1. Count ways of choosing a pair with maximum difference
  2. Number of positions where a letter can be inserted such that a string becomes palindrome
  3. Minimum cost to connect weighted nodes represented as array
  4. Pairs with Difference less than K
  5. Check if a number is divisible by all prime divisors of another number
  6. Ways to color a skewed tree such that parent and child have different colors
  7. Maximum Unique Element in every subarray of size K
  8. Number of subsequences as "ab" in a string repeated K times
  9. Pair with given sum and maximum shortest distance from end
  10. K-Primes (Numbers with k prime factors) in a range
  11. Probability of choosing a random pair with maximum sum in an array
  12. Longest alternating (positive and negative) subarray starting at every index
  13. Express an odd number as sum of prime numbers
  14. Break a number such that sum of maximum divisors of all parts is minimum
  15. Longest subsegment of '1's formed by changing at most k '0's
  16. Minimum insertions to make a Co-prime array
  17. Largest subset with sum of every pair as prime
  18. Rearrange array such that even positioned are greater than odd
  19. Smallest subarray with all occurrences of a most frequent element
  20. Change the array into a permutation of numbers from 1 to n
  21. Print a closest string that does not contain adjacent duplicates
  22. Numbers whose factorials end with n zeros
  23. Possible edges of a tree for given diameter, height and vertices
  24. Check if it is possible to make array equal by doubling or tripling
  25. Value of k-th index of a series formed by append and insert MEX in middle
  26. Maximum OR sum of sub-arrays of two different arrays
  27. Find a string in lexicographic order which is in between given two strings
  28. Number of horizontal or vertical line segments to connect 3 points
  29. Reduce Hamming distance by swapping two characters
  30. Make a lexicographically smallest palindrome with minimal changes
  31. Find N integers with given difference between product and sum
  32. list unique() in C++ STL
  33. smatch max_size() function in C++ STL
  34. match_results cbegin() add cend() in C++ STL
  35. match_results begin() and end() function in C++ STL
  36. match_results size() in C++ STL
  37. match_results operator[] in C++ STL
  38. match_results operator= in C++
  39. match_results length() in C++ STL
  40. match_results empty() in C++ STL
  41. match_results prefix() and suffix() in C++
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