1. Smallest multiple of 3 which consists of three given non-zero digits
  2. Largest number less than X having at most K set bits
  3. Find cost price from given selling price and profit or loss percentage
  4. Count of matrices (of different orders) with given number of elements
  5. Minimum elements to be added so that two matrices can be multiplied
  6. Program to find nth term of the series 1 4 15 24 45 60 92
  7. Maximum number of 3-person teams formed from two groups
  8. K length words that can be formed from given characters without repetition
  9. Smallest perfect square divisible by all elements of an array
  10. Smallest perfect Cube divisible by all elements of an array
  11. Sum of P terms of an AP if Mth and Nth terms are given
  12. Find nth term of the series 5 2 13 41
  13. Maximum bishops that can be placed on N*N chessboard
  14. Find Pth term of a GP if Mth and Nth terms are given
  15. Largest number less than or equal to N/2 which is coprime to N
  16. Count strings that end with the given pattern
  17. Find the Side of the smallest Square that can contain given 4 Big Squares
  18. Maximum given sized rectangles that can be cut out of a sheet of paper
  19. Count of words that are present in all the given sentences
  20. Count array elements that divide the sum of all other elements
  21. Count all elements in the array which appears at least K times after their first occurrence
  22. Pick points from array such that minimum distance is maximized
  23. Draw a moving car using computer graphics programming in C
  24. Given number of matches played, find number of teams in tournament
  25. Print a number as string of 'A' and 'B' in lexicographic order
  26. Replace all elements by difference of sums of positive and negative numbers after that element
  27. Find amount of water wasted after filling the tank
  28. Arrange given numbers to form the smallest number
  29. Compare two strings considering only alphanumeric characters
  30. Check if two strings are same ignoring their cases
  31. Find the lexicographically smallest string which satisfies the given condition
  32. Maximum possible middle element of the array after deleting exactly k elements
  33. Number of ways to arrange a word such that no vowels occur together
  34. Partition the string in two parts such that both parts have at least k different characters
  35. Replace elements with absolute difference of smallest element on left and largest element on right
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