1. Coloring a Cycle Graph
  2. Permutations to arrange N persons around a circular table
  3. Open a link without clicking on it using JavaScript
  4. Program to find the number of region in Planar Graph
  5. JavaScript | Cursor property
  6. HTML | <marquee> tag
  7. Print a matrix in Reverse Wave Form
  8. Turn on or off bulb using JavaScript
  9. PHP | $ vs $$ operator
  10. Degree of a Cycle Graph
  11. HTML | Calculator
  12. JavaScript | Coordinates of mouse
  13. JavaScript | Sort() method
  14. Spiral Pattern
  15. JavaScript | Timer
  16. HTML | Change Background color using onmouseover property
  17. Addition of two number using '-' operator
  18. Convert C/C++ program to Preprocessor code
  19. Increment a number without using ++ or +
  20. Subtraction of two numbers using 2's Complement
  21. JavaScript | MouseEvent Button Property
  22. Password Matching using JavaScript
  23. Program to find the percentage of difference between two numbers
  24. Minimum time required to fill a cistern using N pipes
  25. Minimum time required to complete a work by N persons together
  26. Print elements that can be added to form a given sum
  27. Program to calculate Profit Or Loss
  28. Javascript | Window Open() & Window Close Method
  29. Program to calculate the profit sharing ratio
  30. JavaScript | Location protocol Property
  31. CSS | Shadow Effect
  32. Program to find Length of Bridge using Speed and Length of Train
  33. Program to find the head start in a race
  34. Find the number after successive division
  35. Maximum Possible Edge Disjoint Spanning Tree From a Complete Graph
  36. Program to calculate Root Mean Square
  37. Program to find the quantity after mixture replacement
  38. Program to find the count of coins of each type from the given ratio
  39. Program to find total number of edges in a Complete Graph
  40. Total number of Spanning trees in a Cycle Graph
  41. Program to Calculate the Edge Cover of a Graph
  42. Probability of getting a sum on throwing 2 Dices N times
  43. JavaScript | Window innerWidth and innerHeight Properties
  44. JavaScript | Replace() Method
  45. Program to find Circuit Rank of an Undirected Graph
  46. Javascript | Window Blur() and Window Focus() Method
  47. Program to find the diameter, cycles and edges of a Wheel Graph
  48. Program for Deadlock free condition in Operating System
  49. Program to convert KiloBytes to Bytes and Bits
  50. Find the total marks obtained according to given marking scheme
  51. Count Number of animals in a zoo from given number of head and legs
  52. Check whether (i,j) exists such that arr[i] != arr[j] and arr[arr[i]] is equal to arr[arr[j]]
  53. Minimum Cuts can be made in the Chessboard such that it is not divided into 2 parts
  54. Minimum cuts required to divide the Circle into equal parts
  55. Number of strictly increasing Buildings from right with distinct Colors
  56. Program to find the profit or loss when CP of N items is equal to SP of M items
  57. Change K elements so that (a1^2 + a2^2 + …+ aN^2 ) <= (a1 + a2 +…+ aN) becomes true
  58. Number of matches required to find the winner
  59. Maximum no. of apples that can be kept in a single basket
  60. Overall percentage change from successive changes
  61. Find the other number when LCM and HCF given
  62. LCM and HCF of fractions
  63. Time taken by two persons to meet on a circular track
  64. Determine the count of Leaf nodes in an N-ary tree
  65. Check if possible to shuffle a matrix with adjacent movements
  66. Validation of Equation Given as String
  67. Minimum spanning tree cost of given Graphs
  68. Total position where king can reach on a chessboard in exactly M moves
  69. Total number of days taken to complete the task if after certain days one person leaves
  70. Number of Hamiltonian cycle
  71. Convert an image into Blur using HTML/CSS
  72. Count Hexadecimal Number
  73. Loss when two items are sold at same price and same percentage profit/loss
  74. Predict the winner in Coin Game
  75. Number of ways to go from one point to another in a grid
  76. Times required by Simple interest for the Principal to become Y times itself
  77. Determine the position of the third person on regular N sided polygon
  78. Number of positions such that adding K to the element is greater than sum of all other elements
  79. Area of plot remaining at the end
  80. Check if the robot is within the bounds of the grid after given moves
  81. Make lexicographically smallest palindrome by substituting missing characters
  82. Maximum number of edges in Bipartite graph
  83. Minimum integer such that it leaves a remainder 1 on dividing with any element from the range [2, N]
  84. Program to find the rate percentage from compound interest of consecutive years
  85. Program to find the number of men initially
  86. Time taken per hour for stoppage of Car
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