1. Print modified array after multiple array range increment operations
  2. Insertion Sort for Doubly Linked List
  3. Count quadruples from four sorted arrays whose sum is equal to a given value x
  4. Toggle the last m bits
  5. Toggle bits in the given range
  6. Find the largest number with n set and m unset bits
  7. Insert value in sorted way in a sorted doubly linked list
  8. Delete a Doubly Linked List node at a given position
  9. Unset bits in the given range
  10. Count triplets in a sorted doubly linked list whose sum is equal to a given value x
  11. Merge k sorted linked lists | Set 2 (Using Min Heap)
  12. Delete adjacent duplicate nodes from the Doubly Linked List
  13. Find the character in first string that is present at minimum index in second string
  14. Replace each node in binary tree with the sum of its inorder predecessor and successor
  15. Remove duplicates from a sorted doubly linked list
  16. Delete all occurrences of a given key in a doubly linked list
  17. Remove duplicates from an unsorted doubly linked list
  18. Sort the biotonic doubly linked list
  19. Sort a k sorted doubly linked list
  20. Recursive selection sort for singly linked list | Swapping node links
  21. Puzzle | Find the last ball to remain after the entire process
  22. Get the position of rightmost unset bit
  23. Find the index of first 1 in a sorted array of 0's and 1's
  24. Get the kth smallest number using the digits of the given number
  25. Find the smallest number with n set and m unset bits
  26. Smallest sum contiguous subarray
  27. Form the largest number using at most one swap operation
  28. Maximum length subsequence with difference between adjacent elements as either 0 or 1
  29. Find the number closest to n and divisible by m
  30. Print the longest common substring
  31. Print characters and their frequencies in order of occurrence
  32. Print the following pyramid pattern
  33. Insert node into the middle of the linked list
  34. Form the smallest number using at most one swap operation
  35. Number of digits in the product of two numbers
  36. Decimal to binary conversion without using arithmetic operators
  37. Minimum absolute difference of XOR values of two subarrays
  38. Check whether all the bits are set in the given range
  39. Count pairs from two BSTs whose sum is equal to a given value x
  40. Position of rightmost common bit in two numbers
  41. Longest increasing subarray
  42. Maximum sum bitonic subarray
  43. Find the index of first 1 in an infinite sorted array of 0s and 1s
  44. Binary representation of previous number
  45. Insert a node after the n-th node from the end
  46. Check whether all the bits are unset in the given range or not
  47. Check whether a number can be expressed as a product of single digit numbers
  48. M-th smallest number having k number of set bits.
  49. Smallest number k such that the product of digits of k is equal to n
  50. Sum of all the parent nodes having child node x
  51. Next higher number using atmost one swap operation
  52. Largest area rectangular sub-matrix with equal number of 1's and 0's
  53. Lexicographically first alternate vowel and consonant string
  54. Maximum length subsequence with difference between adjacent elements as either 0 or 1 | Set 2
  55. Sum of nodes on the longest path from root to leaf node
  56. Check if a number has bits in alternate pattern | Set-2 O(1) Approach
  57. Check whether the number has only first and last bits set
  58. Minimum cells required to reach destination with jumps equal to cell values
  59. Construct BST from its given level order traversal
  60. Decimal representation of given binary string is divisible by 10 or not
  61. Next higher palindromic number using the same set of digits
  62. Reverse actual bits of the given number
  63. Sum of the series 1 + (1+3) + (1+3+5) + (1+3+5+7) + …… + (1+3+5+7+…+(2n-1))
  64. Remove all the palindromic words from the given sentence
  65. Check if one of the numbers is one's complement of the other
  66. Check if the given array can represent Level Order Traversal of Binary Search Tree
  67. Minimum cost to sort a matrix of numbers from 0 to n^2 - 1
  68. Even numbers at even index and odd numbers at odd index
  69. Longest subarray having count of 1s one more than count of 0s
  70. Reverse a circular linked list
  71. Count set bits in a range
  72. Longest subsequence such that difference between adjacents is one | Set 2
  73. Minimum sum submatrix in a given 2D array
  74. Split the string into substrings using delimiter
  75. Unset the last m bits
  76. Maximum sum path in a matrix from top to bottom
  77. Length of longest strict bitonic subsequence
  78. Decimal to octal conversion with minimum use of arithmetic operators
  79. Alternate sorting of Linked list
  80. Sum of first n even numbers
  81. Smallest perfect power of 2 greater than n (without using arithmetic operators)
  82. Implementation of Deque using doubly linked list
  83. Count rotations divisible by 8
  84. Longest Increasing Odd Even Subsequence
  85. Position of robot after given movements
  86. Modify and Rearrange List
  87. Length of longest increasing circular subarray
  88. Count unset bits in a range
  89. Form the largest palindromic number using atmost two swaps
  90. Maximum distinct elements after removing k elements
  91. Sum of leaf nodes at minimum level
  92. Sum of largest prime factor of each number less than equal to n
  93. Count number of increasing subsequences of size k
  94. Reverse a Doubly Linked List | Set-2
  95. Count subtrees that sum up to a given value x only using single recursive function
  96. Check if n is divisible by power of 2 without using arithmetic operators
  97. Double the first element and move zero to end
  98. Longest subarray with sum divisible by k
  99. Move all zeroes to end of array | Set-2 (Using single traversal)
  100. Sorting array of strings (or words) using Trie | Set-2 (Handling Duplicates)
  101. Count subarrays with equal number of 1's and 0's
  102. Check whether a binary tree is a full binary tree or not | Iterative Approach
  103. Check whether the two numbers differ at one bit position only
  104. Count sub-matrices having sum divisible 'k'
  105. Position of rightmost bit with first carry in sum of two binary
  106. Count of subsequences having maximum distinct elements
  107. Sum of the series 2 + (2+4) + (2+4+6) + (2+4+6+8) + …… + (2+4+6+8+….+2n)
  108. Maximum number of chocolates to be distributed equally among k students
  109. Sorted merge of two sorted doubly circular linked lists
  110. Check if array contains contiguous integers with duplicates allowed
  111. Longest Common Anagram Subsequence
  112. Maximum occurring character in an input string | Set-2
  113. Longest sub-array having sum k
  114. Count subsequences in first string which are anagrams of the second string
  115. Longest sub-string having frequency of each character less than equal to k
  116. Check whether the bit at given position is set or unset
  117. Largest rectangular sub-matrix having sum divisible by k
  118. Print all the palindromic permutations of given string in alphabetic order
  119. Print numbers in the range 1 to n having bits in alternate pattern
  120. Increment a number by one by manipulating the bits
  121. Python | Count set bits in a range
  122. PHP | Check if a number is armstrong number
  123. Check if actual binary representation of a number is palindrome
  124. Reverse a doubly linked list in groups of given size
  125. Print numbers having first and last bits as the only set bits
  126. Count items common to both the lists but with different prices
  127. Decimal representation of given binary string is divisible by 20 or not
  128. Count elements smaller than or equal to x in a sorted matrix
  129. Sort the given matrix
  130. Find the longest sub-array having exactly k odd numbers
  131. Sort the matrix row-wise and column-wise
  132. Largest value in each level of Binary Tree | Set-2 (Iterative Approach)
  133. Count pairs from two sorted matrices with given sum
  134. Maximum spiral sum in Binary Tree
  135. Find the slope of the given number
  136. Fibbinary Numbers (No consecutive 1s in binary) - O(1) Approach
  137. Next greater number on the basis of precedence of digits
  138. Check whether bits are in alternate pattern in the given range | Set-2
  139. Sort the given string using character search
  140. Print Bracket Number
  141. Delete all the nodes from the list that are greater than x
  142. Delete all the nodes from the doubly linked list that are greater than a given value
  143. Maximum sub-matrix area having count of 1's one more than count of 0's
  144. Count substrings that starts with character X and ends with character Y
  145. Merge two sorted linked list without duplicates
  146. Check whether all the bits are unset in the given range
  147. Check if bits in range L to R of two numbers are complement of each other or not
  148. Find the largest area rectangular sub-matrix whose sum is equal to k
  149. Check whether bits are in alternate pattern in the given range
  150. Count pairs in a binary tree whose sum is equal to a given value x
  151. Final cell position in the matrix
  152. Length of longest common subsequence containing vowels
  153. Recursive Approach to find nth node from the end in the linked list
  154. Longest subarray having maximum sum
  155. Reverse a doubly circular linked list
  156. Calculate the total fine to be collected
  157. Longest subarray having difference in the count of 1's and 0's equal to k
  158. Check whether product of 'n' numbers is even or odd
  159. Print the last k nodes of the linked list in reverse order | Recursive approach
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