Abdullah Aslam
Abdullah Aslam
  1. Minimum number of increment/decrement operations such that array contains all elements from 1 to N
  2. Remove one bit from a binary number to get maximum value
  3. Check if the given string is the same as its reflection in a mirror
  4. Find a permutation such that number of indices for which gcd(p[i], i) > 1 is exactly K
  5. Count the number of pairs that have column sum greater than row sum
  6. Maximize the value of A by replacing some of its digits with digits of B
  7. Represent a number as a sum of maximum possible number of Prime Numbers
  8. Steps required to visit M points in order on a circular ring of N points
  9. Number of groups of magnets formed from N magnets
  10. Count of common multiples of two numbers in a range
  11. Maximum number of fixed points using atmost 1 swap
  12. Maximum difference elements that can added to a set
  13. Find if a molecule can be formed from 3 atoms using their valence numbers
  14. Largest number divisible by 90 that can be made using 0 and 5
  15. Check if it is possible to serve customer queue with different notes
  16. Print a number containing K digits with digital root D
  17. Split N^2 numbers into N groups of equal sum
  18. Ratio of area of a rectangle with the rectangle inscribed in it
  19. Maximum sum subarray such that start and end values are same
  20. Partition N into M parts such that difference between Max and Min part is smallest
  21. Find if there is any subset of size K with 0 sum in an array of -1 and +1
  22. Minimum elements to be added in a range so that count of elements is divisible by K
  23. Lexicographically Smallest Permutation of length N such that for exactly K indices, a[i] > a[i] + 1
  24. Find a point that lies inside exactly K given squares
  25. Count number of indices such that s[i] = s[i+1] : Range queries
  26. Add N digits to A such that it is divisible by B after each addition
  27. Number of moves required to guess a permutation.
  28. Final string after performing given operations
  29. Find a range that covers all the elements of given N ranges
  30. Remove minimum elements from array so that max <= 2 * min
  31. Fill missing entries of a magic square
  32. Minimum elements to change so that for an index i all elements on the left are -ve and all elements on the right are +ve
  33. Check if array can be sorted with one swap
  34. Minimum range increment operations to Sort an array
  35. Minimum number of moves to make all elements equal
  36. Number of comparisons in each direction for m queries in linear search
  37. Minimum moves required to change position with the given operation
  38. Make all elements of an array equal with the given operation
  39. Check if a number can be represented as a sum of 2 triangular numbers
  40. Find the lexicographically largest palindromic Subsequence of a String
  41. Maximize the value of x + y + z such that ax + by + cz = n
  42. Concentration of juice after mixing n glasses in equal proportion
  43. Maximum sum after repeatedly dividing N by a divisor
  44. Find the cordinates of the fourth vertex of a rectangle with given 3 vertices
  45. Minimum number of moves after which there exists a 3X3 coloured square
  46. Lexicographically largest sub-sequence of the given string
  47. Number of wins for each player in a series of Rock-Paper-Scissor game
  48. Count the number of common divisors of the given strings
  49. Minimum number of operations to move all uppercase characters before all lower case characters
  50. Count triplet pairs (A, B, C) of points in 2-D space that satisfy the given condition
  51. Minimum value to be added to X such that it is at least Y percent of N
  52. Number of ways to choose an integer such that there are exactly K elements greater than it in the given array
  53. Find frequency of smallest value in an array
  54. Minimum number of operations on an array to make all elements 0
  55. Count the number of rhombi possible inside a rectangle of given size
  56. Program to calculate the area between two Concentric Circles
  57. Maximum number of segments that can contain the given points
  58. Find the number of points that have atleast 1 point above, below, left or right of it
  59. Count possible moves in the given direction in a grid
  60. Minimum number of given operations required to convert a string to another string
  61. Number of strings that satisfy the given condition
  62. Minimum number of groups of nodes such that no ancestor is present in the same group
  63. Find the longest Fibonacci-like subarray of the given array
  64. Find a permutation of 2N numbers such that the result of given expression is exactly 2K
  65. Split an array into groups of 3 such that X3 is divisible by X2 and X2 is divisible by X1
  66. Queries for number of distinct integers in Suffix
  67. Minimum number of moves to make a binary array K periodic
  68. Check if an array of 1s and 2s can be divided into 2 parts with equal sum
  69. Minimum number of stacks possible using boxes of given capacities
  70. Print k different sorted permutations of a given array
  71. Find the number of solutions to the given equation
  72. Find the maximum value permutation of a graph
  73. Find the Nth term of the series where each term f[i] = f[i - 1] - f[i - 2]
  74. Find N % 4 (Remainder with 4) for a large value of N
  75. Schedule elevator to reduce the total time taken
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