1. Abstract Data Types
  2. Check if a number can be written as sum of three consecutive integers
  3. Find length of longest subsequence of one string which is substring of another string
  4. Thue-Morse sequence
  5. Shuffle 2n integers in format {a1, b1, a2, b2, a3, b3, ......, an, bn} without using extra space
  6. Puzzle | (Round table coin game)
  7. Check mirror in n-ary tree
  8. Queries on XOR of greatest odd divisor of the range
  9. Recursive program to print formula for GCD of n integers
  10. Check if a line touches or intersects a circle
  11. Sylvester's sequence
  12. Golomb sequence
  13. Minimum cost to convert 3 X 3 matrix into magic square
  14. Maximize the binary matrix by filpping submatrix once
  15. Buy Maximum Stocks if i stocks can be bought on i-th day
  16. Remove array end element to maximize the sum of product
  17. Find minimum radius such that atleast k point lie inside the circle
  18. Maximum points from top left of matrix to bottom right and return back
  19. Longest Increasing Path in Matrix
  20. Longest Common Subsequence with at most k changes allowed
  21. Maximum value of |arr[i] - arr[j]| + |i - j|
  22. Queries on probability of even or odd number in given ranges
  23. Minimum tiles of sizes in powers of two to cover whole area
  24. Lexicographically largest subsequence such that every character occurs at least k times
  25. Maximize the sum of arr[i]*i
  26. Lexicographically smallest string whose hamming distance from given string is exactly K
  27. Tile Stacking Problem
  28. Largest number less than N whose each digit is prime number
  29. Length of Longest Balanced Subsequence
  30. Woodall Number
  31. Pierpont Prime
  32. Pairs of Positive Negative values in an array
  33. Sum of Binomial coefficients
  34. Magnet Puzzle | Backtracking-9
  35. Delannoy Number
  36. Only integer with positive value in positive negative value in array
  37. Number of visible boxes after putting one inside another
  38. Queries for maximum difference between prime numbers in given ranges
  39. Find trace of matrix formed by adding Row-major and Column-major order of same matrix
  40. Narayana number
  41. Count subarrays where second highest lie before highest
  42. Minimum cost to make Longest Common Subsequence of length k
  43. Check if possible to cross the matrix with given power
  44. Nicomachus’s Theorem (Sum of k-th group of odd positive numbers)
  45. Number of palindromic subsequences of length k where k <= 3
  46. Leyland Number
  47. Schröder–Hipparchus number
  48. Sexy Prime
  49. Count of arrays having consecutive element with different values
  50. Length of longest balanced parentheses prefix
  51. Maximum difference of zeros and ones in binary string
  52. Motzkin number
  53. Sum of squares of first n natural numbers
  54. Number of ways to insert a character to increase the LCS by one
  55. Maximize volume of cuboid with given sum of sides
  56. Lobb Number
  57. Newman–Shanks–Williams prime
  58. Queries on Left and Right Circular shift on array
  59. Balanced Prime
  60. Encrypt string with product of number of vowels and consonants in substring of size k
  61. Eulerian Number
  62. Ways to split array into two groups of same XOR value
  63. Pascal Matrix
  64. Queries on XOR of XORs of all subarrays
  65. Entringer Number
  66. Different ways to sum n using numbers greater than or equal to m
  67. Telephone Number
  68. Minimum flip required to make Binary Matrix symmetric
  69. Sum of Manhattan distances between all pairs of points
  70. Game of Nim with removal of one stone allowed
  71. Hosoya's Triangle
  72. Add given n time durations
  73. Maximum binomial coefficient term value
  74. Leibniz harmonic triangle
  75. Divide cuboid into cubes such that sum of volumes is maximum
  76. Trinomial Triangle
  77. Find sum of even index binomial coefficients
  78. Sum of squares of binomial coefficients
  79. Sum of Arithmetic Geometric Sequence
  80. Diagonally Dominant Matrix
  81. Range Query on array whose each element is XOR of index value and previous element
  82. Fibonomial coefficient and Fibonomial triangle
  83. Check whether a given string is Heterogram or not
  84. Number of parallelograms when n horizontal parallel lines intersect m vertical parallellines
  85. Panalphabetic window in a string
  86. Add two numbers represented by two arrays
  87. Jacobsthal and Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers
  88. Check if two trees are Mirror | Set 2
  89. Check if the given two numbers are friendly pair or not
  90. Number of strings of length N with no palindromic sub string
  91. Recursive sum of digits of a number formed by repeated appends
  92. Divide a big number into two parts that differ by k
  93. Product of given N fractions in reduced form
  94. Rencontres Number (Counting partial derangements)
  95. Number of jump required of given length to reach a point of form (d, 0) from origin in 2D plane
  96. Largest subset with maximum difference as 1
  97. Sum of product of each element with each element after it
  98. Print all sequences starting with n and consecutive difference limited to k
  99. Number of loops of size k starting from a specific node
  100. Ways to split string such that each partition starts with distinct character
  101. Check if bitwise AND of any subset is power of two
  102. Move matrix elements in given direction and add elements with same value
  103. Count of 'GFG' Subsequences in the given string
  104. Arithmetic Number
  105. Check if a queue can be sorted into another queue using a stack
  106. Queries on sum of odd number digit sums of all the factors of a number
  107. Sum of first n natural numbers
  108. Check if a given matrix is Hankel or not
  109. Sum of square-sums of first n natural numbers
  110. Reflection of a point at 180 degree rotation of another point
  111. Forming smallest array with given constraints
  112. Triplets in array with absolute difference less than k
  113. Minimum bit changes in Binary Circular array to reach a index
  114. Construct an array from GCDs of consecutive elements in given array
  115. Number of circular tours that visit all petrol pumps
  116. Lexicographically Kth smallest way to reach given coordinate from origin
  117. Number of arrays of size N whose elements are positive integers and sum is K
  118. Minimum cost to equal all elements of array using two operation
  119. Sum of product of r and rth Binomial Coefficient (r * nCr)
  120. Check if three straight lines are concurrent or not
  121. Queries on number of Binary sub-matrices of Given size
  122. Find the GCD that lies in given range
  123. Check if mirror image of a number is same if displayed in seven segment display
  124. Print concentric rectangular pattern in a 2d matrix
  125. Maximum value in a matrix which contain intersecting concentric submatrix
  126. Number of Distinct Meeting Points on a Circular Road
  127. Check if array sum can be made K by three operations on it
  128. Sum of product of consecutive Binomial Coefficients
  129. Check if the n-th term is odd or even in a Fibonacci like sequence
  130. Total number of decreasing paths in a matrix
  131. Number of refills to complete the journey of N km
  132. Check if a line at 45 degree can divide the plane into two equal weight parts
  133. Minimum operation require to make first and last character same
  134. Check if the given chessboard is valid or not
  135. Queries on insertion of an element in a Bitonic Sequence
  136. Queries to check if it is possible to join boxes in a circle
  137. Count common subsequence in two strings
  138. Lexicographically largest prime path from top-left to bottom-right in a matrix
  139. Traverse matrix in L shape
  140. Maximum number that can be display on Seven Segment Display using N segments
  141. Generate two BSTs from the given array such that maximum height among them is minimum
  142. Length of the largest substring which have character with frequency greater than or equal to half of the substring
  143. Number of sub-sequence such that it has one consecutive element with difference less than or equal to 1
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