Abhishek Sharma 44
Abhishek Sharma 44
  1. Confusion Matrix in Machine Learning
  2. Data Preprocessing for Machine learning in Python
  3. Program to find GCD of floating point numbers
  4. Minimum sum of product of two arrays
  5. Find array with k number of merge sort calls
  6. Longest Increasing subarray with one change allowed
  7. Prime numbers and Fibonacci
  8. GCD of factorials of two numbers
  9. GCD of elements in a given range
  10. Total no of 1's in numbers
  11. Exponential notation of a decimal number
  12. Find all possible coordinates of parallelogram
  13. Largest number with one swap allowed
  14. Program for diamond pattern with different layers
  15. Binary String of given length that without a palindrome of size 3
  16. GCD of array is greater than one
  17. Cross Validation in Machine Learning
  18. Count of operations to make a binary string"ab" free
  19. Output of C programs | Set 62 (Declaration & Initialization)
  20. Decision tree implementation using Python
  21. Output of Python Programs | Set 20 (Tuples)
  22. Output of Python Programs | Set 21 (Bool)
  23. Practice Questions on Time Complexity Analysis
  24. Largest number that divides x and is co-prime with y
  25. Output of Python Programs | Set 22 (Loops)
  26. Output of Python Programs | Set 23 (String in loops)
  27. Decision Tree Introduction with example
  28. Output of Python Programs | Set 24 (Dictionary)
  29. Minimize (max(A[i], B[j], C[k]) - min(A[i], B[j], C[k])) of three different sorted arrays
  30. Container with Most Water
  31. Program to generate all possible valid IP addresses from given string
  32. Output of Python Programs | Set 24 (Sets)
  33. Markov Decision Process
  34. Puzzle | Handshakes
  35. Count ways to divide circle using N non-intersecting chords
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