Samdare B
Samdare B
  1. Difference between bindParam and bindValue in PHP
  2. How to setup cron jobs in Ubuntu
  3. Difference between require-dev and require in PHP?
  4. multimap get_allocator() function in C++ STL
  5. map key_comp() function in C++ STL
  6. multiset erase() in C++ STL
  7. When do we need Interfaces in PHP?
  8. Differences between IPv4 and IPv6
  9. Create pandas dataframe from lists using zip
  10. Different ways to create Pandas Dataframe
  11. Check if a number is formed by Concatenation of 1, 14 or 144 only
  12. Number of ways to swap two bit of s1 so that bitwise OR of s1 and s2 changes
  13. Print numbers with digits 0 and 1 only such that their sum is N
  14. Count numbers from range whose prime factors are only 2 and 3
  15. Largest number less than N with digit sum greater than the digit sum of N
  16. Construct a binary string following the given constraints
  17. Find the minimum positive integer such that it is divisible by A and sum of its digits is equal to B
  18. Sum of the multiples of two numbers below N
  19. Check whether a + b = c or not after removing all zeroes from a,b and c
  20. groupmod command in Linux with examples
  21. groupdel command in Linux with examples
  22. Program to check if an Array is Palindrome or not
  23. Count of numbers from range [L, R] whose sum of digits is Y
  24. Check if a Queen can attack a given cell on chessboard
  25. Program to find the kth character after decrypting a string
  26. Element in a matrix starting from which anti-clockwise traversal ends at the last element
  27. Minimum operations required to change the array such that |arr[i] - M| <= 1
  28. Sum of absolute differences of pairs from the given array that satisfy the given condition
  29. Find the Nth element of the modified Fibonacci series
  30. Find number of candidates in the Exam
  31. Count of numbers below N whose sum of prime divisors is K
  32. Maximum items that can be bought with the given type of coins
  33. Check if the rows of a binary matrix can be made unique by removing a single column
  34. Check whether the given decoded string is divisible by 6
  35. Find the Nth digit in the proper fraction of two numbers
  36. Find the maximum amount that can be collected by selling movie tickets
  37. Find the sum of power of bit count raised to the power B
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