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  1. How to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable?
  2. Longest Increasing Subsequence Size (N log N)
  3. KMP Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  4. Find whether an array is subset of another array | Added Method 3
  5. Optimized Naive Algorithm for Pattern Searching
  6. Lexicographic rank of a string
  7. Iterative Quick Sort
  8. Construction of Longest Increasing Subsequence (N log N)
  9. Pancake sorting
  10. Optimal Strategy for a Game | DP-31
  11. Maximum Bipartite Matching
  12. Program for nth Catalan Number
  13. Multiply two polynomials
  14. Print all possible strings that can be made by placing spaces
  15. How to check if an instance of 8 puzzle is solvable?
  16. Find the missing number in Arithmetic Progression
  17. Factorial of a large number
  18. Find the point where maximum intervals overlap
  19. Modular multiplicative inverse
  20. Count numbers from 1 to n that have 4 as a digit
  21. Converting a Real Number (between 0 and 1) to Binary String
  22. Find length of the longest consecutive path from a given starting character
  23. Find the smallest twins in given range
  24. Count number of ways to divide a number in 4 parts
  25. Exactly n distinct prime factor numbers from a to b
  26. Generate all binary strings from given pattern
  27. Print shortest path to print a string on screen
  28. Count zeros in a row wise and column wise sorted matrix
  29. Palindromic Primes
  30. Program to find last digit of n'th Fibonnaci Number
  31. Program for Armstrong Numbers
  32. Print all n-digit numbers whose sum of digits equals to given sum
  33. Print all n-digit numbers with absolute difference between sum of even and odd digits is 1
  34. Find all even length binary sequences with same sum of first and second half bits
  35. Find number of times a string occurs as a subsequence in given string
  36. Reverse and Add Function
  37. Count Divisors of Factorial
  38. Nearest prime less than given number n
  39. Prime factors of LCM of array elements
  40. k-th prime factor of a given number
  41. Program for Goldbach’s Conjecture (Two Primes with given Sum)
  42. Difference of two large numbers
  43. Count substrings with same first and last characters
  44. Recaman's sequence
  45. Count pairs with sum as a prime number and less than n
  46. Largest number smaller than or equal to n and digits in non-decreasing order
  47. Finding LCM of more than two (or array) numbers without using GCD
  48. Find if n can be written as product of k numbers
  49. Multiply large integers under large modulo
  50. Program to add two polynomials
  51. Perfect Number
  52. Print matrix after applying increment operations in M ranges
  53. Newton Forward And Backward Interpolation
  54. Sum of minimum difference between consecutive elements of an array
  55. Program to find Nth term in the given Series
  56. Program to find N-th term of the series a, b, b, c, c, c,.......
  57. Program to find Nth term of series 1, 3, 12, 60, 360…
  58. Program to calculate distance between two points in 3 D
  59. Sum of elements in range L-R where first half and second half is filled with odd and even numbers
  60. Sort 3 numbers
  61. Range product queries in an array
  62. Smallest divisor D of N such that gcd(D, M) is greater than 1
  63. Number of sub arrays with odd sum
  64. Largest number with maximum trailing nines which is less than N and greater than N-D
  65. Sum of XOR of sum of all pairs in an array
  66. Hyperfactorial of a number
  67. Addition of two number using '-' operator
  68. Number of handshakes such that a person shakes hands only once
  69. Find First element in AP which is multiple of given prime
  70. Check if a number can be expressed as 2^x + 2^y
  71. Minimum partitions of maximum size 2 and sum limited by given value
  72. Maximum set bit sum in array without considering adjacent elements
  73. Finding the Parity of a number Efficiently
  74. Alternate Fibonacci Numbers
  75. 10's Complement of a decimal number
  76. N-th term in the series 1, 11, 55, 239, 991,....
  77. Number of ways a convex polygon of n+2 sides can split into triangles by connecting vertices
  78. Total character pairs from two strings, with equal number of set bits in their ascii value
  79. Total number of Spanning trees in a Cycle Graph
  80. Largest triangle that can be inscribed in a semicircle
  81. Minimize the length of string by removing occurrence of only one character
  82. Largest square that can be inscribed in a semicircle
  83. Color N boxes using M colors such that K boxes have different color from the box on its left
  84. Sum of LCM(1, n), LCM(2, n), LCM(3, n), ... , LCM(n, n)
  85. A Sum Array Puzzle
  86. Product of N with its largest odd digit
  87. Find the number in a range having maximum product of the digits
  88. Find the n-th binary string in sorted order
  89. Minimum absolute difference between N and a power of 2
  90. Distribute N candies among K people
  91. Program to find nth term of the series 1 4 15 24 45 60 92
  92. Print all integers that are sum of powers of two given numbers
  93. Possible cuts of a number such that maximum parts are divisible by 3
  94. Program to delete Nth digit of a Number
  95. Smallest perfect Cube divisible by all elements of an array
  96. Sum of P terms of an AP if Mth and Nth terms are given
  97. Largest subset where absolute difference of any two element is a power of 2
  98. Check whether two straight lines are orthogonal or not
  99. Maximum path sum in an Inverted triangle | SET 2
  100. Print prime numbers with prime sum of digits in an array
  101. Largest number less than or equal to N/2 which is coprime to N
  102. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle inscribed within a Square inscribed in an equilateral triangle
  103. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle inscirbed within a square inscribed in a semicircle
  104. Print all multiplicative primes <= N
  105. Program to implement Linear Extrapolation
  106. Biggest Reuleaux Triangle inscribed within a square which is inscribed within an ellipse
  107. Largest right circular cone that can be inscribed within a sphere which is inscribed within a cube
  108. Program to check if a number is divisible by sum of its digits
  109. Midpoint ellipse drawing algorithm
  110. Count number of trailing zeros in (1^1)*(2^2)*(3^3)*(4^4)*..
  111. Count of sub-sets of size n with total element sum divisible by 3
  112. Sub-string that contains all lowercase alphabets after performing the given operation
  113. Find integers that divides maximum number of elements of the array
  114. Concentration of juice after mixing n glasses in equal proportion
  115. Count triplet pairs (A, B, C) of points in 2-D space that satisfy the given condition
  116. Find maximum operations to reduce N to 1
  117. An application on Bertrand's ballot theorem
  118. Maximize the sum of products of the degrees between any two vertices of the tree
  119. Minimize the sum of the squares of the sum of elements of each group the array is divided into
  120. Source to destination in 2-D path with fixed sized jumps
  121. Find a permutation of 2N numbers such that the result of given expression is exactly 2K
  122. Minimum number of given moves required to make N divisible by 25
  123. Sum of even values and update queries on an array
  124. Pick points from array such that minimum distance is maximized
  125. Equation of circle when three points on the circle are given
  126. Given number of matches played, find number of teams in tournament
  127. Minimize sum of adjacent difference with removal of one element from array
  128. Missing even and odd elements from the given arrays
  129. Probability of A winning the match when individual probabilities of hitting the target given
  130. Check for an array element that is co-prime with all others
  131. Minimum number of replacements to make the binary string alternating | Set 2
  132. Sum of all odd factors of numbers in the range [l, r]
  133. Find Nth term of the series 1, 6, 18, 40, 75, ....
  134. Longest subarray such that adjacent elements have at least one common digit | Set - 2
  135. Program to check if an Array is Palindrome or not
  136. Minimum value among AND of elements of every subset of an array
  137. Find the maximum number of composite summands of a number
  138. Find the number of integers from 1 to n which contains digits 0's and 1's only