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  1. Minimum insertions to sort an array
  2. Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times
  3. Level Order Tree Traversal
  4. Pairwise swap elements of a given linked list
  5. Equilibrium index of an array
  6. Find the two repeating elements in a given array
  7. Program to count number of set bits in an (big) array
  8. Sliding Window Maximum (Maximum of all subarrays of size k)
  9. Find the repeating and the missing | Added 3 new methods
  10. Smallest of three integers without comparison operators
  11. Scansets in C
  12. Boyer Moore Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  13. Find subarray with given sum | Set 1 (Nonnegative Numbers)
  14. Pascal's Triangle
  15. Select a random number from stream, with O(1) space
  16. Amazon Interview | Set 15
  17. Maximum length prefix of one string that occurs as subsequence in another
  18. Sort n numbers in range from 0 to n^2 - 1 in linear time
  19. Samsung Interview | Set 2 (Software Engineering Lab)
  20. Amazon Interview | Set 89
  21. Amazon Interview | Set 100 (On-Campus)
  22. Amazon Interview | Set 113 (On-Campus for Internship)
  23. Ukkonen's Suffix Tree Construction - Part 4
  24. Ukkonen's Suffix Tree Construction - Part 6
  25. Suffix Tree Application 1 - Substring Check
  26. Suffix Tree Application 2 - Searching All Patterns
  27. Suffix Tree Application 4 - Build Linear Time Suffix Array
  28. Generalized Suffix Tree 1
  29. Suffix Tree Application 5 - Longest Common Substring
  30. Snapdeal (Software) Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)
  31. Komli Media Interview Experience
  32. Intuit Interview Experience | Set 6
  33. Amazon Interview Experience | Set 175 (For SDE)
  34. Rearrange an array such that 'arr[j]' becomes 'i' if 'arr[i]' is 'j' | Set 1
  35. Calculate square of a number without using *, / and pow()
  36. Maximum profit by buying and selling a share at most twice
  37. Pythagorean Triplet in an array
  38. How to efficiently sort a big list dates in 20's
  39. Bidgely Interview experience | Set 1 (On-Campus for Internship)
  40. Given an array of pairs, find all symmetric pairs in it
  41. Program for Newton Raphson Method
  42. Interesting facts about strings in Python | Set 2 (Slicing)
  43. Returning Multiple Values in Python
  44. Matrix Exponentiation
  45. Iterative function to check if two trees are identical
  46. Understanding constexpr specifier in C++
  47. Minimum number of palindromic subsequences to be removed to empty a binary string
  48. Print shortest path to print a string on screen
  49. Find the number of Islands | Set 2 (Using Disjoint Set)
  50. Querying the number of distinct colors in a subtree of a colored tree using BIT
  51. Calculate sum of all numbers present in a string
  52. Print all prime factors and their powers
  53. Minimax Algorithm in Game Theory | Set 5 (Zobrist Hashing)
  54. Maximize array sum after K negations | Set 1
  55. Packages In Java
  56. Lucas Numbers
  57. Prime factors of LCM of array elements
  58. Path with maximum average value
  59. Regular Expression in Python with Examples | Set 1
  60. Constructor Chaining In Java with Examples
  61. Find elements larger than half of the elements in an array
  62. Maximum distance between two occurrences of same element in array
  63. Find (a^b)%m where 'a' is very large
  64. Introduction to Apache Maven | A build automation tool for Java projects
  65. Find sum of modulo K of first N natural number
  66. Rail Fence Cipher - Encryption and Decryption
  67. Queries on substring palindrome formation
  68. Exponential Search
  69. Probability of getting at least K heads in N tosses of Coins
  70. Basic Operators in Java
  71. Short Circuiting Techniques in Python
  72. Nearest element with at-least one common prime factor
  73. Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 9 (Experienced through Linkedin Invite)
  74. Builtin functions of GCC compiler
  75. Constructor Overloading in Java
  76. Count smaller values whose XOR with x is greater than x
  77. XOR of all subarray XORs | Set 1
  78. Convert decimal fraction to binary number
  79. How to write long strings in Multi-lines C/C++?
  80. Java Program for Dijkstra's Algorithm with Path Printing
  81. Virtual Memory in Operating System
  82. Reverse an array upto a given position
  83. Add two numbers using ++ and/or --
  84. Wipro Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)
  85. Stack | Set 3 (Reverse a string using stack)
  86. Aptitude | Arithmetic Aptitude 2 | Question 7
  87. QA - Placement Quizzes | Mixtures and Alligation | Question 1
  88. C | Operators | Question 27
  89. GATE | GATE-CS-2007 | Question 27
  90. GATE | GATE-CS-2016 (Set 2) | Question 44
  91. Divide number into two parts divisible by given numbers
  92. Insertion and Deletion in STL Set C++
  93. Output of Python program | Set 6 (Lists)
  94. Merge two sorted arrays
  95. Pointer to an Array | Array Pointer
  96. GE Digital Interview Experience | Set 8 (On Campus for FTE)
  97. Union and Intersection of two linked lists | Set-2 (Using Merge Sort)
  98. String containing first letter of every word in a given string with spaces
  99. Hashtable in Java
  100. Union and Intersection of two linked lists | Set-3 (Hashing)
  101. Java.util.ArrayDeque Class in Java | Set 1
  102. Count total divisors of A or B in a given range
  103. Boyer Moore Algorithm | Good Suffix heuristic
  104. Find k numbers with most occurrences in the given array
  105. Elements of an array that are not divisible by any element of another array
  106. Sum of product of all elements of sub-arrays of size k
  107. Delete all occurrences of a given key in a doubly linked list
  108. Finding power of prime number p in n!
  109. Sort the biotonic doubly linked list
  110. Multithreading in Python | Set 2 (Synchronization)
  111. numpy.ones_like() in Python
  112. Project Idea | (CAPTURED)
  113. RGYB(color) Slots Game to guess the correct color for the correct slot
  114. std::iter_swap in C++
  115. Cisco Interview Experience | Set 17 (For 1.5 Years Experienced)
  116. Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 27 (On-Campus for Internship)
  117. Null object Design Pattern
  118. Java Program for Radix Sort
  119. CGI Programming in Python
  120. strtof function in C
  121. Java.lang.String.lastIndexOf() Method
  122. Count of sub-sequences which satisfy the given condition
  123. pthread_equal() in C with example
  124. Count pairs in an array such that LCM(arr[i], arr[j]) > min(arr[i],arr[j])
  125. numpy.linspace() in Python
  126. MySQL | LEAD() and LAG() Function
  127. Minimum flips required to maximize a number with k set bits
  128. Kotlin | Retrieve Collection Parts
  129. Remove array end element to maximize the sum of product
  130. Smallest number k such that the product of digits of k is equal to n
  131. Pairwise Swap leaf nodes in a binary tree
  132. Python | askopenfile() function in Tkinter
  133. PHP | array_intersect_ukey() Function
  134. N expressed as sum of 4 prime numbers
  135. Number of subarrays whose minimum and maximum are same
  136. Number of subarrays having absolute sum greater than K | Set-2
  137. Tile Stacking Problem
  138. Remove all consecutive duplicates from the string
  139. NPDA for accepting the language L = {a2mb3m | m ≥ 1}
  140. Mentor Graphics Interview Experience | Set 4 (On Campus)
  141. Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 142 (Pool Campus)
  142. HTML | Paragraph
  143. HTML | Style Tag
  144. HTML | SVG-Basics
  145. Rendering a Triangle using OpenGL(using Shaders)
  146. HTML | Class Attribute
  147. Maximum AND value of a pair in an array
  148. HTML | Comments
  149. Ordering Class | Guava | Java
  150. Wipro Technologies Interview Experience | Set 15 (For project engineer)
  151. Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 44 (On-campus for SDE-1)
  152. HTML5 | Video
  153. HTML | Images
  154. Position of robot after given movements
  155. Introduction to Hill Climbing | Artificial Intelligence
  156. HTML5 | Audio
  157. Minimum insertions to make a Co-prime array
  158. Entringer Number
  159. Reverse a Doubly Linked List | Set-2
  160. Sum of Manhattan distances between all pairs of points
  161. HTML | style attribute
  162. Reverse first K elements of given linked list
  163. Minimum difference between groups of size two
  164. Operations on Sparse Matrices
  165. Smallest subset with sum greater than all other elements
  166. Subsequence queries after removing substrings
  167. PayU Interview Experience | Set 7 (On Campus)
  168. Python | Convert a list of characters into a string
  169. Panalphabetic window in a string
  170. filter() in python
  171. Kronecker Product of two matrices
  172. Area of the biggest possible rhombus that can be inscribed in a rectangle
  173. Edit Distance | DP using Memoization
  174. Level of Each node in a Tree from source node (using BFS)
  175. Python String | count()
  176. Python String | replace()
  177. Reverse a doubly linked list in groups of given size
  178. HTML | Doctypes
  179. Python list | pop()
  180. Print matrix in zag-zag fashion
  181. Maximum element in a very large array using pthreads
  182. Natural Language Programming — Teaching Kids
  183. Check if binary string multiple of 3 using DFA
  184. Django Introduction | Set 2 (Creating a Project)
  185. Priority Queue using doubly linked list
  186. JavaScript | Array fill() function
  187. Count of numbers appearing in the given ranges at-least K times
  188. Check if the given two numbers are friendly pair or not
  189. Print 1 2 3 infinitely using threads in C
  190. Sort 1 to N by swapping adjacent elements
  191. Mathematics | Unimodal functions and Bimodal functions
  192. Number of connected components in a doubly linked list
  193. Conditional wait and signal in multi-threading
  194. PHP | chr() Fucntion
  195. PHP | strchr() Function
  196. Number of possible Equivalence Relations on a finite set
  197. Activation Functions
  198. Maximum Subarray Sum Excluding Certain Elements
  199. Find duplicates in constant array with elements 0 to N-1 in O(1) space
  200. Distinct elements in subarray using Mo's Algorithm
  201. PHP | strnatcasecmp() Function
  202. LEX code to extract HTML tags from a file
  203. 8085 program to multiply two 8 bit numbers
  204. JavaScript | date.setMonth() function
  205. PHP | boolval() Function
  206. Computer Organization | Instruction Formats (Zero, One, Two and Three Address Instruction)
  207. PHP | strval() Function
  208. Image Compression using Huffman Coding
  209. Types of Routing
  210. Maximum points of intersection n circles
  211. UGC-NET | UGC NET CS 2015 Jun - II | Question 31
  212. Digital logic | Encoders and Decoders
  213. PHP | is_int()
  214. PHP 7 | Spaceship Operator
  215. PHP | is_bool()
  216. Interface 8255 with 8085 microprocessor for addition
  217. Max sum of M non-overlapping subarrays of size K
  218. 8085 program to find the sum of first n natural numbers
  219. Students with maximum average score of three subjects
  220. Set the rightmost unset bit
  221. PHP | ctype_graph() Function
  222. Maximum value in a matrix which contain intersecting concentric submatrix
  223. Java Swing | MatteBorder
  224. C# | Copy() Method
  225. Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 42 (Less than 1 year experienced)
  226. jQuery UI | draggable() and droppable() methods
  227. JavaFX | ComboBox with examples
  228. JavaFX | CustomMenuItem
  229. Mathematics | Sequence, Series and Summations
  230. NPDA for accepting the language L = {an bn cm | m,n>=1}
  231. PHP | doubleval() Function
  232. Total number of ways to place X and Y at n places such that no two X are together
  233. Delete all the nodes from the doubly linked list that are greater than a given value
  234. Algorithms Quiz | SP Contest 4 | Question 3
  235. Ruby | Blocks
  236. Qualcomm Campus Recruitment Interview Experience
  237. Ruby | Control Flow Alteration
  238. Find the sum of non-prime elements in the given array
  239. Ruby | Ranges
  240. Nutanix Interview Experiance - Campus Placements
  241. Python PIL | getbands() method
  242. Sum of all prime divisors of all the numbers in range L-R
  243. Python | Sort an array according to absolute difference
  244. Java 8 Clock instant() method with Examples
  245. Java 8 Clock fixed() method with Examples
  246. Java 8 Clock millis() Method with Examples
  247. Tetranacci Numbers
  248. feholdexcept() in C/C++
  249. Advance CSS layout with flexbox
  250. D. E. Shaw Interview Experience
  251. Java Swing | JToggleButton Class
  252. Pair with minimum absolute difference after solving each query
  253. HTML | Phrase Tag
  254. HTML 5 | <summary> Tag
  255. TCS Interview Experience: Off-Campus Interview through Codevita
  256. HTML5 | <aside> Tag
  257. Finding the Parity of a number Efficiently
  258. Alternate Fibonacci Numbers
  259. Python | os.chflags() method
  260. Balanced expressions such that given positions have opening brackets | Set 2
  261. UnitedHealth group Optum Internship Experience
  262. Count number of triplets with product equal to given number | Set 2
  263. Ruby | Symbol Class
  264. ByteBuffer allocate() method in Java with Examples
  265. HTML <legend> Tag
  266. Program to find the nth Kynea number
  267. Count number of primes in an array
  268. Triplet with no element divisible by 3 and sum N
  269. Count elements that are divisible by at-least one element in another array
  270. HTML5 | article tag
  271. Maximize the product of four factors of a Number
  272. Find bitwise OR of all possible sub-arrays
  273. C# | First occurrence in the List that matches the specified conditions
  274. Minimum no. of operations required to make all Array Elements Zero
  275. Program to Convert List to Map in Java
  276. HTML | <colgroup> Tag
  277. StringBuilder getChars() in Java with Examples
  278. Dunzo Interview for Software Developer Intern
  279. Replace even nodes of a doubly linked list with the elements of array
  280. Check if a Linked List is Pairwise Sorted
  281. Delete all nodes from the doubly linked list which are divisible by K
  282. Check if two Linked Lists are permutations of each other
  283. Number of balanced bracket subsequence of length 2 and 4
  284. PHP | urldecode() Function
  285. StringBuffer getChars() method in Java with Examples
  286. Check if there is any common character in two given strings
  287. Find the value of the function Y = (X^6 + X^2 + 9894845) % 971
  288. Computer scientist vs Programmer vs Developer vs Hackers
  289. AbstractSet removeAll() Method in Java with Examples
  290. C# | Creating a Case-Sensitive HybridDictionary with specified initial size
  291. Sum of all prime numbers in an Array
  292. Product of all prime numbers in an Array
  293. HashMap computeIfAbsent() method in Java with Examples
  294. HashTable compute() method in Java with Examples
  295. ConcurrentHashMap compute() method in Java with Examples
  296. multiset max_size() in C++ STL
  297. HashTable forEach() method in Java with Examples
  298. Sum and Product of maximum and minimum element in Binary Tree
  299. Section formula for 3 D
  300. Maximum number of Unique integers in Sub-Array of given size
  301. How do Dynamic arrays work?
  302. Equation of circle from centre and radius
  303. Get first and last elements from ArrayList in Java
  304. Second Smallest Element in a Linked List
  305. PHP | Imagick modulateImage() Function
  306. PHP | ImagickDraw translate() Function
  307. PHP | ImagickDraw setFontWeight() Function
  308. PHP | Imagick radialBlurImage() Function
  309. PHP | Imagick randomThresholdImage() Function
  310. PHP | Imagick raiseImage() Function
  311. Find the sum of first N odd Fibonacci numbers
  312. Python | Pandas DataFrame.astype()
  313. PHP | ImagickDraw setStrokeAlpha() Function
  314. Difference between a Static Queue and a Singly Linked List
  315. In-Place Merge Sort
  316. Sum of all odd length palindromic numbers within the range [L, R]
  317. C# | How to use Interface References
  318. Coefficient of Range in a Binary Tree
  319. PHP | Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer | setBgColor() Function
  320. LocalDate minusDays() method in Java with Examples
  321. LocalDate plusWeeks() method in Java with Examples
  322. Harmonic Progression
  323. C Program for Activity Selection Problem | Greedy Algo-1
  324. Java Program for Activity Selection Problem | Greedy Algo-1
  325. Python Program for Activity Selection Problem | Greedy Algo-1
  326. C# Program for Activity Selection Problem | Greedy Algo-1
  327. ZoneId hashCode() method in Java with Examples
  328. ZoneId normalized() method in Java with Examples
  329. C/C++ Program to Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times
  330. Split a number into 3 parts such that none of the parts is divisible by 3
  331. PHP | Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer | setFgColor() Function
  332. HTML | Screen availWidth Property
  333. AbstractSequentialList removeAll() method in Java with Example
  334. AbstractSequentialList retainAll() method in Java with Example
  335. Count of Numbers in a Range where digit d occurs exactly K times
  336. TreeSet removeAll() method in Java with Example
  337. HTML | DOM hasFocus() Method
  338. OPPO R&D Interview Experience For FTE, On Campus
  339. Python | Get the Index of first element greater than K
  340. Set removeAll() method in Java with Examples
  341. HTML | size Attribute
  342. yes command in Linux with Examples
  343. Remove exactly one element from the array such that max - min is minimum
  344. Check whether a + b = c or not after removing all zeroes from a,b and c
  345. SimpleTimeZone setDSTSavings() method in Java with Examples
  346. Conversion Functions in Pandas DataFrame
  347. Python | Operator.countOf
  348. Probability that a N digit number is palindrome
  349. Ternary Search
  350. Difference between Structure and Array in C
  351. HTML | DOM accessKey Property
  352. Minimum replacements to make adjacent characters unequal in a ternary string
  353. NPDA for accepting the language L = {aibjckdl | i==k or j==l,i>=1,j>=1}
  354. PHP | GmagickDraw scale() Function
  355. Loop Control Statements in Go Language
  356. HTML | DOM Textarea Object
  357. HTML | DOM Input Password Object
  358. Minimum replacements to make adjacent characters unequal in a ternary string | Set-2
  359. Count primes that can be expressed as sum of two consecutive primes and 1
  360. Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) Concept in Java
  361. Search element in a Spirally sorted Matrix
  362. Minimum operations to make counts of remainders same in an array
  363. Python | Matplotlib Sub plotting using object oriented API
  364. Python | Ways to sum list of lists and return sum list
  365. Count all elements in the array which appears at least K times after their first occurrence
  366. Mysql | User-defind Variables
  367. Group consecutive characters of same type in a string
  368. Minimum steps to make all the elements of the array divisible by 4
  369. HTML | DOM Input Number min Property
  370. HTML | DOM Input Time min Property
  371. Loss when two items are sold at same price and same percentage profit/loss
  372. Maximum sub-tree sum in a Binary Tree such that the sub-tree is also a BST
  373. Maximum volume of cube for every person when edge of N cubes are given
  374. ArrayObject getArrayCopy() Function in PHP
  375. Find the maximum number of composite summands of a number
  376. Philips Internship Experience ( Bangalore On-Campus)
  377. HTML | DOM Details open Property
  378. HTML | applet Tag
  379. Count distinct points visited on the number line
  380. TCS Coding Practice Question | Reverse a Number
  381. Python | Make a simple window using kivy
  382. Properties computeIfPresent(Key, BiFunction) method in Java with Examples
  383. Properties computeIfAbsent(Key, Function) method in Java with Examples
  384. Properties compute(Key, BiFunction) method in Java with Examples
  385. MongoDB | Create Database using MongoShell
  386. Vectorization in Python
  387. Properties keySet() method in Java with Examples
  388. HTML | dirname Attribute
  389. Properties containsKey(value) method in Java with Examples
  390. Properties containsValue(value) method in Java with Examples
  391. Properties forEach(BiConsumer) method in Java with Examples
  392. Properties entrySet() method in Java with Examples
  393. Properties elements() method in Java with Examples
  394. Properties equals(value) method in Java with Examples
  395. Properties isEmpty() method in Java with Examples
  396. Properties list(PrintStream) method in Java with Examples
  397. Properties getProperty(key) method in Java with Examples
  398. Find k closest numbers in an unsorted array
  399. Git- Setting up a Repository
  400. Longest alternative parity subsequence
  401. Roots of the quadratic equation when a + b + c = 0 without using Shridharacharya formula
  402. Python | Find frequency of given character at every position in list of lists
  403. Software Engineering | Software Quality
  404. Setting up the environment in Scala
  405. Python | Create Box Layout widget using .kv file
  406. Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT)
  407. HCL Placement Paper | Quantitative Aptitude Set - 2
  408. IBM Placement Paper | Quantitative Analysis Set - 2
  409. Difference between Substitution Cipher Technique and Transposition Cipher Technique
  410. Python | os.path.isfile() method
  411. Minimize the sum after choosing elements from the given three arrays
  412. Python PIL | ImageGrab.grabclipboard() method
  413. Queries for the difference between the count of composite and prime numbers in a given range
  414. Check whether a subsequence exists with sum equal to k if arr[i]> 2*arr[i-1]
  415. HTML | DOM Area shape Property
  416. Length of the largest substring which have character with frequency greater than or equal to half of the substring
  417. HTML | DOM Area hostname Property
  418. Fractional Knapsack Queries
  419. ChronoZonedDateTime getChronology() method in Java with Examples
  420. Iterative approach to print all combinations of an Array
  421. Kotlin Inline functions
  422. std::uniform_real_ distribution class in C++ with Examples
  423. Python PIL | ImageGrab.grab() method
  424. HTML | <select> Tag
  425. Python | Ways to find nth occurrence of substring in a string
  426. Python | PIL Attributes
  427. TypeScript Accessor
  428. Short Variable Declaration Operator(:=) in Go
  429. Handoff in Cellular Telecommunications
  430. Amazon Interview Experience (SDE-1)| Off-Campus | Recruitment Drive
  431. Buffer duplicate() method in Java with Examples
  432. Count non-negative triplets with sum equal to N
  433. Python PIL Attributes | Image.width Method
  434. Python PIL Attributes | Image.height method
  435. How to accordion scroll to top to open content in Bootstrap ?
  436. Sum of the sums of all possible subsets
  437. Locale.Category valueOf() method in Java with Examples
  438. Locale.FilteringMode valueOf() method in Java with Examples
  439. Concentric Hexagonal Numbers
  440. Number of shortest paths to reach every cell from bottom-left cell in the grid
  441. Find the diagonal of the Cube
  442. Print all Increasing Subsequence of a List
  443. Sum of digits with even number of 1's in their binary representation
  444. Deloitte On Campus Recruitment For Associate Analyst
  445. Convert an unbalanced bracket sequence to a balanced sequence
  446. CSS | text-orientation Property
  447. Quikr Interview Experience (On-campus) for Associate Software Engineer(2019)
  448. Amazon Interview Experience for SDE1
  449. Tokopedia Interview Experience | SDE-2
  450. JP Morgan (Software Profile) On Campus Interview Experience
  451. Python | Decimal copy_sign() method
  452. HTML | <Iframe> frameborder Attribute
  453. Find the number of pairs such that their gcd is equals to 1
  454. Sklearn | Feature Extraction with TF-IDF
  455. How to change the background image using jQuery ?
  456. Siemens PLM Interview Experience | On-Campus
  457. PHP | Imagick functionImage() Function
  458. How to get a substring between two strings in PHP?
  459. ES6 | Math
  460. Snapdeal Interview Experience
  461. Color all boxes in line such that every M consecutive boxes are unique
  462. Check if it is possible to move from (0, 0) to (X, Y) in exactly K steps
  463. Number of ways in which N can be represented as the sum of two positive integers