1. Save from Bishop in chessboard
  2. Non-overlapping sum of two sets
  3. Lexicographically n-th permutation of a string
  4. An interesting method to print reverse of a linked list
  5. Bresenham’s circle drawing algorithm
  6. Translation of objects in computer graphics
  7. Find numbers of balancing positions in string
  8. Find n-th lexicographically permutation of a string | Set 2
  9. Calculate number of nodes in all subtrees | Using DFS
  10. Lexicographic rank of a string using STL
  11. Check whether a given point lies inside a rectangle or not
  12. Binary array after M range toggle operations
  13. Number of bitonic arrays of length n and consisting of elements from 1 to n
  14. Find row number of a binary matrix having maximum number of 1s
  15. Total number of divisors for a given number
  16. Find smallest number n such that n XOR n+1 equals to given k.
  17. Find the sum of maximum difference possible from all subset of a given array.
  18. Minimum operation to make all elements equal in array
  19. Find m-th summation of first n natural numbers.
  20. Minimum operations to make XOR of array zero
  21. Rearrangement of a number which is also divisible by it
  22. Puzzle | River Crossing
  23. Maximum area rectangle by picking four sides from array
  24. Maximum number of squares that can fit in a right angle isosceles triangle
  25. Check if given array is almost sorted (elements are at-most one position away)
  26. Minimum flips required to maximize a number with k set bits
  27. Minimum bitwise operations to convert given a into b.
  28. Value of continuous floor function : F(x) = F(floor(x/2)) + x
  29. Find longest bitonic sequence such that increasing and decreasing parts are from two different arrays
  30. Generate two output strings depending upon occurrence of character in input string.
  31. Maximum difference between group of k-elements and rest of the array.
  32. Count entries equal to x in a special matrix
  33. Minimum number of increment-other operations to make all array elements equal.
  34. Find the dimensions of Right angled triangle
  35. Minimum Possible value of |ai + aj - k| for given array and k.
  36. Minimum rotations to unlock a circular lock
  37. Smallest integer with digit sum M and multiple of N
  38. Find a number x such that sum of x and its digits is equal to given n.
  39. Length of the longest substring with equal 1s and 0s
  40. Minimum sum by choosing minimum of pairs from array
  41. Maximum value with the choice of either dividing or considering as it is
  42. Largest increasing subsequence of consecutive integers
  43. Convert to number with digits as 3 and 8 only
  44. Maximum trains for which stoppage can be provided
  45. Closest greater element for every array element from another array
  46. Find minimum shift for longest common prefix
  47. Maximum AND value of a pair in an array
  48. Construct lexicographically smallest palindrome
  49. Number of elements greater than modified mean in matrix
  50. Minimum De-arrangements present in array of AP (Arithmetic Progression)
  51. Find mean of subarray means in a given array
  52. Find largest element from array without using conditional operator
  53. Fibonacci Word
  54. Print n smallest elements from given array in their original order
  55. Print pair with maximum AND value in an array
  56. Quotient and remainder dividing by 2^k (a power of 2)
  57. De-arrangements for minimum product sum of two arrays
  58. Minimum number of subsets with distinct elements
  59. k smallest elements in same order using O(1) extra space
  60. Addition of two numbers without carry
  61. PHP program to change date format
  62. Number of local extrema in an array
  63. Construct sum-array with sum of elements in given range
  64. Converting one string to other using append and delete last operations
  65. jQuery | Introduction
  66. Remove all outgoing edges except edge with minimum weight
  67. Find n-th term of series 3, 9, 21, 41, 71...
  68. Minimum distance between two occurrences of maximum
  69. Maximum XOR-value of at-most k-elements from 1 to n
  70. Completion time of a given process in round robin
  71. Tribonacci Word
  72. Pairs such that one is a power multiple of other
  73. Find set of m-elements with difference of any two elements is divisible by k
  74. Sort an array of dates in PHP
  75. Numbers having difference with digit sum more than s
  76. Check if two strings have a common substring
  77. Find value of (1^n + 2^n + 3^n + 4^n ) mod 5
  78. Find value of y mod (2 raised to power x)
  79. Find ΔX which is added to numerator and denominator both of fraction (a/b) to convert it to another fraction (c/d)
  80. Minimum increment by k operations to make all elements equal
  81. Find value of (n^1 + n^2 + n^3 + n^4) mod 5 for given n
  82. PHP | Change strings in an array to uppercase
  83. PHP | Separate odd and even elements from array without using loop
  84. Coordinates of rectangle with given points lie inside
  85. Find the winner in nim-game
  86. Check for star graph
  87. Hypercube Graph
  88. Number of subsets with product less than k
  89. Fibonacci Cube Graph
  90. PHP | Sort array of strings in natural and standard orders
  91. Maximum possible difference of two subsets of an array
  92. Find n-variables from n sum equations with one missing
  93. Find Sum of all unique sub-array sum for a given array.
  94. Find maximum and minimum distance between magnets
  95. Number of elements with even factors in the given range
  96. Length and Breadth of rectangle such that ratio of Area to diagonal^2 is maximum
  97. Perfect cube greater than a given number
  98. Count pairs (a, b) whose sum of squares is N (a^2 + b^2 = N)
  99. Check if lowercase and uppercase characters are in same order
  100. Program to print elements of a Matrix row-wise skipping alternate elements
  101. Generating OTP (One time Password) in PHP
  102. Check whether a given Number is Power-Isolated or not
  103. Split a comma delimited string into an array in PHP
  104. Count characters with same neighbors
  105. PHP | Number of week days between two dates
  106. Divide an isosceles triangle in two parts with ratio of areas as n:m
  107. C# | Default Constructor
  108. map rend() function in C++ STL
  109. Check if at least half array is reducible to zero by performing some operations
  110. Find permutation of n which is divisible by 3 but not divisible by 6
  111. Maximum area of rectangle possible with given perimeter
  112. Find the super power of a given Number
  113. Minimum number of operations required to delete all elements of the array
  114. Lexicographically smallest permutation with no digits at Original Index
  115. Find maximum volume of a cuboid from the given perimeter and area
  116. Maximum difference of indices (i, j) such that A[i][j] = 0 in the given matrix
  117. Smallest odd digits number not less than N
  118. Largest number smaller than or equal to N divisible by K
  119. Sum and Product of digits in a number that divide the number
  120. Minimum number of elements to be removed so that pairwise consecutive elements are same
  121. Smallest number greater than or equal to N divisible by K
  122. Largest N digit number divisible by given three numbers
  123. Largest number not greater than N all the digits of which are odd
  124. Check if any permutation of a number is divisible by 3 and is Palindromic
  125. Rearrange a string in the form of integer sum followed by the minimized character
  126. Find the count of palindromic sub-string of a string in its sorted form
  127. Farthest distance of a 0 from the center of a 2-D matrix
  128. Find Maximum side length of square in a Matrix
  129. Count number of bits changed after adding 1 to given N
  130. Find the count of substrings in alphabetic order
  131. Find the value of f(n) / f(r) * f(n-r)
  132. Print sum of matrix and its mirror image
  133. Count Numbers with N digits which consists of even number of 0’s
  134. Find largest number smaller than N with same set of digits
  135. Sorting rows of matrix in descending order followed by columns in ascending order
  136. Find determinant of matrix generated by array rotation
  137. Nth number made up of odd digits only
  138. Find position of left most dis-similar bit for two numbers
  139. Distance between two nodes of binary tree with node values from 1 to N
  140. Maximize the median of an array
  141. Find the intersection of two Matrices
  142. Count number of step required to reduce N to 1 by following certain rule
  143. Choose n elements such that their mean is maximum
  144. Minimum distance to the end of a grid from source
  145. Ways to paint N paintings such that adjacent paintings don't have same colors
  146. Find probability of selecting element from kth column after N iterations
  147. Smallest integer greater than n such that it consists of digit m exactly k times
  148. Check if a binary string contains consecutive same or not
  149. Cost of painting n * m grid
  150. Count occurrences of a string that can be constructed from another given string
  151. PHPUnit | assertClassHasAttribute() function
  152. PHPUnit | assertClassNotHasStaticAttribute() function
  153. PHPUnit | assertArrayHasKey() function
  154. Maximum positive integer divisible by C and is in the range [A, B]
  155. Smallest Special Prime which is greater than or equal to a given number
  156. Minimum removals to make array sum odd
  157. Split the array into odd number of segments of odd lengths
  158. Find whether only two parallel lines contain all coordinates points or not
  159. Minimum elements to be removed such that sum of adjacent elements is always even
  160. Sum of minimum element of all sub-sequences of a sorted array
  161. Sum of minimum element of all subarrays of a sorted array
  162. k-th missing element in an unsorted array
  163. Minimum distance to the corner of a grid from source
  164. Minimum cost to make a string free of a subsequence
  165. Maximum Primes whose sum is equal to given N
  166. Third last digit in 5^N for given N
  167. Find GCD of factorial of elements of given array
  168. Count of a, b & c after n seconds for given reproduction rate
  169. Find A and B from list of divisors
  170. Sum of elements in an array whose difference with the mean of another array is less than k
  171. Count of pairs from 1 to a and 1 to b whose sum is divisible by N
  172. Maximize the value of the given expression
  173. Find the value at kth position in the generated array
  174. Sum of elements in 1st array such that number of elements less than or equal to them in 2nd array is maximum
  175. Find the sum of leafs at maximum level
  176. Move all zeros to start and ones to end in an Array of random integers
  177. Find the position of box which occupies the given ball
  178. Maximum sum of leaf nodes among all levels of the given binary tree
  179. Maximum sum of non-leaf nodes among all levels of the given binary tree
  180. Sum of all parent-child differences in a Binary Tree
  181. Print even positioned nodes of even levels in level order of the given binary tree
  182. Difference between sums of odd position and even position nodes for each level of a Binary Tree
  183. Calculate score for the given binary string
  184. Print all the nodes except the leftmost node in every level of the given binary tree
  185. Maximum distance between two unequal elements
  186. Length of longest sub-array with maximum arithmetic mean.
  187. Print all the sub diagonal elements of the given square matrix
  188. Print all the super diagonal elements of the given square matrix
  189. Print Lower Hessenberg matrix of order N
  190. Print Upper Hessenberg matrix of order N
  191. Minimum number of steps to convert a given matrix into Upper Hessenberg matrix
  192. Minimum number of steps to convert a given matrix into Diagonally Dominant Matrix
  193. PHPUnit | Test framework for php
  194. PHPUnit | assertArrayNotHasKey() function
  195. PHPUnit | assertArraySubset() function
  196. PHPUnit | assertContains() function
  197. PHPUnit | assertClassHasStaticAttribute() function
  198. PHPUnit | assertNotContains() function
  199. PHPUnit | assertStringContainsString() function
  200. PHPUnit | assertStringContainsStringIgnoringCase() function
  201. PHPUnit | assertStringNotContainsStringIgnoringCase() Function
  202. PHPUnit | assertStringNotContainsString() Function
  203. PHPUnit | assertContainsOnly() Function
  204. PHPunit | assertDirectoryNotIsReadable() Function
  205. PHPunit | assertDirectoryNotIsWritable() Function
  206. PHPUnit | assertNotContainsOnly() Function
  207. PHPunit | assertContainsOnlyInstancesOf() Function
  208. PHPunit | aassertNotCount() Function
  209. PHPUnit | assertDirectoryExists() Function
  210. PHPunit | assertDirectoryNotExists() Function
  211. PHPunit | assertCount() Function
  212. PHPUnit | assertDirectoryIsReadable() Function
  213. PHPunit | assertNotEquals() Function
  214. PHPunit | assertEquals() Function
  215. PHPunit | assertEmpty() Function
  216. PHPunit | assertNotEmpty() Function
  217. PHPunit | assertEqualsCanonicalizing() Function
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