1. Majority Element
  2. Count Inversions in an array | Set 1 (Using Merge Sort)
  3. A Product Array Puzzle
  4. Given a number, find the next smallest palindrome
  5. Dice Throw | DP-30
  6. Why is Binary Search preferred over Ternary Search?
  7. Pythagorean Triplet in an array
  8. Iterative Depth First Traversal of Graph
  9. Find the number of Islands | Set 2 (Using Disjoint Set)
  10. Heap's Algorithm for generating permutations
  11. Count ways to increase LCS length of two strings by one
  12. Multiply Large Numbers represented as Strings
  13. Recursive function to do substring search
  14. Reverse an array without using subtract sign ‘-‘ anywhere in the code
  15. Taking String input with space in C (3 Different Methods)
  16. Count minimum right flips to set all values in an array
  17. Randomized Binary Search Algorithm
  18. merge() in C++ STL
  19. Simplify the directory path (Unix like)
  20. Print all subsequences of a string | Iterative Method
  21. Number of days until all chocolates become unhealthy
  22. Find two numbers from their sum and XOR
  23. Number of ways to form a heap with n distinct integers
  24. Remove the forbidden strings
  25. Check if it is possible to convert one string into another with given constraints
  26. Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree | Set 3 (Using RMQ)
  27. Count of numbers appearing in the given ranges at-least K times
  28. Find the number of distinct islands in a 2D matrix
  29. Sum and product of k smallest and k largest prime numbers in the array
  30. Number of subarrays have bitwise OR >= K
  31. Number of unique pairs in an array
  32. Find sub-matrix with the given sum
  33. Minimum sum of two numbers formed from digits of an array in O(n)
  34. Check whether two strings contain same characters in same order