Smitha Dinesh Semwal
Smitha Dinesh Semwal
  1. Program to print factors of a number in pairs
  2. C/C++ Tricky Programs
  3. C Program to display hostname and IP address
  4. Deadlock in DBMS
  5. Transaction Isolation Levels in DBMS
  6. File Organization in DBMS | Set 2
  7. Starvation in DBMS
  8. Program for triangular patterns of alphabets
  9. Python program to interchange first and last elements in a list
  10. File Organization in DBMS | Set 1
  11. File Organization in DBMS | Set 3
  12. Python | Remove duplicate tuples from list of tuples
  13. Bitmap Indexing in DBMS
  14. Program to find Nth term in the given Series
  15. Python | Find longest consecutive letter and digit substring
  16. Number of digits in 2 raised to power n
  17. Program to find N-th term of the series a, b, b, c, c, c,.......
  18. Find longest length number in a string
  19. Program to print numeric pattern | Set - 2
  20. Find indices of all occurrence of one string in other
  21. Python program to find sum of absolute difference between all pairs in a list
  22. Program to find Nth term in the series 0, 0, 2, 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 8,...
  23. Print the given 3 string after modifying and concatenating
  24. Printing frequency of each character just after its consecutive occurrences
  25. Program for incrementing/decrementing triangle pattern
  26. Program to print half diamond Number-Star pattern
  27. Program to find Nth term in the series 0, 2, 1, 3, 1, 5, 2, 7, 3,…
  28. Hamming distance between two Integers
  29. PHP | quoted_printable_decode() Function
  30. PHP | quoted_printable_encode() Function
  31. Python | Find missing numbers in a sorted list range
  32. Program to find the Discount Percentage
  33. Program to find the common ratio of three numbers
  34. Program to solve the Alligation Problem
  35. Python | Find most common element in each column in a 2D list
  36. Python program to remove Nth occurrence of the given word
  37. Python program to swap two elements in a list
  38. Python program to find the sum of all items in a dictionary
  39. Python | Check whether given key already exists in a dictionary
  40. Python | Nested Dictionary
  41. Python | Convert a list of multiple integers into a single integer
  42. Python | Insert the string at the beginning of all items in a list
  43. Python | Find depth of a dictionary
  44. Python | Program to convert a tuple to a string
  45. Python | Program to count duplicates in a list of tuples
  46. Python | Convert string to DateTime and vice-versa
  47. Python regex to find sequences of one upper case letter followed by lower case letters
  48. Python program to find number of days between two given dates
  49. Python program to calculate age in year
  50. Python program to insert an element into sorted list
  51. Python | Convert a list into a tuple
  52. Python | Convert set into a list
  53. Python | Merge two lists into list of tuples
  54. Python | Remove spaces from a string
  55. Check for balanced parentheses in Python
  56. Python | Check if all elements in a list are identical
  57. Python program to find day of the week for a given date
  58. Python program to convert seconds into hours, minutes and seconds
  59. Python | Get dictionary keys as a list
  60. Python | Make a list of intervals with sequential numbers
  61. Python | Spilt a sentence into list of words
  62. Python | Find most frequent element in a list
  63. Python | Sort list containing alphanumeric values
  64. Python program to get all subsets of given size of a set
  65. Python | Split string into list of characters
  66. Python program to check if given string is pangram
  67. Python | Replace multiple occurrence of character by single
  68. Python | Remove all digits from a list of strings
  69. Python | Find all possible substrings after deleting k characters
  70. Python | Convert a list of lists into tree-like dict
  71. Python | Find maximum length sub-list in a nested list
  72. Python | Shrink given list for repeating elements
  73. Python | Find all triplets in a list with given sum
  74. Python | Replace list elements with its ordinal number
  75. Python | Find groups of strictly increasing numbers in a list
  76. Python | Update a list of tuples using another list
  77. Python | Get the smallest window in a string containing all characters of given pattern
  78. Python | Merge corresponding sublists from two different lists
  79. Python | Count occurrence of all elements of list in a tuple
  80. Python | Count the sublists containing given element in a list
  81. Python | Check if list contains consecutive numbers
  82. Python | Sort list of numbers by sum of their digits
  83. Python | Create list of numbers with given range
  84. Python | Check if a nested list is a subset of another nested list
  85. Python | Sort tuple based on occurrence of first element
  86. Python | Unpacking tuple of lists
  87. Python | Remove sublists that are present in another sublist
  88. Python | Print diagonals of 2D list
  89. Python | Split list of strings into sublists based on length
  90. Python | Find all distinct pairs with difference equal to k
  91. Python | Remove elements of list that are repeated less than k times
  92. Python | Check if a list is contained in another list
  93. Python | Reverse sequence of strictly increasing integers in a list
  94. Python | Convert list into list of lists
  95. Python | Find elements of a list by indices
  96. Python | Reverse each tuple in a list of tuples
  97. Python | Find k longest words in given list
  98. Python | Intersection of multiple lists
  99. Python | Reshape a list according to given multi list
  100. Python | Find most common element in a 2D list
  101. Python | Reverse sign of each element in given list
  102. Python | Remove repeated sublists from given list
  103. Python | Get last element of each sublist
  104. Python | Get first element of each sublist
  105. Python | Program to count number of lists in a list of lists
  106. Python | Merge two lists alternatively
  107. Python | Check if given string can be formed by concatenating string elements of list
  108. Python | Check if given words appear together in a list of sentence
  109. Python | Ways to sort letters of string alphabetically
  110. Python | Merge two list of lists according to first element
  111. Python | Convert string enclosed list to list
  112. Python | Split CamelCase string to individual strings
  113. Python program to convert camel case string to snake case
  114. Python | Convert 1D list to 2D list of variable length
  115. Python | Filter list of strings based on the substring list
  116. Python program to find all possible pairs with given sum
  117. Python | Merge first and last elements separately in a list
  118. Python | Convert a list to dictionary
  119. Python program to create a list centered on zero
  120. Python | Increase list size by padding each element by N
  121. Python | Merging nested lists
  122. Python | Increment 1's in list based on pattern
  123. Python | Check possible bijection between sequence of characters and digits
  124. Python | Count true booleans in a list
  125. Python | Column wise sum of nested list
  126. Python | Group list elements based on frequency
  127. Python | Find closest number to k in given list
  128. Python | Convert list of strings to space separated string
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  1. Smallest power of 2 greater than or equal to n
  2. Position of rightmost set bit
  3. Babylonian method for square root
  4. Find the smallest and second smallest elements in an array
  5. Maximum difference between two elements such that larger element appears after the smaller number
  6. Find the two repeating elements in a given array
  7. Next higher number with same number of set bits
  8. Check if a number is multiple of 5 without using / and % operators
  9. Average of a stream of numbers
  10. Count total set bits in all numbers from 1 to n
  11. Given a number, find the next smallest palindrome
  12. Space and time efficient Binomial Coefficient
  13. Pascal's Triangle
  14. Russian Peasant (Multiply two numbers using bitwise operators)
  15. Tail Recursion
  16. Print all increasing sequences of length k from first n natural numbers
  17. Find length of period in decimal value of 1/n
  18. Find number of days between two given dates
  19. Group multiple occurrence of array elements ordered by first occurrence
  20. Iterative Merge Sort
  21. Euler's Totient Function
  22. Find the nearest smaller numbers on left side in an array
  23. Search an element in an array where difference between adjacent elements is 1
  24. Print string of odd length in 'X' format
  25. Print all non-increasing sequences of sum equal to a given number x
  26. Find XOR of two number without using XOR operator
  27. Count triplets with sum smaller than a given value
  28. Sum of Bitwise And of all pairs in a given array
  29. Sieve of Atkin
  30. Find all divisors of a natural number | Set 1
  31. Find a permutation that causes worst case of Merge Sort
  32. Number of non-negative integral solutions of a + b + c = n
  33. Count digits in a factorial | Set 1
  34. Print first n numbers with exactly two set bits
  35. Find profession in a special family
  36. Third largest element in an array of distinct elements
  37. Check if all bits can be made same by single flip
  38. Check whether a given number is even or odd
  39. Check if bits of a number has count of consecutive set bits in increasing order
  40. Multiply a number with 10 without using multiplication operator
  41. GCD, LCM and Distributive Property
  42. Multiples of 4 (An Interesting Method)
  43. Find Equal (or Middle) Point in a sorted array with duplicates
  44. Sum of maximum elements of all subsets
  45. Elements before which no element is bigger in array
  46. Minimum XOR Value Pair
  47. Minimum flips in two binary arrays so that their XOR is equal to another array
  48. Chocolate Distribution Problem
  49. Mersenne Prime
  50. Program for Chocolate and Wrapper Puzzle
  51. Find two prime numbers with given sum
  52. Program to implement Collatz Conjecture
  53. Printing Heart Pattern in C
  54. Check whether a point exists in circle sector or not.
  55. Double factorial
  56. Find three element from different three arrays such that a + b + c = sum
  57. N-th multiple in sorted list of multiples of two numbers
  58. Count of index pairs with equal elements in an array
  59. Exponential Search
  60. Count smaller numbers whose XOR with n produces greater value
  61. Sort all even numbers in ascending order and then sort all odd numbers in descending order
  62. Count smaller values whose XOR with x is greater than x
  63. XOR of all subarray XORs | Set 1
  64. Recaman's sequence
  65. Find original array from encrypted array (An array of sums of other elements)
  66. Noble integers in an array (count of greater elements is equal to value)
  67. Program to print the diamond shape
  68. Digital Root (repeated digital sum) of the given large integer
  69. Program for average of an array (Iterative and Recursive)
  70. Recursive program to linearly search an element in a given array
  71. Find the number of valid parentheses expressions of given length
  72. Check if two numbers are equal without using arithmetic and comparison operators
  73. Minimum insertions to form shortest palindrome
  74. Find a time for which angle between hour and minute hands is given theta
  75. Set the K-th bit of a given number
  76. C++ program to concatenate a string given number of times
  77. Find the Missing Point of Parallelogram
  78. Count pairs (a, b) whose sum of cubes is N (a^3 + b^3 = N)
  79. Print the pattern by using one loop | Set 2 (Using Continue Statement)
  80. Print the given pattern recursively
  81. Position of rightmost different bit
  82. Lychrel Number Implementation
  83. Finding power of prime number p in n!
  84. Sum of numbers with exactly 2 bits set
  85. Program to print the sum of the given nth term
  86. Recursive program to print formula for GCD of n integers
  87. Recursive solution to count substrings with same first and last characters
  88. Find element in a sorted array whose frequency is greater than or equal to n/2.
  89. Program to print binary right angle triangle
  90. Count total bits in a number
  91. Recursive Tower of Hanoi using 4 pegs / rods
  92. Golomb sequence
  93. Maximum area rectangle by picking four sides from array
  94. Minimum flips required to maximize a number with k set bits
  95. Sort string of characters
  96. Find Unique pair in an array with pairs of numbers
  97. Program for cube sum of first n natural numbers
  98. Program to print multiplication table of a number
  99. C Program for cube sum of first n natural numbers
  100. Generate all passwords from given character set
  101. Possibility of a word from a given set of characters
  102. Program for Mean and median of an unsorted array
  103. Program for Variance and Standard Deviation of an array
  104. Given an array and three numbers, maximize (x * a[i]) + (y * a[j]) + (z * a[k])
  105. Sum of all the prime divisors of a number
  106. Program for weighted mean of natural numbers.
  107. Only integer with positive value in positive negative value in array
  108. Finding the best fit rectangle that covers a given point
  109. Check whether a number can be represented by sum of two squares
  110. Program to find the minimum (or maximum) element of an array
  111. Sum of the series 1, 3, 6, 10... (Triangular Numbers)
  112. Product of maximum in first array and minimum in second
  113. Add 1 to number represented as array | Recursive Approach
  114. Print pair with maximum AND value in an array
  115. N-th polite number
  116. Quotient and remainder dividing by 2^k (a power of 2)
  117. Find last index of a character in a string
  118. Lobb Number
  119. File Organization in DBMS | Set 2
  120. Find the distance covered to collect items at equal distances
  121. Program to print numbers with diamond pattern
  122. Program to calculate value of nCr
  123. XNOR of two numbers
  124. Program for Stair Case Patterns
  125. Speed of boat in still water from speed of stream and times taken
  126. Program for Hexagonal Pattern
  127. Trimorphic Number
  128. Print the pyramid pattern with given height and minimum number of stars
  129. Find number of pairs in an array such that their XOR is 0
  130. Check if given four integers (or sides) make rectangle
  131. Sum of fourth powers of first n odd natural numbers
  132. Find the Number which contain the digit d
  133. First uppercase letter in a string (Iterative and Recursive)
  134. Program for class interval arithmetic mean
  135. Average of first n odd naturals numbers
  136. Minimum moves to reach target on a infinite line | Set 2
  137. Find a Fixed Point (Value equal to index) in a given array | Duplicates Allowed
  138. Recursive program for prime number
  139. Squares of numbers with repeated single digits | Set 1 (3, 6 and 9)
  140. Area of a Circumscribed Circle of a Square
  141. Check whether the number has only first and last bits set | Set 2
  142. Maximum XOR-value of at-most k-elements from 1 to n
  143. Check if it is possible to survive on Island
  144. Smallest alphabet greater than a given character
  145. Evaluate an array expression with numbers, + and -
  146. Finding the vertex, focus and directrix of a parabola
  147. Program for Expressionless Face Pattern printing
  148. Rencontres Number (Counting partial derangements)
  149. Program to wish Women's Day
  150. Find the only repetitive element between 1 to n-1
  151. Coordinates of rectangle with given points lie inside
  152. Number of indexes with equal elements in given range
  153. Minimum removals to make array sum even
  154. Smallest triangular number larger than p
  155. Smallest even digits number not less than N
  156. Find n-th element from Stern's Diatomic Series
  157. Almost Perfect Number
  158. Number with even sum of digits
  159. Sum of product of each element with each element after it
  160. Square pyramidal number (Sum of Squares)
  161. N-th number which is both a square and a cube
  162. Reach A and B by multiplying them with K and K^2 at every step
  163. First digit in factorial of a number
  164. Legendre's Conjecture
  165. Decimal Equivalent of Gray Code and its Inverse
  166. Finding a Non Transitive Coprime Triplet in a Range
  167. Space optimization using bit manipulations
  168. Brahmagupta Fibonacci Identity
  169. Height of a complete binary tree (or Heap) with N nodes
  170. Program to check if first and the last characters of string are equal
  171. Sum of the series 2^0 + 2^1 + 2^2 +.....+ 2^n
  172. k-Rough Number or k-Jagged Number
  173. Number of Digits in a^b
  174. Number whose sum of XOR with given array range is maximum
  175. Moser-de Bruijn Sequence
  176. Lagrange's four square theorem
  177. Possible two sets from first N natural numbers difference of sums as D
  178. Sum of digits written in different bases from 2 to n-1
  179. Bitwise recursive addition of two integers
  180. Blum Integer
  181. Program for sum of cos(x) series
  182. Check a number is odd or even without modulus operator
  183. Maximum sum increasing subsequence from a prefix and a given element after prefix is must
  184. Sum of range in a series of first odd then even natural numbers
  185. Pattern to print X in a rectangular box
  186. Finding n-th term of series 3, 13, 42, 108, 235…
  187. Check divisibility of binary string by 2^k
  188. Maximum steps to transform 0 to X with bitwise AND
  189. Multiply any Number with 4 using Bitwise Operator
  190. Count divisible pairs in an array
  191. Maximum equlibrium sum in an array
  192. Maximum height of triangular arrangement of array values
  193. Slope of perpendicular to line
  194. Trick for modular division ( (x1 * x2 .... xn) / b ) mod (m)
  195. Sorting array with reverse around middle
  196. Swapping four variables without temporary variable
  197. Find maximum and minimum distance between magnets
  198. Check if a given matrix is Hankel or not
  199. Tiling with Dominoes
  200. Find value of k-th bit in binary representation
  201. Forming smallest array with given constraints
  202. Find the other-end coordinates of diameter in a circle
  203. N/3 repeated number in an array with O(1) space
  204. Minimum cost to equal all elements of array using two operation
  205. Two odd occurring elements in an array where all other occur even times
  206. Check if three straight lines are concurrent or not
  207. Program to print numeric pattern
  208. Set the rightmost unset bit
  209. How to turn on a particular bit in a number?
  210. Partition negative and positive without comparison with 0
  211. Maximize the bitwise OR of an array
  212. Print concentric rectangular pattern in a 2d matrix
  213. Number with set bits only between L-th and R-th index
  214. Program to find LCM of 2 numbers without using GCD
  215. Print all pairs with given sum
  216. Print all triplets with given sum
  217. Count occurrences of a substring recursively
  218. Number of rectangles in a circle of radius R
  219. Check if a M-th fibonacci number divides N-th fibonacci number
  220. Find i’th index character in a binary string obtained after n iterations | Set 2
  221. Number of odd and even results for every value of x in range [min, max] after performing N steps
  222. Check if the large number formed is divisible by 41 or not
  223. Array elements that appear more than once
  224. Program to find the Interior and Exterior Angle of a Regular Polygon
  225. Print all the combinations of N elements by changing sign such that their sum is divisible by M
  226. Program to print numeric pattern | Set - 2
  227. Check whether all the bits are unset in the given range
  228. Sum of two numbers modulo M
  229. Check if bits in range L to R of two numbers are complement of each other or not
  230. Count pairs with Bitwise XOR as ODD number
  231. Program to print Sine-Wave Pattern
  232. Program to Print Mirror Image of Sine-Wave Pattern
  233. Program to find Nth term in the series 0, 0, 2, 1, 4, 2, 6, 3, 8,...
  234. Program to print Inverse Diamond pattern
  235. Comparing leading zeros in binary representations of two numbers
  236. Minimum value of N such that xor from 1 to N is equal to K
  237. Number of ways to change the XOR of two numbers by swapping the bits
  238. Program to print half diamond Number-Star pattern
  239. Complement of a number with any base b
  240. Minimum time required to fill a cistern using N pipes
  241. Minimum time required to complete a work by N persons together
  242. Program to invert bits of a number Efficiently
  243. Recursive program to print triangular patterns
  244. Hamming distance between two Integers
  245. Rotations of a Binary String with Odd Value
  246. Program to print Hut
  247. Check n^2 - m^2 is prime or not
  248. Sum of numbers from 1 to N which are divisible by 3 or 4
  249. Next greater number than N with exactly one bit different in binary representation of N
  250. Program to print the Zigzag pattern
  251. Print values of 'a' in equation (a+b) <= n and a+b is divisible by x
  252. Count numbers whose difference with N is equal to XOR with N
  253. Program to find Nth term divisible by a or b