1. Check if the frequency of all the digits in a number is same
  2. Minimum time to reach a point with +t and -t moves at time t
  3. Minimum swaps required to make a binary string alternating
  4. Reduce the string by removing K consecutive identical characters
  5. Maximum Consecutive Zeroes in Concatenated Binary String
  6. Online Queries for GCD of array after divide operations
  7. Triplet pair (a, b, c) such that a+b, b+c and a+c are all divisible by K
  8. Maximizing the elements with a[i+1] > a[i]
  9. Find middle point segment from given segment lengths
  10. Average of max K numbers in a stream
  11. Minimum number of operations required to reduce N to 1
  12. Number of cells in the right and left diagonals passing through (x, y) in a matrix
  13. Partition an array such into maximum increasing segments
  14. Different possible marks for n questions and negative marking
  15. Ways to place K bishops on an N×N chessboard so that no two attack
  16. Count Triplets such that one of the numbers can be written as sum of the other two
  17. How to create a TreeMap in reverse order in Java
  18. Water Game
  19. Maximum GCD from Given Product of Unknowns
  20. Count Odd and Even numbers in a range from L to R
  21. Replace two substrings (of a string) with each other
  22. Maximize big when both big and small can be exchanged
  23. Acronym words
  24. Minimum elements to be removed such that sum of adjacent elements is always odd
  25. Shortest path to traverse all the elements of a circular array in increasing order
  26. Longest subsequence having greater corner values
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