Bishal Kumar Dubey
Bishal Kumar Dubey
  1. Output of C programs | Set 54
  2. Identifiers and Keywords in TypeScript
  3. Escape Sequences in C
  4. Write a C program to print "GfG" repeatedly without using loop, recursion and any control structure?
  5. Line Splicing in C/C++
  6. Core Dump (Segmentation fault) in C/C++
  7. exit() vs _Exit() in C and C++
  8. _Generic keyword in C
  9. Why variable name does not start with numbers in C ?
  10. tmpfile() function in C
  11. Interesting facts about data-types and modifiers in C/C++
  12. Nested functions in C
  13. Output of C programs | Set 49 (Operators)
  14. Differentiate printable and control character in C ?
  15. Output of C programs | Set 50 (Control Structures)
  16. tmpnam() function in C
  17. _Noreturn function specifier in C
  18. Output of C programs | Set 51
  19. Output of C programs | Set 52
  20. Output of C programs | Set 53 (Operators)
  21. Output of C programs | Set 55
  22. Puzzle | Brothers and Sisters
  23. Program to print binary right angle triangle
  24. Puzzle | (Square and Right angles, Up the Ladder)
  25. Output of Java Programs | Set 31
  26. length vs length() in Java
  27. Anonymous array in Java
  28. Is an array a primitive type or an object in Java?
  29. Difference between == and .equals() method in Java
  30. Interesting facts about Increment and Decrement operators in Java
  31. restrict keyword in C
  32. Puzzle | Blow hot and blow cold
  33. JavaBean class in Java
  34. Difference between x++ and x=x+1 in Java
  35. Output of Java Programs | Set 35 (Decision Making)
  36. Output of Java Programs | Set 36 (do-while loop)
  37. Puzzle | (Something for the marmalade , Number Game)
  38. Instance variable as final in Java
  39. Final static variable in Java
  40. Compound assignment operators in Java
  41. Interesting facts about Array assignment in Java
  42. Final local variables in Java
  43. Output of Java Programs | Set 37 (If-else)
  44. Puzzle | The Egg Vendor and his Eggs
  45. Output of Java Programs | Set 39 (throw keyword)
  46. Output of Java Programs | Set 40 (for loop)
  47. Output of Java Programs | Set 41 (try-catch)
  48. Two interfaces with same methods having same signature but different return types
  49. Puzzle | (Six Matches , Right Foot Forward)
  50. Run-time Stack mechanism in Java
  51. Output of Java Programs | Set 43 (Conditional statements & Loops)
  52. Output of Java Programs | Set 44 (throws keyword)
  53. native keyword in java
  54. Overriding of Thread class start() method
  55. Output of Java Programs | Set 46 (Multi-Threading)
  56. Built-in Exceptions in Java with examples
  57. Implement Runnable vs Extend Thread in Java
  58. Overloading of Thread class run() method
  59. Literals in Java
  60. How a thread can interrupt an another thread in Java?
  61. Object level and Class level locks in Java
  62. Difference between notify() and notifyAll() in Java
  63. Cohesion in Java
  64. Output of Java Programs | Set 51 (Regular Inner class)
  65. Object toString() Method in Java
  66. Coupling in Java
  67. Interning of String in Java
  68. Comparing enum members in Java
  69. Deserium Number
  70. Utility methods of Wrapper classes | valueOf(), xxxValue(), parseXxx(), toString()
  71. Type Erasure in Java
  72. Static import in Java
  73. final vs Immutability in Java
  74. Program to print numbers columns wise
  75. Program to print number pattern
  76. Program to print number with star pattern
  77. Program to print alphabet "A" using stars
  78. Program to check valid mobile number
  79. Java program to read all mobile numbers present in given file
  80. SerialVersionUID in Java
  81. Check if a string is Colindrome
  82. ConcurrentHashMap in java
  83. Program to print numbers with diamond pattern
  84. Program to convert first character uppercase in a sentence
  85. Java program to count the occurrences of each character
  86. Puzzle | 3 Glass and 10 Coins
  87. Java program to swap first and last characters of words in a sentence
  88. Java program to count the characters in each word in a given sentence
  89. Puzzle | Divide square land among 4 sons
  90. Puzzle | Height of Building
  91. Java program to expand a String if range is given?
  92. Puzzle | Divide crescent moon into 6 parts in just two straight lines
  93. Need of Concurrent Collections in java
  94. ConcurrentMap Interface in java
  95. Deadlock and Starvation in Java
  96. Difference between Traditional Collections and Concurrent Collections in java
  97. CopyOnWriteArrayList in java
  98. Difference between ArrayList and CopyOnWriteArrayList
  99. Difference between HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap
  100. CopyOnWriteArraySet in java
  101. Memory leaks in Java
  102. Print intermediate values in an array
  103. Swap corner words and reverse middle characters
  104. Data types in TypeScript
  105. Internationalization(I18N) in java
  106. POJI in Java
  107. NumberFormat class in Java
  108. Pseudocolumn in Oracle SQL
  109. Introduction to Hibernate Framework
  110. Hibernate Architecture
  111. Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript
  112. Variables in TypeScript
  113. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytic Processing (OLAP)
  114. JPMS : Java Platform Module System
  115. Diamond operator for Anonymous Inner Class with Examples in Java
  116. @SafeVarargs Annotation in Java 9 with Example
  117. Types of JVM Garbage Collectors in Java with implementation details
  118. Nashorn JavaScript Engine in Java with Examples
  119. HTTP/2 Client feature of Java 9 with Example
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