Rohit Thapliyal
Rohit Thapliyal
  1. Check if a number is jumbled or not
  2. Implementing ternary operator without any conditional statement
  3. Compute the parity of a number using XOR and table look-up
  4. upper_bound in C++
  5. Program to check if input is an integer or a string
  6. Check if an array contains all elements of a given range
  7. Read/Write Class Objects from/to File in C++
  8. std::basic_string::at vs std::basic_string::operator[]
  9. std::to_string in C++
  10. Convert all substrings of length 'k' from base 'b' to decimal
  11. Tracking current Maximum Element in a Stack
  12. Find pair with maximum GCD in an array
  13. std::plus in c++
  14. std::minus in C++
  15. INT_MAX and INT_MIN in C/C++ and Applications
  16. Program to find sum of prime numbers between 1 to n
  17. Permute a string by changing case
  18. Minimum number of deletions so that no two consecutive are same
  19. Reverse a number using stack
  20. Find maximum number that can be formed using digits of a given number
  21. std::multiplies in C++
  22. std::divides in C++
  23. std::stof in C++
  24. Check if two numbers are equal without using comparison operators
  25. Print 'K'th least significant bit of a number
  26. Compute average of two numbers without overflow
  27. std::clamp in C++ 17
  28. std::bsearch in C++
  29. Trivial classes in C++
  30. Computing INT_MAX and INT_MIN with Bitwise operations
  31. Counting the number of words in a Trie
  32. Find multiple of x closest to or a ^ b (a raised to power b)
  33. Insertion sort using C++ STL
  34. Shuffle a pack of cards and answer the query
  35. Count of obtuse angles in a circle with 'k' equidistant points between 2 given points
  36. Range-based for loop in C++
  37. Find an element in array such that sum of left array is equal to sum of right array
  38. Check whether given circle resides in boundary maintained by two other circles
  39. Taxicab Numbers
  40. Maximum number of edges to be added to a tree so that it stays a Bipartite graph
  41. Smallest number divisible by n and has at-least k trailing zeros
  42. DFS for a n-ary tree (acyclic graph) represented as adjacency list
  43. Find element at given index after a number of rotations
  44. Find element at given index after given range reversals
  45. Largest K digit number divisible by X
  46. Smallest K digit number divisible by X
  47. Count single node isolated sub-graphs in a disconnected graph
  48. Maximum possible XOR of every element in an array with another array
  49. Check if a key is present in a C++ map or unordered_map
  50. Sub-tree with minimum color difference in a 2-coloured tree
  51. Wavelet Trees | Introduction
  52. map vs unordered_map in C++
  53. Probability of a random pair being the maximum weighted pair
  54. Tokenizing a string in C++
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