1. Sum of first n terms of a given series 3, 6, 11, .....
  2. 2D and 2.5D Memory organization
  3. Sum of the series 3, 20, 63, 144, ......
  4. Find the sum of n terms of the series 1,8,27,64 ....
  5. Find the sum of the series 2, 5, 13, 35, 97...
  6. Read and Write operations in Memory
  7. Find the missing value from the given equation a + b = c
  8. Program to find the Centroid of the triangle
  9. Find the altitude and area of an isosceles triangle
  10. Program to find the surface area of the square pyramid
  11. Program to find volume and surface area of pentagonal prism
  12. Assembly language program to find the range of bytes
  13. Register content and Flag status after Instructions
  14. Ways of selecting men and women from a group to make a team
  15. Number of ways to arrange a word such that all vowels occur together
  16. Program to evaluate the expression (√X+1)^6 + (√X-1)^6
  17. Python | OpenCV BGR color palette with trackbars
  18. Arrangement of the characters of a word such that all vowels are at odd places
  19. Number of triangles formed from a set of points on three lines
  20. Number of words in a camelcase sequence
  21. Greatest Integer Function
  22. Permutations of n things taken r at a time with k things together
  23. N digit numbers divisible by 5 formed from the M digits
  24. Minimum steps to remove substring 010 from a binary string
  25. Maximums from array when the maximum decrements after every access
  26. Maximum sum and product of the M consecutive digits in a number
  27. Index with Minimum sum of prefix and suffix sums in an Array
  28. Count occurrences of a character in a repeated string
  29. Sum of the alphabetical values of the characters of a string
  30. Software Engineering | Curve Fitting models
  31. Draw a triangle with centroid using OpenCV
  32. Permutations of string such that no two vowels are adjacent
  33. Cost to make a string Panagram
  34. Convert a String into a square matrix grid of characters
  35. Longest Sub-array with maximum average value
  36. Maximum occurrence of prefix in the Array
  37. Replace every consonant sequence with its length in the given string
  38. Deletions of "01" or "10" in binary string to make it free from "01" or "10"
  39. Reduce the fraction to its lowest form
  40. Divide a number into two parts
  41. Number of edges in mirror image of Complete binary tree
  42. Sum of GCDs of each row of the given matrix
  43. Count the nodes whose sum with X is a Fibonacci number
  44. Reduce the array to a single integer with the given operation
  45. Count the nodes of the tree whose weighted string contains a vowel
  46. Count of cells in a matrix which give a Fibonacci number when the count of adjacent cells is added
  47. Find max length odd parity substring
  48. Minimum steps to get 1 at the center of a binary matrix
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  1. Program to find whether a no is power of two
  2. Program to find parity
  3. Count digits in given number N which divide N
  4. Find the maximum distance covered using n bikes
  5. Check if binary representation of a number is palindrome
  6. Count number of ways to partition a set into k subsets
  7. Euler's criterion (Check if square root under modulo p exists)
  8. Volume of cube using its space diagonal
  9. Linear Diophantine Equations
  10. Find frequency of each element in a limited range array in less than O(n) time
  11. Number of ways to calculate a target number using only array elements
  12. Find number of subarrays with even sum
  13. Maximum value K such that array has at-least K elements that are >= K
  14. Find profession in a special family
  15. Reverse an array in groups of given size | Set 2 (Variations of Set 1 )
  16. Find Two Missing Numbers | Set 1 (An Interesting Linear Time Solution)
  17. Sort an array according to count of set bits
  18. Swap three variables without using temporary variable
  19. Find minimum elements after considering all possible transformations
  20. Minimum number of increment/decrement operations such that array contains all elements from 1 to N
  21. Minimum steps to reach end of array under constraints
  22. Number of swaps to sort when only adjacent swapping allowed
  23. Convert a number into negative base representation
  24. Find all sides of a right angled triangle from given hypotenuse and area | Set 1
  25. Maximum product of an increasing subsequence of size 3
  26. Count number of ways to reach destination in a Maze
  27. Find all distinct subset (or subsequence) sums of an array
  28. Compare two integers without using any Comparison operator
  29. Minimum number of page turns to get to a desired page
  30. Minimum number of equal amount bags to collect at least M money
  31. Largest divisible subset in array
  32. K difference permutation
  33. Find ways an Integer can be expressed as sum of n-th power of unique natural numbers
  34. Number of even substrings in a string of digits
  35. Solving f(n)= (1) + (2*3) + (4*5*6) ... n using Recursion
  36. Generate all binary permutations such that there are more or equal 1's than 0's before every point in all permutations
  37. Remove repeated digits in a given number
  38. Greedy Algorithm to find Minimum number of Coins
  39. Find whether a subarray is in form of a mountain or not
  40. Sort an array of strings according to string lengths
  41. Count the number of ways to divide an array into three contiguous parts having equal sum
  42. Rearrange an array such that every odd indexed element is greater than it previous
  43. Fibonacci modulo p
  44. Find the sum of all the terms in the n-th row of the given series
  45. Program for quotient and remainder of big number
  46. Length of the transverse common tangent between the two non intersecting circles
  47. Divide the two given numbers by their common divisors
  48. Queries for decimal values of subarrays of a binary array
  49. Find the Sub-array with sum closest to 0
  50. Round-off a number to a given number of significant digits
  51. Number of substrings divisible by 4 in a string of integers
  52. Ways to remove one element from a binary string so that XOR becomes zero
  53. Longest Prime Subarray after removing one element
  54. Maximum sum subarray having sum less than or equal to given sum
  55. Compute average of two numbers without overflow
  56. Largest number with the given set of N digits that is divisible by 2, 3 and 5
  57. Count subarrays with equal number of occurrences of two given elements
  58. Check whether a given point lies inside a rectangle or not
  59. Binary array after M range toggle operations
  60. All possible binary numbers of length n with equal sum in both halves
  61. Minimum number of Square Free Divisors
  62. Smallest index such that there are no 0 or 1 to its right
  63. A sorting algorithm that slightly improves on selection sort
  64. Find element at given index after given range reversals
  65. Find the winner of a game where scores are given as a binary string
  66. Unique element in an array where all elements occur k times except one
  67. Print N-bit binary numbers having more 1’s than 0’s in all prefixes
  68. Count of substrings of a binary string containing K ones
  69. Longest alternating sub-array starting from every index in a Binary Array
  70. Check whether a number has exactly three distinct factors or not
  71. Longest Repeated Subsequence
  72. Smallest integer with digit sum M and multiple of N
  73. Replace two substrings (of a string) with each other
  74. Maximum length subsequence possible of the form R^N K^N
  75. Lexicographically smallest string whose hamming distance from given string is exactly K
  76. Area of a triangle inscribed in a rectangle which is inscribed in an ellipse
  77. Print digit's position to be removed to make a number divisible by 6
  78. Check if an encoding represents a unique binary string
  79. Longest subarray having count of 1s one more than count of 0s
  80. Longest subsequence with no 0 after 1
  81. Minimum number of elements to add to make median equals x
  82. Divisibility by 64 with removal of bits allowed
  83. Longest subsequence of the form 0*1*0* in a binary string
  84. Longest subarray not having more than K distinct elements
  85. Check whether the given array is perfect or not
  86. Largest in array without using conditionals / bitwise / ternary operators
  87. Count sub-arrays which have elements less than or equal to X
  88. Minimum flips to make all 1s in left and 0s in right | Set 2
  89. Construct a distinct elements array with given size, sum and element upper bound
  90. Find maximum in an array without using Relational Operators
  91. Split the string into substrings using delimiter
  92. Minimum cost to construct a string
  93. Queries for maximum difference between prime numbers in given ranges
  94. Encrypt string with product of number of vowels and consonants in substring of size k
  95. Count of possible hexagonal walks
  96. Partition into two subarrays of lengths k and (N - k) such that the difference of sums is maximum
  97. Longest subarray with sum divisible by k
  98. Minimum number of subsets with distinct elements
  99. Count subsequence of length three in a given string
  100. Program to find the sum of a Series (1*1) + (2*2) + (3*3) + (4*4) + (5*5) + ... + (n*n)
  101. Count of subsequences having maximum distinct elements
  102. Maximum occurring character in an input string | Set-2
  103. Area of the biggest possible rhombus that can be inscribed in a rectangle
  104. Count consonants in a string (Iterative and recursive methods)
  105. Find the position of the last removed element from the array
  106. Find the Number which contain the digit d
  107. Program to implement t-test
  108. HCF of array of fractions (or rational numbers)
  109. Number of unique triplets whose XOR is zero
  110. Sparse Search
  111. Check whether bits are in alternate pattern in the given range | Set-2
  112. Program to check if matrix is singular or not
  113. Sum of columns of a 2-D Matrix where first element is odd
  114. Number of integers with odd number of set bits
  115. Array with GCD of any of its subset belongs to the given array
  116. Find nth term of the Dragon Curve Sequence
  117. Program to find the Nth term of the series 3, 7, 13, 21, 31.....
  118. Cost to Balance the parentheses
  119. Maximum equlibrium sum in an array
  120. Previous number same as 1's complement
  121. Maximum average sum partition of an array
  122. Printing longest Increasing consecutive subsequence
  123. Number of ways to form an array with distinct adjacent elements
  124. Count number of pairs in array having sum divisible by K | SET 2
  125. Minimum bit changes in Binary Circular array to reach a index
  126. Number whose XOR sum with given array is a given number k
  127. Maximum length of a sub-array with ugly numbers
  128. Minimum value of "max + min" in a subarray
  129. Maximum product quadruple (sub-sequence of size 4) in array
  130. Largest set with bitwise OR equal to n
  131. Subtract 1 without arithmetic operators
  132. Number with set bits only between L-th and R-th index
  133. First X vowels from a string
  134. Find a Symmetric matrix of order N that contain integers from 0 to N-1 and main diagonal should contain only 0's
  135. Sum of multiplication of triplet of divisors of a number
  136. Recursive program to generate power set
  137. Repeated Character Whose First Appearance is Leftmost
  138. Maximum Product Subarray | Set 3
  139. Find the node whose xor with x gives maximum value
  140. Puzzle | Minimum distance for Lizard
  141. Count the number of intervals in which a given value lies
  142. kth smallest/largest in a small range unsorted array
  143. Program to calculate the Surface Area of a Triangular Prism
  144. Modify string by removing vowels in between two consonants
  145. Queries of nCr%p in O(1) time complexity
  146. Program to determine the octant of the axial plane
  147. Absolute difference between the first X and last X Digits of N
  148. Find all distinct subset (or subsequence) sums of an array | Set-2
  149. Longest substring with count of 1s more than 0s
  150. Weird Number
  151. Convert time from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock format
  152. First element greater than or equal to X in prefix sum of N numbers using Binary Lifting
  153. Reallocation of elements based on Locality of Reference
  154. Length and Breadth of rectangle such that ratio of Area to diagonal^2 is maximum
  155. Delete array element in given index range [L - R]
  156. Number of Co-prime pairs obtained from the sum of digits of elements in the given range
  157. Count the number of pairs that have column sum greater than row sum
  158. Longest chain of arr[i], arr[arr[i]], .. without repetition
  159. Split array to three subarrays such that sum of first and third subarray is equal and maximum
  160. Modulus of all pairwise consecutive elements in an Array
  161. Print the last occurrence of elements in array in relative order
  162. Maximum profit after buying and selling the stocks
  163. Lowest Common Ancestor in Parent Array Representation
  164. Lexicographically smallest and largest substring of size k
  165. Count no. of ordered subsets having a particular XOR value
  166. Comparing leading zeros in binary representations of two numbers
  167. Find the Next perfect square greater than a given number
  168. Program to find the Nth term of the series 3, 20, 63, 144, 230, ……
  169. Program to find the Nth term of series 5, 10, 17, 26, 37, 50, 65, 82, ...
  170. Program to find the Nth term of series 0, 4, 14, 30, 51, 80, 114, 154, 200, ...
  171. Minimum number of items to be delivered
  172. Program to find the Nth term of the series 0, 14, 40, 78, 124, ...
  173. Program to find the Nth term of the series 0, 5, 14, 27, 44, ........
  174. Count ways to reach a score using 1 and 2 with no consecutive 2s
  175. Maximum length of segments of 0's and 1's
  176. Concatenate strings in any order to get Maximum Number of "AB"
  177. Program to calculate Bitonicity of an Array
  178. Find all angles of a triangle in 3D
  179. Sum of first n term of Series 3, 5, 9, 17, 33....
  180. Generating subarrays using recursion
  181. Find the number after successive division
  182. Sum of first n terms of a given series 3, 6, 11, .....
  183. Sum of first N terms of Quadratic Sequence 3 + 7 + 13 + ...
  184. Check if given string can be formed by two other strings or their permutations
  185. Rotations of a Binary String with Odd Value
  186. Find the sum of series 3, 7, 13, 21, 31....
  187. Find sum of the series 1-2+3-4+5-6+7.......
  188. Find sum of the series 1+22+333+4444+...... upto n terms
  189. Find the sum of infinite series 1^2.x^0 + 2^2.x^1 + 3^2.x^2 + 4^2.x^3 +.......
  190. Find area of triangle if two vectors of two adjacent sides are given
  191. Area of a circle inscribed in a regular hexagon
  192. Split the number into N parts such that difference between the smallest and the largest part is minimum
  193. Check if a point is inside, outside or on the ellipse
  194. Find nth term of a given recurrence relation
  195. Check if a point is inside, outside or on the parabola
  196. First triangular number whose number of divisors exceeds N
  197. Find the Nth term of the series 2 + 6 + 13 + 23 + . . .
  198. Find the sum of series 3, -6, 12, -24 . . . upto N terms
  199. Program to print the Sum of series -1 + 2 + 11 + 26 + 47 +.....
  200. Program to find Nth term of the series 3, 12, 29, 54, 87, ...
  201. Program to find Nth term of the series 3 , 5 , 21 , 51 , 95 , ...
  202. Program to find the sum of the series 23+ 45+ 75+..... upto N terms
  203. Program to print Hut
  204. Program to find Nth term of series 0, 10, 30, 60, 99, 150, 210, 280...........
  205. Program to find Nth term of series 2, 12, 28, 50, 77, 112, 152, 198, .....
  206. Program to find Nth term of series 4, 14, 28, 46, 68, 94, 124, 158, .....
  207. Find the direction from given string
  208. Sum of all Primes in a given range using Sieve of Eratosthenes
  209. Program to find volume and surface area of pentagonal prism
  210. Count characters with same neighbors
  211. Print a number strictly less than a given number such that all its digits are distinct.
  212. Divide an isosceles triangle in two parts with ratio of areas as n:m
  213. Program to solve the Alligation Problem
  214. Area of a circle inscribed in a rectangle which is inscribed in a semicircle
  215. Area of a square inscribed in a circle which is inscribed in a hexagon
  216. Expand the string according to the given conditions
  217. Find the k-th smallest divisor of a natural number N
  218. Radius of the biggest possible circle inscribed in rhombus which in turn is inscribed in a rectangle
  219. Check if a string can be rearranged to form special palindrome
  220. Program to find the maximum element in a Matrix
  221. Maximize number of nodes which are not part of any edge in a Graph
  222. Program to print the pattern with two hollow Triangles
  223. Find normal at a given point on the curve
  224. Product of non-repeating (distinct) elements in an Array
  225. Program to find the side of the Octagon inscribed within the square
  226. Program to replace every space in a string with hyphen
  227. Program to Calculate the Perimeter of a Decagon
  228. Minimum number of nodes in an AVL Tree with given height
  229. Program to Print Mirrored Hollow Parallelogram
  230. Program to find sum of 1 + x/2! + x^2/3! +...+x^n/(n+1)!
  231. Number of squares of side length required to cover an N*M rectangle
  232. Check if the characters of a given string are in alphabetical order
  233. Program to find the Area and Perimeter of a Semicircle
  234. Minimum time to reach a point with +t and -t moves at time t
  235. Maximize the sum of array by multiplying prefix of array with -1
  236. Program to find the Perimeter of a Regular Polygon
  237. Minimum swaps required to make a binary string alternating
  238. Find sum of N-th group of Natural Numbers
  239. Check if a number is a Trojan Number
  240. Rearrange all elements of array which are multiples of x in increasing order
  241. Section formula for 3 D
  242. Check if a number is an Achilles number or not
  243. Equation of circle from centre and radius
  244. Minimum squares to evenly cut a rectangle
  245. Minimum boxes required to carry all gifts
  246. Equation of parabola from its focus and directrix
  247. Round to next smaller multiple of 8
  248. Find the foot of perpendicular of a point in a 3 D plane
  249. Calculate volume and surface area of Torus
  250. Assign other value to a variable from two possible values
  251. Longest subarray with elements divisible by k
  252. Check whether a number has consecutive 0's in the given base or not
  253. Sorting array elements with set bits equal to K
  254. Replace all consonants with nearest vowels in a string
  255. Find middle point segment from given segment lengths
  256. Check whether sum of digits at odd places of a number is divisible by K
  257. Minimum array elements to be changed to make it a Lucas Sequence
  258. Maximum number of contiguous array elements with same number of set bits
  259. Equation of ellipse from its focus, directrix, and eccentricity
  260. Count Number of animals in a zoo from given number of head and legs
  261. Find permutation of n which is divisible by 3 but not divisible by 6
  262. Maximum area of rectangle possible with given perimeter
  263. Area of decagon inscribed within the circle
  264. Count subarrays consisting of only 0's and only 1's in a binary array
  265. Find maximum distance between any city and station
  266. Sum and Product of all Composite numbers which are divisible by k in an array
  267. Program to calculate area and perimeter of a rhombus whose diagonals are given
  268. Program to find Nth term of series 7, 21, 49, 91, 147, 217, ......
  269. Count the number of elements in an array which are divisible by k
  270. Count occurrences of the average of array elements with a given number
  271. Count ordered pairs with product less than N
  272. Count number less than N which are product of perfect squares
  273. Check if the Xor of the frequency of all digits of a number N is zero or not
  274. Find maximum volume of a cuboid from the given perimeter and area
  275. Program to print hollow Triangle pattern
  276. Minimize the value of N by applying the given operations
  277. Count the number of vowels occurring in all the substrings of given string
  278. Find if array has an element whose value is half of array sum
  279. GCD of a number raised to some power and another number
  280. Largest cube that can be inscribed within the sphere
  281. Sum of all the multiples of 3 and 7 below N
  282. Largest sphere that can be inscribed inside a cube
  283. Position after taking N steps to the right and left in an alternate manner
  284. Count pieces of circle after N cuts
  285. Find Selling Price from given Profit Percentage and Cost
  286. Find Maximum side length of square in a Matrix
  287. XOR of all elements of array with set bits equal to K
  288. Count number of bits changed after adding 1 to given N
  289. Different possible marks for n questions and negative marking
  290. Number of strictly increasing Buildings from right with distinct Colors
  291. Find two numbers with sum and product both same as N
  292. Find two numbers whose sum and GCD are given
  293. Maximum litres of water that can be bought with N Rupees
  294. Find the player who rearranges the characters to get a palindrome string first
  295. Find the number of primitive roots modulo prime
  296. Largest sub-array whose all elements are perfect squares
  297. Sum of multiples of A and B less than N
  298. Sum of common divisors of two numbers A and B
  299. Check if a large number is divisible by 75 or not
  300. Minimum number of characters to be replaced to make a given string Palindrome
  301. Count of cyclic permutations having XOR with other binary string as 0
  302. Number of ways to swap two bit of s1 so that bitwise OR of s1 and s2 changes
  303. Check if the array has an element which is equal to product of remaining elements
  304. Maximum number of parallelograms that can be made using the given length of line segments
  305. Minimum sum after subtracting multiples of k from the elements of the array
  306. Minimum steps to convert one binary string to other only using negation
  307. Program to print 'N' alphabet using the number pattern from 1 to n
  308. Ratio of area of a rectangle with the rectangle inscribed in it
  309. Partition N into M parts such that difference between Max and Min part is smallest
  310. Largest number in an array that is not a perfect cube
  311. Print sum of matrix and its mirror image
  312. Largest perfect cube number in an Array
  313. Minimum number of moves required to reach the destination by the king in a chess board
  314. Minimum elements to be added in a range so that count of elements is divisible by K
  315. Sum of the digits of a number N written in all bases from 2 to N/2
  316. Lexicographically smallest substring with maximum occurrences containing a's and b's only
  317. Sorting rows of matrix in descending order followed by columns in ascending order
  318. Find sum of a number and its maximum prime factor
  319. Distance between two nodes of binary tree with node values from 1 to N
  320. Sum of elements whose square root is present in the array
  321. Range and Coefficient of range of Array
  322. Frequency of each element of an array of small ranged values
  323. Size of the smallest subset with maximum Bitwise OR
  324. Replace every element of the array by its previous element
  325. Sum of first N natural numbers which are divisible by X or Y
  326. Check if a number is Triperfect Number
  327. Length of rope tied around three equal circles touching each other
  328. Maximize the difference between two subsets of a set with negatives
  329. Check if the given decimal number has 0 and 1 digits only
  330. Number of Binary Strings of length N with K adjacent Set Bits
  331. Sum of the multiples of two numbers below N
  332. Sort the array in a given index range
  333. Concatenate suffixes of a String
  334. Minimum absolute difference of a number and its closest prime
  335. Largest palindromic number in an array
  336. Split a number into 3 parts such that none of the parts is divisible by 3
  337. Sum of integers upto N with given unit digit
  338. Closest perfect square and its distance
  339. Count sub-sets that satisfy the given condition
  340. Leftmost and rightmost indices of the maximum and the minimum element of an array
  341. Find nth Hermite number
  342. Longest Subsequence where index of next element is arr[arr[i] + i]
  343. Smallest subarray containing minimum and maximum values
  344. Find minimum x such that (x % k) * (x / k) == n | Set-2
  345. Minimize the maximum minimum difference after one removal from array
  346. Sum of LCM(1, n), LCM(2, n), LCM(3, n), ... , LCM(n, n)
  347. Buy minimum items without change and given coins
  348. Check if all elements of the array are palindrome or not
  349. Count common prime factors of two numbers
  350. Occurrences of a pattern in binary representation of a number
  351. Represent n as the sum of exactly k powers of two | Set 2
  352. Number of ways to remove a sub-string from S such that all remaining characters are same
  353. Count number of pairs (i, j) such that arr[i] * arr[j] > arr[i] + arr[j]
  354. Find probability that a player wins when probabilities of hitting the target are given
  355. Minimum absolute difference between N and a power of 2
  356. Number of subarrays have bitwise OR >= K
  357. Find cost price from given selling price and profit or loss percentage
  358. First and Last Three Bits
  359. Length of the longest substring with consecutive characters
  360. Smallest perfect Cube divisible by all elements of an array
  361. Recursive program to print all numbers less than N which consist of digits 1 or 3 only
  362. Cost to make a string Panagram | Set 2
  363. Print n 0s and m 1s such that no two 0s and no three 1s are together
  364. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle within a Square which is inscribed within a Circle
  365. Print all Proth primes up to N
  366. Count of strings that become equal to one of the two strings after one removal
  367. Count of Numbers such that difference between the number and sum of its digits not less than L
  368. Check if a string can be repeated to make another string
  369. Largest number less than or equal to N/2 which is coprime to N
  370. Sort even and odd placed elements in increasing order
  371. Print all multiplicative primes <= N
  372. Find the resulting Colour Combination
  373. Find the Side of the smallest Square that can contain given 4 Big Squares
  374. Find array using different XORs of elements in groups of size 4
  375. Midpoint ellipse drawing algorithm
  376. Make all elements of an array equal with the given operation
  377. Minimum operations of the given type required to make a complete graph
  378. Count of pairs of (i, j) such that ((n % i) % j) % n is maximized
  379. Array element with minimum sum of absolute differences
  380. Decrypt a string encrypted by repeating i-th character i times
  381. Minimum replacements to make adjacent characters unequal in a ternary string
  382. Program to find LCM of two Fibonnaci Numbers
  383. Minimum operations required to make all the array elements equal
  384. Ways to divide a binary array into sub-arrays such that each sub-array contains exactly one 1
  385. Program to Assign grades to a student using Nested If Else
  386. Maximum number of teams that can be formed with given persons
  387. Maximum count of sub-strings of length K consisting of same characters
  388. Maximize the value of x + y + z such that ax + by + cz = n
  389. Number of sub-strings that contain the given character exactly k times
  390. Find integers that divides maximum number of elements of the array
  391. Maximum size of sub-array that satisfies the given condition
  392. Numbers of Length N having digits A and B and whose sum of digits contain only digits A and B
  393. Maximum sum after repeatedly dividing N by a divisor
  394. Lexicographically largest sub-sequence of the given string
  395. Minimum number of operations to move all uppercase characters before all lower case characters
  396. Number of ways to choose an integer such that there are exactly K elements greater than it in the given array
  397. Find frequency of smallest value in an array
  398. Acronym words
  399. Maximum number of segments that can contain the given points
  400. Modify a binary array to Bitwise AND of all elements as 1
  401. Minimum number of given operations required to convert a string to another string
  402. Count of quadruplets from range [L, R] having GCD equal to K
  403. Minimum replacements to make adjacent characters unequal in a ternary string | Set-2
  404. Pick maximum sum M elements such that contiguous repetitions do not exceed K
  405. Minimize the sum of the squares of the sum of elements of each group the array is divided into
  406. Find a positive number M such that gcd(N^M, N&M) is maximum
  407. Given two binary strings perform operation until B > 0 and print the result
  408. Minimum number of moves to make a binary array K periodic
  409. Iterating over all possible combinations in an Array using Bits
  410. Check whether two strings are equivalent or not according to given condition
  411. Smallest Special Prime which is greater than or equal to a given number
  412. Select numbers in such way to maximize the amount of money
  413. Maximum Bitwise AND pair from given range
  414. Print k different sorted permutations of a given array
  415. Longest sub-sequence of array containing Lucas numbers
  416. Sum of the natural numbers (up to N) whose modulo with K yield R
  417. Find N % 4 (Remainder with 4) for a large value of N
  418. Schedule elevator to reduce the total time taken
  419. Minimum elements to be removed such that sum of adjacent elements is always even
  420. Maximum length subarray with difference between adjacent elements as either 0 or 1
  421. Count numbers in range 1 to N which are divisible by X but not by Y
  422. Number of trailing zeroes in base B representation of N!
  423. Minimum distance to the corner of a grid from source
  424. Pick points from array such that minimum distance is maximized
  425. Minimum cost to make two strings same
  426. Minimum matches the team needs to win to qualify
  427. Maximum length of balanced string after swapping and removal of characters
  428. Print all the sum pairs which occur maximum number of times
  429. Count permutations that are first decreasing then increasing.
  430. Check whether the Average Character of the String is present or not
  431. Series summation if T(n) is given and n is very large
  432. Minimum cost to form a number X by adding up powers of 2
  433. Program to calculate the value of nPr
  434. Check if the given string is K-periodic
  435. Smallest and Largest Palindrome with N Digits
  436. Count how many times the given digital clock shows identical digits
  437. Search an element in given N ranges
  438. Minimum cuts required to convert a palindromic string to a different palindromic string
  439. Check if matrix can be converted to another matrix by transposing square sub-matrices
  440. First string from the given array whose reverse is also present in the same array
  441. Count of pairs from 1 to a and 1 to b whose sum is divisible by N
  442. Check if Matrix remains unchanged after row reversals
  443. Generate all the binary strings of N bits
  444. Maximum trace possible for any sub-matrix of the given matrix
  445. Position of the K-th set bit in a number
  446. Print a number as string of 'A' and 'B' in lexicographic order
  447. Sort elements of the array that occurs in between multiples of K
  448. Print the longest prefix of the given string which is also the suffix of the same string
  449. Minimum cost to reach end of array array when a maximum jump of K index is allowed
  450. Count pairs with bitwise OR less than Max
  451. Queries to return the absolute difference between L-th smallest number and the R-th smallest number
  452. Perform K of Q queries to maximize the sum of the array elements
  453. Programs for printing pyramid patterns using recursion
  454. Maximize the median of the given array after adding K elements to the same array
  455. Replace all elements by difference of sums of positive and negative numbers after that element
  456. Program to find the kth character after decrypting a string
  457. Print all Semi-Prime Numbers less than or equal to N
  458. Minimize the cost to split a number
  459. Program to find the time after K minutes from given time
  460. Minimum number of given operation required to convert n to m
  461. Number of ways in which the substring in range [L, R] can be formed using characters out of the range
  462. Maximum volume of cube for every person when edge of N cubes are given
  463. Minimum number operations required to convert n to m | Set-2
  464. Maximum consecutive one’s (or zeros) in a binary circular array
  465. Find the maximum number of composite summands of a number
  466. Count common characters in two strings
  467. Minimum value to add to arr[i] so that an array can be split at index i with equal sum
  468. Sum of degrees of all nodes of a undirected graph
  469. Find the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle with given two sides
  470. Print last character of each word in a string
  471. Sort ugly numbers in an array at their relative positions
  472. Replace array elements by sum of next two consecutive elements
  473. Maximum array sum that can be obtained after exactly k changes
  474. Given an array and two integers l and r, find the kth largest element in the range [l, r]
  475. Check if factorial of N is divisible by the sum of squares of first N natural numbers
  476. Find the number of jumps to reach X in the number line from zero
  477. Compare two strings considering only alphanumeric characters
  478. Element in a matrix starting from which anti-clockwise traversal ends at the last element
  479. Find the final radiations of each Radiated Stations
  480. Count number of binary strings of length N having only 0's and 1's
  481. Find original numbers from gcd() every pair
  482. Check if a given number divides the sum of the factorials of its digits
  483. Count the number of pairs (i, j) such that either arr[i] is divisible by arr[j] or arr[j] is divisible by arr[i]
  484. Find the sum of the diagonal elements of the given N X N spiral matrix
  485. Find the number of binary strings of length N with at least 3 consecutive 1s
  486. Minimum number of given operations required to convert a permutation into an identity permutation
  487. Find the count of sub-strings whose characters can be rearranged to form the given word
  488. Count all prefixes of the given binary array which are divisible by x
  489. Elements greater than the previous and next element in an Array
  490. Find the number of elements greater than k in a sorted array
  491. Find maximum sum taking every Kth element in the array
  492. Find missing element in a sorted array of consecutive numbers
  493. Find the number of players who roll the dice when the dice output sequence is given
  494. Program to calculate product of digits of a number
  495. Print the first and last character of each word in a String
  496. Minimum possible final health of the last monster in a game
  497. Check if two strings are same ignoring their cases
  498. Find the sum of digits of a number at even and odd places
  499. Count the number of sub-arrays such that the average of elements present in the sub-array is greater than that not present in the sub-array
  500. Check if product of first N natural numbers is divisible by their sum
  501. Check if matrix A can be converted to B by changing parity of corner elements of any submatrix
  502. Maximum sum of cocktail glass in a 2D matrix
  503. Minimum length of the sub-string whose characters can be used to form a palindrome of length K
  504. Find the maximum possible value of a[i] % a[j] over all pairs of i and j
  505. Sum of elements in 1st array such that number of elements less than or equal to them in 2nd array is maximum
  506. Given a string and an integer k, find the kth sub-string when all the sub-strings are sorted according to the given condition
  507. Check whether the given string is a valid identifier
  508. Find the nth term of the given series
  509. Move all zeros to start and ones to end in an Array of random integers
  510. Queries to update a given index and find gcd in range
  511. Product of all Subsequences of size K except the minimum and maximum Elements
  512. Longest substring of only 4's from the first N characters of the infinite string
  513. Equation of straight line passing through a given point which bisects it into two equal line segments
  514. Largest number not greater than N which can become prime after rearranging its digits
  515. Count arrays of length K whose product of elements is same as that of given array
  516. Remove all occurrences of any element for maximum array sum
  517. Maximum elements which can be crossed using given units of a and b
  518. Minimum value of X to make all array elements equal by either decreasing or increasing by X
  519. Minimum cost to modify a string
  520. Find the minimum sum of distance to A and B from any integer point in a ring of size N
  521. Game Theory in Balanced Ternary Numeral System | (Moving 3k steps at a time)
  522. Check if string can be made lexicographically smaller by reversing any substring
  523. Count of quadruplets with given Sum | Set 2
  524. Number of character corrections in the given strings to make them equal
  525. Reorder the position of the words in alphabetical order
  526. Given two arrays count all pairs whose sum is an odd number
  527. Count pairs with average present in the same array
  528. Queries to answer the X-th smallest sub-string lexicographically
  529. Find element with the maximum set bits in an array
  530. Generate an array of K elements such that sum of elements is N and the condition a[i] < a[i+1] <= 2*a[i] is met | Set 2
  531. Calculate score for the given binary string
  532. Count number of 1s in the array after N moves
  533. Find permutation of first N natural numbers that satisfies the given condition
  534. Check if the robot is within the bounds of the grid after given moves
  535. Make lexicographically smallest palindrome by substituting missing characters
  536. Count number of subsets whose median is also present in the same subset
  537. Compare sum of first N-1 elements to Nth element of an array
  538. Choose X such that (A xor X) + (B xor X) is minimized
  539. Program to print an array in Pendulum Arrangement with constant space
  540. Ratio of the distance between the centers of the circles and the point of intersection of two direct common tangents to the circles
  541. Find a number which give minimum sum when XOR with every number of array of integers
  542. Generate an Array in which count of even and odd sum sub-arrays are E and O respectively
  543. Maximum sum path in a matrix from top to bottom and back
  544. Find prime number K in an array such that (A[i] % K) is maximum
  545. Count Pairs from two arrays with even sum
  546. GCD from root to leaf path in an N-ary tree
  547. Check whether product of integers from a to b is positive , negative or zero
  548. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent | Set 2
  549. Count of distinct rectangles inscribed in an equilateral triangle
  550. Check if the number is even or odd whose digits and base (radix) is given
  551. Maximize the size of array by deleting exactly k sub-arrays to make array prime
  552. Check whether a number can be represented as sum of K distinct positive integers
  553. Count index pairs which satisfy the given condition
  554. Minimum number of operations on a binary string such that it gives 10^A as remainder when divided by 10^B
  555. Minimize the number of steps required to reach the end of the array | Set 2
  556. Minimum steps required to reach the end of a matrix | Set 2
  557. Queries for bitwise AND in the given matrix
  558. Queries for bitwise OR in the given matrix
  559. Generate all unique partitions of an integer | Set 2
  560. Check if the given array contains all the divisors of some integer
  561. Find N distinct numbers whose bitwise Or is equal to K
  562. Maximum sum in an array such that every element has exactly one adjacent element to it
  563. Print combinations of distinct numbers which add up to give sum N
  564. Find the number of pair of Ideal nodes in a given tree
  565. Split the given array into K sub-arrays such that maximum sum of all sub arrays is minimum
  566. Find number of factors of N when location of its two factors whose product is N is given
  567. Minimum time required to rot all oranges | Dynamic Programming
  568. Window to Viewport Transformation in Computer Graphics with Implementation
  569. Find a subarray whose sum is divisible by size of the array
  570. Find two disjoint good sets of vertices in a given graph
  571. Find the height of a right-angled triangle whose area is X times its base
  572. Find the number of words of X vowels and Y consonants that can be formed from M vowels and N consonants
  573. Sum of all second largest divisors after splitting a number into one or more parts
  574. Count pairs in an array such that the absolute difference between them is ≥ K
  575. Count equal pairs from given string arrays
  576. Check if a number is Fermat Pseudoprime
  577. Divide the array in K segments such that the sum of minimums is maximized
  578. Maximum value after merging all elements in the array
  579. Map every character of one string to another such that all occurrences are mapped to the same character
  580. Alternate XOR operations on sorted array
  581. Find area of the larger circle when radius of the smaller circle and difference in the area is given
  582. All unique combinations whose sum equals to K
  583. How to store a Sparse Vector efficiently?
  584. Find the prime P using given four integers
  585. Maximum sum combination from two arrays
  586. Convert a String to an Integer using Recursion
  587. Program to find the Speed of train as per speed of sound
  588. Lexicographically largest permutation of the array such that a[i] = a[i-1] + gcd(a[i-1], a[i-2])
  589. Program to find the Depreciation of Value
  590. Modular Exponentiation of Complex Numbers
  591. Check if the product of every contiguous subsequence is different or not in a number
  592. Find the final sequence of the array after performing given operations
  593. Find all combinations of two equal sum subsequences
  594. Right most non-zero digit in multiplication of array elements
  595. Number of shortest paths to reach every cell from bottom-left cell in the grid
  596. Find the smallest positive number missing from an unsorted array | Set 3
  597. Find minimum changes required in an array for it to contain k distinct elements
  598. Find the ln(X) and log10X with the help of expansion
  599. Round the given number to nearest multiple of 10 | Set-2
  600. Minimum number of Binary strings to represent a Number
  601. Remove duplicates from unsorted array using Set data structure
  602. Find the average of k digits from the beginning and l digits from the end of the given number
  603. Count the number of occurrences of a particular digit in a number
  604. Concatenate the strings in an order which maximises the occurrence of subsequence "ab"
  605. Print characters having prime frequencies in order of occurrence
  606. Check if array contains contiguous integers with duplicates allowed
  607. Minimum possible number with the given operation
  608. Queries to find the count of characters preceding the given location
  609. Nth term of a Custom Fibonacci series
  610. Generate an array B[] from the given array A[] which satisfies the given conditions
  611. Cake Distribution Problem
  612. Find Range Value of the Expression
  613. Coxeter method to construct the magic square
  614. Find all the prime numbers of given number of digits
  615. Permute the elements of an array following given order
  616. Calculate the number of set bits for every number from 0 to N
  617. Queries to find the count of vowels in the substrings of the given string
  618. Convert given Matrix into sorted Spiral Matrix
  619. Check whether the string S1 can be made equal to S2 with the given operation
  620. Find if a crest is present in the index range [L, R] of the given array
  621. Find the last two missing digits of the given phone number
  622. Optimal Strategy for a Game | Special Gold Coin
  623. Number of subsequences of maximum length K containing no repeated elements
  624. Find the count of unvisited indices in an infinite array
  625. Sum of all the prime numbers with the maximum position of set bit ≤ D
  626. Find if there exists multiple ways to draw line through (x, y) to cut rectangle in equal halfs
  627. Count of integers from the range [0, N] whose digit sum is a multiple of K
  628. Minimum cost to partition the given binary string
  629. Maximum sum subarray after altering the array
  630. Find an integer in the given range that satisfies the given conditions
  631. Find the sum of the costs of all possible arrangements of the cells
  632. Reduce the number to minimum multiple of 4 after removing the digits
  633. Print all palindrome dates between the given years
  634. Minimum cells to be flipped to get a 2*2 submatrix with equal elements
  635. Check if the sum of digits of N is palindrome