1. Why is C considered faster than other languages ?
  2. Given a sequence of words, print all anagrams together using STL
  3. Why start + (end - start)/2 is preferrable method for calculating middle of an array over (start + end)/2 ?
  4. Create a customized data structure which evaluates functions in O(1)
  5. Why quicksort is better than mergesort ?
  6. std::advance in C++
  7. Data Structure alignment
  8. Difference between fork() and exec()
  9. Get level of a node in binary tree | iterative approach
  10. Print nodes at k distance from root | Iterative
  11. Difference between float and double in C/C++
  12. Longest common substring in binary representation of two numbers
  13. Maximum sum of lengths of non-overlapping subarrays with k as the max element.
  14. Print all paths from a given source to a destination using BFS
  15. Find the first repeated word in a string
  16. Construct a linked list from 2D matrix
  17. Find max in struct array
  18. Roll the characters of string
  19. Prove that atleast one of three consecutive even numbers is divisible by 6
  20. Least number of manipulations needed to ensure two strings have identical characters
  21. Find sum of all right leaves in a given Binary Tree
  22. Sum of all leaf nodes of binary tree
  23. Find a triplet such that sum of two equals to third element
  24. Find smallest permutation of given number
  25. Send SMS updates to mobile phone using python
  26. Know your public and private IP addresses
  27. Deepest left leaf node in a binary tree | iterative approach
  28. Deepest right leaf node in a binary tree | Iterative approach
  29. Get emotions of images using Microsoft emotion API in Python
  30. Encryption vs Encoding vs Hashing
  31. dmesg command in Linux for driver messages
  32. less command in Linux with Examples
  33. xargs command in Linux with examples
  34. md5sum Command in Linux with Examples
  35. Fetch top 10 starred repositories of user on GitHub | Python
  36. systemctl in Unix
  37. du command in Linux with examples
  38. df command in Linux with Examples
  39. XMPP Protocol
  40. Linux man page entries | different types
  41. proc file system in Linux
  42. Priority of process in Linux | nice value
  43. File globbing in Linux
  44. Real, Effective and Saved UserID in Linux
  45. Access Control Lists(ACL) in Linux
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