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  1. Maximum difference between two elements such that larger element appears after the smaller number
  2. Find Union and Intersection of two unsorted arrays
  3. Draw a circle without floating point arithmetic
  4. Longest Arithmetic Progression | DP-35
  5. Find the element before which all the elements are smaller than it, and after which all are greater
  6. Why is Binary Search preferred over Ternary Search?
  7. Find the missing number in Arithmetic Progression
  8. Find the minimum cost to reach destination using a train
  9. Compute sum of digits in all numbers from 1 to n
  10. Find three closest elements from given three sorted arrays
  11. Count number of ways to divide a number in 4 parts
  12. Count pairs with given sum
  13. Find missing elements of a range
  14. Find size of the largest '+' formed by all ones in a binary matrix
  15. Maximize value of (arr[i] - i) - (arr[j] - j) in an array
  16. Sort an array according to count of set bits
  17. Minimum number of increment/decrement operations such that array contains all elements from 1 to N
  18. Maximum sum of pairs with specific difference
  19. Find Maximum Sum Strictly Increasing Subarray
  20. Find all sides of a right angled triangle from given hypotenuse and area | Set 1
  21. Find perimeter of shapes formed with 1s in binary matrix
  22. Minimum difference between adjacent elements of array which contain elements from each row of a matrix
  23. Allocate minimum number of pages
  24. Type of array and its maximum element
  25. Multiples of 3 and 5 without using % operator
  26. Maximum sum in a 2 x n grid such that no two elements are adjacent
  27. Count of smaller or equal elements in sorted array
  28. Find Index of 0 to be replaced with 1 to get longest continuous sequence of 1s in a binary array | Set-2
  29. Recursive Programs to find Minimum and Maximum elements of array
  30. Divide the two given numbers by their common divisors
  31. Queries for counts of array elements with values in given range
  32. Minimum rotations required to get the same string
  33. Maximum path sum in matrix
  34. Subset Sum Problem in O(sum) space
  35. Sum of all even numbers in range L and R
  36. Maximise the size of consecutive element subsets in an array
  37. Check if a number is power of 8 or not
  38. Check whether all the bits are unset in the given range or not
  39. Check whether the number has only first and last bits set
  40. Distance of closest zero to every element
  41. Generate permutations with only adjacent swaps allowed
  42. Find a Number X whose sum with its digits is equal to N
  43. Minimizing array sum by subtracting larger elements from smaller ones
  44. Find closest number in array
  45. Minimum number of subsets with distinct elements
  46. C Program for Find sum of odd factors of a number
  47. Find the one missing number in range
  48. Check if the given number K is enough to reach the end of an array
  49. Sum of each element raised to (prime-1) % prime
  50. n-th number whose sum of digits is ten
  51. Minimum adjacent swaps required to Sort Binary array
  52. Maximum elements that can be made equal with k updates
  53. Maximum difference between groups of size two
  54. Divisibility by 3 where each digit is the sum of all prefix digits modulo 10
  55. Number of digits in the nth number made of given four digits
  56. Print concentric rectangular pattern in a 2d matrix
  57. Highest power of two that divides a given number
  58. Recursive program to check if number is palindrome or not
  59. Minimum product in a grid of adjacent elements
  60. Count number of triplets in an array having sum in the range [a, b]
  61. Area of the Largest Triangle inscribed in a Hexagon
  62. Find three integers less than or equal to N such that their LCM is maximum
  63. Check if a number has same number of set and unset bits
  64. Number of different cyclic paths of length N in a tetrahedron
  65. Smallest sum contiguous subarray | Set-2
  66. Sum of all prime divisors of all the numbers in range L-R
  67. Maximum sum in circular array such that no two elements are adjacent
  68. Possible number of Rectangle and Squares with the given set of elements
  69. Number of handshakes such that a person shakes hands only once
  70. Number of possible pairs of Hypotenuse and Area to form right angled triangle
  71. Maximum profit after buying and selling the stocks
  72. Count permutation such that sequence is non decreasing
  73. Find the largest number that can be formed with the given digits
  74. Minimum numbers needed to express every integer below N as a sum
  75. Count ways to reach a score using 1 and 2 with no consecutive 2s
  76. Check if any large number is divisible by 19 or not
  77. Maximize the product of four factors of a Number
  78. Split the number into N parts such that difference between the smallest and the largest part is minimum
  79. Find the sum of first N terms of the series 2×3 + 4×4 + 6×5 + 8×6 + ...
  80. Find the Nth term of the series 2 + 6 + 13 + 23 + . . .
  81. Find the sum of series 3, -6, 12, -24 . . . upto N terms
  82. Program to convert KiloBytes to Bytes and Bits
  83. Program to print Kite Pattern
  84. Program to calculate the value of nCr Efficiently
  85. Count characters with same neighbors
  86. Program to print the Cot Bed Pattern
  87. Find nth Term of the Series 1 2 2 4 4 4 4 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ...
  88. Gould's Sequence
  89. Find Tangent at a given point on the curve
  90. Minimum number of towers required such that every house is in the range of at least one tower
  91. Minimum swaps required to convert one binary string to another
  92. Check if the characters of a given string are in alphabetical order
  93. Maximum number of fixed points using atmost 1 swap
  94. Largest element in the array that is repeated exactly k times
  95. Sum of Fibonacci numbers at even indexes upto N terms
  96. Count unordered pairs (i,j) such that product of a[i] and a[j] is power of two
  97. Minimum time to reach a point with +t and -t moves at time t
  98. Program to find the Perimeter of a Regular Polygon
  99. Count the numbers < N which have equal number of divisors as K
  100. Minimum swaps required to make a binary string alternating
  101. All possible numbers of N digits and base B without leading zeros
  102. Find the Nth term of the series 1 + 2 + 6 + 15 + 31 + 56 + ...
  103. Online Queries for GCD of array after divide operations
  104. Print array elements in alternatively increasing and decreasing order
  105. Largest factor of a given number which is a perfect square
  106. Program to find Nth term divisible by a or b
  107. Longest subarray with elements divisible by k
  108. Find middle point segment from given segment lengths
  109. Check whether sum of digits at odd places of a number is divisible by K
  110. Minimum number of operations required to reduce N to 1
  111. Find the total marks obtained according to given marking scheme
  112. Count Number of animals in a zoo from given number of head and legs
  113. Number of triangles formed from a set of points on three lines
  114. Smallest prime divisor of a number
  115. Find the sum of all multiples of 2 and 5 below N
  116. Convert given array to Arithmetic Progression by adding an element
  117. Find consecutive 1s of length >= n in binary representation of a number
  118. Longest subarray with elements having equal modulo K
  119. Find the sum of first N odd Fibonacci numbers
  120. Count ordered pairs with product less than N
  121. Minimum Increment / decrement to make array elements equal
  122. Check whether (i,j) exists such that arr[i] != arr[j] and arr[arr[i]] is equal to arr[arr[j]]
  123. Minimum number of elements to be removed so that pairwise consecutive elements are same
  124. Absolute Difference of even and odd indexed elements in an Array
  125. Index with Minimum sum of prefix and suffix sums in an Array
  126. Count occurrences of a character in a repeated string
  127. GCD of a number raised to some power and another number
  128. Farthest distance of a 0 from the center of a 2-D matrix
  129. Find Maximum side length of square in a Matrix
  130. Number of strictly increasing Buildings from right with distinct Colors
  131. Program to find the profit or loss when CP of N items is equal to SP of M items
  132. Change K elements so that (a1^2 + a2^2 + …+ aN^2 ) <= (a1 + a2 +…+ aN) becomes true
  133. Find two numbers whose sum and GCD are given
  134. Program to find the sum of the series (1/a + 2/a^2 + 3/a^3 + ... + n/a^n)
  135. Sum of common divisors of two numbers A and B
  136. Sum of all odd natural numbers in range L and R
  137. Partiton N into M parts such that difference between Max and Min part is smallest
  138. Number of pairs with Bitwise OR as Odd number
  139. Check if N can be represented as sum of integers chosen from set {A, B}
  140. Check if N is divisible by a number which is composed of the digits from the set {A, B}
  141. Find maximum element of each column in a matrix
  142. Size of the smallest subset with maximum Bitwise OR
  143. Replace every element of the array by its previous element
  144. Expressing a fraction as a natural number under modulo 'm'
  145. Minimum and Maximum number of pairs in m teams of n people
  146. Maximize the difference between two subsets of a set with negatives
  147. Reduce the array to a single element with the given operation
  148. Sum of the multiples of two numbers below N
  149. Check if the sum of perfect squares in an array is divisible by x
  150. Sum of integers upto N with given unit digit
  151. Count sub-sets that satisfy the given condition
  152. Leftmost and rightmost indices of the maximum and the minimum element of an array
  153. Lower Insertion Point
  154. Minimum value that divides one number and divisible by other
  155. Minimum in an array which is first decreasing then increasing
  156. Form N-copy string with add, remove and append operations
  157. Find minimum x such that (x % k) * (x / k) == n
  158. Find minimum x such that (x % k) * (x / k) == n | Set-2
  159. Sum of kth powers of first n natural numbers
  160. Diagonal of a Regular Pentagon
  161. Minimize the maximum minimum difference after one removal from array
  162. Length of Diagonal of a n-sided regular polygon
  163. Count number of pairs (i, j) such that arr[i] * arr[j] > arr[i] + arr[j]
  164. Check whether a number is Non-hypotenuse number
  165. Find the repeating and the missing number using two equations
  166. Minimum number N such that total set bits of all numbers from 1 to N is at-least X
  167. Find the non decreasing order array from given array
  168. Minimum cost of choosing 3 increasing elements in an array of size N
  169. Queries for number of distinct integers in Suffix
  170. Number of sub arrays with negative product
  171. Find the XOR of first N Prime Numbers
  172. Program to find the number from given holes
  173. Find third number such that sum of all three number becomes prime
  174. Total ways of selecting a group of X men from N men with or without including a particular man