1. Perl | lt operator
  2. Perl | rename() Function
  3. jQuery | :last Selector
  4. HTML | DOM Storage key() Method
  5. HTML | DOM Storage removeItem() Method
  6. jQuery | outerHeight() Method
  7. jQuery | length property
  8. jQuery | slideDown() Method
  9. jQuery | slideToggle() Method
  10. Perl | delete() Function
  11. Perl | defined() Function
  12. jQuery | toggle() Method
  13. Perl | each() Function
  14. Perl | index() Function
  15. Perl | int() function
  16. Perl | join() Function
  17. Perl | keys() Function
  18. Perl | last in loop
  19. Perl | lc() Function for Lower Case Conversion
  20. Perl | lcfirst() Function
  21. Perl | length() Function
  22. jQuery | :even Selector
  23. Perl | oct() Function
  24. Perl | log() Function
  25. Perl | push() Function
  26. jQuery | :first Selector
  27. Perl | rand() Function
  28. jQuery | :first-child Selector
  29. Perl | prototype() Function
  30. Perl | reset() Function
  31. PHP | parse_url() Function
  32. PHP | json_decode() Function
  33. Perl matching operator
  34. Perl | quotemeta() Function
  35. Perl | qq operator
  36. Perl | Array pop() Function
  37. Perl | print operator
  38. Perl | redo operator
  39. Perl | return() Function
  40. Perl | my keyword
  41. Perl | reverse() Function
  42. Perl | rindex() Function
  43. Perl | ord() Function
  44. Perl | q operator
  45. Perl | substitution Operator
  46. Perl | scalar keyword
  47. Perl | shift() Function
  48. Perl | sleep() Function
  49. Perl | sort() Function
  50. Perl | sprintf() Function
  51. Perl | sqrt() Function
  52. Perl | next operator
  53. Perl | uc() Function
  54. Perl | unshift() Function
  55. Perl | values() Function
  56. Perl | cmp Operator
  57. Perl | gt operator
  58. Perl | le operator
  59. Perl | ge operator
  60. Perl | eq operator
  61. Perl | ne operator
  62. Perl | getc Function
  63. Perl | tell() Function
  64. Perl | wantarray() Function
  65. Perl | glob() Function
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  1. How to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable?
  2. Find the node with minimum value in a Binary Search Tree
  3. Segregate Even and Odd numbers
  4. Find Union and Intersection of two unsorted arrays
  5. Evaluation order of operands
  6. Sorted order printing of a given array that represents a BST
  7. Find the repeating and the missing | Added 3 new methods
  8. Find the minimum distance between two numbers
  9. Smallest of three integers without comparison operators
  10. Matrix Chain Multiplication | DP-8
  11. Print all sequences of given length
  12. Pascal's Triangle
  13. Count all possible paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrix
  14. Remove minimum elements from either side such that 2*min becomes more than max
  15. Mobile Numeric Keypad Problem
  16. Longest Even Length Substring such that Sum of First and Second Half is same
  17. Rearrange an array such that 'arr[j]' becomes 'i' if 'arr[i]' is 'j' | Set 1
  18. Maximum product of a triplet (subsequnece of size 3) in array
  19. Find even occurring elements in an array of limited range
  20. Count number of substrings with exactly k distinct characters
  21. Rearrange positive and negative numbers with constant extra space
  22. Dynamic Programming | High-effort vs. Low-effort Tasks Problem
  23. Program for Armstrong Numbers
  24. Binary Indexed Tree : Range Updates and Point Queries
  25. Interpolation Search
  26. Remove minimum number of characters so that two strings become anagram
  27. Find a partition point in array
  28. Divide array into two sub-arrays such that their averages are equal
  29. Minimum operations required to remove an array
  30. Maximize sum of N X N upper left sub-matrix from given 2N X 2N matrix
  31. Count passing car pairs
  32. Make n using 1s and 2s with minimum number of terms multiple of k
  33. Count substrings with same first and last characters
  34. Count pairs with sum as a prime number and less than n
  35. Find maximum (or minimum) in Binary Tree
  36. Program to add two polynomials
  37. Replace all ‘0’ with ‘5’ in an input Integer
  38. Triangular Numbers
  39. Reverse an array without using subtract sign ‘-‘ anywhere in the code
  40. Number of times the largest perfect square number can be subtracted from N
  41. Slope of the line parallel to the line with the given slope
  42. HTML | DOM Style backgroundClip Property
  43. Painting Fence Algorithm
  44. Replace every element of the array with BitWise XOR of all other
  45. Count number of strings (made of R, G and B) using given combination
  46. Divide the two given numbers by their common divisors
  47. Print the string by ignoring alternate occurrences of any character
  48. Minimum insertions to form a palindrome with permutations allowed
  49. Master Theorem For Subtract and Conquer Recurrences
  50. Josephus Problem Using Bit Magic
  51. Print triplets with sum less than or equal to k
  52. Smallest element in an array that is repeated exactly 'k' times.
  53. Program to Count numbers on fingers
  54. HTML | DOM Textarea autofocus Property
  55. Maximise the size of consecutive element subsets in an array
  56. Binary array after M range toggle operations
  57. Smallest index such that there are no 0 or 1 to its right
  58. Program to count digits in an integer (4 Different Methods)
  59. Print N-bit binary numbers having more 1’s than 0’s in all prefixes
  60. Replace two substrings (of a string) with each other
  61. Double Base Palindrome
  62. Program to print hollow rectangle or square star patterns
  63. Minimum cost to make two strings identical by deleting the digits
  64. Program to find the number of region in Planar Graph
  65. Program to print non square numbers
  66. Construct sum-array with sum of elements in given range
  67. Converting one string to other using append and delete last operations
  68. Calculate area of pentagon with given diagonal
  69. Sort 1 to N by swapping adjacent elements
  70. Dyck Words of given length
  71. Sum of pairwise products
  72. Invert actual bits of a number
  73. n-th number whose sum of digits is ten
  74. Hypercube Graph
  75. Largest of two distinct numbers without using any conditional statements or operators
  76. Program for scalar multiplication of a matrix
  77. Program to display all alphabets from A to Z in uppercase and lowercase both
  78. Prefixes with more a than b
  79. Check for balanced parentheses in an expression | O(1) space
  80. Lexicographically Kth smallest way to reach given coordinate from origin
  81. Largest gap in an array
  82. Duplicates in an array in O(n) time and by using O(1) extra space | Set-3
  83. Modify string by removing vowels in between two consonants
  84. Find the sum of non-prime elements in the given array
  85. Array Manipulation and Sum
  86. Sort 3 numbers
  87. Maximum bishops that can be placed on N*N chessboard
  88. Range product queries in an array
  89. Smallest divisor D of N such that gcd(D, M) is greater than 1
  90. Hyperfactorial of a number
  91. First strictly greater element in a sorted array in Java
  92. First strictly smaller element in a sorted array in Java
  93. Difference between fundamental data types and derived data types
  94. Recursive program to print triangular patterns
  95. Minimum number greater than the maximum of array which cannot be formed using the numbers in the array
  96. Check whether a given Number is Power-Isolated or not
  97. Length of largest sub-array having primes strictly greater than non-primes
  98. Program to solve the Alligation Problem
  99. Program to print Hut Star pattern
  100. Product of all prime numbers in an Array
  101. Minimum number of nodes in an AVL Tree with given height
  102. Find number of cavities in a matrix
  103. Find time taken for signal to reach all positions in a string
  104. Ways of selecting men and women from a group to make a team
  105. Find single Movement in a Matrix
  106. Program to convert the diagonal elements of the matrix to 0
  107. Largest number less than N with digit sum greater than the digit sum of N
  108. Construct a binary string following the given constraints
  109. Check if a number is Triperfect Number
  110. Largest right circular cylinder within a frustum
  111. Minimum and Maximum number of pairs in m teams of n people
  112. Move all Uppercase char to the end of string
  113. Maximum sum of all elements of array after performing given operations
  114. Check if the given decimal number has 0 and 1 digits only
  115. Largest Divisor of a Number not divisible by a perfect square
  116. Sum of the multiples of two numbers below N
  117. Largest palindromic number in an array
  118. Find the nth term of the series 0, 8, 64, 216, 512, . . .
  119. Sum of integers upto N with given unit digit
  120. Leftmost and rightmost indices of the maximum and the minimum element of an array
  121. Minimum value that divides one number and divisible by other
  122. Minimum in an array which is first decreasing then increasing
  123. Count of numbers which can be made power of 2 by given operation
  124. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle within A Square
  125. Largest hexagon that can be inscribed within an equilateral triangle
  126. Count Subarrays with Consecutive elements differing by 1
  127. Count numbers in a range that are divisible by all array elements
  128. Diagonal of a Regular Heptagon
  129. Print numbers in matrix diagonal pattern
  130. Remove exactly one element from the array such that max - min is minimum
  131. Count number of pairs (i, j) such that arr[i] * arr[j] > arr[i] + arr[j]
  132. Minimum prime number operations to convert A to B
  133. Check if it is possible to draw a straight line with the given direction cosines
  134. Largest square that can be inscribed within a hexagon which is inscribed within an equilateral triangle
  135. Print n 0s and m 1s such that no two 0s and no three 1s are together
  136. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle within a Square which is inscribed within a Right angle Triangle
  137. Largest right circular cylinder that can be inscribed within a cone which is in turn inscribed within a cube
  138. Count distinct elements in an array
  139. Check whether the given character is in upper case, lower case or non alphabetic character
  140. Rectangle with minimum possible difference between the length and the width
  141. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle inscirbed within a square inscribed in a semicircle
  142. Find safe cells in a matrix
  143. Count of values of x <= n for which (n XOR x) = (n - x)
  144. Find array using different XORs of elements in groups of size 4
  145. Count of sub-strings that are divisible by K
  146. Count of pairs of (i, j) such that ((n % i) % j) % n is maximized
  147. Largest sphere that can be inscribed in a right circular cylinder inscribed in a frustum
  148. Count all Prime Length Palindromic Substrings
  149. Maximum GCD from Given Product of Unknowns
  150. Decrypt a string encrypted by repeating i-th character i times
  151. HTML | DOM Time Object
  152. Smallest integer greater than n such that it consists of digit m exactly k times
  153. Check if a binary string contains consecutive same or not
  154. Cost of painting n * m grid
  155. Minimum number of operations to move all uppercase characters before all lower case characters
  156. Minimum value to be added to X such that it is at least Y percent of N
  157. Choose points from two ranges such that no point lies in both the ranges
  158. Maximize big when both big and small can be exchanged
  159. Count the number of rhombi possible inside a rectangle of given size
  160. Maximize the sum of products of the degrees between any two vertices of the tree
  161. Program to calculate the area between two Concentric Circles
  162. Generate a string consisting of characters 'a' and 'b' that satisfy the given conditions
  163. Sum of bitwise AND of all subarrays
  164. Source to destination in 2-D path with fixed sized jumps
  165. Find index i such that prefix of S1 and suffix of S2 till i form a palindrome when concatenated
  166. Minimum index i such that all the elements from index i to given index are equal
  167. Find the longest Fibonacci-like subarray of the given array
  168. Maximum positive integer divisible by C and is in the range [A, B]
  169. Minimum number of moves to make a binary array K periodic
  170. Iterating over all possible combinations in an Array using Bits
  171. Ways to form an array having integers in given range such that total sum is divisible by 2
  172. Minimum removals to make array sum odd
  173. Check whether the number can be made perfect square after adding 1
  174. Number of Hamiltonian cycle
  175. Maximum Bitwise AND pair from given range
  176. Check if an array of 1s and 2s can be divided into 2 parts with equal sum
  177. Count array elements that divide the sum of all other elements
  178. Number of trailing zeroes in base 16 representation of N!
  179. Count paths with distance equal to Manhattan distance
  180. Find the number of solutions to the given equation
  181. Minimum LCM and GCD possible among all possible sub-arrays
  182. Find the Nth term of the series where each term f[i] = f[i - 1] - f[i - 2]
  183. Find N % 4 (Remainder with 4) for a large value of N
  184. Minimum possible sum of array elements after performing the given operation
  185. XOR of XORs of all sub-matrices
  186. Minimum elements to be removed such that sum of adjacent elements is always even
  187. Find Nth positive number whose digital root is X
  188. Longest Sub-array with maximum average value
  189. Ways to Remove Edges from a Complete Graph to make Odd Edges
  190. Count of all even numbers in the range [L, R] whose sum of digits is divisible by 3
  191. Sum of numbers from 1 to N which are in Lucas Sequence
  192. Replace every consonant sequence with its length in the given string
  193. Minimum cost to make two strings same
  194. Find smallest number K such that K % p = 0 and q % K = 0
  195. Maximum length of balanced string after swapping and removal of characters
  196. Missing even and odd elements from the given arrays
  197. Sum of numbers from 1 to N which are in Fibonacci Sequence
  198. Deletions of "01" or "10" in binary string to make it free from "01" or "10"
  199. Check if a number can be represented as sum of non zero powers of 2
  200. Find kth smallest number in range [1, n] when all the odd numbers are deleted
  201. Find Nth term of the series 1, 5, 32, 288 ...
  202. Count numbers which are divisible by all the numbers from 2 to 10
  203. Sum of the series (1*2) + (2*3) + (3*4) + ...... upto n terms
  204. Maximum Primes whose sum is equal to given N
  205. Sum of the series 1^1 + 2^2 + 3^3 + ..... + n^n using recursion
  206. Numbers that are not divisible by any number in the range [2, 10]
  207. Count of a, b & c after n seconds for given reproduction rate
  208. Find the K-th minimum element from an array concatenated M times
  209. Smallest integer > 1 which divides every element of the given array
  210. Series summation if T(n) is given and n is very large
  211. Count of all N digit numbers such that num + Rev(num) = 10^N - 1
  212. Find the total guests that are present at the party
  213. Find A and B from list of divisors
  214. Check if the given array is mirror-inverse
  215. Count of numbers from range [L, R] whose sum of digits is Y
  216. Check if a Queen can attack a given cell on chessboard
  217. Addition of two numbers without propagating Carry
  218. Number of steps required to reach point (x,y) from (0,0) using zig-zag way
  219. Position of the K-th set bit in a number
  220. Find the number of good permutations
  221. Find a distinct pair (x, y) in given range such that x divides y
  222. Largest number N which can be reduced to 0 in K steps
  223. Find the smallest number X such that X! contains at least Y trailing zeros.
  224. Minimum cost to reach end of array array when a maximum jump of K index is allowed
  225. Count pairs with bitwise OR less than Max
  226. Largest sphere that can be inscribed within a cube which is in turn inscribed within a right circular cone
  227. Programs for printing pyramid patterns using recursion
  228. Maximize the median of the given array after adding K elements to the same array
  229. Find amount of water wasted after filling the tank
  230. Sum of Fibonacci Numbers in a range
  231. Minimize the cost to split a number
  232. Minimum number of given operation required to convert n to m
  233. Maximum consecutive one’s (or zeros) in a binary circular array
  234. Maximum number of continuous Automorphic numbers
  235. Given count of digits 1, 2, 3, 4, find the maximum sum possible
  236. Find the good permutation of first N natural numbers
  237. Sum of degrees of all nodes of a undirected graph
  238. Maximum number of candies that can be bought
  239. Times required by Simple interest for the Principal to become Y times itself
  240. Replace the odd positioned elements with their cubes and even positioned elements with their squares
  241. Count the number of non-increasing subarrays
  242. Count number of ways to reach a given score in a Matrix
  243. Count of sub-strings that do not contain all the characters from the set {'a', 'b', 'c'} at the same time
  244. Maximum points covered after removing an Interval
  245. Find the original matrix when largest element in a row and a column are given
  246. XOR of all the elements in the given range [L, R]
  247. Check if factorial of N is divisible by the sum of squares of first N natural numbers
  248. Find the number of integers from 1 to n which contains digits 0's and 1's only
  249. Maximum element in a sorted and rotated array
  250. Find the minimum number of steps to reach M from N
  251. Check if a given number divides the sum of the factorials of its digits
  252. Sum of the series Kn + ( K(n-1) * (K-1)1 ) + ( K(n-2) * (K-1)2 ) + ....... (K-1)n
  253. Area of the biggest ellipse inscribed within a rectangle
  254. Remove elements to make array sorted
  255. Count all prefixes of the given binary array which are divisible by x
  256. Count consecutive pairs of same elements
  257. Find (1^n + 2^n + 3^n + 4^n) mod 5 | Set 2
  258. Find the number of elements greater than k in a sorted array
  259. Find maximum sum taking every Kth element in the array
  260. Find missing element in a sorted array of consecutive numbers
  261. Count the number of currency notes needed
  262. Divide array into two parts with equal sum according to the given constraints
  263. Largest ellipse that can be inscribed within a rectangle which in turn is inscribed within a semicircle
  264. Find the lexicographically smallest string which satisfies the given condition
  265. Check if product of first N natural numbers is divisible by their sum
  266. Find HCF of two numbers without using recursion or Euclidean algorithm
  267. Maximum sum of cocktail glass in a 2D matrix
  268. Number of triangles possible with given lengths of sticks which are powers of 2
  269. Count of elements whose absolute difference with the sum of all the other elements is greater than k
  270. Find minimum positive integer x such that a(x^2) + b(x) + c >= k
  271. Count of sub-strings that do not consist of the given character
  272. Maximize the maximum subarray sum after removing atmost one element
  273. Dudeney Numbers
  274. Sum of elements in 1st array such that number of elements less than or equal to them in 2nd array is maximum
  275. Find the kth element in the series generated by the given N ranges
  276. Count of sub-strings of length n possible from the given string
  277. Find out the minimum number of coins required to pay total amount
  278. Longest substring of only 4's from the first N characters of the infinite string
  279. Equation of straight line passing through a given point which bisects it into two equal line segments
  280. Distance between two parallel lines
  281. Minimum number of elements to be removed such that the sum of the remaining elements is equal to k
  282. Check if the frequency of any character is more than half the length of the string
  283. Highest power of 2 that divides a number represented in binary
  284. Maximum length palindrome that can be created with characters in range L and R
  285. Number of ways to arrange K different objects taking N objects at a time
  286. Game Theory in Balanced Ternary Numeral System | (Moving 3k steps at a time)
  287. Minimum number of cubes whose sum equals to given number N
  288. Count number of subsets whose median is also present in the same subset
  289. Ratio of the distance between the centers of the circles and the point of intersection of two transverse common tangents to the circles
  290. Count squares with odd side length in Chessboard