1. Project Idea | noteSort (Classify handwritten notes)
  2. Find m-th smallest value in k sorted arrays
  3. Print triplets with sum less than or equal to k
  4. Project Idea | Green Rides
  5. Initialize a vector in C++ (5 different ways)
  6. Traversing a map (or unordered_map) in C++ STL
  7. Check if a graphs has a cycle of odd length
  8. Program to find sum of first n natural numbers
  9. Program to find if a character is vowel or Consonant
  10. Passing vector to a function in C++
  11. Longest Repeated Subsequence
  12. Detect a negative cycle in a Graph | (Bellman Ford)
  13. Array sum in C++ STL
  14. Set to List in Java
  15. Most frequent element in an array
  16. Least frequent element in an array
  17. List to Set in Java
  18. Strand Sort
  19. Number of palindromic permutations | Set 1
  20. Count smaller elements in sorted array in C++
  21. Check if a string is substring of another
  22. Array product in C++ using STL
  23. Split a sentence into words in C++
  24. Program to reverse a string (Iterative and Recursive)
  25. Find value of k-th bit in binary representation
  26. Sorting a vector in C++
  27. Sum of series 1*1! + 2*2! + ……..+ n*n!
  28. Left Shift and Right Shift Operators in C/C++
  29. Two odd occurring elements in an array where all other occur even times
  30. Highest power of two that divides a given number
  31. Recursive program to generate power set
  32. Print all pairs with given sum
  33. Repeated Character Whose First Appearance is Leftmost
  34. Print all triplets with given sum
  35. How does Floyd's slow and fast pointers approach work?
  36. Previous greater element
  37. Does STL priority queue allow duplicate values?
  38. Merge k sorted arrays | Set 2 (Different Sized Arrays)
  39. First non-repeating character using one traversal of string | Set 2
  40. Detect cycle in an undirected graph using BFS
  41. Applications of Pointers in C/C++
  42. Binary Search in Java
  43. How does a vector work in C++?
  44. Edit distance and LCS (Longest Common Subsequence)
  45. Array elements that appear more than once
  46. Egg Dropping Puzzle with 2 Eggs and K Floors
  47. Find index of first occurrence when an unsorted array is sorted
  48. Elements of first array that have more frequencies
  49. Bitwise operators in Java
  50. Immutable Set in Java
  51. ArrayList of ArrayList in Java
  52. Priority queue of pairs in C++ (Ordered by first)
  53. Samsung R&D, Bangalore Interview (1 Year Experienced)
  54. InMobi Interview Experience
  55. Check for string rotation in Java
  56. Next Smaller Element
  57. Counting frequencies of array elements
  58. Eggs dropping puzzle (Binomial Coefficient and Binary Search Solution)
  59. Python list sort()
  60. Sort a nearly sorted array using STL
  61. Preorder from Inorder and Postorder traversals
  62. Coin game of two corners (Greedy Approach)
  63. Matrix Chain Multiplication (A O(N^2) Solution)
  64. What to do when load on a Linux based web server goes high?
  65. Java program to check if a number is prime or not
  66. Nutanix Interview Experience 2018
  67. Double ended priority queue
  68. Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph using BFS
  69. Closest greater or same value on left side for every element in array
  70. Find closest smaller value for every element in array
  71. Find closest greater value for every element in array
  72. Find closest value for every element in array
  73. Ceiling in right side for every element in an array
  74. Floor of every element in same array
  75. Ceiling of every element in same array
  76. Find the only different element in an array
  77. How to create an unordered_map of user defined class in C++?
  78. Recursive program to print all subsets with given sum
  79. Count distinct elements in an array
  80. Pairwise swap adjacent nodes of a linked list by changing pointers | Set 2
  81. Applications of BST
  82. Graph Representation using Java ArrayList
  83. Islands in a graph using BFS
  84. Find k closest numbers in an unsorted array
  85. Data Structure to Design a special social network
  86. Generate all permutations of a string that follow given constraints
  87. Qualcomm Interview Experience | (Pool Campus Drive)
  88. fill in C++ STL
  89. QuickSelect (A Simple Iterative Implementation)
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