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  1. Number of closing brackets needed to complete a regular bracket sequence
  2. Find maximum number of elements such that their absolute difference is less than or equal to 1
  3. K-th lexicographically smallest unique substring of a given string
  4. Print the nearest prime number formed by adding prime numbers to N
  5. Replace every character of string by character whose ASCII value is K times more than it
  6. Find a palindromic string B such that given String A is a subsequense of B
  7. Split the number into N parts such that difference between the smallest and the largest part is minimum
  8. Program to check if all characters have even frequency
  9. Number of different positions where a person can stand
  10. Number of balanced bracket subsequence of length 2 and 4
  11. Replace minimal number of characters to make all characters pair wise distinct
  12. Check if a number has digits in the given Order
  13. Find the value of the function Y = (X^6 + X^2 + 9894845) % 971
  14. Total money to be paid after traveling the given number of hours
  15. Minimum value possible of a given function from the given set
  16. Find the value of max(f(x)) - min(f(x)) for a given F(x)
  17. Number of ways to choose a pair containing an even and an odd number from 1 to N
  18. Modify the string such that it contains all vowels at least once
  19. Minimum and maximum number of N chocolates after distribution among K students
  20. Check if it is possible to return to the starting position after moving in the given directions
  21. Check if the sum of digits of a number N divides it
  22. Check if a string can be rearranged to form special palindrome
  23. Arrange a binary string to get maximum value within a range of indices
  24. Minimum operations required to transform a sequence of numbers to a sequence where a[i]=a[i+2]
  25. Find the longest common prefix between two strings after performing swaps on second string
  26. Problems not solved at the end of Nth day
  27. Maximize the sum of array by multiplying prefix of array with -1
  28. Covering maximum array elements with given value
  29. Number of anomalies in an array
  30. Count number of substrings with numeric value greater than X
  31. Check if all the palindromic sub-strings are of odd length
  32. Minimum number of bottles required to fill K glasses
  33. Check if a given tree graph is linear or not
  34. Check whether a number has consecutive 0's in the given base or not
  35. Find subsequences with maximum Bitwise AND and Bitwise OR
  36. Reconstruct the array by replacing arr[i] with (arr[i-1]+1) % M
  37. Get maximum items when other items of total cost of an item are free
  38. Check whether it is possible to make both arrays equal by modifying a single element
  39. Check if a triangle of positive area is possible with the given angles
  40. Count elements such that there are exactly X elements with values greater than or equal to X
  41. Check whether all the rotations of a given number is greater than or equal to the given number or not
  42. Find number from given list for which value of the function is closest to A
  43. Check if the Xor of the frequency of all digits of a number N is zero or not
  44. Minimum deletions from string to reduce it to string with at most 2 unique characters
  45. Maximum litres of water that can be bought with N Rupees
  46. Maximum students to pass after giving bonus to everybody and not exceeding 100 marks
  47. Minimum amount of lamps needed to be installed
  48. Distribution of candies according to ages of students
  49. Minimum number of characters to be replaced to make a given string Palindrome
  50. Maximum number of parallelograms that can be made using the given length of line segments
  51. Minimum sum after subtracting multiples of k from the elements of the array
  52. Total number of subsets in which the product of the elements is even
  53. Minimum cost to cover the given positions in a N*M grid
  54. Minimum steps to convert one binary string to other only using negation
  55. Count operations of the given type required to reduce N to 0
  56. Check if a + b = c is valid after removing all zeroes from a, b and c
  57. Minimum operations required to make all the array elements equal
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