 (Using Two Traversals)
  160. GCD of two numbers when one of them can be very large
  161. Maximum games played by winner
  162. Stein's Algorithm for finding GCD
  163. Minimum Cost To Make Two Strings Identical
  164. Number of elements with odd factors in given range
  165. Sum of absolute differences of all pairs in a given array
  166. Find number of times a string occurs as a subsequence in given string
  167. Find Last Digit of a^b for Large Numbers
  168. Count Pairs Of Consecutive Zeros
  169. Active and Inactive cells after k Days
  170. Stepping Numbers
  171. Maximize value of (arr[i] - i) - (arr[j] - j) in an array
  172. Sorted subsequence of size 3 in linear time using constant space
  173. Find minimum elements after considering all possible transformations
  174. Find minimum sum such that one of every three consecutive elements is taken
  175. Minimum Initial Energy Required To Cross Street
  176. Find Maximum value of abs(i - j) * min(arr[i], arr[j]) in an array arr[]
  177. Finding number of digits in n'th Fibonacci number
  178. Finding sum of digits of a number until sum becomes single digit
  179. Smallest subarray whose sum is multiple of array size
  180. Least prime factor of numbers till n
  181. Check if a number can be expressed as a sum of consecutive numbers
  182. Bakhshali Approximation for computing square roots
  183. Length of the Longest Consecutive 1s in Binary Representation
  184. GCD and Fibonacci Numbers
  185. Maximize array sum after K negations | Set 1
  186. Emulating a 2-d array using 1-d array
  187. Count ways to spell a number with repeated digits
  188. Trapezoidal Rule for Approximate Value of Definite Integral
  189. Sum of all proper divisors of a natural number
  190. Largest palindrome which is product of two n-digit numbers
  191. Nth Even Fibonacci Number
  192. Find numbers with K odd divisors in a given range
  193. Even Fibonacci Numbers Sum
  194. Construct a unique matrix n x n for an input n
  195. Multiply a number with 10 without using multiplication operator
  196. Remainder with 7 for large numbers
  197. Count All Palindromic Subsequence in a given String
  198. Path with maximum average value
  199. Remove minimum number of characters so that two strings become anagram
  200. Number of flips to make binary string alternate | Set 1
  201. Maximum XOR value in matrix
  202. Juggler Sequence
  203. Maximum sum of pairs with specific difference
  204. Maximum sum of distinct numbers with LCM as N
  205. Emirp numbers
  206. Number of swaps to sort when only adjacent swapping allowed
  207. Find Equal (or Middle) Point in a sorted array with duplicates
  208. Circle and Lattice Points
  209. Maximum sum alternating subsequence
  210. Find elements larger than half of the elements in an array
  211. Maximum subsequence sum such that no three are consecutive
  212. Longest subsequence such that difference between adjacents is one
  213. Elements before which no element is bigger in array
  214. Sum of average of all subsets
  215. Find the only repeating element in a sorted array of size n
  216. Count minimum number of "move-to-front" moves to sort an array
  217. Find (a^b)%m where 'a' is very large
  218. Maximum decimal value path in a binary matrix
  219. Find bitonic point in given bitonic sequence
  220. Check if possible to move from given coordinate to desired coordinate
  221. Find the maximum number of handshakes
  222. Find maximum sum possible equal sum of three stacks
  223. Generate all palindromic numbers less than n
  224. Minimize the sum of product of two arrays with permutations allowed
  225. Smallest number to multiply to convert floating point to natural
  226. Find the highest occurring digit in prime numbers in a range
  227. Maximum subarray size, such that all subarrays of that size have sum less than k
  228. Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze
  229. Mersenne Prime
  230. Find all distinct subset (or subsequence) sums of an array
  231. Efficient search in an array where difference between adjacent is 1
  232. Check if a number has bits in alternate pattern | Set 1
  233. Count natural numbers whose factorials are divisible by x but not y
  234. Find the first natural number whose factorial is divisible by x
  235. Minimum number of characters to be removed to make a binary string alternate
  236. Check if two strings are k-anagrams or not
  237. GCD of two numbers formed by n repeating x and y times
  238. Check length of a string is equal to the number appended at its last
  239. Choose k array elements such that difference of maximum and minimum is minimized
  240. Print the kth common factor of two numbers
  241. Queries for characters in a repeated string
  242. Last non-zero digit of a factorial
  243. Check whether Strings are k distance apart or not
  244. Minimum number of page turns to get to a desired page
  245. Find pairs in array whose sums already exist in array
  246. k-th prime factor of a given number
  247. Maximum determinant of a matrix with every values either 0 or n
  248. Cycle Sort
  249. Check horizontal and vertical symmetry in binary matrix
  250. Minimum number of equal amount bags to collect at least M money
  251. Sum of matrix in which each element is absolute difference of its row and column numbers
  252. Maximum path sum in a triangle.
  253. Maximum number of groups of size 3 containing two type of items
  254. Find number of transformation to make two Matrix Equal
  255. Maximum and minimum sums from two numbers with digit replacements
  256. Bresenham’s Line Generation Algorithm
  257. Find a subset with greatest geometric mean
  258. Sum of the products of all possible Subsets
  259. Friends Pairing Problem
  260. Largest subarray with GCD one
  261. Check if elements of array can be made equal by multiplying given prime numbers
  262. Find the missing number in Geometric Progression
  263. Range Queries for Frequencies of array elements
  264. Probability of getting at least K heads in N tosses of Coins
  265. Make all array elements equal with minimum cost
  266. Count minimum bits to flip such that XOR of A and B equal to C
  267. Constant time range add operation on an array
  268. Find power of power under mod of a prime
  269. Sum of all Subarrays | Set 1
  270. Hamming Distance between two strings
  271. Count of words whose i-th letter is either (i-1)-th, i-th, or (i+1)-th letter of given word
  272. Mid-Point Line Generation Algorithm
  273. Find all triplets with zero sum
  274. Maximum consecutive one’s (or zeros) in a binary array
  275. Maximum sum of smallest and second smallest in an array
  276. Program for Round Robin scheduling | Set 1
  277. Find duplicates under given constraints
  278. Queries on the sum of prime factor counts in a range
  279. Find sum of sum of all sub-sequences
  280. Find first and last positions of an element in a sorted array
  281. Sum of XOR of all possible subsets
  282. Lexicographically smallest array after at-most K consecutive swaps
  283. Program for First Fit algorithm in Memory Management
  284. Count all Quadruples from four arrays such that their XOR equals to 'x'
  285. Program for Best Fit algorithm in Memory Management
  286. Pizza cut problem (Or Circle Division by Lines)
  287. Program to find Normal and Trace of a matrix
  288. Find floor and ceil in an unsorted array
  289. Type of array and its maximum element
  290. Rearrange first N numbers to make them at K distance
  291. Subset with no pair sum divisible by K
  292. Sorting possible using size 3 subarray rotation
  293. Conditionally assign a value without using conditional and arithmetic operators
  294. A permutation where each element indicates either number of elements before or after it
  295. Summation of GCD of all the pairs up to N
  296. Largest permutation after at most k swaps
  297. Find maximum (or minimum) sum of a subarray of size k
  298. Refactorable number
  299. Construct an array from XOR of all elements of array except element at same index
  300. Check if a large number is divisible by 4 or not
  301. Replace all occurrences of string AB with C without using extra space
  302. Modify array to maximize sum of adjacent differences
  303. Sort 3 Integers without using if condition or using only max() function
  304. Find politeness of a number
  305. Count substrings with same first and last characters
  306. Minimum difference between max and min of all K-size subsets
  307. Check if a large number is divisible by 8 or not
  308. Sum of all substrings of a string representing a number | Set 1
  309. Count smaller values whose XOR with x is greater than x
  310. GCD of more than two (or array) numbers
  311. Fill an array based on frequency where elements are in range from 0 to n-1
  312. Number of subsequences of the form a^i b^j c^k
  313. Check if a large number is divisible by 6 or not
  314. Count rotations divisible by 4
  315. Check whether K-th bit is set or not
  316. XOR of all subarray XORs | Set 1
  317. Count pairs in a sorted array whose sum is less than x
  318. Given pairwise sum of n numbers, find the numbers
  319. Check if a large number is divisible by 9 or not
  320. Split an array into two equal Sum subarrays
  321. Check if product of every pair exists in an array
  322. Minimum sum of absolute difference of pairs of two arrays
  323. Find difference between sums of two diagonals
  324. Meta Strings (Check if two strings can become same after a swap in one string)
  325. Minimum toggles to partition a binary array so that it has first 0s then 1s
  326. Nth Square free number
  327. Check if a string follows a^nb^n pattern or not
  328. Program to check if a date is valid or not
  329. Subsequence with maximum odd sum
  330. Minimum cost for acquiring all coins with k extra coins allowed with every coin
  331. Check if a large number is divisible by 5 or not
  332. Number of occurrences of 2 as a digit in numbers from 0 to n
  333. Recursive function to check if a string is palindrome
  334. Program for average of an array (Iterative and Recursive)
  335. Program to check Strong Number
  336. Program to find second most frequent character
  337. Construct an array from its pair-sum array
  338. Puzzle | Program to find number of squares in a chessboard
  339. ShellSort
  340. Binary Insertion Sort
  341. Delete an element from array (Using two traversals and one traversal)
  342. Program to find transpose of a matrix
  343. Program to find area of a triangle
  344. Program to print first n Fibonacci Numbers | Set 1
  345. Print all pairs of anagrams in a given array of strings
  346. Find the number of valid parentheses expressions of given length
  347. Print All Distinct Elements of a given integer array
  348. Given a sorted array and a number x, find the pair in array whose sum is closest to x
  349. Given a number n, count all multiples of 3 and/or 5 in set {1, 2, 3, ... n}
  350. Check if two numbers are equal without using arithmetic and comparison operators
  351. Find if a point lies inside a Circle
  352. Convert a number m to n using minimum number of given operations
  353. Find missing number in another array which is shuffled copy
  354. Prefix Sum Array - Implementation and Applications in Competitive Programming
  355. Minimum number of deletions to make a string palindrome
  356. Largest sum contiguous increasing subarray
  357. Program to print an array in Pendulum Arrangement
  358. Program to find the largest and smallest ASCII valued characters in a string
  359. Pandigital number in a given base
  360. Remove duplicates from sorted array
  361. Smallest Difference pair of values between two unsorted Arrays
  362. Remove minimum elements from array such that no three consecutive element are either increasing or decreasing
  363. Clustering/Partitioning an array such that sum of square differences is minimum
  364. Generate k digit numbers with digits in strictly increasing order
  365. Count numbers whose sum with x is equal to XOR with x
  366. Tail Recursion for Fibonacci
  367. Given a number n, find the first k digits of n^n
  368. Number of subarrays for which product and sum are equal
  369. Collect all coins in minimum number of steps
  370. Minimum steps to delete a string after repeated deletion of palindrome substrings
  371. Check if it is possible to sort an array with conditional swapping of adjacent allowed
  372. Minimum number of deletions to make a sorted sequence
  373. Program for multiplication of array elements
  374. k-th distinct (or non-repeating) element in an array.
  375. Find Index of given fibonacci number in constant time
  376. Check a large number is divisible by 16 or not
  377. Check if a large number is divisible by 25 or not
  378. Minimum number of deletions and insertions to transform one string into another
  379. An efficient way to check whether n-th Fibonacci number is multiple of 10
  380. Find index of an extra element present in one sorted array
  381. Queries for GCD of all numbers of an array except elements in a given range
  382. Find the n-th number made of even digits only
  383. Print all distinct characters of a string in order (3 Methods)
  384. Mid-Point Circle Drawing Algorithm
  385. Match Expression where a single special character in pattern can match one or more characters
  386. Minimum number of jumps to reach end | Set 2 (O(n) solution)
  387. Check if LCM of array elements is divisible by a prime number or not
  388. Maximum value of an integer for which factorial can be calculated on a machine
  389. Toggle case of a string using Bitwise Operators
  390. Sum of array elements using recursion
  391. Sequences of given length where every element is more than or equal to twice of previous
  392. Express a number as sum of consecutive numbers
  393. Automorphic Number
  394. Minimum revolutions to move center of a circle to a target
  395. Number of buildings facing the sun
  396. Find the minimum and maximum amount to buy all N candies
  397. Ways to sum to N using array elements with repetition allowed
  398. Find a Fixed Point in an array with duplicates allowed
  399. Fill array with 1's using minimum iterations of filling neighbors
  400. Find the minimum value to be added so that array becomes balanced
  401. Sum of divisors of factorial of a number
  402. Longest Subarray of non-negative Integers
  403. Find the occurrences of digit d in the range [0..n]
  404. Merge two binary Max Heaps
  405. Minimum positive integer to divide a number such that the result is an odd
  406. Maximum Length Bitonic Subarray | Set 2 (O(n) time and O(1) Space)
  407. Find other two sides of a right angle triangle
  408. Shuffle a deck of cards
  409. For each element in 1st array count elements less than or equal to it in 2nd array
  410. Program to count occurrence of a given character in a string
  411. Longest Bitonic Subsequence in O(n log n)
  412. Check if a number is jumbled or not
  413. Program to print all substrings of a given string
  414. Sum of minimum absolute difference of each array element
  415. Find start and ending index of an element in an unsorted array
  416. Find the transition point in a binary array
  417. Given GCD G and LCM L, find number of possible pairs (a, b)
  418. Find the Longest Increasing Subsequence in Circular manner
  419. Count Uppercase, Lowercase, special character and numeric values
  420. Count numbers with difference between number and its digit sum greater than specific value
  421. Cassini’s Identity
  422. Rearrange a string in sorted order followed by the integer sum
  423. Check if a number is a Krishnamurthy Number or not
  424. Extract maximum numeric value from a given string | Set 1 (General approach)
  425. Find all the patterns of "1(0+)1" in a given string | SET 1(General Approach)
  426. Count the numbers divisible by 'M' in a given range
  427. Add minimum number to an array so that the sum becomes even
  428. Toggle the last m bits
  429. Check if both halves of the string have same set of characters
  430. Program for Decimal to Octal Conversion
  431. Program for decimal to hexadecimal conversion
  432. Find length of longest subsequence of one string which is substring of another string
  433. Program to find root of an equations using secant method
  434. Min flips of continuous characters to make all characters same in a string
  435. Find the index of first 1 in a sorted array of 0's and 1's
  436. Number of times a number can be replaced by the sum of its digits until it only contains one digit
  437. Minimum rotations required to get the same string
  438. Find repeated character present first in a string
  439. n-th number with digits in {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
  440. Find first k natural numbers missing in given array
  441. Sum of distinct elements when elements are in range 1 to n
  442. Binomial Random Variables
  443. Merging two unsorted arrays in sorted order
  444. Program to find sum of prime numbers between 1 to n
  445. Permute a string by changing case
  446. RGYB(color) Slots Game to guess the correct color for the correct slot
  447. Sentence Palindrome (Palindrome after removing spaces, dots, .. etc)
  448. Minimum number of deletions so that no two consecutive are same
  449. Check if two numbers are equal without using comparison operators
  450. Insert minimum number in array so that sum of array becomes prime
  451. Program to print the sum of the given nth term
  452. Maximum sum subarray having sum less than or equal to given sum
  453. Minimum number with digits as 4 and 7 only and given sum
  454. Find minimum sum of factors of number
  455. Count ways to express a number as sum of consecutive numbers
  456. Find n-th lexicographically permutation of a string | Set 2
  457. Change all even bits in a number to 0
  458. Find whether a given integer is a power of 3 or not
  459. Rearrange an array in order - smallest, largest, 2nd smallest, 2nd largest, ..
  460. Difference between sums of odd and even digits
  461. Form the smallest number using at most one swap operation
  462. Longest Subarray having sum of elements atmost 'k'
  463. Sum triangle from array
  464. 1 to n bit numbers with no consecutive 1s in binary representation
  465. Frequency of a string in an array of strings
  466. Check whether a given point lies inside a rectangle or not
  467. Collect maximum points in an array with k moves
  468. Move all negative numbers to beginning and positive to end with constant extra space
  469. Number of jumps for a thief to cross walls
  470. Number of bitonic arrays of length n and consisting of elements from 1 to n
  471. Find minimum cost to buy all books
  472. Toggle all bits after most significant bit
  473. Find row number of a binary matrix having maximum number of 1s
  474. Longest increasing subarray
  475. Check Whether a number is Duck Number or not
  476. Find the sum of maximum difference possible from all subset of a given array.
  477. Sum of upper triangle and lower triangle
  478. Positive elements at even and negative at odd positions (Relative order not maintained)
  479. Program to check whether the given number is Buzz Number or not
  480. Find m-th summation of first n natural numbers.
  481. Betrothed numbers
  482. Minimum operations to make XOR of array zero
  483. Minimum Perimeter of n blocks
  484. Check whether a number is circular prime or not
  485. Program for sum of geometric series
  486. Generate all cyclic permutations of a number
  487. Check if a number is magic (Recursive sum of digits is 1)
  488. Longest substring of vowels
  489. Check if given array is almost sorted (elements are at-most one position away)
  490. Smallest number divisible by n and has at-least k trailing zeros
  491. Count unset bits of a number
  492. Minimum flips required to maximize a number with k set bits
  493. Represent a number as sum of minimum possible psuedobinary numbers
  494. Find element at given index after a number of rotations
  495. Value of continuous floor function : F(x) = F(floor(x/2)) + x
  496. Find element at given index after given range reversals
  497. Java Program for Stooge Sort
  498. Program to find the initials of a name.
  499. Count divisors of array multiplication
  500. Program for credit card number validation
  501. Product of factors of number
  502. Print N-bit binary numbers having more 1’s than 0’s in all prefixes
  503. Count entries equal to x in a special matrix
  504. Maximum value of |arr[i] - arr[j]| + |i - j|
  505. Program for cube sum of first n natural numbers
  506. Minimum number of increment-other operations to make all array elements equal.
  507. Queries for counts of multiples in an array
  508. Minimum and Maximum sum of absolute differences of pairs
  509. C Program for cube sum of first n natural numbers
  510. Find maximum sum of triplets in an array such than i < j < k and a[i] < a[j] < a[k]
  511. Minimum rotations to unlock a circular lock
  512. Series with largest GCD and sum equals to n
  513. Program to find simple interest
  514. N expressed as sum of 4 prime numbers
  515. Number of positions where a letter can be inserted such that a string becomes palindrome
  516. GCD of digits of a given number
  517. Count of numbers satisfying m + sum(m) + sum(sum(m)) = N
  518. Program to find compound interest
  519. Program for Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion
  520. Program for Celsius To Fahrenheit conversion
  521. Exponential Squaring (Fast Modulo Multiplication)
  522. Minimum flips to make all 1s in left and 0s in right | Set 2
  523. Find smallest subarray that contains all elements in same order
  524. Find Harmonic mean using Arithmetic mean and Geometric mean
  525. Program to print hollow rectangle or square star patterns
  526. Number of elements greater than modified mean in matrix
  527. Minimum jumps to reach last building in a matrix
  528. Sums of ASCII values of each word in a sentence
  529. Grouping Countries
  530. K-Primes (Numbers with k prime factors) in a range
  531. Program to Convert Radian to Degree
  532. Passing the Assignment
  533. Number of palindromic subsequences of length k where k <= 3
  534. Make alphabets using the elements of an array
  535. Program to implement ASCII lookup table
  536. Count rotations divisible by 8
  537. Smallest integer which has n factors or more
  538. Program to print ASCII Value of a character
  539. Johnson and Trotter algorithm
  540. Program to convert first character uppercase in a sentence
  541. Newman-Conway Sequence
  542. Program for Mobius Function
  543. Check if array contains contiguous integers with duplicates allowed
  544. Number of non-negative integral solutions of sum equation
  545. Find sum of odd factors of a number
  546. Program to calculate value of nCr
  547. Program for Stair Case Patterns
  548. gOOGLE cASE of a given sentence
  549. Longest sub-string having frequency of each character less than equal to k
  550. Max occurring divisor in an interval
  551. Kronecker Product of two matrices
  552. Program for Find sum of odd factors of a number
  553. Check if both halves of the string have at least one different character
  554. K distant string
  555. Count consonants in a string (Iterative and recursive methods)
  556. Check whether triangle is valid or not if sides are given
  557. Program for Markov matrix
  558. Program for Mean Absolute Deviation
  559. Maximum subarray sum in an array created after repeated concatenation
  560. Count elements smaller than or equal to x in a sorted matrix
  561. Program to implement t-test
  562. String from prefix and suffix of given two strings
  563. Longest Uncommon Subsequence
  564. Minimum moves to reach target on a infinite line | Set 2
  565. Convert the string into palindrome string by changing only one character.
  566. Divisibility by 12 for a large number
  567. Program to implement standard error of mean
  568. Find a Fixed Point (Value equal to index) in a given array | Duplicates Allowed
  569. Find the longest sub-array having exactly k odd numbers
  570. Count pairs from two sorted matrices with given sum
  571. Check if a number is sandwiched between primes
  572. Array sum after dividing numbers from previous
  573. Find an array element such that all elements are divisible by it
  574. Print n terms of Newman-Conway Sequence
  575. Longest prefix which is also suffix
  576. Array Index with same count of even or odd numbers on both sides
  577. Minimum removal to make palindrome permutation
  578. Sum of even numbers at even position
  579. Program for length of the longest word in a sentence
  580. String with maximum number of unique characters
  581. Maximum difference between two subsets of m elements
  582. Division without using '/' operator
  583. Find relative complement of two sorted arrays
  584. Check if two strings have a common substring
  585. Find value of (1^n + 2^n + 3^n + 4^n ) mod 5
  586. Count rows/columns with sum equals to diagonal sum
  587. Number of ordered pairs such that (Ai & Aj) = 0
  588. Number is divisible by 29 or not
  589. Maximum number of segments of lengths a, b and c
  590. Check given matrix is magic square or not
  591. Searching in an array where adjacent differ by at most k
  592. Evaluate an array expression with numbers, + and -
  593. Finding the vertex, focus and directrix of a parabola
  594. Maximum number of partitions that can be sorted individually to make sorted
  595. Converting seconds into days, hours, minutes and seconds
  596. Print all triplets in sorted array that form AP
  597. Number of strings of length N with no palindromic sub string
  598. Most frequent element in an array
  599. Count n digit numbers divisible by given number
  600. Least frequent element in an array
  601. Minimum increment by k operations to make all elements equal
  602. Shortest Un-ordered Subarray
  603. Program to calculate area of Circumcircle of an Equilateral Triangle
  604. Probability for three randomly chosen numbers to be in AP
  605. Product of unique prime factors of a number
  606. Pandigital Product
  607. Decimal Equivalent of Gray Code and its Inverse
  608. Minimum rooms for m events of n batches with given schedule
  609. Maximum possible difference of two subsets of an array
  610. Number of prefix sum prime in given range query
  611. Pattern to print X in a rectangular box
  612. Number of ways an array can be filled with 0s and 1s such that no consecutive elements are 1
  613. Sum of bitwise OR of all possible subsets of given set
  614. Lexicographically smallest string obtained after concatenating array
  615. Position of n among the numbers made of 2, 3, 5 & 7
  616. Find the other end point of a line with given one end and mid
  617. Check if a string is substring of another
  618. Find n-th term of series 1, 4, 27, 16, 125, 36, 343 .......
  619. Slope of perpendicular to line
  620. Count binary strings with twice zeros in first half
  621. Sum of square-sums of first n natural numbers