1. Maximum score after flipping a Binary Matrix atmost K times
  2. Check if number can be displayed using seven segment led
  3. Find minimum area of rectangle with given set of coordinates
  4. Check if it is possible to create a polygon with a given angle
  5. Puzzle | Chaos in the bus
  6. Maximum distinct lines passing through a single point
  7. Minimum number of changes required to make the given array an AP
  8. Next smallest prime palindrome
  9. Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes
  10. Lexicographically smallest permutation of a string with given subsequences
  11. Find the maximum sum of Plus shape pattern in a 2-D array
  12. Minimum number of elements to be removed to make XOR maximum
  13. Find a point such that sum of the Manhattan distances is minimized
  14. Minimum Players required to win the game
  15. Find bitwise AND (&) of all possible sub-arrays
  16. Minimum changes required to make two arrays identical
  17. Minimum length of string having all permutation of given string.
  18. Find bitwise OR of all possible sub-arrays
  19. Find maximum points which can be obtained by deleting elements from array
  20. Find sum of product of number in given series
  21. Find the sum of the series x(x+y) + x^2(x^2+y^2) +x^3(x^3+y^3)+ ... + x^n(x^n+y^n)
  22. Find nth term of a given recurrence relation
  23. Count all palindrome which is square of a palindrome
  24. Sum of minimum elements of all subarrays
  25. Count distinct Bitwise OR of all Subarrays
  26. Find the sum of first N terms of the series 2×3 + 4×4 + 6×5 + 8×6 + ...
  27. Find the Nth term of the series 2 + 6 + 13 + 23 + . . .
  28. Find the sum of series 3, -6, 12, -24 . . . upto N terms
  29. Minimum number of Parentheses to be added to make it valid
  30. Minimum sum falling path in a NxN grid
  31. Find the winner of the game with N piles of boxes
  32. Check if a string is the typed name of the given name
  33. Sort only non-prime numbers of an array in increasing order
  34. Minimize the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the modified array
  35. Divide binary array into three equal parts with same value
  36. Find the Nth term of the series 1 + 2 + 6 + 15 + 31 + 56 + ...
  37. Find sum of N-th group of Natural Numbers
  38. Python program to find uncommon words from two Strings
  39. Python Program to check if given array is Monotonic
  40. Find minimum speed to finish all Jobs
  41. Permutation of an array that has smaller values from another array
  42. Find length of longest Fibonacci like subsequence
  43. Check if any permutation of N equals any power of K
  44. Get K-th letter of the decoded string formed by repeating substrings
  45. Minimum boxes required to carry all gifts
  46. String after processing backspace characters
  47. Shift all prefixes by given lengths
  48. Count Magic squares in a grid
  49. Sum of width (max and min diff) of all Subsequences
  50. Horizontally Flip a Binary Matrix
  51. Most frequent word in first String which is not present in second String
  52. Find maximum path length in a binary matrix
  53. Count of Prime Nodes of a Singly Linked List
  54. Minimum cost to reach a point N from 0 with two different operations allowed
  55. Minimum array insertions required to make consecutive difference <= K
  56. Shortest distance to every other character from given character
  57. Final state of the string after modification
  58. Count pairs in an array such that frequency of one is at least value of other
  59. Count ordered pairs with product less than N
  60. Minimum Increment / decrement to make array elements equal
  61. Count number less than N which are product of perfect squares
  62. Count pairs from two arrays having sum equal to K
  63. Find the count of Strictly decreasing Subarrays
  64. Find a number that divides maximum array elements
  65. Count subarrays with Prime sum
  66. Find all good indices in the given Array
  67. Minimum number of 1's to be replaced in a binary array
  68. Count pieces of circle after N cuts
  69. Find minimum operations needed to make an Array beautiful
  70. Sum of the elements from index L to R in an array when arr[i] = i * (-1)^i
  71. Minimum Increment operations to make Array unique
  72. Generate a sequence with the given operations
  73. Count no. of columns that are not sorted in increasing order
  74. Check if the given push and pop sequences of Stack is valid or not
  75. Check if words are sorted according to new order of alphabets
  76. Check if elements of an array can be arranged satisfying the given condition
  77. Count valid pairs in the array satisfying given conditions
  78. Maximum possible time that can be formed from four digits
  79. Count of lines required to write the given String
  80. Minimum score after flipping the cards
  81. Count characters in a string whose ASCII values are prime
  82. Largest palindromic number in an array
  83. Count all the columns in a matrix which are sorted in descending
  84. Count numbers upto N which are both perfect square and perfect cube
  85. Check if the sum of primes is divisible by any prime from the array
  86. Sum of integers upto N with given unit digit (Set 2)
  87. Minimum number of consecutive sequences that can be formed in an array
  88. Count columns to be deleted to make each row sorted
  89. Sum of element whose prime factors are present in array
  90. Weighted sum of the characters of a string in an array | Set 2
  91. Cost to make a string Panagram | Set 2
  92. Maximum path sum in an Inverted triangle | SET 2
  93. Program for Area Of Square after N-th fold
  94. Find K Closest Points to the Origin
  95. Find the area of largest circle inscribed in ellipse
  96. Program to check if a number is divisible by any of its digits
  97. Maximum size of sub-array that satisfies the given condition
  98. Find the most valued alphabet in the String
  99. Find extra element in the second array
  100. Find maximum unreachable height using two ladders
  101. Sum of all the prime numbers with the maximum position of set bit ≤ D
  102. Maximize distance between any two consecutive 1's after flipping M 0's
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  1. Count set bits in an integer
  2. Find minimum number to be divided to make a number a perfect square
  3. Count of Binary Digit numbers smaller than N
  4. Count Distinct Non-Negative Integer Pairs (x, y) that Satisfy the Inequality x*x + y*y < n
  5. Converting a Real Number (between 0 and 1) to Binary String
  6. Compute (a*b)%c such that (a%c) * (b%c) can be beyond range
  7. Count pairs formed by distinct element sub-arrays
  8. How to find Lexicographically previous permutation?
  9. Print shortest path to print a string on screen
  10. Roots of Unity
  11. Sub-string Divisibility by 3 Queries
  12. Count digit groupings of a number with given constraints
  13. Maximum occurred integer in n ranges
  14. Count numbers which can be constructed using two numbers
  15. Find element using minimum segments in Seven Segment Display
  16. Count pairs whose products exist in array
  17. Number of possible Triangles in a Cartesian coordinate system
  18. Efficient method for 2's complement of a binary string
  19. Find Maximum dot product of two arrays with insertion of 0's
  20. Find a partition point in array
  21. Longest prefix that contains same number of X and Y in an array
  22. Break an array into maximum number of sub-arrays such that their averages are same
  23. Multiplication of two numbers with shift operator
  24. Count trailing zero bits using lookup table
  25. Find coordinates of the triangle given midpoint of each side
  26. Count passing car pairs
  27. Summation of GCD of all the pairs up to N
  28. Count all pairs of an array which differ in K bits
  29. N'th palindrome of K digits
  30. Find ways an Integer can be expressed as sum of n-th power of unique natural numbers
  31. Sum of all substrings of a string representing a number | Set 1
  32. Recaman's sequence
  33. Place k elements such that minimum distance is maximized
  34. Convert a number m to n using minimum number of given operations
  35. Interesting facts about Fibonacci numbers
  36. Square root of a number using log
  37. Find other two sides of a right angle triangle
  38. Sum of all substrings of a string representing a number | Set 2 (Constant Extra Space)
  39. Count minimum right flips to set all values in an array
  40. Maximizing Unique Pairs from two arrays
  41. Break the number into three parts
  42. Count number of strings (made of R, G and B) using given combination
  43. Print all possible strings that can be made by placing spaces
  44. Program to find if a character is vowel or Consonant
  45. 9's complement of a decimal number
  46. Print k numbers where all pairs are divisible by m
  47. Interquartile Range (IQR)
  48. Given a HUGE number check if it's a power of two.
  49. Lexicographically next string
  50. Decode a median string to the original string
  51. Program for dot product and cross product of two vectors
  52. Iterated Logarithm log*(n)
  53. Calculate the Discriminant Value
  54. Number of visible boxes after putting one inside another
  55. Converting one string to other using append and delete last operations
  56. Total numbers with no repeated digits in a range
  57. Find maximum number of elements such that their absolute difference is less than or equal to 1
  58. n-th number whose sum of digits is ten
  59. Program for sum of cos(x) series
  60. Find nth term of the Dragon Curve Sequence
  61. Program to find the Nth term of the series 3, 7, 13, 21, 31.....
  62. Count of 'GFG' Subsequences in the given string
  63. N-bonacci Numbers
  64. Divisibility by 3 where each digit is the sum of all prefix digits modulo 10
  65. Lexicographical Maximum substring of string
  66. Maximum height of triangular arrangement of array values
  67. Find the value of N XOR'ed to itself K times
  68. Largest gap in an array
  69. Longest subarray such that adjacent elements have at least one common digit | Set 1
  70. Maximise the number of toys that can be purchased with amount K
  71. Number of refills to complete the journey of N km
  72. Different ways to represent N as sum of K non-zero integers
  73. Minimum number of adjacent swaps for arranging similar elements together
  74. Minimum positive integer required to split the array equally
  75. Longest Common Prefix Matching | Set-6
  76. Replace every character of string by character whose ASCII value is K times more than it
  77. Sum of elements in range L-R where first half and second half is filled with odd and even numbers
  78. Minimum multiplications with {2, 3, 7} to make two numbers equal
  79. Lexicographically smallest and largest substring of size k
  80. Ways to place K bishops on an N×N chessboard so that no two attack
  81. Find the largest twins in given range
  82. Minimum time required to complete a work by N persons together
  83. Maximize the product of four factors of a Number
  84. Maximum Possible Edge Disjoint Spanning Tree From a Complete Graph
  85. Program to find the quantity after mixture replacement
  86. Find minimum number of Log value needed to calculate Log upto N
  87. Program to find the count of coins of each type from the given ratio
  88. Sum of first N terms of Quadratic Sequence 3 + 7 + 13 + ...
  89. Area of squares formed by joining mid points repeatedly
  90. Total number of Spanning trees in a Cycle Graph
  91. Program to find the product of ASCII values of characters in a string
  92. Count Unary Numbers in a Range
  93. Program to find Nth term of the series 3, 12, 29, 54, 87, ...
  94. Program for Deadlock free condition in Operating System
  95. Sum of the first N terms of the series 2,10, 30, 68,....
  96. Sum of the first N terms of the series 2, 6, 12, 20, 30....
  97. Program to find Nth term of series 0, 7, 18, 33, 51, 75, 102, 133, .....
  98. Program to find Nth term of series 0, 10, 30, 60, 99, 150, 210, 280...........
  99. Program to find Nth term of series 2, 12, 28, 50, 77, 112, 152, 198, .....
  100. Program to find Nth term of series 4, 14, 28, 46, 68, 94, 124, 158, .....
  101. Program to find Nth term of series 0, 11, 28, 51, 79, 115, 156, 203, ....
  102. Program to find Nth term of series 0, 9, 22, 39, 60, 85, 114, 147, .....
  103. Program to find Nth term of series 1, 6, 17, 34, 56, 86, 121, 162, .......
  104. Program to find Nth term of series 3, 12, 29, 54, 86, 128, 177, 234, .....
  105. Number of different positions where a person can stand
  106. Program to find volume and surface area of pentagonal prism
  107. Find row with maximum sum in a Matrix
  108. Find the value of the function Y = (X^6 + X^2 + 9894845) % 971
  109. Total money to be paid after traveling the given number of hours
  110. Minimum value possible of a given function from the given set
  111. Minimum and maximum number of N chocolates after distribution among K students
  112. Next greater Number than N with the same quantity of digits A and B
  113. Minimum sum possible of any bracket sequence of length N
  114. Sum of first N natural numbers which are divisible by 2 and 7
  115. Maximum number of Unique integers in Sub-Array of given size
  116. Number of segments where all elements are greater than X
  117. Find single Movement in a Matrix
  118. Program to find Nth term of series 7, 21, 49, 91, 147, 217, ......
  119. Number of cells in the right and left diagonals passing through (x, y) in a matrix
  120. Smallest odd digits number not less than N
  121. Position after taking N steps to the right and left in an alternate manner
  122. Count pieces of circle after N cuts
  123. Find Selling Price from given Profit Percentage and Cost
  124. Program to find the profit or loss when CP of N items is equal to SP of M items
  125. Maximum no. of apples that can be kept in a single basket
  126. Program to print 'N' alphabet using the number pattern from 1 to n
  127. Check whether an Array is Subarray of another Array
  128. Distance between two nodes of binary tree with node values from 1 to N
  129. Sum of the multiples of two numbers below N
  130. Sort the array in a given index range
  131. Side of a regular n-sided polygon circumscribed in a circle
  132. Count of numbers which can be made power of 2 by given operation
  133. Pairs from an array that satisfy the given condition
  134. Minimize the maximum minimum difference after one removal from array
  135. Check if N is Strong Prime
  136. Print numbers in matrix diagonal pattern
  137. First and Last Three Bits
  138. K length words that can be formed from given characters without repetition
  139. Smallest perfect square divisible by all elements of an array
  140. Largest square that can be inscribed within a hexagon which is inscribed within an equilateral triangle
  141. Print all safe primes below N
  142. Count pairs in an array such that at least one element is prime
  143. Find the area of largest circle inscribed in ellipse
  144. Program to check if a number is divisible by any of its digits
  145. Count of sub-strings that are divisible by K
  146. Maximum given sized rectangles that can be cut out of a sheet of paper
  147. Count number of trailing zeros in (1^1)*(2^2)*(3^3)*(4^4)*..
  148. Find the most valued alphabet in the String
  149. Find the number of occurrences of a character upto preceding position
  150. Pair with largest sum which is less than K in the array
  151. Count number of permutation of an Array having no SubArray of size two or more from original Array
  152. Probability such that two subset contains same number of elements
  153. Program to find the next prime number
  154. Minimize the sum of the array according the given condition
  155. Count total set bits in all numbers from 1 to N | Set 3
  156. Count total unset bits in all the numbers from 1 to N
  157. Find the maximum possible Binary Number from given string
  158. Value to be subtracted from array elements to make sum of all elements equals K
  159. Length of the longest subsequence such that xor of adjacent elements is non-decreasing
  160. Number of ways to distribute N Paper Set among M students
  161. Maximum possible remainder when an element is divided by other element in the array
  162. Find the count of unvisited indices in an infinite array
  163. Find the equal pairs of subsequence of S and subsequence of T
  164. Check if B can be formed by permuting the binary digits of A
  165. Find the maximum amount that can be collected by selling movie tickets
  166. Sum of all N digit palindrome numbers
  167. Contiguous subsegments of a string having distinct subsequent characters
  168. Maximize the number by flipping at most K bits
  169. Invert the Kth most significant bit of N
  170. Find the number obtained after concatenation of binary representation of M and N
  171. Check if N rectangles of equal area can be formed from (4 * N) integers