1. Centered cube number
  2. PHP | array_udiff_uassoc() Function
  3. Centered Dodecagonal Number
  4. PHP | array_intersect_ ukey() Function
  5. HTML | DOM Input Range max Property
  6. PHP | ctype_print() Function
  7. Icosagonal number
  8. PHP | arsort() Function
  9. Centered Octadecagonal Number
  10. Sum and average of three numbers in PL/SQL
  11. Cake number
  12. Dodecagonal number
  13. Centered triangular number
  14. Strobogrammatic number
  15. Dodecahedral number
  16. Centered tetrahedral number
  17. Centered heptagonal number
  18. Program for Centered Icosahedral Number
  19. Centered Square Number
  20. Centered pentagonal number
  21. Centered Octahedral number
  22. Hexadecagonal number
  23. C# | EndsWith() Method
  24. Heptadecagonal number
  25. PHP | array_udiff() Function
  26. Centered Octagonal Number
  27. PHP | array_uintersect_assoc() Function
  28. Icosahedral Number
  29. PHP | array_diff_ukey() Function
  30. C# | Boxing And Unboxing
  31. Enneadecagonal number
  32. Centered decagonal number
  33. PHP | array_intersect_uassoc() Function
  34. Centered nonadecagonal number
  35. PHP | array_udiff_assoc() Function
  36. Hendecagonal number
  37. Centered Pentadecagonal Number
  38. Centered dodecahedral number
  39. Centered Hexadecagonal Number
  40. Icosidigonal number
  41. Tetradecagonal number
  42. PHP | vsprintf() Function
  43. Centered tridecagonal number
  44. PHP | ctype_upper() Function
  45. PHP | ctype_digit() (Checks for numeric value)
  46. PHP | ctype_xdigit() Function
  47. PHP | ctype_space() Function
  48. PHP | ctype_alnum() (Check for Alphanumeric)
  49. PHP | ctype_punct() Function
  50. PHP | ctype_graph() Function
  51. PHP | ctype_alpha() (Checks for alphabetic value)
  52. PHP | ctype_cntrl() Function
  53. PHP | preg_grep() Function
  54. PHP | ereg_replace() Function
  55. Heptagonal number
  56. Pentatope number
  57. mktime() function in C++ STL
  58. PHP | Ds\Set allocate() Function
  59. PHP | Ds\Set capacity() Function
  60. HTML | <table> bgcolor Attribute
  61. PHP | convert_cyr_string() Function
  62. Program to find Simple Interest and Compound Interest in PL/SQL
  63. Area and Perimeter of Rectangle in PL/SQL
  64. Greatest number among three given numbers in PL/SQL
  65. Convert distance from km to meters and centimeters in PL/SQL
  66. Sum of digits equal to a given number in PL/SQL
  67. Area and Perimeter of a circle in PL/SQL
  68. PHP | random_bytes () Function
  69. PHP | random_int() Function
  70. Floyd's triangle in PL/SQL
  71. Count odd and even digits in a number in PL/SQL
  72. PHP | IntlChar::isJavaIDStart() Function
  73. PHP | IntlChar::isJavaSpaceChar() Function
  74. Perl | String Operators
  75. PHP | iconv() Function
  76. PHP | IntlChar::isdigit() Function
  77. C# | Math.Pow() Method
  78. PHP | IntlChar::isblank() Function
  79. C# | Math.Floor() Method
  80. C# | Math.Ceiling() Method
  81. PHP | IntlChar::isalpha() Function
  82. C# | Math Class Fields with Examples
  83. PHP | IntlChar::isbase() Function
  84. PHP | IntlChar::isalnum () Function
  85. C# | Char.TryParse () Method
  86. PHP | IntlChar::isUUppercase() Function
  87. PHP | IntlChar::isWhitespace() Function
  88. PHP | IntlChar::charDigitValue() Function
  89. PHP | IntlChar::isIDIgnorable() Function
  90. PHP | IntlChar::charName() Function
  91. PHP | IntlChar::charMirror() Function
  92. PHP | IntlChar::charAge() Function
  93. PHP | IntlChar::isUWhiteSpace() Function
  94. PHP | IntlChar::isUAlphabetic() Function
  95. PHP | IntlChar::isULowercase() Function
  96. PHP | IntlChar::isIDPart() Function
  97. PHP | IntlChar::isIDStart() Function
  98. PHP | IntlChar::isISOControl() Function
  99. PHP | IntlChar::totitle() Function
  100. PHP | IntlChar::isJavaIDPart() Function
  101. PHP | IntlChar::ord() Function
  102. PHP | IntlChar::chr() Function
  103. PHP | IntlChar::forDigit() Function
  104. Perl | Special Character Classes in Regular Expressions
  105. PHP | asort() Function
  106. PHP | krsort() Function
  107. PHP | ksort() Function
  108. C# | StartsWith() Method
  109. PHP | preg_split() Function
  110. C# | Math.DivRem() Method
  111. transform_inclusive_scan() function in C++
  112. PHP | Ds\Set clear() Function
  113. PHP | Ds\Set contains() Function
  114. PHP | Ds\Set add() Function
  115. PHP | Ds\Set copy() Function
  116. HTML | <img> alt Attribute
  117. HTML | <img> align Attribute
  118. HTML | DOM Input Password select() Method
  119. HTML | DOM Input Range step Property
  120. HTML | DOM Input Range min Property
  121. HTML | <area> download Attribute
  122. PHP | intl_is_failure() Function
  123. HTML | <area> alt Attribute
  124. HTML | <area> href Attribute
  125. HTML | <area> hreflang Attribute
  126. HTML | <area> coords Attribute
  127. HTML | <area> type Attribute
  128. HTML | <area> rel Attribute
  129. HTML | <button> type Attribute
  130. HTML | <button> name Attribute
  131. PHP | Ds\Map allocate() Function
  132. PHP | Ds\Map capacity() Function
  133. HTML | <a> shape Attribute
  134. HTML | <a> type Attribute
  135. HTML | <a> rel Attribute
  136. HTML | <a> download Attribute
  137. PHP | Ds\Map intersect() Function
  138. HTML | <a> charset Attribute
  139. PHP | Ds\Map __construct() Function
  140. PHP | Ds\Map count() Function
  141. PHP | Ds\Map diff() Function
  142. PHP | Ds\Map filter() Function
  143. PHP | Ds\Map get() Function
  144. PHP | Ds\Deque __construct() Function
  145. PHP | Ds\Deque shift() Function
  146. PHP | Ds\Deque unshift() Function
  147. HTML | <img> border Attribute
  148. HTML | <img> height Attribute
  149. HTML | <img> width Attribute
  150. HTML | <img> src Attribute
  151. HTML | <font> face Attribute
  152. HTML | <frameset> rows Attribute
  153. HTML | <canvas> height Attribute
  154. HTML | <font> size Attribute
  155. HTML | <table> frame Attribute
  156. HTML | <frame> src Attribute
  157. HTML | <font> color Attribute
  158. HTML | <hr> width Attribute
  159. HTML | <hr> size Attribute
  160. HTML | <hr> noshade Attribute
  161. HTML | <hr> align Attribute
  162. HTML | <progress> value Attribute
  163. HTML | <frameset> cols Attribute
  164. HTML | <col> width Attribute
  165. HTML | <p> align Attribute
  166. HTML <table> align Attribute
  167. HTML | <table> border Attribute
  168. HTML | <table> cellpadding Attribute
  169. HTML | <table> cellspacing Attribute
  170. HTML | <table> rules Attribute
  171. HTML | <table> summary Attribute
  172. HTML | <td> valign Attribute
  173. HTML | <table> width Attribute
  174. HTML | <tbody> align Attribute
  175. HTML | <tbody> valign Attribute
  176. HTML | <td> width Attribute
  177. HTML | <td> height Attribute
  178. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList add() Function
  179. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList bottom() Function
  180. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList count() function
  181. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList current() Function
  182. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList isEmpty() Function
  183. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList key() Function
  184. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList next() Function
  185. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList offsetExists() Function
  186. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList offsetGet() Function
  187. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList offsetSet() Function
  188. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList offsetUnset() Function
  189. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList pop() Function
  190. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList prev() Function
  191. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList push() Function
  192. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList rewind() Function
  193. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList shift() Function
  194. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList top() Function
  195. PHP | SplDoublyLinkedList unshift() Function
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  1. How to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable?
  2. Count the number of ways to tile the floor of size n x m using 1 x m size tiles
  3. Write a program to calculate pow(x,n)
  4. Program for Sum the digits of a given number
  5. How will you print numbers from 1 to 100 without using loop?
  6. Write a program to reverse digits of a number
  7. Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as x
  8. Majority Element
  9. Smallest power of 2 greater than or equal to n
  10. Position of rightmost set bit
  11. Find the Missing Number
  12. Minimum number of jumps to reach end
  13. Search an element in a sorted and rotated array
  14. Count set bits in an integer
  15. Divide a string in N equal parts
  16. Median of two sorted arrays of same size
  17. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent
  18. Check for Majority Element in a sorted array
  19. Find minimum number to be divided to make a number a perfect square
  20. Find whether a given number is a power of 4 or not
  21. Recursive Functions
  22. Maximum difference between two elements such that larger element appears after the smaller number
  23. Union and Intersection of two sorted arrays
  24. Total number of possible Binary Search Trees and Binary Trees with n keys
  25. Ceiling in a sorted array
  26. Equilibrium index of an array
  27. Find the two repeating elements in a given array
  28. Program for Fibonacci numbers
  29. Rabin-Karp Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  30. Find the smallest missing number
  31. Maximum Length Bitonic Subarray | Set 1 (O(n) time and O(n) space)
  32. A Boolean Matrix Question
  33. Average of a stream of numbers
  34. Longest Non-palindromic substring
  35. Josephus problem | Set 1 (A O(n) Solution)
  36. Binomial Coefficient | DP-9
  37. Find a triplet that sum to a given value
  38. Find subarray with given sum | Set 1 (Nonnegative Numbers)
  39. Find the two numbers with odd occurrences in an unsorted array
  40. To find sum of two numbers without using any operator
  41. Draw a circle without floating point arithmetic
  42. XOR of all subarray XORs | Set 2
  43. Generate integer from 1 to 7 with equal probability
  44. Find four elements that sum to a given value | Set 1 (n^3 solution)
  45. Chinese Remainder Theorem | Set 1 (Introduction)
  46. Find the element that appears once
  47. Space and time efficient Binomial Coefficient
  48. Efficient program to calculate e^x
  49. Binary representation of a given number
  50. Efficient program to print all prime factors of a given number
  51. Swap all odd and even bits
  52. Find position of the only set bit
  53. Find the maximum repeating number in O(n) time and O(1) extra space
  54. Check if a number is Palindrome
  55. Find a peak element
  56. Print all possible combinations of r elements in a given array of size n
  57. Optimal Strategy for a Game | DP-31
  58. Print all possible strings of length k that can be formed from a set of n characters
  59. Find the maximum distance covered using n bikes
  60. Russian Peasant (Multiply two numbers using bitwise operators)
  61. Generate all unique partitions of an integer
  62. Count all possible paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrix
  63. Sort n numbers in range from 0 to n^2 - 1 in linear time
  64. Tail Recursion
  65. Remove minimum elements from either side such that 2*min becomes more than max
  66. Smallest subarray with sum greater than a given value
  67. Program for nth Catalan Number
  68. Swap two nibbles in a byte
  69. Find the smallest number whose digits multiply to a given number n
  70. Check if binary representation of a number is palindrome
  71. Count number of binary strings without consecutive 1's
  72. Calculate the angle between hour hand and minute hand
  73. Count Possible Decodings of a given Digit Sequence
  74. Count ways to reach the n'th stair
  75. Print squares of first n natural numbers without using *, / and -
  76. Given two strings, find if first string is a subsequence of second
  77. Print all increasing sequences of length k from first n natural numbers
  78. Print all elements in sorted order from row and column wise sorted matrix
  79. K'th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 2 (Expected Linear Time)
  80. Find Index of 0 to be replaced with 1 to get longest continuous sequence of 1s in a binary array
  81. Birthday Paradox
  82. How to check if an instance of 8 puzzle is solvable?
  83. Factorial of a large number
  84. Find length of period in decimal value of 1/n
  85. Greedy Algorithm for Egyptian Fraction
  86. Write an iterative O(Log y) function for pow(x, y)
  87. Calculate square of a number without using *, / and pow()
  88. Subtract two numbers without using arithmetic operators
  89. Given a sorted and rotated array, find if there is a pair with a given sum
  90. Print missing elements that lie in range 0 - 99
  91. Compute n! under modulo p
  92. Calculate 7n/8 without using division and multiplication operators
  93. Euclidean algorithms (Basic and Extended)
  94. Legendre's formula (Given p and n, find the largest x such that p^x divides n!)
  95. Euler's Totient Function
  96. Check if a number can be expressed as x^y (x raised to power y)
  97. Count frequencies of all elements in array in O(1) extra space and O(n) time
  98. Compute sum of digits in all numbers from 1 to n
  99. Find minimum number of coins that make a given value
  100. Find nth Magic Number
  101. Minimum steps to reach a destination
  102. Count factorial numbers in a given range
  103. Trapping Rain Water
  104. Find number of solutions of a linear equation of n variables
  105. Minimum Initial Points to Reach Destination
  106. Count of n digit numbers whose sum of digits equals to given sum
  107. Find the length of largest subarray with 0 sum
  108. Check if a given number is sparse or not
  109. Find maximum value of Sum( i*arr[i]) with only rotations on given array allowed
  110. Print a pattern without using any loop
  111. Square root of an integer
  112. Sum of bit differences among all pairs
  113. Count number of ways to partition a set into k subsets
  114. Find three closest elements from given three sorted arrays
  115. Generate Pythagorean Triplets
  116. Find XOR of two number without using XOR operator
  117. Modular Exponentiation (Power in Modular Arithmetic)
  118. Find the most frequent digit without using array/string
  119. Bell Numbers (Number of ways to Partition a Set)
  120. Multiplicative order
  121. Primality Test | Set 1 (Introduction and School Method)
  122. Euler's Totient function for all numbers smaller than or equal to n
  123. How to check whether a number is in the range[low, high] using one comparison ?
  124. Sum of Bitwise And of all pairs in a given array
  125. Count Derangements (Permutation such that no element appears in its original position)
  126. Primality Test | Set 2 (Fermat Method)
  127. Count number of ways to divide a number in 4 parts
  128. Zeckendorf's Theorem (Non-Neighbouring Fibonacci Representation)
  129. Count number of squares in a rectangle
  130. Compute nCr % p | Set 2 (Lucas Theorem)
  131. Chinese Remainder Theorem | Set 2 (Inverse Modulo based Implementation)
  132. Primality Test | Set 3 (Miller–Rabin)
  133. Euler's criterion (Check if square root under modulo p exists)
  134. Find Square Root under Modulo p | Set 1 (When p is in form of 4*i + 3)
  135. Count Inversions of size three in a given array
  136. Longest Span with same Sum in two Binary arrays
  137. Program for Bisection Method
  138. Program for Newton Raphson Method
  139. Swap two variables in one line in C/C++, Python, PHP and Java
  140. Find smallest values of x and y such that ax - by = 0
  141. Farey Sequence
  142. Check if count of divisors is even or odd
  143. Form minimum number from given sequence
  144. Find all divisors of a natural number | Set 1
  145. Longest Zig-Zag Subsequence
  146. Subarray/Substring vs Subsequence and Programs to Generate them
  147. Count number of subsets having a particular XOR value
  148. Frobenius coin problem
  149. Number of perfect squares between two given numbers
  150. Area of a polygon with given n ordered vertices
  151. Volume of cube using its space diagonal
  152. Check perfect square using addition/subtraction
  153. Find minimum difference between any two elements
  154. Find lost element from a duplicated array
  155. Print n x n spiral matrix using O(1) extra space
  156. How to check if an instance of 15 puzzle is solvable?
  157. Bitwise Hacks for Competitive Programming
  158. Count strings with consecutive 1's
  159. Linear Diophantine Equations
  160. Minimum number of palindromic subsequences to be removed to empty a binary string
  161. Inplace rotate square matrix by 90 degrees | Set 1
  162. Absolute distinct count in a sorted array
  163. Find all combinations that add upto given number
  164. Find the minimum difference between Shifted tables of two numbers
  165. Find smallest number with given number of digits and sum of digits
  166. Find the Largest number with given number of digits and sum of digits
  167. Sum of Fibonacci Numbers
  168. Minimax Algorithm in Game Theory | Set 1 (Introduction)
  169. Longest Common Increasing Subsequence (LCS + LIS)
  170. Find number of subarrays with even sum
  171. Maximum value K such that array has at-least K elements that are >= K
  172. Find even occurring elements in an array of limited range
  173. Program to add two fractions
  174. Count digits in a factorial | Set 1
  175. Converting Roman Numerals to Decimal lying between 1 to 3999
  176. Program for Armstrong Numbers
  177. Maximum sum of i*arr[i] among all rotations of a given array
  178. Generate 0 and 1 with 25% and 75% probability
  179. Print first n numbers with exactly two set bits
  180. Floor in a Sorted Array
  181. Find profession in a special family
  182. Implement rand3() using rand2()
  183. Check if an array can be Arranged in Left or Right Positioned Array
  184. Stein's Algorithm for finding GCD
  185. Direction at last square block
  186. Third largest element in an array of distinct elements
  187. Find Two Missing Numbers | Set 1 (An Interesting Linear Time Solution)
  188. Count digit groupings of a number with given constraints
  189. Non Fibonacci Numbers
  190. Non-crossing lines to connect points in a circle
  191. Change if all bits can be made same by single flip
  192. Swap three variables without using temporary variable
  193. Multiples of 3 or 7
  194. Carmichael Numbers
  195. Find the minimum value of m that satisfies ax + by = m and all values after m also satisfy
  196. Finding sum of digits of a number until sum becomes single digit
  197. Check whether a given number is even or odd
  198. Print sums of all subsets of a given set
  199. Length of the Longest Consecutive 1s in Binary Representation
  200. Gaussian Filter Generation in C++
  201. Sum of all proper divisors of a natural number
  202. Count number of solutions of x^2 = 1 (mod p) in given range
  203. Common Divisors of Two Numbers
  204. Repeated subtraction among two numbers
  205. Equal Sum and XOR
  206. Sum of all numbers that can be formed with permutations of n digits
  207. Josephus problem | Set 2 (A Simple Solution when k = 2)
  208. Largest palindrome which is product of two n-digit numbers
  209. Nth Even Fibonacci Number
  210. Even Fibonacci Numbers Sum
  211. Smallest number divisible by first n numbers
  212. Minimum number of increment/decrement operations such that array contains all elements from 1 to N
  213. Lucas Numbers
  214. Number of permutation with K inversions
  215. Multiples of 4 (An Interesting Method)
  216. Calculate XOR from 1 to n.
  217. n'th multiple of a number in Fibonacci Series
  218. n'th Pentagonal Number
  219. Harshad (Or Niven) Number
  220. Deficient Number
  221. Juggler Sequence
  222. Padovan Sequence
  223. Powerful Number
  224. Hexagonal Number
  225. Abundant Number
  226. Count numbers which can be constructed using two numbers
  227. Find element using minimum segments in Seven Segment Display
  228. Carol Number
  229. Multiplying a variable with a constant without using multiplication operator
  230. Find Maximum XOR value of a sub-array of size k
  231. Partition of a set into K subsets with equal sum
  232. Maximum difference of sum of elements in two rows in a matrix
  233. Count pairs in an array that hold i*arr[i] > j*arr[j]
  234. Minimum sum of two numbers formed from digits of an array
  235. The painter's partition problem
  236. Find sum of modulo K of first N natural number
  237. Chocolate Distribution Problem
  238. Program for Chocolate and Wrapper Puzzle
  239. Highest power of 2 less than or equal to given number
  240. Count natural numbers whose factorials are divisible by x but not y
  241. Find the first natural number whose factorial is divisible by x
  242. Check if two strings are k-anagrams or not
  243. GCD of two numbers formed by n repeating x and y times
  244. Efficient method for 2's complement of a binary string
  245. Program for Perrin numbers
  246. Sum of Perrin Numbers
  247. Smallest number with at least n trailing zeroes in factorial
  248. Minimum number of power terms with sum equal to n
  249. Last non-zero digit of a factorial
  250. Smallest number with at least n digits in factorial
  251. Print all possible sums of consecutive numbers with sum N
  252. Double factorial
  253. Write a URL in a C++ program
  254. Find all elements in array which have at-least two greater elements
  255. K-th smallest element after removing some integers from natural numbers
  256. Count of acute, obtuse and right triangles with given sides
  257. Maximum path sum in a triangle.
  258. Find a subset with greatest geometric mean
  259. Minimum Sum Path In 3-D Array
  260. Sum of the products of all possible Subsets
  261. N-th root of a number
  262. Check if elements of array can be made equal by multiplying given prime numbers
  263. Generation of n numbers with given set of factors
  264. Find power of power under mod of a prime
  265. Sum of all Subarrays | Set 1
  266. Count trailing zero bits using lookup table
  267. Find all triplets with zero sum
  268. Print a matrix in alternate manner (left to right then right to left)
  269. Find the Rotation Count in Rotated Sorted array
  270. Efficiently check if a string has all unique characters without using any additional data structure
  271. Rearrange an array in maximum minimum form | Set 2 (O(1) extra space)
  272. Number with maximum number of prime factors
  273. Program to find Cullen Number
  274. Count passing car pairs
  275. Highway Billboard Problem
  276. Program for Banker's Algorithm | Set 1 (Safety Algorithm)
  277. Count all perfect divisors of a number
  278. N'th palindrome of K digits
  279. Check if a large number is divisible by 11 or not
  280. Check if a large number is divisible by 3 or not
  281. Count of strings that can be formed using a, b and c under given constraints
  282. Refactorable number
  283. Maximum sum of hour glass in matrix
  284. Number Theory | Generators of finite cyclic group under addition
  285. Maximum consecutive repeating character in string
  286. Check if a large number is divisible by 4 or not
  287. Superperfect Number
  288. Find ways an Integer can be expressed as sum of n-th power of unique natural numbers
  289. Find longest sequence of 1's in binary representation with one flip
  290. Prime points (Points that split a number into two primes)
  291. Check if a large number is divisible by 8 or not
  292. Count rotations divisible by 4
  293. Check whether K-th bit is set or not
  294. Toggling k-th bit of a number
  295. Search, insert and delete in an unsorted array
  296. Check if a large number is divisible by 9 or not
  297. Check if a larger number divisible by 36
  298. Recaman's sequence
  299. Check if frequency of each digit is less than the digit
  300. Count Divisors of n in O(n^1/3)
  301. Check if the door is open or closed
  302. Change bits to make specific OR value
  303. Largest number smaller than or equal to n and digits in non-decreasing order
  304. Maximum sum of a path in a Right Number Triangle
  305. Number of even substrings in a string of digits
  306. Place k elements such that minimum distance is maximized
  307. Find the next identical calendar year
  308. Nth Square free number
  309. Tidy Number (Digits in non-decreasing Order)
  310. Programs to print Interesting Patterns
  311. Check if a large number is divisible by 5 or not
  312. Temple Offerings
  313. Program to find Star number
  314. Multiply large integers under large modulo
  315. Compute nCr % p | Set 3 (Using Fermat Little Theorem)
  316. Left-Truncatable Prime
  317. Program to check Strong Number
  318. Draw a circle without floating point arithmetic
  319. Linear Search
  320. Solving f(n)= (1) + (2*3) + (4*5*6) ... n using Recursion
  321. Program to find sum of elements in a given array
  322. Program to find largest element in an array
  323. Program to cyclically rotate an array by one
  324. Program for factorial of a number
  325. Program to print all palindromes in a given range
  326. Decode a given pattern in two ways (Flipkart Interview Question)
  327. Given a number as a string, find the number of contiguous subsequences which recursively add up to 9
  328. Print first k digits of 1/n where n is a positive integer
  329. Efficient Program to Compute Sum of Series 1/1! + 1/2! + 1/3! + 1/4! + .. + 1/n!
  330. Program to find remainder without using modulo or % operator
  331. Remove repeated digits in a given number
  332. How to swap two bits in a given integer?
  333. How to compute mod of a big number?
  334. Program to check if a given number is Lucky (all digits are different)
  335. Check if a given number can be represented in given a no. of digits in any base
  336. Add two numbers using ++ and/or --
  337. Numbers whose bitwise OR and sum with N are equal
  338. Smallest Difference Triplet from Three arrays
  339. Reverse digits of an integer with overflow handled
  340. Maximum XOR value of a pair from a range
  341. Inserting m into n such that m starts at bit j and ends at bit i.
  342. Convert given time into words
  343. Generate k digit numbers with digits in strictly increasing order
  344. Find whether a subarray is in form of a mountain or not
  345. Count numbers whose sum with x is equal to XOR with x
  346. Given a number n, find the first k digits of n^n
  347. Determine whether a given number is a Hyperperfect Number
  348. Number of subarrays for which product and sum are equal
  349. Minimum steps to delete a string after repeated deletion of palindrome substrings
  350. Find Index of given fibonacci number in constant time
  351. Check a large number is divisible by 16 or not
  352. First digit in product of an array of numbers
  353. Check if a large number is divisible by 25 or not
  354. Primality Test | Set 4 (Solovay-Strassen)
  355. An efficient way to check whether n-th Fibonacci number is multiple of 10
  356. Fizz Buzz Implementation
  357. Determine if a string has all Unique Characters
  358. Find count of digits in a number that divide the number
  359. Find index of an extra element present in one sorted array
  360. Check if a number can be written as sum of three consecutive integers
  361. Count of m digit integers that are divisible by an integer n
  362. Maximum sum of distinct numbers such that LCM of these numbers is N
  363. Interesting facts about Fibonacci numbers
  364. Print numbers 1 to N using Indirect recursion
  365. Matrix Multiplication | Recursive
  366. Square root of a number using log
  367. Perfect cubes in a range
  368. Mean of array using recursion
  369. Find n-th element in a series with only 2 digits (4 and 7) allowed
  370. Automorphic Number
  371. Closest (or Next) smaller and greater numbers with same number of set bits
  372. Largest sum subarray with at-least k numbers
  373. Multiple of x closest to n
  374. Length Of Last Word in a String
  375. Sum of product of all pairs of array elements
  376. Largest Subset with GCD 1
  377. Check if two numbers are bit rotations of each other or not
  378. Set the K-th bit of a given number
  379. Fibonacci modulo p
  380. Next greater integer having one more number of set bits
  381. Count of smaller or equal elements in sorted array
  382. Check if a number is jumbled or not
  383. Print left rotation of array in O(n) time and O(1) space
  384. Find Index of 0 to be replaced with 1 to get longest continuous sequence of 1s in a binary array | Set-2
  385. Sum of all substrings of a string representing a number | Set 2 (Constant Extra Space)
  386. Program to calculate the value of sin(x) and cos(x)
  387. Counts paths from a point to reach Origin
  388. Numbers having Unique (or Distinct) digits
  389. Find Second largest element in an array
  390. Regular polygon using only 1s in a binary numbered circle
  391. Check if a number N starts with 1 in b-base
  392. Find the Missing Point of Parallelogram
  393. Count Balanced Binary Trees of Height h
  394. Recursive Programs to find Minimum and Maximum elements of array
  395. Find the sum of all the terms in the n-th row of the given series
  396. Program to print Sum of even and odd elements in an array
  397. Program to print Lower triangular and Upper triangular matrix of an array
  398. Find minimum value to assign all array elements so that array product becomes greater
  399. Find the Longest Increasing Subsequence in Circular manner
  400. Count pairs (a, b) whose sum of cubes is N (a^3 + b^3 = N)
  401. Search an element in an unsorted array using minimum number of comparisons
  402. Number of pairs in an array such that product is greater than sum
  403. Find if a number is divisible by every number in a list
  404. Cassini’s Identity
  405. Centered cube number
  406. Represent a given set of points by the best possible straight line
  407. Finding n-th number made of prime digits (2, 3, 5 and 7) only
  408. Find number of diagonals in n sided convex polygon
  409. Find all pairs (a, b) in an array such that a % b = k
  410. Fitting Shelves Problem
  411. Length of the transverse common tangent between the two non intersecting circles
  412. Rectangular (or Pronic) Numbers
  413. Discrete logarithm (Find an integer k such that a^k is congruent modulo b)
  414. Number of cells a queen can move with obstacles on the chessborad
  415. Number of n-digits non-decreasing integers
  416. Find maximum possible stolen value from houses
  417. Implementing ternary operator without any conditional statement
  418. Elements of an array that are not divisible by any element of another array
  419. Check if all bits of a number are set
  420. Check in binary array the number represented by a subarray is odd or even
  421. Replace every element of the array with BitWise XOR of all other
  422. Number of Groups of Sizes Two Or Three Divisible By 3
  423. Quickly find multiple left rotations of an array | Set 1
  424. Largest natural number that can be printed with M characters
  425. Position of rightmost different bit
  426. Program for Binary To Decimal Conversion
  427. Previous smaller integer having one less number of set bits
  428. Count number of strings (made of R, G and B) using given combination
  429. Count the numbers divisible by 'M' in a given range
  430. Divide the two given numbers by their common divisors
  431. Lexicographically smallest rotated sequence | Set 2
  432. Count number of triplets with product equal to given number
  433. Find two numbers from their sum and XOR
  434. Count pairs with Odd XOR
  435. Maximum product of subsequence of size k
  436. Program for Stirling Interpolation Formula
  437. Program for Decimal to Binary Conversion
  438. Program for decimal to octal conversion
  439. Unset bits in the given range
  440. Trailing number of 0s in product of two factorials
  441. Compute the parity of a number using XOR and table look-up
  442. Calculate maximum value using '+' or '*' sign between two numbers in a string
  443. Adam Number
  444. Program to check if input is an integer or a string
  445. Count number of pairs (A <= N, B <= N) such that gcd (A , B) is B
  446. Print last k digits of a^b (a raised to power b)
  447. Climb n-th stair with all jumps from 1 to n allowed (Three Different Approaches)
  448. Find an element in Bitonic array
  449. Check if an array contains all elements of a given range
  450. Equable Shapes
  451. Program to find HCF iteratively
  452. Rotate a Matrix by 180 degree
  453. Sum of the sequence 2, 22, 222, .........
  454. Find the smallest number with n set and m unset bits
  455. Maximize a given unsigned number number by swapping bits at it's extreme positions.
  456. Evil Number
  457. Find repeated character present first in a string
  458. Ways to remove one element from a binary string so that XOR becomes zero
  459. Program to check if a matrix is symmetric
  460. Find coordinates of a prime number in a Prime Spiral
  461. Sum of numbers with exactly 2 bits set
  462. Print a given matrix in zigzag form
  463. Number of N digit integers with weight W
  464. Zeller's Congruence | Find the Day for a Date
  465. Pell Number
  466. Largest even number possible by using one swap operation in given number
  467. Program to find sum of prime numbers between 1 to n
  468. Form the largest number using at most one swap operation
  469. Set bits in N equals to M in the given range.
  470. P-Smooth Numbers or P-friable Number
  471. Print 'K'th least significant bit of a number
  472. Subarray with XOR less than k
  473. Compute average of two numbers without overflow
  474. Twisted Prime Number
  475. Find minimum sum of factors of number
  476. Count ways to express a number as sum of consecutive numbers
  477. Print matrix in snake pattern
  478. Check if a given number is Pronic
  479. Find the number closest to n and divisible by m
  480. Mutual Recursion with example of Hofstadter Female and Male sequences
  481. Print all possible strings that can be made by placing spaces
  482. Number of days after which tank will become empty
  483. Print a matrix in a spiral form starting from a point
  484. Evaluate a boolean expression represented as string
  485. Extract 'k' bits from a given position in a number.
  486. Maximum sum of difference of adjacent elements
  487. Distributing M items in a circle of size N starting from K-th position
  488. A modified game of Nim
  489. Boundary elements of a Matrix
  490. Efficiently compute sums of diagonals of a matrix
  491. Sum of all subsequences of an array
  492. To check a number is palindrome or not without using any extra space
  493. Count ways to express a number as sum of powers
  494. Program that receives a number and prints it out in large size
  495. Recursive solution to count substrings with same first and last characters
  496. Find multiple of x closest to or a ^ b (a raised to power b)
  497. Number of unique rectangles formed using N unit squares
  498. Count of obtuse angles in a circle with 'k' equidistant points between 2 given points
  499. Find the n-th number whose binary representation is a palindrome
  500. Count ways to build street under given constraints
  501. Sum of array elements that is first continuously increasing then decreasing
  502. Greatest divisor which divides all natural number in range [L, R]
  503. Number of rectangles in N*M grid
  504. Program to check if three points are collinear
  505. Check whether all the bits are set in the given range
  506. Count even and odd digits in an Integer
  507. Toggle all bits after most significant bit
  508. Maximum sum bitonic subarray
  509. Check if a number is power of 8 or not
  510. Largest proper fraction with sum of numerator and denominator equal to a given number
  511. Find if it's possible to rotate the page by an angle or not.
  512. Symmetric difference of two sorted array
  513. Find most significant set bit of a number
  514. Count total bits in a number
  515. Composite Number
  516. Possible moves of knight
  517. Check whether all the bits are unset in the given range or not
  518. Check whether a number is circular prime or not
  519. Recursive Tower of Hanoi using 4 pegs / rods
  520. Program for sum of geometric series
  521. Golomb sequence
  522. Check if given array is almost sorted (elements are at-most one position away)
  523. Taxicab Numbers
  524. Count unset bits of a number
  525. Find element at given index after a number of rotations
  526. Geometric mean (Two Methods)
  527. Program to find the sum of a Series 1/1! + 2/2! + 3/3! + 4/4! +.......+ n/n!
  528. Largest K digit number divisible by X
  529. Smallest K digit number divisible by X
  530. Minimum product pair an array of positive Integers
  531. Difference between highest and least frequencies in an array
  532. Check if a number has bits in alternate pattern | Set-2 O(1) Approach
  533. Tribonacci Numbers
  534. To check whether a large number is divisible by 7
  535. Row-wise common elements in two diagonals of a square matrix
  536. Program to count digits in an integer (4 Different Methods)
  537. Number of ways to arrange N items under given constraints
  538. Maximum Possible Product in Array after performing given Operations
  539. Number of closing brackets needed to complete a regular bracket sequence
  540. Number of subarrays having product less than K
  541. Program for cube sum of first n natural numbers
  542. Minimum number of increment-other operations to make all array elements equal.
  543. Program for sum of arithmetic series
  544. Steps to make array empty by removing maximum and its right side
  545. Minimum and Maximum sum of absolute differences of pairs
  546. Program to print multiplication table of a number
  547. Check if a string is suffix of another
  548. Array element moved by k using single moves
  549. Program for diamond pattern with different layers
  550. Minimum Possible value of |ai + aj - k| for given array and k.
  551. Express an odd number as sum of prime numbers
  552. Minimum element whose n-th power is greater than product of an array of size n
  553. Sum of all subsets of a set formed by first n natural numbers
  554. Count of substrings of a binary string containing K ones
  555. Find the last digit when factorial of A divides factorial of B
  556. Longest alternating sub-array starting from every index in a Binary Array
  557. Number of compositions of a natural number
  558. Series with largest GCD and sum equals to n
  559. Check whether a number has exactly three distinct factors or not
  560. Program to find Sum of a Series a^1/1! + a^2/2! + a^3/3! + a^4/4! +…….+ a^n/n!
  561. Minimal operations to make a number magical
  562. Check if number is palindrome or not in Octal
  563. Happy Numbers
  564. Rearrange a binary string as alternate x and y occurrences
  565. Find all factorial numbers less than or equal to n
  566. Ways to color a 3*N board using 4 colors
  567. Unique cells in a binary matrix
  568. Check if a number is power of k using base changing method
  569. Leonardo Number
  570. Minimum cost to connect weighted nodes represented as array
  571. Check whether an array can be made strictly decreasing by modifying at most one element
  572. Smallest integer with digit sum M and multiple of N
  573. Mean of range in array
  574. Number of Binary Trees for given Preorder Sequence length
  575. Maximize the sum of arr[i]*i
  576. Maximize value of (a[i]+i)*(a[j]+j) in an array
  577. Count number of elements between two given elements in array
  578. Ways to express a number as product of two different factors
  579. Find single in an array of 2n+1 integer elements
  580. Program to find compound interest
  581. Programming puzzle (Assign value without any control statement)
  582. Program for Area Of Square
  583. Area of a triangle inscribed in a rectangle which is inscribed in an ellipse
  584. Minimum cost to sort a matrix of numbers from 0 to n^2 - 1
  585. Program to find Circumference of a Circle
  586. Print digit's position to be removed to make a number divisible by 6
  587. Check if the product of digit sum and its reverse equals the number or not
  588. Find the frequency of a number in an array
  589. Program for harmonic mean of numbers
  590. Sum of Binomial coefficients
  591. Program to find GCD of floating point numbers
  592. Count set bits in a range
  593. Find n-th term in the series 9, 33, 73,129 ...
  594. Program for Volume and Surface Area of Cuboid
  595. Maximum sum subsequence with at-least k distant elements
  596. Biggest integer which has maximum digit sum in range from 1 to n
  597. Program for weighted mean of natural numbers.
  598. Program to find correlation coefficient
  599. GCD of factorials of two numbers
  600. Modify a bit at a given position
  601. Spy Number (Sum and Products of Digits are same)
  602. Check if a number is Full Prime
  603. Find n-th term in the series 7, 15, 32, ...
  604. Check if two numbers are co-prime or not
  605. Recursive sum of digits of a number is prime or not
  606. Arc length from given Angle
  607. Ways to paint stairs with two colors such that two adjacent are not yellow
  608. Minimum number of elements to add to make median equals x
  609. Divisibility by 64 with removal of bits allowed
  610. Count ways to express even number ‘n’ as sum of even integers
  611. Maximum value with the choice of either dividing or considering as it is
  612. Game of N stones where each player can remove 1, 3 or 4
  613. Sum of digits of a given number to a given power
  614. Iterated Logarithm log*(n)
  615. Number of digits to be removed to make a number divisible by 3
  616. Only integer with positive value in positive negative value in array
  617. Program to check for Peterson number
  618. Minimum 1s to lend power to make whole array powerful
  619. Program to find remainder when large number is divided by 11
  620. Program to check for ISBN
  621. Representation of a number in powers of other
  622. Ways to color a skewed tree such that parent and child have different colors
  623. Print Number series without using any loop
  624. Largest smaller number possible using only one swap operation
  625. Divisors of n-square that are not divisors of n
  626. Exponential Squaring (Fast Modulo Multiplication)
  627. Generate a pythagoras triplet from a single integer
  628. Total no of 1's in numbers
  629. Products of ranges in an array
  630. Given a large number, check if a subsequence of digits is divisible by 8
  631. Number of subsequences as "ab" in a string repeated K times
  632. Maximum of smallest possible area that can get with exactly k cut of given rectangular
  633. Finding the best fit rectangle that covers a given point
  634. Icosagonal number
  635. Pair formation such that maximum pair sum is minimized
  636. Check whether a number can be represented by sum of two squares
  637. Count different numbers that can be generated such that there digits sum is equal to 'n'
  638. Minimum gcd operations to make all array elements one
  639. Prime factors of a big number
  640. One line function for factorial of a number
  641. Find element in array that divides all array elements
  642. Program to swap upper diagonal elements with lower diagonal elements of matrix.
  643. Check if a number is positive, negative or zero using bit operators
  644. Check if a large number is divisible by 13 or not
  645. Smallest number whose set bits are maximum in a given range
  646. Minimize (max(A[i], B[j], C[k]) - min(A[i], B[j], C[k])) of three different sorted arrays
  647. Find combined mean and variance of two series
  648. Largest number with binary representation is m 1's and m-1 0's
  649. Prime Numbers
  650. Deserium Number
  651. Probability of a random pair being the maximum weighted pair
  652. Number of n digit stepping numbers
  653. Find if a number is part of AP whose first element and difference are given
  654. Program to find the minimum (or maximum) element of an array
  655. Find n-th term in series 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4....
  656. Find the sum of the series 1+11+111+1111+..... upto n terms
  657. Sum of the Series 1 + x/1 + x^2/2 + x^3/3 + .. + x^n/n
  658. Find n-th term of series 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21...
  659. Sum of the series 1, 3, 6, 10... (Triangular Numbers)
  660. Program to calculate distance between two points
  661. Find trace of matrix formed by adding Row-major and Column-major order of same matrix
  662. n-th term in series 2, 12, 36, 80, 150....
  663. Program to find smallest difference of angles of two parts of a given circle
  664. Check for integer overflow on multiplication
  665. Even-odd turn game with two integers
  666. Sum of first n even numbers
  667. Program to find the number of region in Planar Graph
  668. Sum of squares of first n natural numbers
  669. Sum of natural numbers using recursion
  670. Schröder–Hipparchus number
  671. The painter's partition problem | Set 2
  672. Find the number of stair steps
  673. Sexy Prime
  674. Program to find third side of triangle using law of cosines
  675. Narcissistic number
  676. Count pairs in array whose sum is divisible by 4
  677. Program to determine the quadrant of the cartesian plane
  678. Motzkin number
  679. Probability of choosing a random pair with maximum sum in an array
  680. AKS Primality Test
  681. N-th polite number
  682. Find first and last digits of a number
  683. Break a number such that sum of maximum divisors of all parts is minimum
  684. Count numbers with unit digit k in given range
  685. Sum of squares of first n natural numbers
  686. Find last index of a character in a string
  687. Count of suffix increment/decrement operations to construct a given array
  688. Program to compute division upto n decimal places
  689. Check whether second string can be formed from characters of first string
  690. Program to check if tank will overflow, underflow or filled in given time
  691. Maximize volume of cuboid with given sum of sides
  692. Newman–Shanks–Williams prime
  693. Program to check if matrix is lower triangular
  694. Program to find Perimeter / Circumference of Square and Rectangle
  695. Largest number that divides x and is co-prime with y
  696. Pascal Matrix
  697. Check if given number is Emirp Number or not
  698. Minimum insertions to make a Co-prime array
  699. Program to check if water tank overflows when n solid balls are dipped in the water tank
  700. Find largest prime factor of a number
  701. Program for Binomial Coefficients table
  702. Rearrange array such that even positioned are greater than odd
  703. Sum of the series 1 + (1+2) + (1+2+3) + (1+2+3+4) + ...... + (1+2+3+4+...+n)
  704. Count number of increasing subsequences of size k
  705. Sum of all divisors from 1 to n
  706. Minimum flip required to make Binary Matrix symmetric
  707. Sum of Manhattan distances between all pairs of points
  708. Decimal to binary number using recursion
  709. Check if n is divisible by power of 2 without using arithmetic operators
  710. Multiplication with a power of 2
  711. Section formula (Point that divides a line in given ratio)
  712. Find the distance covered to collect items at equal distances
  713. Program to calculate area and volume of a Tetrahedron
  714. Maximum binomial coefficient term value
  715. Sum of digit of a number using recursion
  716. Program to print triangular number series till n
  717. Program to convert given number of days in terms of Years, Weeks and Days
  718. Leibniz harmonic triangle
  719. Check whether given floating point number is even or odd
  720. Euler Method for solving differential equation
  721. Program for triangular patterns of alphabets
  722. Find last k digits in product of an array numbers
  723. Binary to Gray code using recursion
  724. Find nth Fibonacci number using Golden ratio
  725. Check if it is possible to make array equal by doubling or tripling
  726. Count subsequence of length three in a given string
  727. Program to get the Sum of series: 1 - x^2/2! + x^4/4! -.... upto nth term
  728. Special two digit number
  729. Program to find the sum of a Series (1*1) + (2*2) + (3*3) + (4*4) + (5*5) + ... + (n*n)
  730. Trinomial Triangle
  731. Value of k-th index of a series formed by append and insert MEX in middle
  732. Newman-Conway Sequence
  733. Round the given number to nearest multiple of 10
  734. Twin Prime Numbers
  735. Program to print characters present at prime indexes in a given string
  736. Program for Simpson's 1/3 Rule
  737. Program to find sum of series 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 3 + . . . + n
  738. Sum of squares of binomial coefficients
  739. Sum of the series 2 + (2+4) + (2+4+6) + (2+4+6+8) + …… + (2+4+6+8+….+2n)
  740. Sum of Arithmetic Geometric Sequence
  741. Range Query on array whose each element is XOR of index value and previous element
  742. Check if array contains contiguous integers with duplicates allowed
  743. Decagonal Numbers
  744. Program to determine focal length of a spherical mirror
  745. Count numbers in range L-R that are divisible by all of its non-zero digits
  746. Count ways to reach the nth stair using step 1, 2 or 3
  747. Find reminder of array multiplication divided by n
  748. Program for Stair Case Patterns
  749. Check if all digits of a number divide it
  750. Find last element after deleting every second element in array of n integers
  751. Find the average of first N natural numbers
  752. Program to convert Centimeter to Feet and Inches
  753. Recursive sum of digit in n^x, where n and x are very large
  754. Possible to make a divisible by 3 number using all digits in an array
  755. Program to print the pattern ‘D’
  756. Kronecker Product of two matrices
  757. C Program for Find the perimeter of a cylinder
  758. Program to calculate area of a Tetrahedron
  759. Median and Mode using Counting Sort
  760. Aliquot sum
  761. Find unit digit of x raised to power y
  762. Jacobsthal and Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers
  763. Product of 2 Numbers using Recursion
  764. Sum of fourth powers of the first n natural numbers
  765. Number of substrings with odd decimal value in a binary string
  766. Closest numbers from a list of unsorted integers
  767. Sum of the series 0.6, 0.06, 0.006, 0.0006, ...to n terms
  768. Sum of the series 0.7, 0.77, 0.777, ... upto n terms
  769. Wave Patterns
  770. Smallest number with sum of digits as N and divisible by 10^N
  771. Program to check diagonal matrix and scalar matrix
  772. Sum of fifth powers of the first n natural numbers
  773. Sum of fourth power of first n even natural numbers
  774. Trimorphic Number
  775. Perfect Square String
  776. Print the pyramid pattern with given height and minimum number of stars
  777. Count number of trailing zeros in product of array
  778. Find the position of the last removed element from the array
  779. Generate all the binary number from 0 to n
  780. Toggle bits of a number except first and last bits
  781. Count square and non-square numbers before n
  782. Program to print non square numbers
  783. Sum of fourth powers of first n odd natural numbers
  784. Making elements distinct in a sorted array by minimum increments
  785. Find the Number which contain the digit d
  786. Find N integers with given difference between product and sum
  787. Find if it is possible to get a ratio from given ranges of costs and quantities
  788. First uppercase letter in a string (Iterative and Recursive)
  789. Check if the given number K is enough to reach the end of an array
  790. Maximum difference of zeros and ones in binary string | Set 2 (O(n) time)
  791. Program to implement t-test
  792. Set all odd bits of a number
  793. Cartesian Product of Two Sets
  794. Sum of the alphabetical values of the characters of a string
  795. Sum of series 2/3 - 4/5 + 6/7 - 8/9 + ------- upto n terms
  796. Average of first n odd naturals numbers
  797. Average of first n even natural numbers
  798. Sum of the series 1 / 1 + (1 + 2) / (1 * 2) + (1 + 2 + 3) / (1 * 2 * 3) + - - - - - - upto n terms.
  799. Set all even bits of a number
  800. Space efficient iterative method to Fibonacci number
  801. Divisibility by 12 for a large number
  802. Sum of series 1^2 + 3^2 + 5^2 + . . . + (2*n - 1)^2
  803. Program to find the mid-point of a line
  804. Print Fibonacci Series in reverse order
  805. Square Free Number
  806. Number of distinct subsets of a set
  807. Recursive program for prime number
  808. Count pairs from two sorted matrices with given sum
  809. Find the center of the circle using endpoints of diameter
  810. Leaf nodes from Preorder of a Binary Search Tree (Using Recursion)
  811. Nonagonal number
  812. Tomohiko Sakamoto's Algorithm- Finding the day of the week
  813. Remove all outgoing edges except edge with minimum weight
  814. Sum of Series (n^2-1^2) + 2(n^2-2^2) +....n(n^2-n^2)
  815. Check if a number is sandwiched between primes
  816. Print a matrix in Reverse Wave Form
  817. Minimum number of mails required to distribute all the questions
  818. Find n-th term of series 3, 9, 21, 41, 71...
  819. Program to check Plus Perfect Number
  820. Area of a Hexagon
  821. Sum of the series 5+55+555+.. up to n terms
  822. Sum of consecutive two elements in a array
  823. Inverse Permutation
  824. Program to print Swastika Pattern
  825. Front and Back Search in unsorted array
  826. Non-Repeating Element
  827. Check if a given circle lies completely inside the ring formed by two concentric circles
  828. Program for N-th term of Geometric Progression series
  829. Time when minute hand and hour hand coincide
  830. Area of hexagon with given diagonal length
  831. Sum of largest divisible powers of p (a prime number) in a range
  832. Maximum XOR-value of at-most k-elements from 1 to n
  833. Fast average of two numbers without division
  834. Program for N-th term of Arithmetic Progression series
  835. Octahedral Number
  836. Program to print GP (Geometric Progression)
  837. Program to print Arithmetic Progression series
  838. Check if given number is perfect square
  839. Maximum sum of increasing order elements from n arrays
  840. Primality Test | Set 5(Using Lucas-Lehmer Series)
  841. Minimum swaps required to bring all elements less than or equal to k together
  842. Check whether a given matrix is orthogonal or not
  843. Power of a prime number ‘r’ in n!
  844. Print bitwise AND set of a number N
  845. Division without using '/' operator
  846. Print first n Fibonacci Numbers using direct formula
  847. N-th term of George Cantor set of rational numbers
  848. Find square root of number upto given precision using binary search
  849. Sum of n digit numbers divisible by a given number
  850. Check if a line passes through the origin
  851. Product of given N fractions in reduced form
  852. Rencontres Number (Counting partial derangements)
  853. Fermat's Last Theorem
  854. Program to calculate area of Circumcircle of an Equilateral Triangle
  855. Probability for three randomly chosen numbers to be in AP
  856. Sum of pairwise products
  857. Find the only repetitive element between 1 to n-1
  858. Number of subarrays with given product
  859. Find n-th Fortunate Number
  860. Sum of each element raised to (prime-1) % prime
  861. Invert actual bits of a number
  862. Coordinates of rectangle with given points lie inside
  863. Undulating numbers
  864. Number of palindromic permutations | Set 1
  865. Centered Octadecagonal Number
  866. LCM of factorial and its neighbors
  867. Product of unique prime factors of a number
  868. Find sum of Series with n-th term as n^2 - (n-1)^2
  869. Minimum removals to make array sum even
  870. Variance and standard-deviation of a matrix
  871. Inclusion Exclusion principle and programming applications
  872. Triangular Matchstick Number
  873. Smallest triangular number larger than p
  874. Smallest even digits number not less than N
  875. Find n-th element from Stern's Diatomic Series
  876. Largest even digit number not greater than N
  877. Almost Perfect Number
  878. Count numbers from range whose prime factors are only 2 and 3
  879. Number with even sum of digits
  880. Sum of product of each element with each element after it
  881. Square pyramidal number (Sum of Squares)
  882. Squared triangular number (Sum of cubes)
  883. N-th number which is both a square and a cube
  884. Reach A and B by multiplying them with K and K^2 at every step
  885. Center element of matrix equals sums of half diagonals
  886. First digit in factorial of a number
  887. Number of integers with odd number of set bits
  888. Number of solutions to Modular Equations
  889. Legendre's Conjecture
  890. Decimal Equivalent of Gray Code and its Inverse
  891. Smallest greater elements in whole array
  892. Cube Free Numbers smaller than n
  893. Finding a Non Transitive Coprime Triplet in a Range
  894. Space optimization using bit manipulations
  895. Maximum Subarray Sum Excluding Certain Elements
  896. Equalizing array using increment under modulo 3
  897. Euler's Four Square Identity
  898. Tetrahedral Numbers
  899. Find duplicates in constant array with elements 0 to N-1 in O(1) space
  900. Bertrand's Postulate
  901. Number of subarrays having sum less than K
  902. Brahmagupta Fibonacci Identity
  903. Height of a complete binary tree (or Heap) with N nodes
  904. Reaching a point using clockwise or anticlockwise movements
  905. Maximum difference between groups of size two
  906. DFA for Strings not ending with "THE"
  907. Program to check if first and the last characters of string are equal
  908. Ways to split string such that each partition starts with distinct character
  909. Check if it possible to partition in k subarrays with equal sum
  910. Check if two people starting from different points ever meet
  911. Prime String
  912. Check whether a number is Emirpimes or not
  913. Number of prefix sum prime in given range query
  914. Number of Digits in a^b
  915. Moser-de Bruijn Sequence
  916. Hardy-Ramanujan Theorem
  917. Lagrange's four square theorem
  918. Nesbitt's Inequality
  919. Possible two sets from first N natural numbers difference of sums as D
  920. Sum of digits written in different bases from 2 to n-1
  921. Ways to multiply n elements with an associative operation
  922. Bitwise recursive addition of two integers
  923. Blum Integer
  924. Program for sum of cos(x) series
  925. Making zero array by decrementing pairs of adjacent
  926. Program for scalar multiplication of a matrix
  927. Check a number is odd or even without modulus operator
  928. Maximize array elements upto given number
  929. Repeated Unit Divisibility
  930. Maximum sum increasing subsequence from a prefix and a given element after prefix is must
  931. Sum of range in a series of first odd then even natural numbers
  932. Finding n-th term of series 3, 13, 42, 108, 235…
  933. Powers of 2 to required sum
  934. Check if all occurrences of a character appear together
  935. Sub array sum is prime or not
  936. Number of ways an array can be filled with 0s and 1s such that no consecutive elements are 1
  937. Check divisibility of binary string by 2^k
  938. Minimum product subset of an array
  939. Multiply any Number with 4 using Bitwise Operator
  940. Program to print Collatz Sequence
  941. Divisibility by 3 where each digit is the sum of all prefix digits modulo 10
  942. Program to print all the numbers divisible by 3 and 5 for a given number
  943. Maximum equlibrium sum in an array
  944. Making elements of two arrays same with minimum increment/decrement
  945. Maximum height of triangular arrangement of array values
  946. Program to print Reverse Floyd's triangle
  947. Minimum operations to make GCD of array a multiple of k
  948. Number of digits in the nth number made of given four digits
  949. Find a permutation such that number of indices for which gcd(p[i], i) > 1 is exactly K
  950. Cake number
  951. Dodecagonal number
  952. Centered triangular number
  953. Swapping four variables without temporary variable
  954. Dodecahedral number
  955. Centered tetrahedral number
  956. Centered heptagonal number
  957. Program for Centered Icosahedral Number
  958. Centered pentagonal number
  959. Centered Octahedral number
  960. Check if sum of divisors of two numbers are same
  961. Program to reverse a string (Iterative and Recursive)
  962. Hexadecagonal number
  963. Heptadecagonal number
  964. Pentatope number
  965. Sum of series 1*1! + 2*2! + ……..+ n*n!
  966. Product of first N factorials
  967. Centered Octagonal Number
  968. Icosahedral Number
  969. Enneadecagonal number
  970. Centered decagonal number
  971. Construct array having X subsequences with maximum difference smaller than d
  972. Centered nonadecagonal number
  973. Check if it is possible to make the given matrix increasing matrix or not
  974. Hendecagonal number
  975. Number of arrays of size N whose elements are positive integers and sum is K
  976. Centered Pentadecagonal Number
  977. Ways to choose three points with distance between the most distant points <= L
  978. Centered dodecahedral number
  979. Centered Hexadecagonal Number
  980. Icosidigonal number
  981. Tetradecagonal number
  982. Program to convert centimeter into meter and kilometer
  983. Centered tridecagonal number
  984. Minimum cost to equal all elements of array using two operation
  985. Number expressed as sum of five consecutive integers
  986. Number of digits in N factorial to the power N
  987. Set the rightmost unset bit
  988. Check if given number is a power of d where d is a power of 2
  989. How to turn on a particular bit in a number?
  990. K-th smallest element after removing given integers from natural numbers | Set 2
  991. Pentagonal Pyramidal Number
  992. Maximize the bitwise OR of an array
  993. Check if mirror image of a number is same if displayed in seven segment display
  994. Number of Distinct Meeting Points on a Circular Road
  995. Check if array sum can be made K by three operations on it
  996. Sum of product of consecutive Binomial Coefficients
  997. Check if the n-th term is odd or even in a Fibonacci like sequence
  998. Heptagonal number
  999. Pentatope number
  1000. Make array elements equal in Minimum Steps
  1001. Maximum Sum Decreasing Subsequence
  1002. Multiply the given number by 2 such that it is divisible by 10
  1003. Program to find greater value between a^n and b^n
  1004. Number of elements with even factors in the given range
  1005. Print all pairs with given sum
  1006. Print all triplets with given sum
  1007. Number of ones in the smallest repunit
  1008. Number of squares of maximum area in a rectangle
  1009. Stormer Numbers
  1010. Check if array can be divided into two sub-arrays such that their absolute difference is K
  1011. Compute power of power k times % m
  1012. Program to check similarity of given two triangles
  1013. Program to calculate the Surface Area of a Triangular Prism
  1014. Maximum number by concatenating every element in a rotation of an array
  1015. Memoization (1D, 2D and 3D)
  1016. Number of triangles in a plane if no more than two points are collinear
  1017. Make all numbers of an array equal
  1018. Remove leading zeros from an array
  1019. Number of odd and even results for every value of x in range [min, max] after performing N steps
  1020. Reduce string to shortest length by deleting a pair of same adjacent characters
  1021. Total number of ways to place X and Y at n places such that no two X are together
  1022. Maximum number of ones in a N*N matrix with given constraints
  1023. Program to find the Area and Volume of Icosahedron
  1024. Element which occurs consecutively in a given subarray more than or equal to K times
  1025. Check if concatenation of two strings is balanced or not
  1026. Sum of all elements up to Nth row in a Pascal triangle
  1027. Check if a number has same number of set and unset bits
  1028. Check if the large number formed is divisible by 41 or not
  1029. Program to determine the octant of the axial plane
  1030. Number of different cyclic paths of length N in a tetrahedron
  1031. Find index of first occurrence when an unsorted array is sorted
  1032. Mirror of a point through a 3 D plane
  1033. Print all the combinations of N elements by changing sign such that their sum is divisible by M
  1034. Sum of similarities of string with all of its suffixes
  1035. Find the multiple of x which is closest to a^b
  1036. Calculating n-th real root using binary search
  1037. Maximum power of jump required to reach the end of string
  1038. Check if bits in range L to R of two numbers are complement of each other or not
  1039. Longest subsequence whose average is less than K
  1040. Convert time from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock format
  1041. Count pairs with Bitwise XOR as ODD number
  1042. Tetranacci Numbers
  1043. Count the number of pairs that have column sum greater than row sum
  1044. Check if a number is in given base or not
  1045. Number of possible pairs of Hypotenuse and Area to form right angled triangle
  1046. Modulus of all pairwise consecutive elements in an Array
  1047. Find the Missing Number in a sorted array
  1048. Maximum set bit sum in array without considering adjacent elements
  1049. Comparing leading zeros in binary representations of two numbers
  1050. Minimum element in a max heap
  1051. Majority element in a circular array of 0's and 1's
  1052. Value in a given range with maximum XOR
  1053. Count number of triplets with product equal to given number | Set 2
  1054. Ways to place K bishops on an N×N chessboard so that no two attack
  1055. Count pairs in a sorted array whose product is less than k
  1056. Program to check whether 4 points in a 3-D plane are Coplanar
  1057. Find the largest twins in given range
  1058. Number of divisors of a given number N which are divisible by K
  1059. Number of prime pairs in an array
  1060. Find Multiples of 2 or 3 or 5 less than or equal to N
  1061. 2's compliment for a givin string using XOR
  1062. Recursive program to print triangular patterns
  1063. Find the number after successive division
  1064. Program to calculate Root Mean Square
  1065. Find any pair with given GCD and LCM
  1066. Count the number of ways to traverse a Matrix
  1067. Count number of integers less than or equal to N which has exactly 9 divisors
  1068. Count Unary Numbers in a Range
  1069. Find number of magical pairs of string of length L
  1070. Count the number of carry operations required to add two numbers
  1071. Number of values of b such that a = b + (a^b)
  1072. Program to find the Nth Harmonic Number
  1073. Program to find the Radius of the incircle of the triangle
  1074. Program to calculate the value of nCr Efficiently
  1075. Check if an array is Wave Array
  1076. Find 'N' number of solutions with the given inequality equations
  1077. Minimum changes required to make first string substring of second string
  1078. Print a number strictly less than a given number such that all its digits are distinct.
  1079. Number of solutions of n = x + n ⊕ x
  1080. Area of a circle inscribed in a rectangle which is inscribed in a semicircle
  1081. Sum of first N natural numbers by taking powers of 2 as negative number
  1082. Check if a number has digits in the given Order
  1083. Area of a square inscribed in a circle which is inscribed in a hexagon
  1084. Subset array sum by generating all the subsets
  1085. Sum of the first N Prime numbers
  1086. Radius of the biggest possible circle inscribed in rhombus which in turn is inscribed in a rectangle
  1087. Find the total Number of Digits in (N!)N
  1088. Check if the sum of digits of a number N divides it
  1089. Sum of all the prime numbers in a given range
  1090. Find the unit place digit of sum of N factorials
  1091. Sum of squares of Fibonacci numbers
  1092. Find normal at a given point on the curve
  1093. Program to find the side of the Octagon inscribed within the square
  1094. Find nth Term of the Series 1 2 2 4 4 4 4 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ...
  1095. Number of distinct integers obtained by lcm(X, N)/X
  1096. Program to Calculate the Perimeter of a Decagon
  1097. Count of common multiples of two numbers in a range
  1098. Maximum count of equal numbers in an array after performing given operations
  1099. Check if the given vectors are at equilibrium or not
  1100. Find if a molecule can be formed from 3 atoms using their valence numbers
  1101. Largest number divisible by 90 that can be made using 0 and 5
  1102. Count number of ordered pairs with Even and Odd Product
  1103. Minimum and Maximum element of an array which is divisible by a given number k
  1104. Print a number containing K digits with digital root D
  1105. Minimum number of bottles required to fill K glasses
  1106. Find sum of N-th group of Natural Numbers
  1107. Sum of first N natural numbers which are divisible by 2 and 7
  1108. Section formula for 3 D
  1109. Triplet pair (a, b, c) such that a+b, b+c and a+c are all divisible by K
  1110. Print array elements in alternatively increasing and decreasing order
  1111. Check whether bitwise OR of N numbers is Even or Odd
  1112. Check if a number is an Achilles number or not
  1113. Minimum boxes required to carry all gifts
  1114. Program to find count of numbers having odd number of divisors in given range
  1115. Check if a string contains a palindromic sub-string of even length
  1116. Find number of Positional Elements
  1117. Round to next smaller multiple of 8
  1118. Number of leading zeros in binary representation of a given number
  1119. Replace every element of the array by product of all other elements
  1120. Number of segments where all elements are greater than X
  1121. Replace every array element by sum of previous and next
  1122. Rearrange an array to maximize i*arr[i]
  1123. Calculate volume and surface area of Torus
  1124. String matching with * (that matches with any) in any of the two strings
  1125. Assign other value to a variable from two possible values
  1126. Minimize Cost with Replacement with other allowed
  1127. Longest subarray with elements divisible by k
  1128. Primality test for the sum of digits at odd places of a number
  1129. Get maximum items when other items of total cost of an item are free
  1130. Find middle point segment from given segment lengths
  1131. Count subarrays with all elements greater than K
  1132. Equation of ellipse from its focus, directrix, and eccentricity
  1133. Minimum number of operations required to reduce N to 1
  1134. Find the total marks obtained according to given marking scheme
  1135. Maximum area of rectangle possible with given perimeter
  1136. Area of decagon inscribed within the circle
  1137. Program to find the smallest element among three elements
  1138. N digit numbers divisible by 5 formed from the M digits
  1139. Find the sum of first N odd Fibonacci numbers
  1140. Number of cells in the right and left diagonals passing through (x, y) in a matrix
  1141. Count number less than N which are product of perfect squares
  1142. Smallest odd digits number not less than N
  1143. Minimum Cuts can be made in the Chessboard such that it is not divided into 2 parts
  1144. Largest number not greater than N all the digits of which are odd
  1145. Check if any permutation of a number is divisible by 3 and is Palindromic
  1146. Maximum sum and product of the M consecutive digits in a number
  1147. Partition an array such into maximum increasing segments
  1148. Minimum cuts required to divide the Circle into equal parts
  1149. Smallest subarray such that all elements are greater than K
  1150. Largest cube that can be inscribed within the sphere
  1151. Largest sphere that can be inscribed inside a cube
  1152. Program to find the profit or loss when CP of N items is equal to SP of M items
  1153. Change K elements so that (a1^2 + a2^2 + …+ aN^2 ) <= (a1 + a2 +…+ aN) becomes true
  1154. Find minimum operations needed to make an Array beautiful
  1155. Minimum number of cuts required to make circle segments equal sized
  1156. Game of stones
  1157. Find two numbers with sum and product both same as N
  1158. Number of matches required to find the winner
  1159. Maximum no. of apples that can be kept in a single basket
  1160. Fibonacci problem (Value of Fib(N)*Fib(N) - Fib(N-1) * Fib(N+1))
  1161. Find the player who rearranges the characters to get a palindrome string first
  1162. Count pairs of numbers from 1 to N with Product divisible by their Sum
  1163. Check if a number is formed by Concatenation of 1, 14 or 144 only
  1164. Program to find the sum of the series (1/a + 2/a^2 + 3/a^3 + ... + n/a^n)
  1165. Print a case where the given sorting algorithm fails
  1166. Probability of getting more value in third dice throw
  1167. Number of ways to swap two bit of s1 so that bitwise OR of s1 and s2 changes
  1168. Sum of all natural numbers in range L to R
  1169. Minimum steps to convert one binary string to other only using negation
  1170. Minimize the number of steps required to reach the end of the array
  1171. Program to print 'N' alphabet using the number pattern from 1 to n
  1172. Largest cube that can be inscribed within a right circular cylinder
  1173. Count pairs with Bitwise XOR as EVEN number
  1174. Number of pairs with Bitwise OR as Odd number
  1175. Count pairs with Bitwise-AND as even number
  1176. Count Numbers with N digits which consists of even number of 0’s
  1177. Find determinant of matrix generated by array rotation
  1178. Largest right circular cylinder that can be inscribed within a cone
  1179. Nth number made up of odd digits only
  1180. Find minimum steps required to reach the end of a matrix | Set - 1
  1181. Find position of left most dis-similar bit for two numbers
  1182. Distance between two nodes of binary tree with node values from 1 to N
  1183. Range and Coefficient of range of Array
  1184. Minimum elements to change so that for an index i all elements on the left are -ve and all elements on the right are +ve
  1185. Program to find first N Iccanobif Numbers
  1186. Find the Nth term of the series 14, 28, 20, 40,.....
  1187. Minimum range increment operations to Sort an array
  1188. Largest number less than N with digit sum greater than the digit sum of N
  1189. Check If every group of a's is followed by a group of b's of same length
  1190. Sum of first N natural numbers which are divisible by X or Y
  1191. Smallest Pair Sum in an array
  1192. Construct a binary string following the given constraints
  1193. Larger of a^b or b^a (a raised to power b or b raised to power a)
  1194. Find the only different element in an array
  1195. Reduce the array to a single element with the given operation
  1196. Number of Binary Strings of length N with K adjacent Set Bits
  1197. Sum of the multiples of two numbers below N
  1198. Split a number into 3 parts such that none of the parts is divisible by 3
  1199. Closest perfect square and its distance
  1200. Count sub-sets that satisfy the given condition
  1201. Integers from the range that are composed of a single distinct digit
  1202. Find nth Hermite number
  1203. Lower Insertion Point
  1204. Longest Subsequence where index of next element is arr[arr[i] + i]
  1205. Minimum number of consecutive sequences that can be formed in an array
  1206. Sum of elements from an array having even parity
  1207. Side of a regular n-sided polygon circumscribed in a circle
  1208. Check if the sum of distinct digits of two integers are equal
  1209. Largest Square that can be inscribed within a hexagon
  1210. Program to check the number is Palindrome or not
  1211. Find the maximum possible value of the minimum value of modified array
  1212. Diagonal of a Regular Hexagon
  1213. Number of array elements derivable from D after performing certain operations
  1214. Pairs from an array that satisfy the given condition
  1215. Largest hexagon that can be inscribed within a square
  1216. Count common prime factors of two numbers
  1217. Diagonal of a Regular Decagon
  1218. Generate all rotations of a number
  1219. Minimum absolute difference between N and a power of 2
  1220. Maximum value of arr[i] % arr[j] for a given array
  1221. Program to find nth term of the series 1 4 15 24 45 60 92
  1222. Program to delete Nth digit of a Number
  1223. First and Last Three Bits
  1224. Smallest perfect square divisible by all elements of an array
  1225. Ways to paint N paintings such that adjacent paintings don't have same colors
  1226. Largest square that can be inscribed within a hexagon which is inscribed within an equilateral triangle
  1227. Check whether two straight lines are orthogonal or not
  1228. Program for Area Of Square after N-th fold
  1229. Make all elements of an array equal with the given operation
  1230. Count of pairs of (i, j) such that ((n % i) % j) % n is maximized
  1231. Largest sphere that can be inscribed in a right circular cylinder inscribed in a frustum
  1232. Minimum positive integer divisible by C and is not in range [A, B]
  1233. Filling diagonal to make the sum of every row, column and diagonal equal of 3x3 matrix
  1234. Closest sum partition (into two subsets) of numbers from 1 to n
  1235. Minimum operations required to make all the array elements equal
  1236. Check whether Bishop can take down Pawn or not
  1237. Count the total number of squares that can be visited by Bishop in one move
  1238. Minimum spanning tree cost of given Graphs
  1239. Maximum sum after repeatedly dividing N by a divisor
  1240. Find the values of X and Y in the Given Equations
  1241. Choose points from two ranges such that no point lies in both the ranges
  1242. Find maximum operations to reduce N to 1
  1243. Find frequency of smallest value in an array
  1244. Find Intersection of all Intervals
  1245. Maximize big when both big and small can be exchanged
  1246. Minimum number of operations on an array to make all elements 0
  1247. Count the number of rhombi possible inside a rectangle of given size
  1248. Program to calculate the area between two Concentric Circles
  1249. Count of quadruplets from range [L, R] having GCD equal to K
  1250. Total number of days taken to complete the task if after certain days one person leaves
  1251. Composite numbers with digit sum 1
  1252. Length of the longest alternating subarray
  1253. Numbers less than N that are perfect cubes and the sum of their digits reduced to a single digit is 1
  1254. Minimize the sum of squares of sum of N/2 paired formed by N numbers
  1255. Maximum positive integer divisible by C and is in the range [A, B]
  1256. Position of a person diametrically opposite on a circle
  1257. Longest Sub-array with maximum average value
  1258. Ways to Remove Edges from a Complete Graph to make Odd Edges
  1259. Check if product of digits of a number at even and odd places is equal
  1260. Minimum matches the team needs to win to qualify
  1261. Find smallest number K such that K % p = 0 and q % K = 0
  1262. Sum of all odd factors of numbers in the range [l, r]
  1263. Count permutations that are first decreasing then increasing.
  1264. Count numbers having N 0's and and M 1's with no leading zeros
  1265. Print the balanced bracket expression using given brackets
  1266. Count of numbers having only 1 set bit in the range [0, n]
  1267. Encrypt a string by repeating i-th character i times
  1268. Minimum cost to form a number X by adding up powers of 2
  1269. Kth odd number in an array
  1270. Check if the given array is mirror-inverse
  1271. Count pairs in array whose sum is divisible by K
  1272. Count how many times the given digital clock shows identical digits
  1273. Find maximum N such that the sum of square of first N natural numbers is not more than X
  1274. Generate array with minimum sum which can be deleted in P steps
  1275. Count rotations of N which are Odd and Even
  1276. Count of pairs from 1 to a and 1 to b whose sum is divisible by N
  1277. Check if Matrix remains unchanged after row reversals
  1278. Smallest and Largest N-digit perfect squares
  1279. Minimum length of square to contain at least half of the given Coordinates
  1280. Largest number N which can be reduced to 0 in K steps
  1281. Find the number of ways to divide number into four parts such that a = c and b = d
  1282. Smallest index in the given array that satisfies the given condition
  1283. Programs for printing pyramid patterns using recursion
  1284. Predict the winner in Coin Game
  1285. Number of ways to go from one point to another in a grid
  1286. Replace array elements by sum of next two consecutive elements
  1287. Maximum array sum that can be obtained after exactly k changes
  1288. Count the number of non-increasing subarrays
  1289. Find the value of N when F(N) = f(a)+f(b) where a+b is the minimum possible and a*b = N
  1290. Remove elements to make array sorted
  1291. Count of quadruplets with given Sum
  1292. Maximize the maximum subarray sum after removing atmost one element
  1293. Product of all Subsequences of size K except the minimum and maximum Elements
  1294. Print all numbers whose set of prime factors is a subset of the set of the prime factors of X
  1295. Check if a number from every row can be selected such that xor of the numbers is greater than zero
  1296. Area of triangle formed by the axes of co-ordinates and a given straight line
  1297. Find maximum product of digits among numbers less than or equal to N
  1298. Find the minimum sum of distance to A and B from any integer point in a ring of size N
  1299. Find the position of box which occupies the given ball
  1300. Check if string can be made lexicographically smaller by reversing any substring
  1301. Number of character corrections in the given strings to make them equal
  1302. Maximum length of subarray such that sum of the subarray is even
  1303. Given two arrays count all pairs whose sum is an odd number
  1304. Print steps to make a number in form of 2^X - 1
  1305. Length of the direct common tangent between two externally touching circles
  1306. Radius of the circle when the width and height of an arc is given
  1307. Length of direct common tangent between the two non-intersecting Circles
  1308. Maximize the given number by replacing a segment of digits with the alternate digits given
  1309. Minimum number of cubes whose sum equals to given number N
  1310. Convert given integer X to the form 2^N - 1
  1311. Count number of 1s in the array after N moves
  1312. Area of plot remaining at the end
  1313. Find permutation of first N natural numbers that satisfies the given condition
  1314. Compare sum of first N-1 elements to Nth element of an array
  1315. Choose X such that (A xor X) + (B xor X) is minimized
  1316. Program to print an array in Pendulum Arrangement with constant space
  1317. Maximum number of edges in Bipartite graph
  1318. Minimum integer such that it leaves a remainder 1 on dividing with any element from the range [2, N]
  1319. Generate an Array in which count of even and odd sum sub-arrays are E and O respectively
  1320. Program to find the rate percentage from compound interest of consecutive years
  1321. Count Pairs from two arrays with even sum
  1322. Rearrange the array to maximize the number of primes in prefix sum of the array
  1323. Ratio of the distance between the centers of the circles and the point of intersection of two transverse common tangents to the circles
  1324. Create a sequence whose XOR of elements is y
  1325. Minimum sum of two numbers formed from digits of an array in O(n)
  1326. Count of distinct rectangles inscribed in an equilateral triangle
  1327. Bitwise AND of sub-array closest to K
  1328. Check if the number is even or odd whose digits and base (radix) is given
  1329. Check whether a number can be represented as sum of K distinct positive integers
  1330. Find minimum steps required to reach the end of a matrix | Set 2
  1331. Count index pairs which satisfy the given condition
  1332. Number of common tangents between two circles if their centers and radius is given
  1333. Number of trees whose sum of degrees of all the vertices is L
  1334. Check if a circle lies inside another circle or not
  1335. Angle subtended by the chord when the angle subtended by another chord of same length is given
  1336. Queries for bitwise OR in the index range [L, R] of the given array
  1337. Queries for bitwise AND in the index range [L, R] of the given array
  1338. Find average of two numbers using bit operation
  1339. Find if nCr is divisible by the given prime
  1340. Maximum possible middle element of the array after deleting exactly k elements
  1341. Distance of chord from center when distance between center and another equal length chord is given
  1342. Subset with sum closest to zero
  1343. Check whether we can sort two arrays by swapping A[i] and B[i]
  1344. Angle subtended by the chord to center of the circle when the angle subtended by the another equal chord of a congruent circle is given
  1345. Distance between centers of two intersecting circles if the radii and common chord length is given
  1346. Length of the chord the circle if length of the another chord which is equally inclined through the diameter is given
  1347. Print the node with the maximum degree in the prufer sequence
  1348. Queries for the difference between the count of composite and prime numbers in a given range
  1349. Maximise matrix sum by following the given Path
  1350. Check whether a subsequence exists with sum equal to k if arr[i]> 2*arr[i-1]
  1351. Find the number of Chicks in a Zoo at Nth day
  1352. Find maximum path sum in a 2D matrix when exactly two left moves are allowed
  1353. Maximum sum of non-overlapping subarrays of length atmost K
  1354. Queries to check whether all the elements can be made positive by flipping signs exactly K times
  1355. Check if two numbers have same number of digits
  1356. Maximum distance between two unequal elements
  1357. Minimum length subarray of 1s in a Binary Array
  1358. Find row with maximum and minimum number of zeroes in given Matrix
  1359. Number of 0s and 1s at prime positions in the given array
  1360. Maximum water that can be stored between two buildings
  1361. Sum of all perfect numbers present in an array
  1362. Maximum subset sum such that no two elements in set have same digit in them
  1363. Length of longest sub-array with maximum arithmetic mean.
  1364. Sum of all mersenne numbers present in an array
  1365. Longest sub-sequence that satisfies the given conditions
  1366. Print all the sub diagonal elements of the given square matrix
  1367. Total number of possible Binary Search Trees using Catalan Number