1. Minimum number greater than the maximum of array which cannot be formed using the numbers in the array
  2. Minimum and maximum node that lies in the path connecting two nodes in a Binary Tree
  3. Minimum number of edges between two vertices of a graph using DFS
  4. Sum of all the Boundary Nodes of a Binary Tree
  5. Iterative Method To Print Left View of a Binary Tree
  6. Count the number of nodes at a given level in a tree using DFS
  7. Print Leaf Nodes at a given Level
  8. Reverse zigzag Traversal of a Binary Tree
  9. Print Stack Elements from Bottom to Top
  10. Print the first shortest root to leaf path in a Binary Tree
  11. Zig-Zag traversal of a Binary Tree using Recursion
  12. Print All Leaf Nodes of a Binary Tree from left to right | Set-2 ( Iterative Approach )
  13. Reverse Level Order traversal in spiral form
  14. Anti Clockwise spiral traversal of a binary tree
  15. Maximum length of the sub-array whose first and last elements are same
  16. Count the Number of Binary Search Trees present in a Binary Tree
  17. Minimum sum path between two leaves of a binary tree
  18. Check if two nodes in a Binary Tree are siblings
  19. Sum of nodes in top view of binary tree
  20. Sum of nodes in bottom view of Binary Tree
  21. Clockwise Spiral Traversal of Binary Tree | Set - 2
  22. Print leaf nodes in binary tree from left to right using one stack
  23. Reverse Anti Clockwise Spiral Traversal of a Binary Tree
  24. Maximum sub-tree sum in a Binary Tree such that the sub-tree is also a BST
  25. Count nodes with two children at level L in a Binary Tree
  26. Minimum value to add to arr[i] so that an array can be split at index i with equal sum
  27. Count the number of non-increasing subarrays
  28. Reverse Clockwise spiral traversal of a binary tree
  29. Kth node in Diagonal Traversal of Binary Tree
  30. Iterative approach to check if a Binary Tree is Perfect
  31. Iterative approach to check for children sum property in a Binary Tree
  32. Recursive Program to Print extreme nodes of each level of Binary Tree in alternate order
  33. Print all leaf nodes of a binary tree from right to left
  34. Maximum sum possible for a sub-sequence such that no two elements appear at a distance < K in the array
  35. Count of sub-strings that do not contain all the characters from the set {'a', 'b', 'c'} at the same time
  36. Count the number of pairs (i, j) such that either arr[i] is divisible by arr[j] or arr[j] is divisible by arr[i]
  37. Find the sum of the diagonal elements of the given N X N spiral matrix
  38. Program to count Number of connected components in an undirected graph
  39. Find the number of elements greater than k in a sorted array
  40. Minimum sub-array such that number of 1's in concatenation of binary representation of its elements is at least K
  41. Find number of unique triangles among given N triangles
  42. Check if the given Binary Expressions are valid
  43. Divide array into two parts with equal sum according to the given constraints
  44. Find the kth node in vertical order traversal of a Binary Tree
  45. Maximum length cycle that can be formed by joining two nodes of a binary tree
  46. Minimum length of the sub-string whose characters can be used to form a palindrome of length K
  47. Find minimum positive integer x such that a(x^2) + b(x) + c >= k
  48. Print 2-D co-ordinate points in ascending order followed by their frequencies
  49. Given a string and an integer k, find the kth sub-string when all the sub-strings are sorted according to the given condition
  50. Find the kth element in the series generated by the given N ranges
  51. Find the nth term of the given series
  52. Find the minimum of maximum length of a jump required to reach the last island in exactly k jumps
  53. Number of times the given string occurs in the array in the range [l, r]
  54. Minimum number of elements to be removed such that the sum of the remaining elements is equal to k
  55. Minimum time required to transport all the boxes from source to the destination under the given constraints
  56. Print the final string when minimum value strings get concatenated in every operation
  57. Kth largest node among all directly connected nodes to the given node in an undirected graph
  58. Check if it is possible to form string B from A under the given constraints
  59. Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze using BFS
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