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  1. Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as x
  2. Print reverse of a string using recursion
  3. Split an array into two equal Sum subarrays
  4. Thue-Morse sequence
  5. Middle term in the binomial expansion series
  6. Harmonic progression Sum
  7. Range sum query using Sparse Table
  8. Largest subset with sum of every pair as prime
  9. Print a closest string that does not contain adjacent duplicates
  10. Form a number using corner digits of powers
  11. Count sub-matrices having sum divisible 'k'
  12. Parallel Array
  13. Count subsequence of length three in a given string
  14. Find minimum number of currency notes and values that sum to given amount
  15. Sum of series (n/1) + (n/2) + (n/3) + (n/4) +.......+ (n/n)
  16. Snake case of a given sentence
  17. Sum of squares of binomial coefficients
  18. Sum of the series 2 + (2+4) + (2+4+6) + (2+4+6+8) + …… + (2+4+6+8+….+2n)
  19. Modular multiplicative inverse from 1 to n
  20. Program for distance between two points on earth
  21. Subsequence queries after removing substrings
  22. Diagonally Dominant Matrix
  23. Maximum number of chocolates to be distributed equally among k students
  24. Program for Mobius Function
  25. Check whether a given string is Heterogram or not
  26. Factorial of each element in Fibonacci series
  27. Rearrange an array such that arr[i] = i
  28. Panalphabetic window in a string
  29. Longest Common Anagram Subsequence
  30. Hoax Number
  31. Find the arrangement of queue at given time
  32. gOOGLE cASE of a given sentence
  33. Program to print 2D shapes
  34. Addition of two numbers without carry
  35. Count subsequences in first string which are anagrams of the second string
  36. Removing elements between the two zeros
  37. Longest sub-string having frequency of each character less than equal to k
  38. Program to calculate area of a Tetrahedron
  39. Program for Find sum of odd factors of a number
  40. Minimum pair sum operations to make array each element divisible by 4
  41. Optimal partition of an array into four parts
  42. Self Descriptive Number
  43. Generate all the binary number from 0 to n
  44. Find maximum power of a number that divides a factorial
  45. Program for length of a string using recursion
  46. Merge two strings in chunks of given size
  47. Number of decimal numbers of length k, that are strict monotone
  48. Possible timings
  49. Interchanging first and second halves of stings
  50. Program for Markov matrix
  51. Check for Amicable Pair
  52. Transform the string
  53. Program to print Fibonacci Triangle
  54. Sophie Germain Prime
  55. Connell Sequence
  56. Print matrix in zag-zag fashion
  57. Stern-Brocot Sequence
  58. Splitting a Numeric String
  59. Longest Uncommon Subsequence
  60. Removing row or column wise duplicates from matrix of characters
  61. Stable sort for descending order
  62. Minimum moves to reach target on a infinite line | Set 2
  63. Convert the string into palindrome string by changing only one character.
  64. Sum of the series 1 / 1 + (1 + 2) / (1 * 2) + (1 + 2 + 3) / (1 * 2 * 3) + - - - - - - upto n terms.
  65. Numbers with prime frequencies greater than or equal to k
  66. Reversing a queue using recursion
  67. Average of Squares of Natural Numbers
  68. Sum of products of all combination taken (1 to n) at a time
  69. Rotate the matrix right by K times
  70. Shuffle 2n integers as without using extra space
  71. Number of unique triplets whose XOR is zero
  72. Program to print the pattern "GFG"
  73. Polybius Square Cipher
  74. Maximum sum of increasing order elements from n arrays
  75. Minimum Swaps required to group all 1's together
  76. Find i'th Index character in a binary string obtained after n iterations
  77. Find set of m-elements with difference of any two elements is divisible by k
  78. Primality Test | Set 5(Using Lucas-Lehmer Series)
  79. Minimum swaps required to bring all elements less than or equal to k together
  80. Count n digit numbers not having a particular digit
  81. Check whether a given matrix is orthogonal or not
  82. Find if a string starts and ends with another given string
  83. Program for length of the longest word in a sentence
  84. String with maximum number of unique characters
  85. Print Bracket Number
  86. Find value of y mod (2 raised to power x)
  87. Solve the Linear Equation of Single Variable
  88. Squares of Matrix Diagonal Elements
  89. Prime numbers after prime P with sum S
  90. Find ΔX which is added to numerator and denominator both of fraction (a/b) to convert it to another fraction (c/d)
  91. Program to print Crown Pattern
  92. Maximum number of segments of lengths a, b and c
  93. Largest number in [2, 3, .. n] which is co-prime with numbers in [2, 3, .. m]
  94. Print all triplets in sorted array that form AP
  95. Freivald’s Algorithm to check if a matrix is product of two
  96. Program to print Happy Holi
  97. Most frequent element in an array
  98. Count n digit numbers divisible by given number
  99. Minimum removals from array to make max - min <= K
  100. Least frequent element in an array
  101. Minimum increment by k operations to make all elements equal
  102. Sorting all array elements except one
  103. Find product of prime numbers between 1 to n
  104. Number of palindromic permutations | Set 1
  105. Number of pairs with Pandigital Concatenation
  106. Maximizing Probability of one type from N containers
  107. Minimum adjacent swaps required to Sort Binary array
  108. Sorting a Queue without extra space
  109. Maximum and Minimum Values of an Algebraic Expression
  110. Transform a string such that it has abcd..z as a subsequence
  111. Number of indexes with equal elements in given range
  112. Minimum removals to make array sum even
  113. Check for star graph
  114. Pandigital Product
  115. Find one extra character in a string
  116. Strong Password Suggester Program
  117. Smallest multiple of a given number made of digits 0 and 9 only
  118. Number of digits in 2 raised to power n
  119. Smallest even digits number not less than N
  120. Sorting array except elements in a subarray
  121. Almost Perfect Number
  122. Find sum of all nodes of the given perfect binary tree
  123. Delete middle element of a stack
  124. Equal sum array partition excluding a given element
  125. Perfect power (1, 4, 8, 9, 16, 25, 27, ...)
  126. Magical Indices in an array
  127. Print all sequences starting with n and consecutive difference limited to k
  128. Print equal sum sets of array (Partition problem) | Set 1
  129. Frugal Number
  130. Booth’s Multiplication Algorithm
  131. First digit in factorial of a number
  132. Minimum Sum Path in a Triangle
  133. Shift matrix elements row-wise by k
  134. Remove consecutive vowels from string
  135. Smallest greater elements in whole array
  136. Maximum Subarray Sum Excluding Certain Elements
  137. Count subarrays with same even and odd elements
  138. Euler's Four Square Identity
  139. Find largest d in array such that a + b + c = d
  140. Sum of special triplets having elements from 3 arrays
  141. Print sorted distinct elements of array
  142. Find duplicates in constant array with elements 0 to N-1 in O(1) space
  143. First element that appears even number of times in an array
  144. Split array in three equal sum subarrays
  145. Check if characters of one string can be swapped to form other
  146. Program to print reciprocal of letters
  147. Largest lexicographic array with at-most K consecutive swaps
  148. Ordered Prime Signature
  149. Maximum possible difference of two subsets of an array
  150. Program to check if first and the last characters of string are equal
  151. Check if two people starting from different points ever meet
  152. Subarray with no pair sum divisible by K
  153. Longest Common Substring (Space optimized DP solution)
  154. Balanced expression with replacement
  155. k-Rough Number or k-Jagged Number
  156. Maximum sum of absolute difference of an array
  157. Check if bitwise AND of any subset is power of two
  158. Median of two sorted arrays with different sizes in O(log(min(n, m)))
  159. Number whose sum of XOR with given array range is maximum
  160. Number of substrings of a string
  161. Count pairs in an array which have at least one digit common
  162. Hardy-Ramanujan Theorem
  163. Lagrange's four square theorem
  164. Given a number N in decimal base, find number of its digits in any base (base b)
  165. Number of ordered points pair satisfying line equation
  166. Minimum digits to remove to make a number Perfect Square
  167. Sum of digits written in different bases from 2 to n-1
  168. Count palindromic characteristics of a String
  169. Sort an array which contain 1 to n values
  170. Find words which are greater than given length k
  171. Find array elements that are greater than average
  172. Array with GCD of any of its subset belongs to the given array
  173. Print longest palindrome word in a sentence
  174. k-th missing element in sorted array
  175. Expressing a number as sum of consecutive | Set 2 (Using odd factors)
  176. Check a number is odd or even without modulus operator
  177. Maximize array elements upto given number
  178. Move matrix elements in given direction and add elements with same value
  179. Powers of 2 to required sum
  180. Check if all occurrences of a character appear together
  181. Sub array sum is prime or not
  182. Sorting array using Stacks
  183. Number of ways an array can be filled with 0s and 1s such that no consecutive elements are 1
  184. Prefix Sum of Matrix (Or 2D Array)
  185. Cost to Balance the parentheses
  186. Minimum product subset of an array
  187. Maximum steps to transform 0 to X with bitwise AND
  188. N-bonacci Numbers
  189. Find the other end point of a line with given one end and mid
  190. Count divisible pairs in an array
  191. Program to print Collatz Sequence
  192. Find maximum sum array of length less than or equal to m
  193. Find ceil of a/b without using ceil() function
  194. Program to print all the numbers divisible by 3 and 5 for a given number
  195. Longest substring having K distinct vowels
  196. Print array elements that are divisible by at-least one other
  197. Check if a queue can be sorted into another queue using a stack
  198. Minimum number using set bits of a given number
  199. Find n-variables from n sum equations with one missing
  200. Print equal sum sets of array (Partition Problem) | Set 2
  201. Replacing an element makes array elements consecutive
  202. Queries on sum of odd number digit sums of all the factors of a number
  203. Maximize the number by rearranging bits
  204. Sum of Areas of Rectangles possible for an array
  205. Count of divisors having more set bits than quotient on dividing N
  206. Bisymmetric matrix
  207. Sum of bitwise AND of all possible subsets of given set
  208. Merging and Sorting Two Unsorted Stacks
  209. Maximum product of indexes of next greater on left and right
  210. Maximum subset with bitwise OR equal to k
  211. Same Number Of Set Bits As N
  212. Find n terms of Fibonacci type series with given first two terms