1. Choose atleast two elements from array such that their GCD is 1 and cost is minimum
  2. Find a pair from the given array with maximum nCr value
  3. Generate original array from difference between every two consecutive elements
  4. Count the number of operations required to reduce the given number
  5. Range Queries to Find number of sub-arrays with a given xor
  6. Minimum possible final health of the last monster in a game
  7. Find the largest interval that contains exactly one of the given N integers.
  8. Count the triplets such that A[i] < B[j] < C[k]
  9. Find the original coordinates whose Manhattan distances are given
  10. Minimum Possible sum of digits in a positive multiple of N
  11. Number of distinct pair of edges such that it partitions both trees into same subsets of nodes
  12. Number of ways to paint a tree of N nodes with K distinct colors with given conditions
  13. Find the lexicographical next balanced bracket sequence
  14. Number of ways to choose elements from the array such that their average is K
  15. Longest subsequence with first and last element greater than all other elements
  16. Total number of odd length palindrome sub-sequence around each centre
  17. Minimum operations to make sum of neighbouring elements <= X
  18. Find the number of p-sided squares in a grid with K blacks painted
  19. Maximum number of nodes which can be reached from each node in a graph.
  20. Kth smallest element in the array using constant space when array can't be modified
  21. Number of possible permutations when absolute difference between number of elements to the right and left are given
  22. Sum of all second largest divisors after splitting a number into one or more parts
  23. Find the final sequence of the array after performing given operations
  24. Find two integers A and B such that A ^ N = A + N and B ^ N = B + N
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