Nishant Tanwar
Nishant Tanwar
  1. Check whether an array can be fit into another array rearranging the elements in the array
  2. Count of Numbers in Range where the number does not contain more than K non zero digits
  3. Minimum number of Square Free Divisors
  4. Longest string in non-decreasing order of ASCII code and in arithmetic progression
  5. Expressing factorial n as sum of consecutive numbers
  6. Maximum and Minimum Values of an Algebraic Expression
  7. Transform a string such that it has abcd..z as a subsequence
  8. Check if item can be measured using a scale and some weights
  9. sqrt, sqrtl and sqrtf in C++
  10. Decimal Equivalent of Gray Code and its Inverse
  11. Maximum Occurrence in a Given Range
  12. Sum of Interval and Update with Number of Divisors
  13. Tetrahedral Numbers
  14. Find largest d in array such that a + b + c = d
  15. Range Queries for Longest Correct Bracket Subsequence
  16. Check whether a very large number of the given form is a multiple of 3.
  17. Check if it possible to partition in k subarrays with equal sum
  18. Subsets having Sum between A and B
  19. XOR of numbers that appeared even number of times in given Range
  20. Count pairs in an array which have at least one digit common
  21. Range and Update Query for Chessboard Pieces
  22. Count number of distinct sum subsets within given range
  23. Numbers within a range that can be expressed as power of two numbers
  24. Check a number for Permutable Prime
  25. Check if the given permutation is a valid DFS of graph
  26. Product of first N factorials
  27. Minimum number of adjacent swaps for arranging similar elements together
  28. Find a non empty subset in an array of N integers such that sum of elements of subset is divisible by N
  29. Minimum inverting factor in an array
  30. Bitwise OR (or | ) of a range
  31. Number of triangles that can be formed with given N points
  32. Number of Paths of Weight W in a K-ary tree
  33. Smallest Greater (than S) String of length K whose letters are subset of S
  34. Range Sum Queries and Update with Square Root
  35. Largest Divisor of a Number not divisible by a perfect square
  36. Range and Update Sum Queries with Factorial
  37. Color N boxes using M colors such that K boxes have different color from the box on its left
  38. Subset Sum Queries in a Range using Bitset
  39. Minimum removals in a number to be divisible by 10 power raised to K
  40. Count the number of special permutations
  41. Count numbers < = N whose difference with the count of primes upto them is > = K
  42. Count numbers in a range having GCD of powers of prime factors equal to 1
  43. Find minimum x such that (x % k) * (x / k) == n
  44. Minimum K such that every substring of length atleast K contains a character c
  45. Count of Numbers in Range where first digit is equal to last digit of the number
  46. Count of Numbers in a Range where digit d occurs exactly K times
  47. Count of Numbers in a Range divisible by m and having digit d in even positions
  48. Find the number in a range having maximum product of the digits
  49. Divide N segments into two non-empty groups such that given condition is satisfied
  50. Remove characters from a numeric string such that string becomes divisible by 8
  51. Form lexicographically smallest string with minimum replacements having equal number of 0s, 1s and 2s
  52. Make palindromic string non-palindromic by rearranging its letters
  53. Maximum count of sub-strings of length K consisting of same characters
  54. Numbers of Length N having digits A and B and whose sum of digits contain only digits A and B
  55. Check whether two strings are equivalent or not according to given condition
  56. Ways to form an array having integers in given range such that total sum is divisible by 2
  57. Count of numbers between range having only non-zero digits whose sum of digits is N and number is divisible by M
  58. Number of trailing zeroes in base B representation of N!
  59. Count Numbers in Range with difference between Sum of digits at even and odd positions as Prime
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