1. Rearrange Odd and Even values in Alternate Fashion in Ascending Order
  2. Maximum Bitwise AND pair from given range
  3. Sum of even values and update queries on an array
  4. Pick maximum sum M elements such that contiguous repetitions do not exceed K
  5. Find the K-th minimum element from an array concatenated M times
  6. Count pairs in array whose sum is divisible by K
  7. Count maximum elements of an array whose absolute difference does not exceed K
  8. Maximum count of pairs which generate the same sum
  9. Smallest index in the given array that satisfies the given condition
  10. Find the area of the shaded region formed by the intersection of four semicircles in a square
  11. Area of largest Circle inscribe in N-sided Regular polygon
  12. Length of the smallest number which is divisible by K and formed by using 1's only
  13. Total number of triangles formed when there are H horizontal and V vertical lines
  14. Count all prefixes of the given binary array which are divisible by x
  15. Find maximum sum taking every Kth element in the array
  16. Total pairs in an array such that the bitwise AND, bitwise OR and bitwise XOR of LSB is 1
  17. Sum of Bitwise OR of all pairs in a given array
  18. Calculate MDAS Factorial of given number
  19. Sort an array without changing position of negative numbers
  20. Find the number of pairs (a, b) such that a % b = K
  21. Find distinct characters in distinct substrings of a string
  22. Find all numbers between range L to R such that sum of digit and sum of square of digit is prime
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